Crowded Club

The show was sold out and the club was packed to
the rafters. At least 800 people were stuffed into a
room that could barely hold 600. There was no room to
move at all.

I was standing next to a woman I’d never met. I
couldn’t see her face at all, but her body was hot.
She was wearing a black mini-dress that barely covered
her tight shapely ass.

When she turned a certain way I could see her
breasts, and they were magnificent. Big, firm, round,
with a nice hard nipple poking through her top. If I
looked straight down I could see her bare legs. They
were long and smooth and creamy.

The word that comes to mind is sleek. Her red hair
was long and wavy, hanging to the middle of her back.

While we were waiting for the show to start I
talked with my friends and she talked with hers. I
still kept looking at her though. I still hadn’t seen
her face but her body had me captivated.

Finally the band came out, and from the first note
they were smoking. Right off the bat my sexy red head
neighbor started dancing. Or at least trying to. Every
time she swung her hips, she brushed her ass against
the back of my hand.

I expected her to shift around to avoid brushing me
with her ass, but she didn’t. I was a bit nervous,
being the gentleman that I am I didn’t want her to
think that I was feeling her up so I just kept my hand
at my side. This doesn’t mean that I wasn’t enjoying
her dance.

After two songs she was still rubbing against me.
I decided to be bold. I turned my hand around so that
she was brushing my palm. After a minute or so I
started cupping her ass as she swung by. A couple of
minutes later she was still at it. What the hell I

The next time she swung by instead of just cupping
her ass I grabbed it and held on. Imagine my surprise
when she didn’t turn around and slug me. She just kept
on grooving. I gave her cheeks a good hard squeeze,
and for the first time she acknowledged my presence by
pushing her perfect little ass against my hand. Now we
were really getting somewhere!

I shifted my position so that I could grab her with
both hands. She just kept on rocking. I lifted up the
back of her dress and slid one hand underneath. Wonder
of wonders, no panties. When I touched her bare cheek
for the first time she responded by bending over a lit-
tle and pushing her ass into my crotch.

My cock had been aching for attention, and when
she touched it, and it felt so good I thought I was
going to cum in my jeans. This woman had me so turned
on that I had to thank her by getting her off.

I slid my hand along her crack. Slowly moving
lower and lower until my hand was between her legs.
Her pussy was covered with stubble. It seemed that
she had forgotten to shave that day. I rubbed my
finger over her lips, not wanting to penetrate her
yet, just teasing her. The music was so loud that
I couldn’t hear myself think, but I’m sure that I
heard her moan.

When I touched her clit she gave up pretending to
dance, and started grinding on my hand. She was so
wet that I was slipping and sliding all over her.

I decided that now was the time, and I pushed my
index finger into her cunt. Her whole body shivered
in ecstasy. I slid a second finger into her and she
reached back and grabbed my arm to keep herself from
falling down.

I finger fucked her as hard as I could, without
knocking her over. Her hips were thrusting down to
meet my hand as I worked it in and out of her. She
swung her head around in delight.

With an impressive amount of skill, she reached
back and undid my zipper. She reached in and grabbed
my swollen, attention starved cock and started jerking
me off. Now we were both writhing in ecstasy.

We only lasted for a few minutes more. I felt her
hot pussy squeeze my fingers, and she stopped humping
them. She leaned back, pressing her whole body against
mine, and squeezed my cock with her hand as she came.
That’s all it took for me. I pulled up her dress and
shot my cum all over her ass. It seamed like the pro-
per thing to do.

For the rest of the show we just stood together, me
gently caressing her outer lips, and her softly strok-
ing my spent cock. When the show ended I leaned over
and, pulling her hair aside, kissed the back of her
neck. I still hadn’t seen much of her face.

She said, without turning around, just loud enough
for me to hear, “thank you for the wonderful evening.”
Then she moved into the crowd and disappeared in the
crush of people.