Nerd fantasies – Computer Installation Person

I bought a new computer. I knew nothing about computers,
and I had to have someone come to the house and install
it for me. OK, I admit it, I’m kind of dumb when it
comes to shit like that, OK?

After I got home with it, the store called and said that
they were sending someone over to install the thing and
set it up for me. She would show me how to use it,
staying for a total of about three hours to show me how
to use all the thingies attached.

She arrived within an hour. She had gotten the call, and
came right over. I was surprised to see her there so

She was kind of pretty, though very slender, with not
much of a set of tits to speak of. Tall, with an angular
face, she dressed to k**l, showing all her minimal
feminine qualities. Her skirt was very short, and as she
bent over to plug in all the wires connecting the
computer to the wall, I was amazed to see her ass cheeks
covered by panty hose. My cock suddenly responded to the
site, and I was getting a major hard on, right there.

She straightened, and looked right at my crotch. She
smiled, and went back to work. She played with wires,
crawling around on the floor, looking at this, looking
at that. Smiling, she came up with an unattached phone

“Hand me that,” she said. She was sitting on the floor,
right in front of my crotch. She pointed to a wall jack

“And, you need a surge suppressor. I think you got one
when you bought the computer.”

I handed her the wire, and then the surge suppressor, as
she stared at my crotch. Such close proximity caused my
cock to jerk and grow even more.

She replaced the fuse, and still, sat there between my

“What’s that?” she asked. “The old proverbial pickle in
your pocket, or are you glad to see me?”

“Glad to see you, sorry,” I said. “I didn’t know it was
noticeable.” What the hell else could I say?

“Well, let’s check that out,” she said, reaching for my

Within seconds, she had my cock in her hand, tugging at
my pants with the other. I lifted my ass off the chair
so she could pull my pants and shorts all the way down.
She leaned forward, and her forehead pressed against my
cock as she flicked her tongue on my balls. With both
hands, she massaged my balls as she licked them, and
then, slowly, licked up my shaft all the way to the head
of my cock.

She began mouthing my dick in earnest, flicking her
tongue around and around the head of my dick as her head
moved up and down faster and faster, while she still
massaged my balls with both hands. I’d never experienced
anything like that, ever.

I pulled at her, pulled her up and away from my cock. I
was going to cum soon, but first, I wanted to taste and
admire her wares.

As she stood in front of me, I moved my hands up her
thighs. Lifting her skirt, I stared right into her

She had a very hairy muff visible through the sheer
panty hose. I tugged at them, pulling them down. Leaning
forward, I flicked my tongue at her pussy, licking the
hairy lips.

Soon, we forgot the computer, and we lay on the floor,
her crotch in my face, with her above me, and my cock in
her mouth. She massaged my balls as she sucked on me.

She ground her pussy into my face, and moaned as she
came, flooding my face with hot, wet pussy juices. She
sucked harder as she came, and I came, my cock jerking
load after hot load of cum into the back of her throat.
She began swallowing, and she swallowed it all, not
losing one drop.

She sucked my cock again before she left. I’d never seen
such an avid cock sucker in my life. She made an
appointment to visit me again, just to suck my cock. I
couldn’t believe it.

Sure am glad I didn’t know shit about computers.

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