My Naughty Married Girlfriend

I had a girlfriend awhile back that was married. She is tall and beautiful, with curly brown hair and blue eyes.She is a total freak and is up for anything. I would pick her up from work occasionally and drive her to a secluded park. As we were driving she would pull up her skirt

Lu’s Wife

When I first arrived here from Taiwan with my husband in 1975, we were desperately poor. Lu worked fourteen hours a day, I worked six, and we lived in a tiny camping trailer that was up on blocks on a little plot off a country road. The first winter was very hard, we’d never experienced

Kathy Eats My Cum

I poured another shot. Kathy picked it up, held it out in a toast. “To alcohol.” “To absolut.” She corrected, and drained the glass, setting it down carefully. I nursed my shot. Kathy had been drinking like a fish for the last couple of hours, unaware or uncaring about the fact that I had had