Cheating with my afro ex

This is my third story about Grace, my Ethiopian girlfriend (now ex-girlfriend). If you’ve read the previous two stories, you’ll know that Grace is tall, slim and absolutely beautiful with the perfect body and the most amazing round ass.

This story is from Thanksgiving 2017. Grace and I had actually broken up earlier in the year, and I was dating and living with another girl I met at work. My girlfriend was quite a bit younger than me (18 years, to be exact), and was from California.

I hadn’t intended to start anything with Grace, but at the time she was still living in the same city as me. I still had some of her stuff in a box at my place, and in early October she contacted me and asked if we could meet somewhere public so she could get it back. I agreed (without telling the girlfriend), and the following day I went to the Target parking lot around 7pm with her stuff in the box. A few minutes later, her car pulled up. I got out with the box, walked over to her car, and she unlocked the passenger door. I opened it up, said “hey” and started to put the box on the passenger seat.

“Can we talk for a minute?” asked Grace.

We’d had a pretty bad breakup – she’d been pretty upset, I’d been devastated, we’d argued and fought and had both been pretty miserable – so I was uncertain as to whether talking was a good idea. But I relented and said, “Sure.”

She asked me to get in the car, which I did, putting the box in the backseat.

“How have you been?”, she asked?

“Ok,” I said, “how about you?”

She said, “I’m fine.” She hesitated for a moment. “I miss you,” she finally said.

My heart picked up pace a little. “I’ve missed you too,” I said.

“I thought maybe you were cheating on me, that’s why you wanted to break up,” she said.

“I wasn’t cheating, no,” I responded. That wasn’t entirely true – although I wasn’t seeing or sleeping with anyone, I was heading in that direction via text with the girl I was now living with.

“Are you seeing anyone?” Grace asked.

I hesitated very briefly, then lied, saying, “No.”

It was about then that I became acutely aware that Grace had dressed up to meet me and that she smelled amazing. New perfume.

I glanced at her, and noticed she had tears in her eyes. I didn’t really know what to do, but I guess I wasn’t completely over her, judging by the wave of affection that I felt right in that moment. I reached over to her, pulled her to me, and started to gently kiss her on the lips. She responded, gently at first, then with more passion. I could feel myself getting hard, but nothing more than a passionate kiss took place.

“I love you,” she said when we stopped.

“I love you too,” I answered, wondering what the hell I was saying and doing. I was living with someone else, for crying out loud.

Grace and I talked for maybe 15 minutes, during which time it became clear that she thought we were back together. I didn’t say anything to correct her because the truth was that I loved her completely. All the feelings just came rushing back.

We parted ways (I had to go to work and was running late already), but that meeting resulted in us essentially picking up where we left off. We would text and call every day. It wasn’t difficult to hide it from my girlfriend because she worked dayshift, and I worked nightshift. It also helped that my girlfriend slept like a log and wouldn’t wake up for anything. The biggest challenge was keeping grace away from my apartment, so I concocted a story about my mother staying with me for 6 months. Grace had met my mother and they did not like each other one bit.

My life became quite interesting in the coming weeks. I would see Grace when my girlfriend was at work (she wanted to take it slow, which loosely translated meant kissing and hugging and handholding but no sex), I would text/call her all the time, and I would share a bed with my girlfriend. Trying to compartmentalize my life was quite difficult. Like I said, working nightshift helped, because both would leave me alone during the day and I could meet with Grace either when the girlfriend was at work or when she was asleep.

One night before work, my girlfriend had to work late, so I left two hours early and went over to Grace’s place to eat. She’d made some delicious soup and another dish which I didn’t recognize, but it was a traditional and delicious Ethiopian feast. After that, Grace said she was ready to be with me again. I won’t go into details of that right here, because it was basically a “rip your clothes off and fuck the shit out of me session that was over in about 15 minutes”, but it was good to see Grace naked again and feel myself inside her.

Thanksgiving was approaching, and Grace wanted to spend the night with me. I agreed and told my girlfriend that I’d taken an extra shift at work to cover for someone who was needing off for the holiday. I wanted it to be special for Grace, so I booked a luxury hotel downtown, planning to spend the night on a king size bed surrounded by mirrors licking and touching every inch of her body.

The room itself was great – two massive beds, mirrors on the walls behind and in front of the beds, and a bath with shower, and a hot tub. There was a door leading out onto the balcony – we were on the fourth floor. Grace arrived shortly after me, and I went downstairs to meet her. She looked incredible. She was wearing black heels, black nylons and a short black skirt, with a white blouse and a woollen jacket. We got in the elevator together, holding hands, Grace smiling at me the whole time. When we got to the room, she said she was going to get ready, so she grabbed stuff from her bag and went into the bathroom.

I laid back on the bed, relaxed, waiting. It was dark outside by this time, and the room was in semi-darkness, lit only by a fireplace background I’d managed to find on the TV. I head Grace finish in the bathroom, then watched as she came out. I was absolutely gobsmacked. She was wearing a black lace bra through which her nipples could be seen, a black lace thong with suspenders and nylons attached, and a pair of black heels.

My cock immediately sprung to attention. I had already stripped down to my boxers, and I watched with a pounding heart as Grace crawled seductively onto the bed, getting closer to me while maintaining eye contact.

“What do you think?” she asked.

“Holy shit!” I said. “You are the hottest, sexiest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

She smiled, then reached out to rub my hard cock through my boxers. I breathed in sharply at her touch. It felt amazing. I couldn’t tear my eyes off her body. By this time, my eyes were getting more accustomed to the semi-darkness, and I glanced up and what I saw made my dick throb and ache even harder. In the mirror, I could see Grace kneeling, facing towards me. The reflection gave me and incredible view of her ass, which is big and round and perfect.

She saw me looking in the mirror and looked to see what I was looking at. She giggled, wiggled her ass in the mirror, then leaned down and slowly peeled my boxers down. My cock sprung out, almost hitting her in the fact. She took it in her right hand, slowly stroked it up and down, then looked at me, keeping eye contact, and licked from the shaft all the way to the tip. I began to shudder in anticipation. She licked up and down while looking right at me, knowing what she was doing, then she slowly and gently took the head into her mouth. Grace gave the best blowjobs, and the gentleness combined with her tongue swirling around the head of my penis was absolutely incredible. She sucked and sucked and licked and teased, all the while giving me a perfect view of her ass in the mirror.

After about 10 minutes, I asked her to stop. I’d been saving my cum for days and didn’t want to blow my first and biggest load just yet. I pulled her up and alongside me, wrapped my arms around her and drew her lips to mine. We kissed passionately, getting more and more violent. I felt her pussy grind against my leg, and she was very wet. While we kissed, my hands roamed freely over her body, and I pulled her tight and close. She kept grinding against me, her right hand reaching down to stroke my cock again. I reached round and unhooked her bra, pulling it away from her skin, then leaning down and taking her right nipple in my mouth. I went between both breasts, licking and sucking, feeling Grace shuddering as I licked and moaning with every bite.

I then laid her on her back, removed the panties, and looked at her shaven pussy. She’d never shaved before, so this was new. No words were spoken, I simply grabbed her ass, pulled her pussy to my mouth and began tongue fucking her furiously. She screamed when I started and was soon grinding against my tongue and thrusting her hips towards my mouth. It was so fucking hot and almost came without her even touching me again. I could taste her juices as the flowed from her pussy onto my tongue. She tasted amazing. Suddenly, her grinding became faster and her moans became louder, and I knew she was building up to orgasm. I pushed my tongue inside her, and used my right thumb to reach up and play with her clit. This pushed her over the edge, and she screamed loud and hard, her back arched away from the bed and her body started bucking like crazy as waves of pleasure went through her entire body.

I gave her a minute to recover and catch her breath, then it was off with the nylons. Completely naked now, I drank in her body, the most amazing I’ve ever seen. My dick throbbed against her leg. I put two fingers inside her and began finger fucking her. While I did so, I watched us in the mirror. It was amazing – my white skin against her black skin, my hand pumping furiously at her and seeing, feeling and hearing the reaction from this sexy woman. She came multiple times, each time she screamed, arched her back and thrust her hips to take in more of my fingers, shaking uncontrollably as she came.

I finally couldn’t stand it anymore. I stood up, pulled her to the edge of the bed, found her opening and slid my erect cock all the way in. I watched as it disappeared inside her, feeling her warmth, her wetness, and hearing her moans. There was no slow, sensual love-making now, it was pure animal lust and fucking as I pumped furiously at her pussy, hearing the wetness of my cock sliding in and out, and feeling my flesh against hers.

I could see us fucking in the mirror – it was incredibly erotic, watching myself pound her. I then flipped her onto her stomach and entered her from behind. This is Grace’s favorite position, and she came immediately, curling her toes and screaming loudly for all to hear. I continued to pound her, watching us in the mirror, admiring her body, and feeling her tight pussy clamp down every time she had another orgasm.

As I watched us, I became aware that Grace was doing the same thing. I could see her head turned as she watched my white dick thrust in and out of her black pussy. It was turning her own, I could tell, because she reached under herself, found her clit, and started touching herself. I reached under her too and felt my cock sliding in and out and traced her fingers as she pleasured herself. Another orgasm came for Grace, and I slowly slid out of her.

At this point, I wanted to do something different, something Grace and I had talked about but had never acted on. So, rather than discuss it further, I pulled her up, marched her over to the balcony door, and pulled her outside into the cool night air. I saw her nipples harden, and she looked anxiously around. I led her to the railing, bent her over them, and entered her from behind. Any anxiety she had soon dissipated as I pounded the shit out of her in the open air. Her pussy tightened around my cock several times, indicating orgasm, and her legs crossed and her toes curled, but she did well at stifling her moans and screams.

Wanting her to scream, I began to fuck her harder, thrusting up inside as deeply and violently as I could, keeping her pushed over the railing. I could finally feel my own orgasm build again and had no intentions of stopping it this time.

“I’m about to cum!” I said, and in response she began to grind and thrust against me even more. I felt my cock begin to throb at the same time as her pussy started to tighten again, and within moments I released spurt after spurt of hot cum inside her tight Ethiopian pussy.

“I feel it!” she said, then unable to stifle it anymore, she let out a series of moans while clamping tightly on my penis. A mutual orgasm, she milked my dick of every ounce of cum. Still cumming, I looked down in the parking lot and there was one solitary guy standing beside a car, looking up in our direction. Grace was oblivious, still having her orgasm, and I didn’t care who could see us.

Gradually, she came down from her high and I slipped my cock out from her pussy. I stood her up, being sure to give the guy down below a good view of her body. Grace looked down, saw him and froze, then went back inside the room. I followed, and we laid on the bed, totally spent, relaxed, and knowing full well that this would go on all night.

We got no sleep at all – we had several fuck sessions that night, followed by 30 minutes or so to recover each time, with a longer break for room service just before 11pm. I don’t know how much cum I deposited inside her, but it was a lot.

The night itself was special – Grace and I again went our separate ways a few months later, and 6 months after that I married my girlfriend, but Grace and I have stayed in intermittent contact and fully intend to fuck again when we happen to be in the same city. I suppose I never have and never will stop loving Grace. It’s a horrible situation to be in, to want someone so badly and to love being with them so much, to knowing that you can’t be. Such is life, I suppose.