Cheater pin-up wife

When one’s husband is in the military, the husband can
be deployed at any time leaving the wife to deal with
her loneliness and her sexual needs. Of course the wife
may not be lonely too long before she finds a great
lover. Sometimes another service member is willing to
do his duty and help the lonely wife, which is what
this story is all about.

At the time I was working for a fairly large company
and there was a local National Guard unit that three of
our employees belonged to that was alerted for
deployment. The company had a farewell party for them
just before they left for Iraq. I attended the party
without my husband as he had another obligation that
particular night. At the party we had alcoholic drinks
and danced to music.

We were all having a good time and we all danced with
the departing men and wished them well. One particular
young man, Zak, was a bit drunk and kept dancing with
me. He kept flirting with me and saying that he sure
was going to miss me. He told me how much he admired me
and asked me for a favor, I told him that I would be
honored to do him a favor any time.

Zak said that being he did not have a girl friend, and
that every soldier had to have a pin up, that he want a
photograph of me to keep while he was in Iraq.

“Zak, I am, well, not sure, uhhhh, Well I really don’t
have a suitable pic, you know the pin up type. And of
course I am a mature married woman and all.”

“Brenda, please make me a nice pin up photo, put on
your bathing suit or something a make one. It will be
great. You are my incentive to make it home.”

Zak, I don’t want to let you down and I sure want you
to come home. Uhhhhh, I will need to disguise myself
somehow, don’t want anyone to recognize me being
married and all.”

“Brenda, I am sure you can think of something. I sure
want a pic of you and show me some of that sexy body.”

I blushed, and said, “Oh Zak, its not that good.”

I went home and was thinking of what I could do. I
found one of my college son’s old football helmets and
some mirrored eyeshades and put them on and looked in
the mirror and decided that no one would recognize me
wearing the helmet and shades. I then started trying on
some of my bathing suits and shorts etc.

I finally settled on a pair of red hot pants and a
skimpy string tied sun top. I was thinking of how hot I
looked and was dreaming of how Zak would be looking at
the photo at night and maybe doing some little manly
things that young men do when they think of women, as I

I set up the digital camera on a tripod in the back
yard. I found a football and decided to put it under my
arm and make like I was going to score a touchdown. I
leaned over to show my breast and I took some pictures
of myself. I picked out one and loaded it on the
computer and started thinking of what kind of captain I
would put on it. I want it to be relevant and a bit
suggestive, after all this would be Zak’s evening
pleasure for several months. I thought of several like;
Touch down bound. You cants stop me. I am on your team,
then it struck me, yes this is it! “Can You Handle This
Tight End?”

I printed it out and put it in an envelope marked

I took a couple of hours off from work and saw Zak off
at the airport. I gave him the envelope and instructed
him to not open it until he was in Iraq. He gave me a
kiss and was on his way. I watched as the young black
man walked thru security. I found myself watching his
firm butt and wondered what it would be doing when he
saw my picture with the captain. Was it too suggestive?
Was it sexy enough? The dark black Zak disappeared into
the airport waiting area as I blew a kiss in his

About eight months later, my husband was deployed to
Iraq for a 12-month tour. Zak was deployed for 10
months, which meant that he, would be returning in a
couple of months. I fond myself looking forward to
Zak’s return and had some very erotic thoughts of Zak
as he lay there in his bunk and looked at the pinup of
me. I would think of surprising him and slipping into
bed with him and taking care of his needs. The two
months passed and Zak sent me his arrival schedule. I
was very anxious to meet Zak and greet him.

On the night before his return, I lay in bed with my
hand down between my thighs feeling my moist woman hood
thinking of how much I needed a man and thinking of how
much Zak must need a woman. I wondered if it were
possible that black Zak had dreamed of actually having
Brenda, his pin up girl?

I knew that I had dreamed of him and especially of
recent days. I suppose the old adage is true about when
one is not near the one they love, they will love the
one they are near. I was now convinced that I wanted
Zak and was very hopeful that he wanted to take care of
the “Tight End” in the pin up.

I picked out a loose fitting red knee length dress that
was tight enough to accent my butt and breast. I
decided to wear black lacy panties and bra that
actually were slightly visible through the red dress. I
did not care who saw me as long as it got my soldier
man’s attention.

Yes there he was! When he spotted me, he rushed to me
and took me into his arms and I said, “Welcome home
soldier. You tight end is here!”

We both laughed as he kissed me squarely on the lips
and he said, “Damn I sure missed you. Your pin up got
me through some rough times in Iraq. I have lived for
this day,” as he hugged me again and kissed me again
and again.

I was now convinced that he needed no further
encouragement from me. He had dreamed about me so much
while in Iraq, that he was ready to attack my white
ass. There was no doubt that I would be ready and
willing to take care of all his built up sexual

“Zak, I don’t want to be presumptive or anything like
that, but I have some Champaign iced down at home and
would be willing to share it with my soldier man, uh if
you would like that.”

“Brenda, Champaign sounds good. Do you think I can also
tackle that Tight End I have been looking at every
night since I left?”

I reached over as I drove, and touched Zak gently in
the crotch area and discovered that his manhood was
already aroused. I replied, “Zak, I would have been
disappointed if you had not wanted to tackle my tight
ass. I have dreamed a few times about that very thing.”

We enter the house and wasted no time as we went into
each others arms as out lips met and our hands moved to
feel each other’s butts as we squeezed together
grinding our pelvic areas into each other like a couple
of sex starved animals. We finally stopped and caught
our breath as I said, “Wow, we are acting like two
horny little kids wondering what to do next.”

We both laughed and kissed again and again. We finally
parted and Zak popped the cork on the Champaign. We
made a toast to each other, Zak went first and said,
“Here is to being with my pin-up tight end football gal
after 10 long months.”

I responded, “Here is to my Zak, his homecoming gift is
my tight end.”

I then reached down and felt his huge hard cock and
said, “Humm, I think my Zak likes the thought of
tackling my tight end.”

Zak, not to be outdone, reached under my skirt and ran
his fingers under my panties, and said, “Hmm, I think
your tight end wants Zak to tackle her.”

We both drank our Champaign as we continued to kiss and
feel each other, knowing that we were at a point of no
return. Zak was about to take a white man’s wife as his
trophy for returning from Iraq and I was about to make
myself a trophy for a young black man who had not been
with a woman for a long time.

I took Zak’s hand and without a word led him to my
bedroom where I was about to submit to the sexual
desires of this sex starved young black stud. I
unbuckled his pants and pulled down his shorts taking
charge of his hard black pole, caressing it as I kissed
and licked my way to his huge balls hanging in his ball
sack. I lingered there mouthing each ball as it slid in
and out of my mouth. I knew they were eager to perform
their duty and fill by white womb with their black

Zak was running his hands through my hair as I stoked
his hormones. I then sat on the side of the bed as Zak
undressed his white trophy, unleashing my white lobes
with their hard erect nipples eagerly awaiting my young
lover’s attention.

I was finally undressed and Zak trailed kisses from my
lips to each nipple, stopping and sucking like a hungry
baby. I threw my head back and closed my eyes and
imagined I was lactating for my young lover as he
suckled my sweet warm milk.

He moved further down trailing kisses along the way. I
could hardly wait until he arrived between my thighs
and parted my thick curly dark woman’s hair and kissed
inside my lips, then running his tongue around my clit
making me moan with sexual pleasure.

I lay back on the bed and spread my legs wide signaling
that I was submitting everything to my black lover. Zak
was now slurping and licking as fast as he could. He
soon moved up and pulled me into the middle of the bed
and moved above me placing his black shaft at the
opening of my womanhood. He was now making the final
claim on his trophy, his tight end, his pin up gal, his
sexual fantasy was being fulfilled as was mine as well.

I was ready for my lover as he slid deep inside me as I
gasped with pleasure and pulled my young black stud to
me. I knew he was mine now. I could feel him go deep
and thrust against my cervix. We were both thrusting
and grinding in unison, sweating and slipping. I was
moaning loudly and Zak’s pleasure sounds were more like
a deep grunt.

“OH, Brenda, your tight end is fucking good, Baby! You
have my cock so hot! You are so fucking hot! You are my

“Oh, yes Zak, I’m all yours sugar baby, I’m all yours.
Yo Momma is here for her baby. Take all you want, baby.
Breed yo Momma!”

His balls were now pounding my tight ass like two
sledge hammers. They were letting me know that they
were ready to unload into my waiting womb, to plant
their black seed deep inside my garden.

Zak was breathing hard now as he pounded harder and
faster. I knew I was ready to explode as I felt Zak’s
breeding tool start to contract and throb. I then had
my orgasm as I felt his black balls unloading into my
womb as his tool pumped his black seed deep inside my
white ass. I screamed out with pleasure, and pulled Zak
hard against me. Zak gave one last loud grunt and then
lay still as I milked every drop from his cock, which
was now resting deep inside me.

We both lay there sweating and holding each other as we
savored the last moments of our climaxes. I could tell
that I had been up to the task and had given my black
stud all the loving he could have dreamed about all
those months in Iraq. I also knew that he had given his
white lover all she wanted and had pleased her more
than she had ever been pleased before.

I cannot explain it, but I believe that mature women
are made for young eager studs that are sex starved and
impatient. Perhaps older women are meant to take care
of the younger studs just like in the animal kingdom,
where it is the older females that teach the young
males and the young males seek out the older females in
the herd.

Zak and I went to sleep and as I awoke in the morning,
I looked over and admired my young black lover as he
lay there with his black skin glistening in the sun. I
saw his now deflated manhood as it lay in a nest of
kinky black hair sleeping until it was time to rise up
and again take care of a horny white wife. I knew that
I had given it something to remember and was sure that
it would soon be ready to again service a hot white
wife’s waiting womb.

I sat drinking coffee anxiously awaiting for my black
lover to get his rest out and join me for some morning
events, , whatever they might be, , , , I smiled to
myself as I thought of how well we had enjoyed
ourselves and how much more there would be before my
husband came home and reclaimed his white assed wife
who had been fucked deep by a young black soldier, just
doing his duty.

I look at it like this. My husband was not home to take
care of a horny wife and Zak did not wear anything out.
His wife was still a horny loving and happily satisfied
wife when he came home from Iraq.