My best friend’s wife part 2

This is a continuation of how I have been secretly fucking my best friend’s wife. By the way, for those who want to know. I am 35 and the rest of the people are about the same. I am still interested in trading erotic personal situations with anyone who wants to. Just e-mail me. I

Fucked by the fire service

Joanne had gotten her old job back. She’d needed to because her useless husband was not only useless in bed, but was useless as a bread winner. In the years BC , Joanne had worked in a laboratory and was very high up in rank. She’d lead a team and was considered one of the

My Naughty Married Girlfriend

I had a girlfriend awhile back that was married. She is tall and beautiful, with curly brown hair and blue eyes.She is a total freak and is up for anything. I would pick her up from work occasionally and drive her to a secluded park. As we were driving she would pull up her skirt

Sue the whore – The Competition

Life was busy with new work for the both Sue and me. Her big sexual experience with the Englishman had begun to fade and we didn’t have any new experiences for sometime. Sue was dressing as sharp as ever, complementing her petite 5’4″ body. Her skirts were well above the knee, and most always, those