Casino Night Turns to Sweet “Dee Lite”

Each and every time I travel on the New York state
Thruway, especially around New Years I fondly
remember an event that still excites me to a
pleasurable erection

My name is Randy and I am a businessman who travels
extensively throughout the northeast with an eye
open for a sweet wet pussy for company. This was
the case on a very cold night just after Christmas
some years back.

I was on a business trip to northern New York State
with two of my support staff when we decided that
we would try to win a little cash. Tom and Ralph
were game and in no hurry to get back to the home
office. Christmas had just passed and with just few
days until new years and we wanted to play hooky
from work.

We had checked in and agreed to meet in the lobby
in an hour so I thought to get a tall drink. Making
my way to the bar I spied a pair of ladies all
alone sipping some wine. I went to the far end of
the bar just a few feet from them listening to
their conversation. As they talked and sipped on
their drinks I worked up enough courage to ask to
join them in their booth and with the right
enticement perhaps we could move up to my room.

To describe the two individually I would describe
the first one was blond with large breasts. She was
dressed in an old fashioned long skirt with a silky
top that just begged to be taken off. This woman
had very large nipples and as the breeze blew
through the bar her nips became very hard. The
other woman had red hair, prominent nose, not too
busty but seemed well shaped, nice legs showing in
a short skirt. She appeared to have some kind of
thigh highs on and the lace tops came visible as
she moved in the booth.

Working up enough courage I approached their table.
I introduced myself and they quickly responded with
their names. The blond was named Tina and the other
was Dee. I bought two more rounds for us and ached
to get some action before my partners got there. It
was easy to see that both were not drinkers. Tina
slurred every word and Dee was looking like she was
about to fall asleep and spoke very slowly. Tina
didn’t flinch as I was working my hand up her

In but a few minutes I had my fingers at the edge
of her panties and still no resistance I pushed the
fabric aside delving into her slick slit while she
sipped on her drink. As I moved my fingers she let
out a soft moan, leaned to me whispering in a soft
but slurred voice, “Perhaps we should get a room.”
As she leaned to me I now took the liberty of
working my hand beneath her blouse wanting a feel
of those tits. Just as I was going to ask her to
join me in my room a loud page came over the
speaker and as you might guess it was for Tina, her
ride was here.

“Sorry Randy, maybe next time you’re in town.”

Dee was all but asleep when I moved close to her
thinking to myself she would leave soon too. I took
the initiative and began talking to her to keep her
awake. She went on about her recent and very
unpleasant divorce. She went on to say how a good
friend took her as well as her two kids in.

I had to ask and out of curiosity I asked her about
her friend Tina. Dee went on to say she had only
known her for a year or so. Tina’s husband is a
friend of her boyfriends. They first got together
at a local beach where the day ended in a super
soaking water fight. The men seemed to enjoy
soaking our tops. Then with a grin she said, “Oh I
bet you wanted to know her cup size, well it’s
double D, 36DD,” she smiled. Damn I said to myself,
I sure would enjoy them.

Well I needed to move quick so I ordered a refill
for both of us as she went on to talk about her
past, high school, strict parents, drinking and all
that goes with a young person. As any American boy
knows, if she is talking about herself just let her
go. Interjecting as she stammered on I inquired as
to her first sexual experience.

Without a breath she talked on as if a dam was
broke. With a slight grin on her face she told me
of a Sunday after church with her first boyfriend.
Her parents invited her friend to church with them
then to stay the day to enjoy a barbeque. As mom
and pop were fixing the dinner Dee and Ted were
making out in the television room.

Ted, with little finesse he worked his hand beneath
her blouse then he pushed her bra up and fondled
her budding breasts. He was nervous as he worked
his fingers under her skirt then rapidly to her

“No Ted you can’t touch me there, besides my
parents might come in.”

“Come on, we will hear them and besides, it’s a
long way out to your picnic area and we can see
them standing there watching the fire.”

She gave in and he fingered her very slick pussy.
Pushing her back on the couch he worked her panties
off and now her skirt was around her waist.

Then, as you guessed it his cock was out. “NO! No,
you can’t Ted.”

“Just let me rub your kitty with the head, I’ll
slip a rubber on.” Before he finished the sentence
he had the skin on his dick and against her cunt.
Just as it was parting her lips the back door
slammed open.

Down went her blouse and skirt, panties under a
cushion, Ted’s boner in his jeans. “See, I told you
we wouldn’t get caught.” Dee saw nothing to laugh

Later that night she laid in bed working her clit
to a frenzy having several orgasms thinking of
Ted’s hard cock.


Two days later Pop was watching a program lying on
the couch and began to adjust the pillows when a
small foil wrapper dropped on the floor. There in
plain sight was the condom wrapper Ted forgot to
pick up before he went home.

Well within a half hour it was family meeting time.
The questions that followed were, as I am sure you
can guess, were very awkward. This was the end for
that relationship as Mom called Ted’s mom with full
details, in fact, she had no boyfriend for the
remainder of high school.

After graduation she went to a local community
college where she met Bill the son of a local
minister, who according to her parent could do no
wrong. Dee went on to say how if they knew him as
she did their thoughts would be very different.
They dated for about six months when he asked her
to go with him to a friend’s camp where he needed
to pick up some athletic equipment for the church.

When they got to the rustic cabin he invited her in
to check it out. Bill took her in his arms pressing
himself against her as he had never done before. It
was very apparent he was excited. Then the bomb
drops as he whispered in her ear, “Dee can I do
something, something special?”

She asked him what he was doing so special? He
probably wanted to french-kiss she thought.

As he answered her she felt his hand going up her
leg. “Dee, I love you so much,” he whispered.

Oh my god this was the first time he had spoken
those words and she was elated. “What something
special do you want Bill?” she probed.

“Dee, I want…” then a long pause.

“Go on Bill.”

“Dee I love you more than I thought I could love
anyone.” As he spoke his fingers now had her wet
cunt lips parted working her clitoris like a
veteran Porn Star. Oh this must be the special
thing she thought but would have to stop him soon.

“Dee can I ask you something?” he continued.

“Yes of course!”

“I want to lay you back on the bed.”

“I can’t Bill, please can’t we wait?”

“Oh I just want to lick your wet pussy.”

She had never heard such talk and though strange
she felt very aroused. Without answering she backed
up to the bed and sat, pulling up her skirt. Bill
was on her lips as quick as he could.

“Oh Dee, you’re soaking wet,” as he lapped and
sucked her clit.

An orgasm came rapidly followed by several more she
went on to describe the pleasurable moaning as she
rubbed her stout nipples until they wanted to pop.

Bill spoke in a low whisper, “Dee, I am going to
fuck you so hard you’ll scream for more.”

Dee couldn’t resist and in went his dick. She told
me she felt frightened at his nasty language and
her body trembled underneath him. He shot his cum
in a rubber then said told her to roll over and
he’d show her a trick.

Over Dee went and he slipped his cock into her ass.
Much to her surprise it felt pleasant then he
pulled out and covered her ass with his jizz. The
time was passing quick and a long ride home ahead
of them so they gathered their clothes and out they
went. Bill stopped quickly, telling Dee he had
forgotten something. “I’ll only be a minute, you go
to the car and I’ll be right there.” Dee got to the
car waited then decided to see what was taking so

“Oh my God!” she said to herself, as she peered in
the window. Bill was talking to two of his friends
who apparently witnessed the entire act. He was
describing how she had reacted as if it had just
happened. Dee went on a tirade, then to calm her
down Bill’s friend warned her if she told anyone
what had happened there would be many stories
spread around town. Then adding insult to injury he
said, “Hey Dee, can I fuck you now, or maybe a good
old blow job?”

“Take me home Bill, NOW!” That was all she said.


A month or so later Dee’s parents were at the local
d**g store and unknown to Bill they were behind the
next isle. There he was telling a few of his
friends every detail of that afternoon sex they’d

Long story short it was off to bible collage no
male students just ravenous teachers, old groping
men who just wanted young ladies to ease their
swollen limbs.

At college she roomed with a girl from Texas who
introduced her to the fine art of licking pussy and
how to get good grades.


Two years later, Dee, never forgetting that
exciting afternoon with Bill, bumped into Bill on
her last day at the local Indian Casio, where she
had decided to stay over the holidays. They struck
up a conversation and for some reason, unable to
help herself, Dee began to impart very personal
information about her time away at college, telling
him about her roommate and what they’d gotten up

Bill was good and stiff by the time she’d finished
her store, a little breathlessly. “Dee, tell me
more about your roommate?”

“Oh its nothing,” she insisted. Then, “Okay, I’ll
bore you with it but tell nobody ever! Her name was
Becky and she was very experienced. She got me
drunk one night in our dorm and started to lick
me… and I have to say no man can lick a pussy
like another woman.

“You do her as well?” he asked.

“Oh yes and she was so very sweet tasting. We
sucked each other’s nipples so much the first two
months of school I started lactating and we had to
ease up.” She continued to talk of her two years
away at school that could fill a novel.

Bill was stiff as a pipe now and had to make a
move. “Dee, how about I offer you a more laidback
place to talk?”

She replied, “Sure, where to?”

“Well, how about my suite?”

Dee said yes but that she had to be home by 8:00
because folks were expecting her. Bill almost ran
her to the elevator and once inside he held her arm
as she looked like she was about to fall. In the
process he slipped my hand to her breast getting a
good feel.

He quickly opened his door and took her into his
bedroom. Setting on the bed, her skirt way above
her knees, he could no longer hold back. He leaned
forward to steady her and took a big liberty
slipping his hand up her thigh on to her wet pussy.
Dee put up no resistance so he continued to work
her pussy getting a finger inside.

To his surprise her hand dropped to his lap,
feeling his hardening cock, rubbing and stroking it
through his pants.

“Here Dee,” he said as he unzipped my jeans. “Get a
firm grasp on this.” To his delight she slipped
from her sitting position on the bed and knelt on
the floor grabbing his cock and started to give him
a blowjob.

Bill groaned in pleasure, thinking to himself,
‘This girl sure knew how to suck cock.’ Dee’s
tongue circled the shaft as she slurped the wetness
she had applied. Deeper and deeper she took his
length, bobbing her head down to the root, then
licking the swollen head.

‘Damn!” Bill thought, this was the best head he’d
had ever had and how close he was to filling her
mouth with his cum. Dee hummed as she sucked, then
took him deep as if to swallow my entire rod.

Bill told her that she was a great at sucking cock.
She thanked him and continued to her work. As Bill
looked down as her she held his pole and took a
long lick up the shaft. He could see a thick layer
of pre-cum on her lips and tongue and he felt as
though his dick would explode.

He pulled her up and got her on the bed and pushed
her skirt up and tore her panties off. ‘Damn! this
woman was ready, her pussy was lathered up with
juice, slippery and warm,’ he thought in wonder.

Bill slipped his stiff dick into her and she moaned
with pleasure. ‘This was one hot fuck,’ he thought
to myself.

As Bill thrust, Dee opened her blouse and he pushed
up her bra to reveal her very hard nipples. Just as
he was about to suck on her nips a knock at the
door to his room, Ralph was looking for him, he’d
forgotten all about the fact that they were to

“Damn it, I’ll be right back,” he whispered to her.

Opening the door, there stood both Ralph and Tom
and before Bill could speak, Tom said, “Where is
she, we want some too.” Just like hounds they made
their way into the room.

Tom had his dick out and Ralph was not far behind.
Dee was startled by the intrusion but quickly
recovered. Bill apologized to her expecting her to
start screaming and said he’d send them away.

Ralph spoke up quickly, half joking, saying that a
foursome would be nice.

To the guy’s amazement, Dee agreed as she reached
out to hold his cock. She must have matured a lot
in the past two years, at least her sex drive had,
Bill thought.

Tom called Bill aside asking if this seemed safe.
He didn’t know but sure as heel wouldn’t pass up an
impromptu orgy. Tom agreed and they went back to
the bed. Ralph, the sly dog, was getting a wet
blowjob while the other two had been conferring.

Tom started pulling his clothes off. Ralph watched
Tom undress, then suddenly groaned, saying he was
about to cum.

To all of our surprise Dee didn’t waver, not one
bit, nor did she pull away, she just worked his
cock faster and concentrated on his balls too.

Old Ralph shouted as he blew a big thick load into
her mouth and Dee just let the excess drool out the
corners of her mouth but swallowed the majority of
the deposit.

Tom was very anxious and wanted to be first in her

Now, a little about Tom. He could be a little
forward and to us at work a bit pushy being very
confident. I had been friends with him for years,
we often hunted and fished together but there was
one thing he enjoyed more than anything and that
was a tight pussy. The other thing about Tom, and
that was that he was very well endowed, long and
very thick. And according to Tom, his wife would
only get part of it in and rarely gave him a

Tom whispered instructing me to get in front of her
and let her suck my cock while he worked his dong
in her velvet glove. I told Tom to take it easy
because I wanted to fuck her too and not have her
run away.

Dee had another quick drink and was in no pain so
the time was right. Dee clamped onto my stiff dick
and began to work its length. Without any notice
Tom found his mark as he pushed his big cock head
into her pussy.

Dee dropped my cock as she vaulted forward. “What
the hell are trying to push into me?!” she yelled.

“Hang on,” Tom said, “it’s just my cock honey.”

Dee spun around and came face to face with it. Tom
quickly calmed her down assuring her he’d take it

To all our surprise, Dee just smiled and said, “Go
ahead stud, but be slow and if I tell you to pull
out you better do it.”

Tom agreed. He pulled Dee up into the doggy
position and got behind her. He slowly worked big
ol’ cock into her love tunnel. “Oh fuck Dee, your
pussy is tight. I’m going to fill you so fucking
full of my jizz it’ll be oozing out of you for

By now Ralph was back and for the first time
witnessed Tom’s monster cock filling Dee’s pussy.
“Holy shit Tom! You’re going to split her in two.”

“Come on Dee, let ride you like a cowboy at the
rodeo, I want to see your tits bounce as you take
my dong,” Tom shouted as he thrust into Dee’s hot
moist pussy.

“C’mon Tom,” I said. “Finish up I need to fuck her

Tom had well more than half his monster in Dee’s
cunt, when white cum began to spurt its way around
his dick and down his balls. “Oh baby, don’t pull
away, I am cumming in you, you feel SO fucking
good,” Tom gasped as he still pumped into her.

After Tom was done with her, they helped her up and
what a sight, her pussy was still stretched out and
a torrent of Tom’s thick white cum oozed out of her
gash. “Holy shit Tom, how long has it been since
you’ve cum? There must be a cup full there?” Randy

Tom didn’t respond but quickly scrambled around in
front of Dee and to everyone’s amazement she licked
his tool clean. Then finally as Dee pulled
reluctantly away from Tom’s softening cock, he
said, “Okay Randy, go ahead and fill her up.”

Tom had left so much cum in Dee’s cunt that Randy
couldn’t think of going in bareback so he got a
rubber and resumed the activity.

Well, they all had her at least twice that day and
she also swallowed three loads before they were
done. Afterwards, Dee had a little too much to
drink so Bill drove her back in her old Chevy while
Tom followed.

As Bill helped out of her car she thanked him for a
good time and said that she hoped they could do it
again sometime. Then she said that nobody was home
yet, if we wanted to come in. Both men declined,
feeling pretty spent by then.

As Dee stood next to her car Bill told her there
was a trace of cum on her dress and to be sure to
clean up before anyone got home. That was the last
he saw of her and as each holiday season comes
around he couldn’t help but think of that casino

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