Cousin’s can be good lovers ,friends could be better

After Margo had sex with Brad all she could talk about was how much fun it was.I myself had a great time and memories I will never forget. It wasn’t just watching them together but also seeing her passed out with her pussy oozing his cum.

Margo would cuddle with me every night after that giving me details on what they did ,and how his cock fit nicely inside her.She would ask me what I thought about watching them . When I told her i enjoyed it she asked could have him over again.

She didn’t seem to interested that I had sex with her sister Susie only hoped that I could get her pregnant. She didn’t ask me what we did or if Susie enjoyed it ,only said I could do it again and again if I wanted.

Now if you have read my other stories about our (out of town visitors )you will know that sharing partners is a new experience for us.We have had a faithful marriage going on 20 years and in only a month or so started having sex with others.

Andy and Kay were our first couple which really opened Margo’s mind on what she has been missing. Andy’s cock, though small was the only cock besides mine that she has had . It was the first real blow job she has given and then got a mouthful of cum. Even though I had tried many times throughout the years for her to give me one she wouldn’t. I didn’t push her, but Andy gave her no choice, just held her head on his cock and came.

She found out that it was fun and she didn’t mind sucking cock at all.He even ate her out which was also something she wouldn’t let me do .For the last month sex with her had taken a turn for the better. She has had two new cocks and even had anal sex ,but with Andy only for now, his is much smaller .

I have been satisfied with Margo and never thought about having sex with any one else but her. She however thinks now that I should and even hooked me up with Kay,(Andy’s wife) .I would do it again but it wasn’t that much fun. Her pussy was used to Andy’s small cock and she was way too tight for mine.

Susie on the other hand is looking forward to seeing him again, many times if I allow her too. I grew up with Margo, Susie and Brad , who were her cousins ,which made it a comfortable experience. I also knew and had played with them a lot during their visits. I was young and even thought about Margo and Susie and jerked off thinking about them naked.

It wasn’t until just recently that we found out Margo’s dad had an affair and Susie was the result of that. That explains why they look and feel so much alike,and also why I would do her again, and hope soon.

This next story has changed direction and Margo now is looking at having 3 men at once.She is turning into a real cock whore and I am enjoying it . I had watched how she had anal sex with our neighbor. I saw the loads of cum dripping down along her pussy and it really turned me on. Getting sloppy seconds and having her suck my cock 4 to 5 days the next week ,is why I am up for it again.

On the way home from work Margo told me that Kay(Andy’s ) wife called her to tell her that she had a date tonight. The couple she was going to see asked her to come alone. Apparently the wife cared not to have Andy’s small cock again.

She asked for us to invite him over so he wouldn’t know she was cheating.Margo agreed because she liked his small cock in her ass. I liked him to fuck her because he cums twice to my once ,and sloppy seconds pussy feels good.

When we got home she saw him working in his garage and asked him to come over later. He told her that he had his friend Chuck coming over,and asked if he could join us too.It was sure luck and not knowing anything about him she said yes. We later found out he was ,just 25,single and had a decent sized cock.

The time was set and for the next two hours Margo was in an excited state of mind .She danced around while getting ready like a k*d waiting for a prize .The prize to her was not only a new cock ,but knowing she would have three cocks for her to play with. It also made me excited just seeing her happier than she has been in the last ten years.

We had a Pizza delivered where Margo lifted her shirt and flashed him.She then then told him”if I didn’t have my hubby here I would tip you with a blow job”.I damn near spit out my drink when I saw the reaction of the young man before he left.

“You’re such a tease “I said “you might be surprised if he delivers you more than a Pizza next time”.

Well he is cute”she said just as Andy walked in ,”he said “thank you” and gave her a kiss before sitting down at the table.

Margo got him a beer ,running her hands through his hair “well you are cute” she said . She sat down beside him “I am glad you could come over tonight” said ,then asked about Chuck.

Andy told us everything he knew about Chuck,what he looks like,he was single and has joined him and Kay before. When he told us where he lived I was thankful it was miles away from here. Margo couldn’t have the chance to have him over every week if she liked him.

After chatting for a while I saw Margo getting more antsy, she was ready to get things going. She had got up getting some more beers and happened to see his van out the window.”Nice ride” she said “my dad used to have one like that,is the inside all done up, ”.

When he said yes Margo’s smile became bigger “I bet you have gotten a lot of girls with that,will you show me”. When we all walked out it was just starting to get dark. Chuck opened the side door and turned the inside lights on.

Margo seemed excited and climbed it ,when she did I caught a glimpse of her bare ass. She had no panties on under her short dress and then she turned and sat down facing us.”Come on boys”she said reaching out her arms “I am ready and waiting in this nice shag en wagon. Whip them out, let’s get this night rocking, smiling as we all started unzipping our pants.

She then pulled her shirt off and grabbed Chuck’s and my cock “I got three nice cocks here and they’re all mine tonight” .She moved her head from one to the other as if she didn’t know which one she wanted first.

When I got the chance I moved up inside the van telling Chuck “she gives good blow jobs.She likes to have a lot cum so I hope you’re prepared. I then as my cock began to grow started rubbing it through her hair and on her neck.

Margo rubbed her pussy and said “okay boy’s I am ready to fuck ” she then got out“ telling Andy to sit beside me. She was still holding Chuck’s cock then turned around .She then bent over and said “fuck me hard and don’t hold back. Both of these guys like seconds and thirds “,then reached forward and grabbed my cock.

Before she started sucking on me she looked up with a big smile “I have two big cocks for both ends”,then giggled “. She then took Andy’s cock and said “and one just right to fuck my ass”. She then took a deep breath when Chuck started pushing his cock inside her “This is going to be a good night”, she said before starting to suck me.

“Wow” Chuck said as he began sliding in and out of her “you sure have a hot wife”.He then grabbed her hips and picked up the pace.

The sounds of grunts and groans filled the van and Margo even laughed when she went from one cock to the other. “I can’t believe I have three cocks all to myself” she said “I love it” over and over. I

Seeing Margo go from my cock to Andy’s and Chuck fucking her hard turns me on.She has changed so much in the last few months it is amazing. How quickly she went from just a ho hum get it over with wife to a give me more whore. I don’t know how far she will go but I am along for the ride.

I was glad that Chuck was like me where he could last ,he could hold a steady rhythm and cum when wanted.Watching her reactions as she gets closer to an orgasm certainly helps us all to be ready. Hearing her moan loudly as she gets close, tells us she is ready to cum and to time it with hers.

She was sucking my cock when Andy started cumming unexpectedly spewing his sperm on the side of her face. I was next when I saw how quickly she tried to catch his cum. I then pasted my load onto her other cheek.It was good timing and Chuck pulled his cock out and began unloading over her ass. She was a mess ,from our cum splattering everywhere on her body,but what I liked was how she reacted .

“Good timing”she said standing up wiping the cum off her face and from her mouth.”Hmm” she said after licking her fingers then our cocks. After taking some from Andy’s cock and mine she turned to Chuck and began sucking him. When finished with him she stood up leaning back in my arms “thank you” she said.

It felt weird with Chuck’s cum on me but knowing it was just the beginning , I gave her cheek a kiss. “ Thank you for doing this “ I said “I will get some beers and we can continue “. I whispered before I walked away “tell them to cum inside you next”.

When I returned I wasn’t expecting her to be sitting in Andy’s lap but she was. Chuck was standing beside her stroking his cock while fingering her.It didn’t take Margo long to get Andy’s cock in her ass, where she wanted it. I set the beers down on the table and sat in the chair across from her. I have come to enjoy seeing my wife taking other men’s cock’s.

“Keeping her warm for us” I said to Andy as I opened the beers for all .I told Chuck he should slide his cock into her pussy to keep that warm as well.

“Na” he said, taking his beer “I think you need to be doing that , it is your wife”.

I helped Margo lift her legs up ,spreading them wide on the chair arms , seeing Andy’s cock deep in her ass was an awesome sight.Having his cock inside her made her pussy even tighter but with the help of her juices I pushed in much easier.

I knew Andy’s ability to last was short so I didn’t move around much and told Chuck to let her suck him. Since Margo had her mouth wide open from having two cocks he easily stuck his cock in her mouth.

“This is what she has wanted, guys ” I said “let’s make sure she enjoy’s this . I started playing with her small breasts with Chuck running his hand through her hair while holding her head still . I hadn’t really looked at Chuck’s cock but seeing it from this point of view he was a bit longer. The way she was foaming at the mouth also showed me he was thicker too.

Well as was Andy didn’t last long and his cock was pushed out by the pressure , but he held her tight against him. It was kinda weird feeling her get loose so quickly and feeling his soft cock rubbing against my balls while I continued. He was whispering to her how hot she is and how he wished his wife would have three cocks too.

Chuck would pull his cock out of her mouth from time to time letting her take a breath. He would slap it around softly on her cheeks while she tried to get it back in. Her cheeks were getting red like the color of her hair ,not from the pain but the enjoyment she was getting.

But finally Andy couldn’t handle it and asked to get out from under her, leaving me to sit down with her on my lap.I thought about sliding my cock into her cum filled ass but instead back inside her pussy.Now with my face near her ear I began urging her to make him cum. I could see the indent of his cock sliding inside against her cheeks,.From this position I could not only feel Andy’s cum seeping out of her ass ,but her juices as well.

Feeling my heart beating faster I knew it wasn’t going to be long and i was going to cum. “Suck his cock” I was whispering to her “make him cum in your mouth. That is baby it won’t be long for me and he isn’t going to last much longer . I know you want his warm cum so keep sucking”.

It didn’t take much coaxing for her to start sucking harder and tugging on his balls. As she picked up the pace, so did Chuck and I . “Get ready baby I am going to cum soon and Chuck will also so suck him”’ I said “suck him like the cock whore that you are. Swallow his cock let him cum down your throat , then after you can lick us clean”.

When Chuck said he was cumming I was myself was too, this sent Margo over the top . I felt her legs trembling and her pussy tingling ,gagging from Chuck’s cock deep in her mouth. When he finally pulled away Margo just laid back leaning against me catching her breath .She turned her head to the side and said “wow that was a big O” then smiled at Chuck. “ I thank all of you guys for making this the best O I have had in years”.

Even though my cock was pushed out of her she stayed sitting on my lap .While drinking her beer and she continued to say how great it was.“Three hours,six loads of warm sperm,what more could a girl ask for”she said .When the guys said they were leaving,she didn’t try to kiss them.She just held her hand out to say goodbye.She said to me as they left that she didn’t know if she could stand.

I picked her up in my arms and carried her into the house and to the bathroom . I sat her down and turned the bathtub on and helped her into it. She was quite surprised when I kissed her and said “I love you”.

I sat in the tub to get cleaned off myself then held her against me for a while then went to bed. About an hour later she joined me again, still talking about the cocks she just had.”Do you really think I am a cock whore” she asked.

I kissed her “only when you are playing with them,but no you are not ,if anything thing I am a cuckold”.

“Well a cuckold would be eating me when I was getting fucked” she said with a giggle and a kiss.

“Maybe next time” I said then emphasized “maybe”,and with that we drifted off to sleep