Christina, a new young Cop

First Undercover assignment gets really complicated for
Christina, a new young Cop. She must make some hard
choices to stay alive.

The following is an excerpt from “Undercover with
Christina” a full-length story I have been writing for a
couple of years. It has stalled for lack of time to
finish it, so I decided to post a portion and get some

Christina is an Undercover Police office, on her first
assignment. Mr. G is a Mafia King pin that she was
assigned to infiltrate the Mafia through. Reggie is the
Body Guard for Mr. G, and unknown to Christina and Mr. G,
and FBI agent also infiltrating the same Mafia operation.
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There were only a small number of guests in the room for
this dinner, Mr. G, herself, Reggie at a table off to one
side so he could watch all parts of the room, and keep an
eye on Mr. G as well, and three other Mafia big shots
Christina had n ever seen before, as they were presented
the menus for their ordering.

Two bottles of fine wine were brought to the table and
everyone ordered, as Christina again thought how elegant
this lifestyle was while she ordered things she would
never even dream of ordering in her real life. Mr. G
introduced her to the three big shots, and she learned
they were from out of town and could tell right away that
Mr. G was trying extra hard to impress these men, and put
her on display just a little more than usual.

He had started by putting his arm around her shoulders
and squeezing her close for a kiss and pat on her bare
shoulder. She had not been asked or had time to consider
getting dressed in evening clothes, but still wore the
rather revealing type outfit she was ordered to wear for
her daily routine. Each of the men comments to Mr. G how
lovely his girlfriend was and he beamed his approval as
he continued to fondle Christina throughout the salad

By the time they were halfway finished with the main
course, Christina’s worst fears of the undercover
assignment were beginning to happen. Mr. G had moved his
hand down to rest on her bare knee and was now rubbing
inside her thigh just at the knee. She made no show of
her discomfort and virtually everyone thought that she
was just the she toy of the big Mafia boss as he openly
fondled her in front of the three male guests. She knew
that two of the men had a clear view of what was
happening as well as Reggie from his seat across the

As the after dinner coffee was served, Christina knew she
would have to make a decision soon as she could feel Mr.
G’s fingers move in circles up the inside of her thigh.
Soon she would be exposed completely to her crotch and
either let the evening run its course or make some
attempt to stop Mr. G without blowing her cover and
acting like the lady she really was rather than the
Prostitute Mr. G believed her to be.

That moment came very quickly as she raised her coffee
cup to her now quivering lips, Mr. G’s hand moved quickly
up the inside of Christina’s thigh and he brushed against
her thin panties with his pinkie finger.

“Ooh, sweetie, she whispered as she watched the two men
closest turn their eyes down to see here exposed leg and
thigh, can’t you wait until we get home.” Closing her
thigh together trapping Mr. G’s hand and making a mock
protest for the two guests.

The Mafia boss just laughed as he continued to move his
pinkie finger across the delicate fabric of Christina’s
lacy panties. She knew instantly that Mr. G was making a
point and showing off his trophy to these three thugs for
out of town, an d she thought briefly of Michael’s words
about what to do if this happened. She squealed slightly
and smiled as she decided to play this alone and hope it
would end quickly.

The fondling continued as Mr. G spoke business with the
three men at the table and she began to feel the familiar
tingle as her body responded to the stimulation her mind
tried to block. A quick glance in Reggie’s direction
seeking some moral support found Reggie’s eyes had
focused on the sight under the table. He had a clear view
of where Mr. G ‘s hand was resting and maybe even he
could see the fingers probing he sex as Mr. G worked her
up the scale of arousal throughout the entire cup of

Christina could smell her arousal drift up from her now
moist panties and knew that, at least the two closest men
knew exactly what was happening, and by the way they were
fidgeting around in their seat, she was positive of it.
That’s when Reggie seemed to jump to the rescue.
Finishing his coffee at his table, Reggie stood up and
reminded Mr. G that his evening appointment (the fight)
time was rapidly approaching.

Mr. G acknowledged Reggie’s comment, yet seemed to be
having more fun inflicting the discomfort on Christina
than he might watching some fight on the tube. Christina
knew his reputation for humiliation of his people and
just about everyone else, but until now had not been
subjected to it directly. Then she felt Mr. G’s finger
slip under the hem of her lace panties and find her
swollen clit. She gasped quietly and shuddered as he
massaged the sensitive little bud and felt herself
contract into spasm as a small orgasm rocked her.

Then with as little notice that had given before he
touched her, Mr. G removed his hand from between her legs
and announced that was time to go. He said goodbye to the
visiting men, setting an appointment for the office the
next day and they were headed out to the limo.

Christina was very uncomfortable on the ride back to the
compound, and too embarrassed to even look at Reggie. She
knew she needed to find a way to thank him for rescuing
her from her ordeal in the restaurant, but for now she
was just happy to be out of there.

As they arrived home, Mr. G instructed Christina to bring
some snacks and beer to the gym room as he planned to
watch fight in there. She acknowledged his instructions
and made her way to the kitchen exiting the limo. By the
time she had gotten to the gym, Mr. G was alone on the
big sofa and had set the television up for his fight.
Reggie was not in the room, which was a little unusual.
Before Christina could inquire about his whereabouts,
Reggie joined them. He had already changed into his
workout clothes and she could tell he planned a rigorous
workout while Mr. G watched his fight. Christina though
for a moment about joining in, but she had eaten a large
dinner and did not feel like one of Reggie’s big workout

Reggie began his workout about the time Mr. G’s fight
began. Christina tried to excuse herself and get out of
the room, but Mr. G insisted she stay. In fact he
motioned for her to join him on the sofa as he watched
the fight. This was more uncomfortable for Christina, not
only because she feared Mr. G might continue his
fondling, but because she was a little sticky and moist
from the assault on her womanhood back in the restaurant.
She wanted to get into the shower and wash away any
evident of the humiliating experience she had been
required to endure.

Having little interest in the fight she watched Reggie
work himself into a sweat and tone his already perfect
body even finer by exerting his muscles beyond were they
had been yesterday. She admired how the moistness of his
perspiration caused his physique to literally shine in
the glow of unusually dimmed the lights in the exercise
gym, and the reflection of the Television.

Christina drifted off into her own world as her mind
pondered the situation she was now in. She had never
planned to be so compromised, even though she and Michael
had discussed the entire spectrum of where such an
undercover operation could lead. They had even spoken of
the possibility of being killed on the job, both being
law enforcement officers it was an ever present part of
life. But, now, even after they had spoken about how far
into her personal privacy this assignment might drag her,
she could hardly believe what had happened, and she could
only speculate how far the nasty Mr. G would push her.
She had hoped that his inability to participate in the
sex act, would have kept her totally innocent during the
planned six months this undercover assignment was planned
to take.

She had now been fondled, and in public no less, and was
now sure she would continue to be compromised and not
just by Mr. G, but she was never out of sight Mr. G’s
ever present body guard. That meant that this dark
stranger would witness anything Mr. G f****d upon her.
She liked Reggie, and they had become not only friendly,
but close. This did not mean, however that she wanted to
have him watch Mr. G fondle her private parts, or even
worse, see her naked and exposed.

Suddenly her thoughts were shattered as she heard Mr. G
snap at her, she blinked and responded as if he seemed to
be repeating a command for her to get him another beer.
With a f****d smile, Christina rose from the couch next
to this monster and started across the room to fetch
another beer from the bar. She looked quickly at the
television to see the fight was still lumbering along
only in the third round, and another turn of her head
showed Reggie still deep in his exercise routine.

Shaking her pleated skirt down, Christina moved quickly
to the bar, and returned with a cold beer for her Mafia
Boss. Handing him the beer, she turned and looked at the
fight on the big screen as she began to lower herself
back to the couch. Suddenly she stopped her decent as she
felt the cold rough hand of her nasty boss, move up under
her skirt and caress the inside of her left thigh.
Reversing her direction of motion, Christina straightened
back up startled at the aggressive move of Mr. G, and
also trying to raise the junction of her legs upward and
further from the roaming hand.

The move was to no avail as she felt his hand move
directly upward to her panty clad womanhood, and then
over the round rise of her ass. Standing bolt still
Christina’s thoughts moved back to the questions she was
pondering only a moment ago as she glanced over to
confirm that Reggie was in fact a witness to her
situation. She thought of her options and again
questioned if a refusal would cause her cover as a
prostitute to become suspect, or even useless. If so, she
may never see the sun rise again, and she again resolved
to complete her undercover assignment, and see to it this
monster would spend the rest of his day behind bars.

Gritting her teeth, Christina stood there and responded
as she though a real prostitute might in this situation,
letting the hand roam freely over her panty cover ass.
She wished the fight would somehow become interesting ,
or at least become a distraction for Mr. G. Why, she
thought, should this one fight be such a bore when she so
desperately needed it to be otherwise. She stood there
unable to even consider where this new attack might take
her letting the hand roam freely. She felt his wandering
hand move lower and then his fingers slip gently between
her legs as Mr. G began to fondle her sex again, just
like he had done in the restaurant earlier. His fingers
worked between her legs with his thumb moving up around
her ass, his index finger parting the tender lips of her
sex, and the remaining digits caressing the flesh of her
upper thigh.

Christina stood silent as her body, despite her
revulsion, began to respond to the gentle massage and
produce the lubricating fluids in preparation for the
penetration it expected. Her mind knew Mr. G was not
capable of taking such an event to conclusion, but her
body did not, and responded as flesh lusting for the
entire process it felt was soon approaching. Her panties
soaked through quickly and she began to sway gently as
the soothing sensation of pleasure swept over her now
trembling flesh. She closed her eyes, as much to block
out what was happening as to enjoy the sensation that her
body would not ignore. Perhaps, she thought, if she
closed her eyes and did not look in Reggie’s direction,
he would not see what was happening to her.

Slowly as her body responded with more and more
lubricating juices, she felt Mr. G move his index finger
under the elastic of her panties and begin to massage her
now soaked pussy with more intensity. He knew he was
working her up into some sort of sexual frenzy and he
knew if he kept it up, she would soon orgasm standing
right there. Minute by minute she felt her body respond
and move with his manipulations. She trembled as he
worked her up the scale toward explosion, then suddenly
stopped as she felt hi second hand move under the pleated
skirt, and her panties were soon down around her knees.

Christina stepped out of the discarded garment, took a
deep breath as she felt the hand rise to her sex again,
and glanced over to the workout station to confirm that
Reggie was, in fact, aware of the action over at the
couch. Without hesitation, the massaging fingers moved
back to her now naked pussy lips, parted them with the
first gentle movements, and then Mr. G slipped his index
finger upward inside of Christina causing her to gasp in
shock at the invasion. She was so wet that his finger
slid easily into her warm womanhood and Christina
shuddered slightly as she was unable to stop her reaction
to the pleasure racing throughout her responding body. A
second digit moved to gently massage her swollen clit
sending Christina into a small but undeniable orgasm.

She shook silently fighting to stop her body from it’s
betrayal of her mind, and she felt the left hand of her
assailant reach out and unzip her skirt, then without a
pause it gripped the button and snapped open the tight
skirt sending it falling downward over the hand embedded
between her trembling legs. As quickly as the skirt fell,
Mr. G moved hi hand away from her overheated sex, and the
loose garment fell completely to the floor leaving
Christina naked from the waist down, standing there in
only her white blouse and bra.

The hand moved quickly back to the place it had left to
allow the skirt to fall, and the massage continued. The
slippery finger parted her cunt lips and slid upward,
deep into her cunt sending another shiver through
Christina’s body. While fighting off the wave of orgasmic
pleasure that was cresting within her, Christina looked
over toward Reggie and saw that he now had stopped his
exercise routine and was full engrossed in watching the
action Mr. G’s manipulations were having on the beautiful
blond Cop’s body.

Try as she might, Christina was unable to stop the next
wave of orgasm sweep through her as Reggie watched her
shudder as the fingers of Mr. G worked on her dripping
cunt in plain sight of the body guard. Christina even
moaned out as her body continued to respond to the
skillful touch of the evil Mafia boss. As she looked
helplessly to Reggie for some relief, she also noticed
his muscular athletic body seemed to now be caught in the
spectacle of her plight as his eyes roamed ever inch of
her half naked body.

Christina noticed that for the first time in her memory,
Reggie seemed aroused by what he saw, in fact from the
distance across the room, Christina was sure she could
see a growing bulge in Reggie’s shorts as he sat
mesmerized on the bench of the apparatus. However she was
not able to pay much attention to it as her body rapidly
approached a larger orgasmic explosion than before. She
knew this time she would be unable to refrain from crying
out as her breath became rapid and labored, her knees
seemed to become like rubber and her cunt burned as the
flash of her pleasure began the race to full orgasm. With
a last gasp for breath, Christina cried out into the
room, bent her knees and arched her back as the wave of
full orgasm struck her quivering body.

Disgusted at her inability to prevent both her
participation and response to the entire evening,
Christina sobbed gently as she returned to awareness as
the waves of her orgasm subsided. She could still feel
the long fingers working on her sex, and opening her
eyes, still seeing Reggie staring at her. Mr. G must have
thought she was in need of more from her reaction, but
how could he know what she was going through, and if he
did, his reaction would be k**l her where she stood. He
had no idea of her undercover status and if she continued
to behave in the roll of a prostitute, he never would

The next few minutes would convince Christina that Mr. G
had, in fact, been completely fooled by her undercover
roll. The silence broke as Mr. G called out to Reggie,
“Reggie, get over here,” he commanded.

Christina was in shock as she stood completely exposed,
and now would have to endure further humiliation as Mr. G
seemed to want a closer observance of his toying with
her. She trembled as Reggie moved from the exercise
apparatus to join them at the couch. His movement was
steady but somewhat hesitant as he approached. Christina,
frozen in her stance watched and noticed that the reason
he seemed to hesitate might be the fact he was supporting
a huge erection. One leg of his gym shorts was bulged out
and she could even see the head of his penis protrude
from the bottom of the leg hole as it pressed the fabric
out from his muscular thigh.

Christina pondered the sight and decided that, like her,
Reggie’s body was unable to prevent the response, and she
felt sorry for him having to endure the condition, and
suffer as she was. Nothing in her briefing had prepared
her for what Mr. G said next. The words hit Christina
like a sludge hammer as he spoke, his finger still deep
inside her dripping sex.

“This bitch is heat,” he announced, “why don’t you take
her over to that stuffed chair and finish her off for

“WHAT!” Christina gasped out loud! “I’m find boss,” she
continued as she realized how it sounded for her

“Looks like the white bitch don’t like no black cock,”
Reggie said as he glared at her for her tone and words.
He had little way of knowing that she was an undercover
cop, not the prostitute they had been led to believe. Nor
did know she was married, nor how close to the truth Mr.
G had been when he announced that she was in heat.

Not only was Christina’s body responding and lusting for
a male member, but it was the middle of her cycle. The
second cycle since she had stopped taking the pill. She
had figured she wouldn’t need it during the undercover
operation, and she and Michael had decided that
immediately upon completion of this assignment that they
would start their family. Therefore, Christina knew she
was in fact “in heat” by the purest sense of the word.

“Nonsense, Mr. G retorted, she is just trying to show
some loyalty to me, he continued. She is dripping all
over my hand and she is in need, he announced. Now take
her over there and finish her off.” He dropped his hand
from her overheated sex and gave Christina a shove in the
direction of the big stuffed arm chair next to the couch.

Christina moved in the direction of the chair desperately
trying to figure a way out of this mess. Realizing she
had just offended her only friend, and begun the process
for them to begin to question her undercover roll, she
stumbled for the words to undo the damage she could see
on Reggie’s face. “I…I just mean I was OK, Reggie, not
that I did not like you or had any racial discrimination
in mind.”

“Right bitch, Reggie retorted. You seem happy enough when
Mr. Big here had his white fingers deep in your cunt, but
don’t seem to want anything to do with my black ass.”

“No, Reggie that is not true,” she replied, knowing she
was getting deeper and deeper in trouble with each word.
Mr. G seemed to be enjoying this as she reached the chair
and sat slowly into the soft cushions.

“Oh, Reggie snapped, so now you want my long black cock?”

“No….I mean…Yes, Well I mean it was not the reason
you think”

“Right bitch,” he snapped again.

Christina knew she was now committed or condemned as it
may be as her words continued to back her into an
inescapable corner. She had not even considered the
possibility of actually betraying herself or Michael by
actually having intercourse during this undercover
operation. That is why she had discontinued the pill, she
had felt safe about this much at least.

Reggie had followed her to the chair and stood in front
of her as she sat dumbfounded waiting for whatever might
come next.

“Show her what she almost missed, Reggie, ” Mr. G
whispered from his seat on the couch.

With that, Reggie tucked his thumbs under the waistband
of his gym shorts and quickly dropped them to the floor
springing free his 3/4 erect member in front of

“Oh my” she gasp, as the largest cock she had ever seen
jumped up, almost slapping Reggie’s flat stomach and
sending a droplet of crystal clear precum fly through the
air, that is some cock.”

“Yes, Ma’am, Reggie smiled, and I am give every last inch
of you right now, bitch.”

Christina’s mind raced as she tried desperately to think
of all the ways she could keep from having to let him
plunge that huge black cock into her. She had not only
concerns about betraying her husband, getting pregnant
but also if she take such a huge cock. Michael was big,
as best she could figure from her limited experience, but
Reggie’s was larger. Both in length as well as girth. She
was staring at it as she continued to think of how to
avoid the inevitable, when Mr. G asked Reggie. When was
the last time you got any fine white pussy, Reg?”

“I ain’t never had no white pussy, Reggie replied, but
that is about to change tonight, he smiled in Christina’s
direction. In fact, he continued, I ain’t had no pussy
since I started this job.”

“My God, Reggie, have been working so hard for the last
seven months?”

“Yes sir, Mr. G, I have been with you every minute since
I started so you should know how much ass I been gett’n
but all that is gonna change tonight, thanks to you.”

The only thought Christina could come up with, she
blurted out without thinking. “First put a condom on that

“A condom, Reggie shouted, no fucking way bitch, I ride
bareback all the time.”

“Not on this pony, you don’t Christina snapped back at

“Besides, he snapped, I ain’t got no condom.”

“Then you ain’t coming near me with that thing,”
Christina said.

“First you don’t want no black cock, and now you get all
hung up bout not wanting to get no black cum in your lily
white cunt, bitch, you starting to get me mad,” Reggie
angrily snapped at her.

“Listen Reggie, Christina softly tried to reason with
him. Since I came to work here, I’ve stopped taking any
precautions, and I don’t need to get knocked up, white
cum or black. I am right in the middle of my month, and
this is my most fertile day in the cycle, now why else
would be so cautious?”

From the look on Reggie’s face, Christina instantly
realized she had erred. She had struck some chord and she
saw Reggie’s eyes light up when he heard her words.

With a broad smile on his face, Reggie turned to Mr. G
and said, “Boss, this is the best job performance bonus a
dude could get. I you give me my first white pussy and I
get to plant my black seed deep inside her fertile belly
all at one time. Thank you Boss!”

Before Christina could reply and dodge this new bullet,
she heard Mr. G replay from his place on the couch.

“Your Welcome Reggie, you deserve it, you have been doing
a fine job.

Christina’s life flashed before her eyes. She could allow
her life to changed, destroyed, altered forever, or have
it end violently here and now. She had heard of
undercover cops having to make moral and ethical
decisions all the time. But why so many on her first
undercover assignment, and so quickly she thought.
Quickly she thought what she could do to prevent either
from happening, and in a last ditch effort to survive in
tact, Christina reached out and took Reggie’s huge cock
in her hand.

It was warm, seemingly alive and it throbbed as she
touched it. Reggie moved closer and she leaned forward.
She stared at the huge male member, watching as it grew
in her hand even larger than it had been. Another drop of
the clear precum oozed out and dropped in slow motion to
the carpet. Reggie reached down and took the sides of his
sleeveless shirt in each hand and in one motion lifted it
over his head, leaving him totally naked before her.

Christina contemplated her next move, some way to keep
Reggie from fulfilling his promise. At this close
distance it was very clear to her the magnitude of this
athletic mans masculinity. His cock was very large, and
fit what she had heard of black men and their cocks. It
was long, thick and as well shaped and toned as anything
her mind might have been able to imagine, if she had ever
tried. The head was circumcised, with a pronounced ridge
to define it’s beginning. The slit was wide and open as
she gazed with some degree of awe at this perfect
specimen of maleness. If she was looking for the perfect
male penis, this would fit her definition.

Then she lowered her gaze to the dark hairless sack that
hung below the huge cock. In the warm room the sack was
loose, and the testicles hung very low. Not half way down
the thigh, but close. The two orbs were shaped like small
footballs just as she expected, but the size was equal in
the massive cock they hung below. They were as large as
golf balls, and if she were to imagine the cargo they
carried, she would think they would ejaculate twice the
normal amount. These were the most dangerous of all she
surveyed. Here, would be the cause for her deepest

Even if she was f****d to endure intercourse to preserve
her undercover status, she could survive it, maybe even
keep Michael in the long run, but if, on this day even
one of the fertile sperm cells held inside these huge
orbs were to find her now ripe egg, it would over for her
forever. Her life would never be salvageable.

She must find a way to avoid letting Reggie empty these
testicles inside her wet, warm cunt. She raised her left
hand and lifted the two testicles as she contemplated her
next move. They were heavy, heavier than she ever
imagined a mans testicle might be. He had just announced
that he had been without a woman for seven months. Maybe
these testicles held a full seven month supply of fertile
sperms. She lifted gently and balanced them in her hand
in an admiring way. Admiring for Reggie’s benefit, or was
she truly admiring his magnificent manhood. Either way it
accomplished her point as she heard Reggie sigh at her

The decision made Christina moved closer, and placed her
lips against the warm head of Reggie’s throbbing cock.
Without ceremony, or pause, Christina opened her lips and
lowered her head to take the huge cock inside of her
mouth. Thinking all the time how she could explain this
to Michael if she avoided the final assault. Now if she
work Reggie quickly into orgasm it might save her, and
give her way to escape the disaster Reggie had planned
for her moments ago. As unpleasant as it might be to have
him explode his load into her mouth, it was far better
than to let him ejaculate the cargo of those huge
testicles into her fertile womb.

She had been reviewing her calendar since this episode
began and now confirmed her worst fear. This was her day
for sure. She and Michael had studied her schedule and
how her body worked as they planned the time to start a
family, and now that she thought about it, all the signs
she knew were there this very day. The slight warmth all
day, the extra discharge, her arousal at the slightest
touch of her evil boss, Mr. G the Mafia King. Yes there
was no doubt at all, she was ovulating today. This was
her estrus, even the smallest amount of sperm in her
uterus would be all it might take to impregnate her, and
as fate would have it, Mr. G had all but given her to
Reggie in this state of assured fertility.

She worked on the now swelling cock with more vigor than
before. Most assuredly both men would be convinced that
she was an experienced prostitute as she labored to get
Reggie to cum into her throat. She had always heard that
men with huge cock did not get as hard as men with normal
sized ones, but it seemed to be another myth as Reggie’s
cock became harder and stiffer by the second.

If she allowed it slip from her lips it sprang straight
up against his belly stiffer than any she had ever seen,
not loose and straight out from the groin as she had been
led to believe huge cocks were. This was a magnificent
cock by any measurable standards. If she was not married
and not so fertile she would be able to really enjoy this
cock she thought as she continued her attempts to finish
Reggie off. She knew her aroused state from the
manipulations of Mr. G twice this evening and her state
of ovulation caused her to be more stimulated than normal
and she worked hard to keep her arousal down to
manageable levels. She concentrated at the task at hand,
get Reggie off, and quickly!

She knew she was having the right effect on him, because
Reggie moved his hips in a swaying motion and began to
drive his cock into her mouth with each down stroke she
made. Maybe he would blow soon she thought just as Reggie
stopped her in mid stroke. He pulled himself back and
pressed her away by the shoulders. “Not too much, bitch,
he said, I still have big plans for this monster

“Reggie, No, don’t,” she pleaded, as he continued to push
her backwards into the soft cushions of the stuffed
chair. When her shoulders were against the back of the
chair, and her ass still at the front of the cushion she
began to become aware that he would not stop until he had
buried his cock deep inside of her dripping cunt. It was
arousing and terrifying at the same time. She felt
helpless and vulnerable in this semi-reclined position.

“Don’t what? Reggie demanded, don’t stop?”

“You know what I mean she begged”

“After the way you treated me, I am going fuck you until
you beg me just as much to plant my black seed in your
belly as you now beg for me to stop.”

With that, Reggie lifted Christina’s right leg up and
placed it over the large arm of the stuffed chair, and
then repeated to procedure with her left leg, leaving her
semi-reclined with her legs parted and her womanhood
completely open and vulnerable.

“Please, Reggie” was all she got out before he had leaned
down and pressed the underside of his huge cock against
the wet outer lips of her cunt just at the base so she
could feel his huge testicles brush against her parted
ass. She drew a sharp breath as he then moved downward,
sliding the underside of his massive cock between her wet
vulva, lubricating the full length. Then back up again
completely opening her lips and exposing her pink inner
lips to plain view and making her ready for an attempt at

“Please, Reggie she whispered one more time, shoot your
load all over my tits when it’s time, or come up and I’ll
suck you dry, but don’t cum inside me please.”

“Save your begging for later, white bitch was his reply,
now are you ready for some dark meat?” As he lined the
now lubricated head of his cock up against her parted
cunt and paused for her reply.

“Yes, but not for your….” as she gasp in surprise as he
drove only the bulbous head of now throbbing cock between
her pussy lips and stopped.

A sharp surge raced through her entire body as it had
been over a month since she had been penetrated, and
never by something this size. Despite herself,
Christina’s body began to respond to the sensation that
was both uncomfortable and awesome at the same time. She
felt herself raise her hips as Reggie pulled his cockhead
out an inch or so to better lubricate himself for his
next powerful lunge. She was preparing herself for the
thrust with both fear and anticipation. Although the wait
seemed to last forever, it was almost instantly that
Reggie thrust his hips and drove full half of his cock
deep into Christina’s waiting pussy.

She gasp again as the sensation left her almost
breathless. She had never though size or shape or girth
made any difference at all in the way a woman responded
to a man’s organ, but she now knew differently. With only
half of his massive cock inside her she felt totally
dominated and controlled by the throbbing cock. She
raised her hips to meet the thrust and rolling them
upward as the motion stopped and Reggie began the slow
withdrawal in preparation for another assault.

“Do you like the black cock now bitch,” Reggie questioned
her as he held the tip only between her parted cunt lips.

“Yes”! was Christina’s only reply before Reggie thrust
forward again, this time sending three quarters of his
throbbing manhood deep between her splitting cunt. She
moaned as his motion ended again and rolled her hip
upward to meet his thrust as her body shuddered with the
unrestrained pleasure Reggie’s hot cock gave her. This
time she felt him bottom out deep inside of her cunt.
Looking down between her parted legs through the wispy
blond pubic hair she saw the awesome sight of his huge
cock, slippery with her juices, shining black as night
contrasted against her pale white thighs and flat white
belly. The shaft looked massive and awesome as it slid
inside of her, yet a couple inches remained exposed to
her sight. She felt the head plunged against her cervix
and gasp at the sensation and the realization that there
was yet more to come.

Christina was no fool and she knew he would find a way to
get the last few inches wetted inside of her clasping
cunt. Her body now responded just as she knew it would
and her juices flowed out to assist the intruding cock
find a way to get more inside.

She moved her hips to encourage the thrusting cock
onward, while her quivering body began the unstoppable
sensation of an impending orgasm. Reggie sensed she was
on the verge, even though he had just started, and began
to roll himself upward bringing the top side of his cock
into contact with her swelling clit while he withdrew and
then plunged himself inside of her overheated cunt again.
Two of these slow strokes and Christina was finished,
over the edge and try as she might to orgasm in silence,
she could not. “Oh, god that feels soooo good she moaned,
I’m Cummming I’m Cummming! She announced as her body
shook from head to toe with a massive orgasm.

Reggie continued through her orgasm, sending lightning
bolts through Christina’s body with every down thrust
during her spasms until she relaxed into the cushions of
the soft chair. Her body responded over the continued
objection of her mind, but Christina knew she no longer
was in control. Her body and the massive cock that was
buried deep inside of it were the control now, and
surrendered to two more explosive orgasms as she watched
the huge black cock move with powerful strokes deeper
with every thrust.

With awe she gazed at the throbbing cock as the slick
juices made it shine while Reggie moved it in and out of
her willing cunt, sending just a little more inside each
thrust. Sometime he moved it quickly with short
deliberate strokes and then slowed to the long gentle
strokes that took her over the top each time. She could
now feel the huge testicles bounce off her slippery ass
cheeks and knew that Reggie was not yet near his orgasm.
She knew the males testicles drew up close and tight into
the sack just before ejaculation and marveled at the
stamina of this powerful athlete that was now driving her
closer and closer each second into another explosive
orgasm of her own.

Reggie’s cockhead now seemed to never break contact with
her cervix and the original discomfort had now changed to
an erotic stimulation that seemed to keep her in constant
orgasm. Still she looked down and saw that the entire
length of the pulsing cock remained exposed even as
Reggie trust harder with passing time. She felt the
pressure of his cock slipping along the sides of her
cunt, the ridge of his massive cockhead massaged the
sides of her vagina as she had never known before, and
she felt her cervix now was pressed up inside of her
uterus as Reggie thrust deeper each time with a patience
she did not expect of him.

Her body shuddered once more and the forth orgasmic
explosion rocked her exhausted body. Christina fought her
body with her mind as she drifted into thought and saw
the entire act now in slow motion as though she was
watching from above. Whether you believed we crawled out
of the slime, or were created by a greater being she now
felt the instinct of the wild, the one most powerful urge
to replicate the species. Either way, commanded to submit
by God, or instinctively driven by the pure need to
survive, Christina understood how the deer stood still
once her moment of estrus arrived. How the dog stopped
running and offered her rear to the strongest male runner
in the pack. She had watched all those nature shows and
wondered how the female could fight and run and move
while the strongest and fittest male approached, and then
when her time arrived she would stop, stand and be

Christina looked up at the powerful Reggie and took in
every detail she observed. His rippled chest muscles as
her worked deep inside of her, the flat washboard stomach
that he now stressed with each thrusting plunge, the
powerful thigh muscles that seemed to keep him up and
allow him to plow into her relentlessly, the arms that
looked like tree trunks aside each of her shoulders.

She was observing the fittest, the one male in the pack
that had pursued her until her moment of estrus had
arrived. Then like the buck in the wild made his move and
mounted her. Christina knew it was her time, her moment,
the ripe egg she had been preparing was now out to be
fertilized and even tough this was not her chosen mate,
Reggie was the fittest and the one that had waited until
she was in heat, which was now and she knew it. He was
not the one she had planned on, or chosen, he was not of
her race, but his body was magnificent, and perfect, and
that is how nature had always planned this even. Two
perfect bodies, the fittest coming together to insure the
survival of the fittest and she felt the most fit now
thrusting deep within her.

She glanced up at the clock on the wall, wanting to mark
the time her life would change forever and also to
confirm her suspicion of how long Reggie had been working
on her. She had looked as he plunged his cock into he,
and noted that he started at 9:15, it was now 9:34.
Reggie had been working on her for 19 minutes. Not
foreplay, but penetrated for 19 minutes, she could not
believe any man could hold off ejaculation so long,
especially since he had been without a woman for seven

She thought about how much sperm and semen he must have
worked up in 19 minutes and shuddered at the thought of
what was about to happen. Or shuddered as her fifth
orgasm approached. She felt a pounding against her that
was now different and looked down between her parted legs
to see Reggie’s entire cock now buried to the hilt with
each powerful thrust. He had managed to get the entire
length inside of her and his black pubic hair now matted
against her blond bush with a pounding thud as he plunged
himself into her, driving her cervix deeper into her own
womb as he did.

Then Christina heard it. Her own voice whispering out,
“Cum Reggie, cum.” She was shocked to hear the words, she
knew she had lost the battle and was ready to make the
final surrender, commit the ultimate betrayal, but the
words were a shock for her ears. She already knew she was
moments, maybe only seconds away for impregnation, but
she had fought it every step of the way and now to hear
her own voice ask for it was staggering.

“The white bitch wants me to cum, Reggie snapped at her.”

“Yes, Reggie, she pleaded. I’m ready. Please cum with

“Now you want my black seed inside of you, after all your

“Yes, Reggie. Cum inside of me, pump your sperm deep in
my cunt please, I need it now.”

Driving his cock harder now than before Reggie persisted
in his final triumph, “You want my black baby planted
deep in your belly is that what you want?”

“Oh God yes, Reggie. Fuck me deeper and cum. I want to
feel your cock shoot your sperm way up inside where no
man has ever been before.”

“Let me understand this. The white bitch is now ready for
me to plant my black baby seeds into her fertile belly?”

Grabbing her legs at the knees, Christina pulled her legs
so far apart that Mr. G though she would split herself
open. She raised her hips high, lunged upward on Reggie’s
thrusting cock, opened herself up so he had the most
complete access possible, and felt his testicle knotted
tight up against his groin, pocketed into the sockets and
jammed tight against her wet cunt lips, and shouted out
between gasping breaths. “I’m ovulating at this very
second, your cock is inches away from the ripe egg you
said you wanted to fertilize, I’m about to cum again, I
love your thick black cock, and I want to feel you empty
your black balls into my cunt and plant your beautiful
black baby in my belly…. and I want it now!”

Reggie plunged deep into her hot cunt, so much as to
cause Christina to cry out in pain as his cock pounded
hard against her now distended cervix. He held himself
perfectly still only rolling his hips slightly as
Christina felt him tense then his legs pump and his ass
squeeze as all of the muscles in Reggie’s powerful body
contracted involuntarily as his ejaculation exploded from
his throbbing cock.

Christina expected to feel the wetness of his sticky
semen splatter into her cunt, but he had wedged the head
of his cock tight against her cervix and she thought it
was stopping his ejaculation. She felt the powerful throb
and heard him gasp out his victory.

Then it began…. a low warm rush deep inside of her. No
place like ever before, she had expected to feel the cum
gush inside of her vagina and spill out past the
intruding cock, but it was not happening. A second
powerful throb as Reggie gasp out and she felt the
warmth, now accompanies by a build up of pressure, and
Christina gasp out loud as she realized what was
happening. Her mind rushed to catch up with her body as
she understood that Reggie had softened up her cervix,
then held his huge cock so tight against it with the
alignment of his cock hole matched to the tiny pin hole
in her cervix and he was now ejaculating directly into
her uterus. He had bypassed her vagina and she was sure
he did not know it.

The sensation was totally different that she could not
contain herself as the third contraction of Reggie’s
muscular body sent another spurt of his thick sperm
filled cum deep and directly into her womb. The warm rush
and building pressure from so much cum in such a tight
elastic space sent Christina into another orgasm. It was
massive as her mind and body both responded. Gasping and
calling out to Reggie as she went, “Oh Fuck yes Reggie
that’s it you have done it, you are cumming in my womb,
and I am cummmming tooo! Oh, yes, God yes I can feel the
sperm filling me and I love it. This is the best fuck of
my life, Reggie More more more, as she lifted her legs
higher and opened more she drove her hips harder into
Reggie as the waves of orgasm took total control of

“Yes, lord yes, yes yes yes, she continued to scream as
she felt each contraction of Reggie body and the
throbbing cock erupt over and over again, I have it I
have it she shouted. I fell your black baby deep in my
cunt, Reggie please cum more, fuck me deeper I love this
feeling,” she wailed.

Reggie drove his pulsing cock as hard and deep as he
could and let the last of his thick, sticky cum pump into
Christina’s convulsing body and then he collapsed on top
of her, totally spent.

Christina lay motionless, softly sobbing with the
muscular body pressing her into the cushions of the
stuffed chair. She was sobbing for the reasons that she
had betrayed her promise to herself, her vows to Michael
and also because she felt so completely fulfilled at this
moment. Never had she experienced such a feeling. Not
just from the powerful fucking she had just endured, but
the silent knowledge that she had just passed her genes
on to another generation, created a new life and
surrendered to the instinct of motherhood that each and
every woman knows deep in her soul. Her orgasm subsided
as her thoughts began to make sense again, and then as
suddenly as everything else that had happened this night
she felt the room start to spin.

She felt herself being hurled through the air, spun over
upside down, and opened her eyes as she saw the ceiling
turn to walls, the floor. She gasp in surprise as she saw
the deep black skin of Reggie’s muscular thighs appear
and her head swing between them. She felt she was moving
across the room and tried to orient herself as her mind
began to play out the possibilities. Had she been
discovered, was this her last moments on earth? Would she
be tortured, or have her life snuffed out quickly as she
swung helplessly.

Then as quickly as she had been swept up she found
herself now against the cool metal of the exercise
apparatus, as Reggie’s huge right arm held her tight
around her waist, she felt his left hand grasp her knees
and drape it over one of the bars used to hang from while
one does leg lefts. Then her other leg was grabbed and
pulled across the open space and draped over the opposite
bar and the grip on her waist loosen as her weight was
transferred to her knees.

She was now suspended, spread eagle between the bars,
hung upside down, her head suspended some three feet off
the ground looking up at the powerful legs of the body
guard as he stood a foot away, his semi erect cock
dangling before her, the huge testicles now beginning to
drop again away from the warm body heat Reggie had
generated placing her in this position. She had no idea
what to expect next, until Reggie spoke.

“There, bitch, he snarled. Let my black baby juice run
deep inside of your cunt, and fill your belly.”

As he spoke, her reached out began to massage Christina’s
clit sending a wave of shooting pleasure through her
still aroused body. She smiled as she thought of how
useless it was form him to take this action. She had felt
his ejaculating sperm fill her womb and knew that his
seed had already fertilized her waiting egg, but he
needed to fulfill his male instincts to breed as badly as
she had needed it moments ago. And although it was
slightly uncomfortable to hang from her knees, Christina
was herself quite athletic and Reggie’s manipulation of
her swollen clit, the erotic mindset of feeling the sperm
laden liquid seed flow deeper within her fertile womb,
was having the effect Reggie had planned, she was again
on the verge of orgasm.

As her body began to shudder, her flat stomach quivered
visibly and Christina moan out while waves of pleasure
she was sure she had never before experienced raced
upward to fill her brain with sensation after sensation
of pure bliss. Christina remembered vaguely reaching out
for the huge cock arched out from the black groin and
recalled her lips brushing over the pulsing head as her
orgasm took control of her mind and body.

When the waves of pleasure subsided, she found herself
sucking on the now swelling cock that had so recently
filled her cunt. The taste and scent of her combined
juices with Reggie’s man cum was a powerful aphrodisiac,
and she reached up to gently caress the dangling
testicles that had now begun to produce another full load
of sperm Reggie would soon release again with explosive
orgasm, She worked on his swelling cock as she tried to
get that moment upon her so she could experience the
sensation of his full ejaculation in her waiting mouth.
She had not always enjoyed bringing a man to orgasm in
her mouth, but Christina had never before been
impregnated either, and this was now the fullest sexual
experience of her young life and she wanted all it could

She had no way of knowing exactly what Reggie had planned
as she gently worked on his swollen cock and massage his
huge balls. Then just as she sensed him reaching a full
erection once more, she found herself being lifted from
the bars and the room spun around again as Reggie place
her in front of the huge stuffed chair and leaned her
forward forcing her to support herself from falling with
her arms against the arms of the chair. He kicked her
legs apart like she would do if frisking someone during
and arrest, but leaning much further forward making her
torso parallel with the floor, and stepped up between her
wide spread feet.

Christina smiled to herself as she thought about how
driven this magnificent black stallion was in his quest
to pass on his genetic message, and braced herself as she
felt him press the throbbing head of his rigid cock
against her wet cunt lips. He moved the pulsing head down
through her sex once then held it steady as he drove
forward sending maybe half of his b***d engorged cock
deep inside her waiting cunt. Like any good mare cut out
of the herd, she would stand for her mate and take his
seed deep within her in the rightful duty to reproduce
his perfect form, and like any good mare she would also
announce to whoever could hear, that she was being taken,
as she moaned out with the pleasure his powerful thrust
had brought her.

Arching her back and pushing back against his thrust,
Christina quivered at her impaling. Reggie groaned in his
own pleasure as her warm cunt surrounded his throbbing
cock and he pulled out to redouble his effort to bury his
cock completely inside his selected mate. With the force
of a stallion he seemed to imitate, Reggie drove forward
again sending most of his massive cock splitting into
Christina’s pulsing cunt. She again moaned in her
acceptance and pleasure as she bowed her head forward and
looked back at the sight of his huge testicle swinging
freely between her parted legs. The huge orbs looked as
though they belonged to her, as they swung at the base of
his completely embedded cock. They were framed for her
view by the dark muscular things of their true owner, and
her pale white thighs. They looked natural in there
location between her legs as her juices drained down over
them causing the black ebony orbs to sparkle in the dim
light of the television.

Reggie seemed to be breathing very irregular and
Christina knew he would not take another 19 minutes this
time to unload his sperm laden cum into her, and she
smiled with a satisfaction of knowing her skilled mouth
and her exquisite body were the primary cause this time.
She arched her back and drove back to meet Reggie’s
powerful thrusts as she felt him quickly swelling deep in
her own exploding cunt. With long powerful thrusts,
Reggie was now actually lifting her off the floor every
time he drove his throbbing cock to the limit. She felt
her cervix again being assaulted by the huge pulsing
cockhead and quivered with the excitement of his
impending ejaculation and her now raging orgasm. She
cried out as she came and reached back to hold his
throbbing testicles in her hand as she wanted to feel
what they did when he exploded inside of her.

She lowered her head and gazed at the two huge testicles
as they drew up tight against Reggie’s convulsing body
and felt him lunge forward, lifting her up to her tiptoes
and holding her suspended in air, and in orgasm as he
began to spurt his seed against her pounded cervix. She
heard his groan over her own cries of pleasure and felt
the explosion rock her trembling body. The testicles in
her hand seemed to spasm as she felt the warm flooding
spurt of his cum splash over her cervix and fill her
throbbing cunt. This was the sensation she had been
expecting earlier and she began to sob uncontrollable in
mid orgasm as Reggie thrust harder and harder to unload
his balls within the confines of her overheated sex.

By the time his third contraction sent another powerful
spurt of his cum deep inside of her, Christina felt the
familiar feeling of overflow. Her cunt was filled to
capacity or more with the huge throbbing cock and there
was no place for his liquid sperm to go. He had not
aligned as perfectly with the pin hole in her cervix this
time and his ejaculation shot out past his throbbing cock
and down her inner thighs.

She shuddered again with the sensation and moaned her
complete surrender, urging Reggie to fuck her deep and
cum more and more. He groaned back and finished his load,
collapsing on her arched back. Christina let the huge
testicles fall free of her hand as she made a note of how
they had felt while he emptied them inside of her, and
she braced to support her stallions weight as he fell
upon her.

With a suddenness that she should now expect, she felt
herself being lifted up and the room spun around again.
As she was whisked across the room, this time she knew
she was not about to die, and prepared herself as Reggie
held her tight, rotating her upside down again. Christina
prepared herself and reached out with her legs to grip
the bars of the exercise apparatus letting Reggie guided
her legs apart as he suspended her in mid air again. She
looked while a smile at his now limp cock as it dripped
his the thick white globs of his cum that were this time
left over the entire length of his shiny black cock.
Reggie was not so passive this time and she watched him
move close and rotate his hips forward urging her to take
his cock.

Christina understood the silent gesture and reached out
to guide the huge limp cock to her lips and she began the
slow and gentle task of sucking his cock clean. She
savored the musk as it filled her senses and she tasted
the combined juices left deposited upon his massive tool.

Then the silence of the room was broken as the sound of
clapping filled the air. “Bravo,” came the loud
interruption from Mr. G as he cheered them and shouted
that he had never been so entertained in his life. “I
shall remember this as long as I live,” he bellowed as he
left the room laughing to himself.

Several minutes had passed with Christina suspended on
the apparatus bars again. The room had fallen silent
except for the low sound from the lager screen
television. She was completely alone in the room with
Reggie at this point and had no idea what to expect next.
The b***d had rushed to her head and her legs long ago
became numb form holding her weight in this fashion. She
was too exhausted to have lifted herself upright and
dismounted the bars when Reggie deposited her here, and
too disoriented now. She could only reach down with her
outstretched arms and steady herself as her hands on the
bench seat below her.

Reggie had slumped down on the couch when Mr. G had left
and seemed to be mesmerized by the last rounds of the
fight. She was now beginning to worry about her fate
again when Reggie walked over, removed her from the bar
and deposited her in the chair. Christina glared up at
Reggie as she sat silently in a state of dizzy disarray.
The b***d had rushed from her throbbing head and she
could hardly keep from passing out. When she began to
recover, Reggie seemed interested in some type of
conversation, as he looked paused and ready to speak.

Again fearful for her life Christina cleared her head and
began to assume the role of mob prostitute in case Reggie
needed to be reassured that she was what and who she was
supposed to be. Reggie began, with a simple apology for
being so rough on her, but then began to lecture her on
her racist attitudes.

Christina stopped him, mid-sentence and began to boldly
chastise her muscle bound tormenter. “Listen she began as
her voice raised in true anger, both as her undercover,
and real personality. I am not racist, there is not one
single bone in my body that is racist! I told you before
you started, that I did not want to get pregnant, not
that it matters now,” she snapped.

“Well the way you talked,” Reggie protested.

“The way I talked? Christina glared back at him. The way
I talked was the way any woman, mid-cycle, on her day of
ovulation would talk. In my business, I know my body and
what is happening, and I told you I needed you to use
protection. I would gladly have taken your huge black
cock with a condom she shouted at him. But no, you and
Mr. Big there had to get all macho and insist that you
fuck me into motherhood just for laughs. Now who is going
to take care of the baby you just planted in me, huh big

“I don’t know, Reggie smiled down at her, but it was very
exciting to think I was actually knocking you up…. I
have never done that before.”

“Exciting is not the word I would use for what you have
done, but I do agree it was very erotic and the finest
fuck I have ever had.”

Just the way Christina spoke, and the tone of her voice,
as she tried to reconfirm her undercover roll despite her
crumbling insides, excited Reggie as he stood looking
down at her. Christina was all but in tears from both
feelings of great sorrow for what had happened, and the
unbridled fulfillment overwhelming her as she watched the
magnificent body that had just combined with hers in the
age old and unstoppable march to continue the selection
process for the perfect human form. Her insides were like
jelly as she sat there, an adulterous slut and at the
same time on fire with the lustful feeling of creating a
new life. She looked up at Reggie, his throbbing manhood
growing in length and girth as all the now spoken
thoughts stirred him again. Christina felt the stirrings
deep within her own tortured body.

Slowly, Christina lifted her legs to rest on the arms of
the chair, just as Reggie had f****d upon her earlier,
this time she showed no hesitation, only a growing lust
as she now prepared to take that glorious man tool inside
her again. “Let’s make sure we didn’t miss,” she
whispered to Reggie, as she offered herself.

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