Contract For Sex

My story is a warning to all those arrogant men who
believe they are all their wives could want, and who are
complacent about their spouse’s fidelity.

My wife Alex and I had been married for five years, and
were both 26. Alex is a 5’4″ redhead, not the prettiest
girl in the world but very attractive sexually. She had
put on some weight since our marriage, but her fuller
figure only served to turn even more heads. She had
wanted to have c******n fairly soon, but I had insisted
that we become secure financially before starting a

This entailed my striving to become a partner in the law
firm I worked for. For the last few years, I had been
putting in all the hours god sends to impress my bosses
and further my career. It all came to a head some months
ago, when Alex informed me that she was unhappy at all
the time I was spending away from her, and more
particularly about the lack of sex in our relationship.

“It really is not good enough,” she complained. “We have
sex once, maybe twice a month and even then it only
lasts a couple of minutes. On top of that, you’re not
the most well endowed man I have met, and I’m just not
getting the satisfaction I need.”

“Well,” I replied angrily. “If you don’t like it,
perhaps you should find yourself a boyfriend. That is,
if you can get another man to look at you!”
Alex said nothing, just looked hurt and walked away. I
tried to apologize, saying I did not mean what I said
but I could not console her.

Over the next week or so, I was very busy bringing work
home every night. I hardly noticed Alex going out every
evening, I assumed she was either going to visit my
sister, or her mother and younger sister. I did notice
that her mood was improving though, and she had stopped
complaining about my working and neglecting her. One
Sunday night in bed, I commented on this to her.

“You have not been giving me such a hard time lately,
have you?” I remarked.

“I am getting so much cock at the moment, I haven’t had
time to think about your inadequacy,” she replied

“Yes of course dear,” I laughed, not believing a word of

Next day my boss told me I had to go out of town on
Friday, being away for a week. I did not relish the
thought of telling Alex, as she always hated it when I
went away. Surprisingly this time she did not seem at
all bothered.

“Don’t worry about me,” she said. “I will be well looked
after while you are away.” I smiled at her little

I left early on Friday morning, with Alex telling me not
to hurry back on her account. I was a little miffed when
she turned her head away when I went to give her a big
kiss, so that I only caught her cheek. I put it down to
the fact that she was really not happy about me leaving.

The business out of town went very well, and I was able
to get away earlier than I thought on the following
Friday afternoon. I sped home to get back to Alex,
knowing that she would throw her arms round me as she
always did after we had been apart. As I entered the
house, I could hear quite loud noises coming from
upstairs. It was my usually very quiet wife.

“Oh god, how do you make me cry every time?” she was
sobbing. “I wish I had met you years ago, I have never
been fucked so well or so often!”

I could not believe what I was hearing. I dashed
upstairs and burst into the bedroom. The sight that
greeted me is now etched on my mind. My naked wife on
her back, with a huge black man on top of her. My wife’s
legs were wrapped around his lower back, as he pounded
into her willing pussy. For her part, she was pushing up
to meet his thrusts, and loudly vocalizing the pleasure
he was giving her.

I rushed forward, and grabbed the man’s shoulder trying
to pull him off. He lashed out with his right arm,
knocking me backwards into the wardrobe. He then jumped
off the bed, grabbed me by my tie and punched me hard in
the stomach, knocking al the wind out of me. If he had
not been holding me up, I would have fallen to the

“Never mind about him,” yelled my wife. “I need you back
here Tony, to finish me off!”

“Just put on a dress Alex, nothing else,” the black man
growled. “We will go back to my place. You smell her
when she gets back, Whitey; she will smell of me. Her
tits will be covered in love bites, and her pussy will
be full of my cum. You will be in no doubt then that she
is my woman now!”

By this time, my wife had pulled on a short summer
dress, and was standing by her lover’s side.

“Hit him again for me darling,” she asked him.

Tony obliged by punching me even harder in the stomach.
This time he allowed me to drop to the floor, and I lay
on my side clasping my guts and fighting for air.

“I always wanted to see the arrogance knocked out of the
little shit,” she laughed, as she looked down at me in
my humiliating position. “Let’s go and finish this off.”

I felt her bare foot on the side of my head, and she
trod her full weight on to me as they left the bedroom.

My mind was in turmoil for the rest of the day. I just
could not believe that my wife would ever do something
like this to me. Her coldness and cruelty in the bedroom
had come as a complete shock. It was after midnight when
she returned, and I was already in bed.

Alex entered the bedroom and turned on the light. She
had a smug, self-satisfied look on her face as she
slipped off her dress. I could see that, as promised,
Tony had covered her ample tits with love bites, and
they were also all round her neck. She walked over to
the side of the bed, and parted her pussy lips. Her raw
cunt showed traces of the cum Tony had f****d into her.

“I am so glad you interrupted us,” she began. “He took
me back to his place, and fucked me like never before. I
can’t remember coming so strongly or so often as I have
this evening. I think knowing you were back here, aware
of what we were doing turned us on even more.”

She slipped into bed naked beside me. In spite of the
shock of what she had done, I was highly aroused, and
wanted to fuck her more than I had for a long time. I
turned to her, and tried to take her in my arms.

“You must be joking,” she snapped, pushing me away.
“After what Tony has done to me tonight, I don’t want
you near me. In fact, now that I have got him, I don’t
want your cock at all. I also know that Tony doesn’t
want you fucking me again either.”

“But I am your husband!” I exclaimed. “You can’t deny me
sex completely.”

“I suppose not,” she replied, having thought for a
moment. “I will speak to Tony, and see if we can work
something out.”

A couple of days later, Alex informed me that I was to
accompany her to the small private drinking club that
Tony owned, to sort out the business of sex between us.
I agreed, and we arrived at the club at about seven in
the evening.

As we entered the bar, a tall good lucking black man I
had never met approached my wife. He gave her a long,
open-mouthed kiss, and freely groped her ass in front of

“When am I going to get to fuck you baby?” he said,
after breaking off.

“Maybe one day Tony will let you,” my wife smiled.
“Listen, I am busy tonight, but if you come in tomorrow,
I will give you a nice blowjob OK?”

“You’re on!” said the black man with a huge grin.

“What is going on?” I enquired of Alex, feeling
embarrassed and humiliated.

“Your wife has become a slut for black cock,” she
replied simply. “I love it, and will be getting as much
as I can from now on.”

We sat down and ordered a drink, and shortly after Tony
joined us. Getting straight down to business, he
explained that he and Alex had discussed my sex life,
and come up with an agreement we could both sign so that
I at least got to have some sex with my own wife. He
handed me a sheet of paper. It read:

Alex agrees to:-

Allow her husband Michael to have sex with her once a
month. He must wear a condom, and will not be allowed at
any time to kiss his wife on the mouth or on the face.
Kissing of any other part of his wife’s body will be at
her specific request. Oral stimulation will be given by
Michael, but not by Alex.
In return, Michael agrees that:_

1. Tony is his wife’s main sexual partner, and the man
she most wants to have sex with. Also she may take any
other lovers she desires without argument from Michael.

2. Michael will wear a chastity device at all times when
not engaged in sex with his wife. This is to ensure his
fidelity, and to avoid distraction from his work

3. Michael will immediately clean his wife’s pussy of
her lover’s cum every time she has been fucked, to show
his acceptance of his wife’s sexual freedom, and to
emphasize his inadequacy in the bedroom.

4. Michael will spend one evening a week at Tony’s club,
serving drinks and seeing to any needs the members may

Failure to comply with any of the above terms will
invoke the forfeit that has been decided by his wife.

I read the paper, and asked Alex if this was a joke. She
replied that signing the paper was the only way I would
ever be allowed sex with her. I asked what the forfeit
was, and she told me that I would only find that out if
I welched on the agreement.

“Suppose I refuse to sign?” I said defiantly.

“Well then the gentlemen here will assist me in fitting
a chastity device on you which will never be removed,
and you will be f****d to live completely celibate,” she
advised me.

Reluctantly, I signed the form as my wife and Tony
looked on with amused expressions on their faces. That
done, two large men took my arms, as my wife undid my
trousers and pulled them and my underpants to the floor.
Swiftly and efficiently, she fitted the cock cage on me,
and locked it. Standing up, she cupped my testicles
gently in her hand.

“I really have got you by the balls now, haven’t I?” she
grinned. “I will be out gorging on all those beautiful
black cocks, while you are at home unable to even get an
erection. I want you to go home now, and wait for me. I
will bring you your first helping of cum after I have
had some fun here.”

I waited at home, still not believing what I had got
myself into. Eventually, just after midnight Alex
returned home and came straight into the bedroom.
Stripping off her clothes, she motioned me out of bed.

“I want you on your knees for the cunt lapping,” she
said. “As you have signed me over to another man, I
think it should be as humiliating as possible for you.”

I dropped to my knees, and started lapping at my wife’s
sodden pussy, as she laughed and taunted me about her
infidelity, and pointed out that a real man would never
be seen eating another man’s cum from his wife’s pussy
without a murmur of protest.

I had hardly got over the humiliation of that episode,
when I was told to report to Tony’s club the next
evening to work for him. Tony explained that the small
membership was mainly made up of black men and women,
but there were a few white women also.

“The white women are like your wife,” Tony explained.
“They have inadequate, small-dicked wimp husbands at
home, so they come here to get good sex with well
endowed black men. You will be required to serve their
needs also.”

Things went fine for a while, I just served drinks, and
was not asked for anything else. Then Alex arrived,
together with her 18-year-old sister Jane. Both were
heavily made up, and wearing very scanty dresses. Jane
had never liked me since I tried hitting on her at a
drunken family party. She is taller than my wife, also
red headed, with a figure that makes men drool. As they
came in, she looked at me contemptuously.

“Two scotches boy,” she rapped. “And be quick about it!”
The two women laughed as I scurried off.

When I returned my wife and Jane had been joined by two
young black guys and were flirting outrageously. After a
little while, my wife’s slut sister grabbed her
companions hand and led him to one of the rooms at the
back specially set aside for sexual liaisons. Her seat
was taken by a stunning black girl who had just come out
of one of the rooms.

“I need cleaning boy,” the girl shouted at me, as she
lifted her skirt and sat down with her legs splayed.

I knelt before her, and could see that she had been
freshly fucked. I moved my head between her smooth ebony
thighs, and began to lick her clean. She was very sexy,
and if I had been able to obtain some relief the
activity would have been quite pleasant. All the time I
was licking, my wife was making remarks, telling the
girl that this was all I was really good for.

I finally finished with her, just as Jane returned from
her encounter. She announced that she also needed
cleaning, then instead of sitting down knelt on the
bench. Lifting her skirt and spreading her ass cheeks,
she instructed me to clean the cum out of her. My wife
laughed hysterically at the sight of my face wedged
between the cheeks of her teenage sister’s ass.

After being f****d to lick her for fifteen minutes, I
finally lifted my red, sweaty face from her ass. As I
did so, I could see that my wife had released the
impressive 10-inch cock of the man she was sitting with,
and was stroking it gently.

“How would you like my wimp husband to suck you off?”
she asked the man.
“Fine with me,” he laughed. “It’s good to see a white
boy on his knees!”

Feeling totally embarrassed in front of my wife and her
sister, I took a cock into my mouth for the first time.
As I began to suck, I could hear the derisive laughter
of my wife and her sister, plus a few of the other

“The faggot looks as though he was born to suck cock,”
my sister in law observed.

“He certainly wasn’t born to fuck,” countered my wife.
“Not with his tiny dick and lack of staying power!” They
both laughed at me again.

With a groan, the man finally shot his load down my
throat after about twenty minutes of sucking. Everyone
who had been watching applauded enthusiastically.

After that, Tony agreed that I could go home early, as
it was my first night.

Alex followed me home a couple of hours later. While I
was on my knees doing my cleaning duty, she lost no time
telling me how pathetic I looked on my knees sucking
pussies and cocks in front of everyone. I decided I
could take no more of that kind of humiliation, and
advised Alex that I would not do it again.

“Think very carefully,” she said seriously. “Are you
telling me definitely that you are going back on the

“Yes,” I replied emphatically.

“Fine,” she went on. “The cage you are wearing will now
stay on permanently, and you will invoke the forfeit.”

“I’ve changed my mind,” I said quickly. “I don’t want to
wear the cage permanently.”

“Too late,” she grinned cruelly. “You will find out
about the forfeit on Friday night.”

I was on tenterhooks until Friday finally came. I was in
the kitchen, when Alex came down in only her shortest
transparent black nightdress. She looked incredible, and
ready for sex. Ten minutes later, Tony arrived. He came
straight over to me, armed with a pair of handcuffs.
Clicking one on my wrist, and the other to the leg of
the big kitchen table he turned to Alex.

“Are you ready?” he asked her.

“Oh yes,” she replied, throwing her arms round his neck.
“I’ve removed my diaphragm, and I’m ovulating as we
speak. Take me upstairs and put a baby in my belly!”

“No, please!” I cried out. “Not that!”

“Oh yes, smiled Alex. “You have forfeited the right to
father my c******n, and a real man is going to do the
job for you!”

They both laughed as Alex led Tony to our bedroom,
determined to conceive a black baby.

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