Cult at the Door

Years ago my wife and I bought some land in the country
with the plan to build a house. We lived in a tiny eight
foot by twenty-nine foot trailer. I had gotten a job at
a local manufacturing plant with shifts going twenty-
four hours a day.

In the summer when I got home from graveyard shift, my
wife would take the kids and go to a friend’s house in
the nearby town while I slept since there was no way the
kids could stay quiet enough.

I would get home around 8:30 a.m., have a little
breakfast with the family and then tell them good-bye
when they went to town. I would strip and lay down on
the mat on the floor where my wife and I slept. I always
slept naked

I was sound asleep one Wednesday when someone started
knocking on my door. It was just after eleven A.M. I am
grouchy when I am awakened early and yelled out, “Who is

The knocking stopped and then a quiet female voice said,
“Jehovah’s Witness.”

I thought about that a moment, then stood up and said I
had been sleeping. The woman politely said she was
sorry, but she wanted to know if I had heard the word of
the Lord.

I thought about that for a moment, stood up and opened
the door. Back then I had long hair and a beard. When
the door swung open I saw a woman I knew from town. She
was dressed sedately in a dress with a hat to protect
her face from the sun.

Her husband, who had long been in a wheelchair, worked
with my wife at the local hardware store. I think she
was surprised that I opened the door since I had said I
had been sleeping. She was certainly surprised when she
saw me standing there naked.

Without trying to cover myself, I said, “Well hello
Julie. Maureen isn’t home right now, so I guess you’ve
got me.”

Julie opened and closed her mouth several times but
didn’t say anything. She was clutching The Watchtower
and one of their other publications to her breast. Her
breathing was elevated as she looked at my face mostly.
The situation had made my cock start to get hard. She
kept checking on the latest condition it seemed as her
eyes moved up and down at my body.

Finally I said, “Well you might as well come in Julie. I
can make some tea or something if you wish.” She
vacillated a bit then took the offer of my hand as I
helped her step up into the tiny trailer. She took the
offered chair without a word.

I took the religious publications from where she
clutched them, my finger grazing her breasts as I took
them. She made a tiny squeak when I did that. I put the
papers on the counter, turned to face her standing
directly in front of her only three feet from her.

I grinned at her. She was staring directly at my cock
which was pointing at her face and moving to the beat of
my heart. “You have something you want to tell me

Broken from her revery, she moved her eyes up to my face
and said, “Yes… I… well… Yes I do.”

I leaned against the counter, looking down at her pretty
face and said, “I’m ready.”

She looked down at my cock again, her face so red and
whispered, “Yes.” I moved a little closer to her, my
cock now just inches from her face. “Tell me then Julie.
What is it you want to say to me?”

She appeared to be whispering then, but no sound was
coming from her lips. I moved my hand forward, placed it
under her chin and tilted her face to look up at my face

“How long has it been Julie?”

She blinked and whispered, “What? What?” She tried very
hard to look at my face, but her eyes wanted to look
down at my cock.

I didn’t release her chin and said again, “Has it been
years? Have you tried to tell yourself you didn’t need
that anymore? That it was over for you? Live for the
MOMENT Julie. My cock is hard because you are here. Is
your cunt wet?”

She was bright red now, tears in her eyes and she spoke:
“I haven’t had a… a… cock inside of me in almost
twenty years, but…”

I traced her lips lightly with my thumb and whispered,
“Your cunt is very wet Julie. Isn’t it?”

She closed her eyes and after a moment nodded her head
twice. “Look at my cock Julie.” She opened her eyes. I
turned so I was standing sideways to her now. She looked
at it from the side, seeing its length. Seeing my balls
and probably thinking how much cum there was in there
for her.

She was probably thinking how wonderful it would be to
have that feeling once again. To feel the pressure of a
man’s hardness as it moved between the split below, to
feel it open her up inside, to feel her juices flow as
they haven’t for so so long. I don’t know that was what
she was thinking, but she seemed like a sparrow in a
storm. Fragile and in need of something that she
couldn’t quite remember.

“Stand up Julie,” I commanded.

She did so and gasped as her hand ‘accidentally’ brushed
against the tip of my cock. I saw the pre-cum shining in
the room light as she looked down at the place my cock
had touched her and left the wet trace.

“It’s your choice Julie. Stay here and I’ll fuck you.
Leave here and leave your papers here and go to the next
house down the road.”

Julie looked into my eyes and nodded her head.

“Which is it to be Julie? Are you going to stay or are
you going to go?”

She was silent for a moment longer, then she seemed to
make a decision and whispered, “Go.”

I nodded and opened the door for her. I stood close to
the door opening, so she had to brush past me as she
stepped out of the trailer. “The offer remains open
Julie, but I think today is the only time this can
actually happen.” She nodded and started walking to her

I watched as she walked unsteadily to the old car,
opened the door and sat behind the wheel. I waved to her
and closed the door of the trailer.

I didn’t hear the car engine start, so figured she was
still there. Probably ten minutes later I heard
footsteps moving to the trailer. I heard them stop right
in front of the door. I waited some minutes for the
knock. I rearranged the bedding on the floor so it would
be more comfortable for her. I was just plumping the
pillows when I heard a sharp rap at the door.

I opened the door and Julie stepped up into the trailer,
not saying a word to me. I faced her and opened my arms.
She rushed to me and I pressed her against my chest,
hugging her. Then she was sobbing and saying, “It’s been
too long. This is so wrong, I know it. This is so wrong.
But it’s been so so long.”

I put my hands on the sides of her head and tilted her
face to mine. I moved my lips to hers and kissed her
gently. She went crazy then and started kissing me hard,
and it was her tongue that went into my mouth first. My
cock was pressed up against my belly as she ground her
hips against me. I held her away from me after a few
moments and said, “You’re an animal!”

She allowed me to undo her dress. I pulled it from her
body. She stood there breathing hard, her smallish
breasts contained in a very chaste church lady white
bra. Her panties were white too and soaking wet. I
reached behind her and undid the bra. Her hand now was
on my cock moving all over it.

I peeled her panties down her ass. When they reached her
legs, she pulled them the rest of the way down. I could
smell her cunt. She was a woman in heat. I picked her up
in my arms, knelt on the sleeping mat and lay her back
so her head was on the pillow.

I stood up then, looking down at her body as she looked
up at mine. She opened her legs, then ran her fingers
through her thick pubic hair. She was pressing her clit
and looking at me. She gave herself a very strong
orgasm, lying there, her hips rocking up as her finger
moved into her cunt. She looked up then and reached a
hand to my cock, which she could almost touch. “I want
to taste it… Your cock… I want to suck your Cock!”

I knelt on the floor so my cock was next to her face.
She grasped it with her hand then moved her tongue onto
the glans, making the purple darker with her saliva. She
opened her mouth then and lunged forward onto my shaft
taking it all the way down her throat.

She fucked my cock with her mouth, her hand on my balls.
I moved my right hand to her dripping bush. My middle
finger traced the split inside. I moved my finger tip up
and down her slit then as her hips rocked against my
hand I slid my finger all the way into her long
neglected cunt.

She pulled away from my cock and said, “Now Peter. Now!
NOW!” She came hard against my hand. Her nipples, nice
and brown and hard were standing up beautifully.

“How do you want it the first time Julie? I can fuck you
just like this while you are on your back if you like.
Maybe you would like have me on MY back so you can move
as you wish. Or perhaps on your hands and knees as I
fuck you from behind. It’s your choice Julie.”

She considered all that then asked, “Do you think..
there might be a chance… Do you think we could do ALL
of them?”

I smiled and said, “Spread your legs Julie!”

She did that as I asked.

I didn’t have to tell her to hold her thighs apart, she
did that on her own. I moved my groin to hers and said,
“Hold my cock Julie and guide it into your cunt.”

She grasped my cock with both hands, looking down at the
tip wildly as she directed it to the slippery slit that
had been empty for so long. As the tip slipped into her
she groaned and released my shaft from her fingers. She
stared at the place we joined and watched as I slowly
pushed each inch into her hole. My cock nestled down
into the deepest part of her.

I let her get used to the feel of it. Waited for her to
signal she wanted movement. “Oh my fucking god Peter!
Fuck Me!! FUCK ME!!!”

I lay my chest against her breasts and put my hands
under her ass. I fucked her cunt HARD. She cried and
laughed, her tears making the side of my face wet.

She screamed a litany of the word: “Fuck, fuck, fuck,
fuck, fuck! FUCK! FUCK!” She moaned, then asked if I was
going to cum inside of her. I told her that I could
think of nothing else to do.

She whispered then that she wasn’t birth control. I
raised my face above hers and said, “I had a vasectomy
three years ago Julie. My semen will have no seed in it.
You’re safe with me.”

She grinned wickedly and said, “Fill me up with your cum
Peter. Pump it deep into me. Fill me UP!”

So I did, gladly.

I pounded her juicy cunt faster now as she cheered me
on. I’ve always loved the sounds of fucking, but I think
this was the juiciest fuck I had ever been part of in my
life. When I was ready to shoot off in her I said, “Here
it comes Julie. I am going to cum…. RIGHT NOW!

I felt my cock pulse inside her as my semen blasted into
her cunt. I moved into her, saying ‘Now’ each time I
spurted in her. When I was through, I collapsed onto her
body. She had her arms around me, caressing my flesh.

I kissed her gently, then looked down at her face. She
had the look of a woman who had just been fucked. She
asked then when Maureen would be back home. I looked up
at the clock and said, “She’ll be home in about five
hours. We have plenty of time if you want more.”

She smiled and replied, “Oh fuck yes, I want more. How
do I get your cock hard again Peter. Could I suck on it?
Would you like that? I haven’t had a cock in my mouth

I laughed and said, “Sure Julie. If you want to suck on
it now, there will be bits of me and bits of you on my
cock, but it is a mess right now. Do you want to suck my
cock now when it’s all covered with our juices? I’m kind
of soft right now, but I’m sure it would be hard very
soon if you sucked it.”

She said, “Oh please YES!”

I pulled out of her, semen flowed out of her cunt onto
the mat. “I want to be on my knees… would that be all
right Peter? That would feel so… slutty.”

I said sure, but added, “I hope you understand. Your
cunt is very full of my cum. I want to take your
panties, which are soaked already anyway, and push them
into your cunt so no more of the semen and cunt juice
pour onto the mat. Maureen and I sleep on that mat. She
would not be happy if she knew I had fucked you.”

Julie looked delightfully scandalized by that idea. I
took her panties and stuffed them into her cunt before
she got onto her knees. She was the quintessential slut
there on her knees, her nipples hard as she looked up at
my softened, slimy cock. It was in a reduced state when
she took it into her mouth. Her tongue moved all around
the juicy shaft. I could hear her swallowing what she
found coating it.

I held her head still, and we looked into each other’s
eyes as the b***d started pulsing in my prick. I could
feel my cock swell inside her mouth. Her eyes opened
wide as it thickened and lengthened and moved down into
her throat. She moved her head back and forth on it
savoring the feeling of fullness in her mouth and

It was almost like a magic trick had been performed.
Something slimy and soft had gone in and now as I pulled
back, my cock was as large and hard as it had been
before we had started fucking.

“How do you want it Julie?”

She said, “I want to mount you this time. On your back
Peter. I want to slide down onto this beautiful cock.”

I lay on my back and watched Julie’s breasts sway as she
maneuvered her body over me. Just when she was inches
from my cock, I pulled the sodden panties from her cunt.
Semen and cunt juice flowed down onto my groin. Julie
got the tip into her then slammed down hard onto me.

Her crotch went splat against all the love juices there.
I held her hands as she worked her cunt up and down on
my cock. She came the first time just a few minutes into
the fuck. She fell over onto me, her cunt muscles
squeezing my shaft as her orgasm took over her body.

When that was done, she was still impaled on me. Now she
put her hands down on my chest and moved her hips back
and forth as she slid up and down the shaft. I had my
hands on her ass, feeling where her furry and prominent
mound started the swell from her body. My fingers were
covered with cum.

As she moved up and down on me slower this time, she
seemed to be feeling each inch of me as my cock stayed
steady for her as she took it all into her cunt. My
right thumb was juicy and I moved it so that it would
press against her little rosebud. She liked that and
stayed down wiggling her ass against my thumb.

I pushed onto the sphincter and my thumb popped up into
her ass. She screamed at that, “Have you ever done that

I asked what thing she meant. “That thing where your
cock goes in right there where your thumb is now?”

I said, “Sure, lots of times. Do you want me to stick my
cock into your ass Julie?”

She looked kind of embarrassed but nodded her head
rapidly as she said, “MmmmMmmm… yes please.”

I told her to pull off of me and then said, “Hold your
ass cheeks open Julie and I will guide my cock right

She leaned slightly forward, and pulled off my prick.
She she put her hands back and opened her ass cheeks. I
pressed the head against that tight opening and put my
hands on her hips. “Are you ready Julie?” She bit her
lip and nodded her head. I pulled her ass hard down onto
my cock, which was so slippery it slid all the way into
her hole. She held her hips down then, wiggling them
back and forth, feeling the presence of me deep in her
ass. Then she started moving up and down hard.

I watched her tits jiggle each time she slammed down
onto my prick. She moved faster and faster until finally
I said I was going to cum. That made her move even
faster. I shot my hot semen up into her ass. She fell
forward onto me, sobbing against my shoulder, still
impaled by my cock.

We fell asleep for a while then. I woke with her snoring
softly on top of me. I saw the clock said there was
about an hour until Maureen got home.

I prodded her a bit and Julie woke up with a start. She
looked down at me curiously like I was a dream that had
moved into the real world. Then she gasped and said, “Oh
my God! We shouldn’t have done what we did. I can’t
believe we did what we did.” She stopped then and was
quiet. Then she smiled down at me and said, “Oh we did
it… didn’t we Peter?”

“Yes we did Julie, and if we don’t want a world of
change, we need to get cleaned up and get you on down
the road before Maureen and the kids get here.

I had to give her a pair of my briefs because her
panties were a sodden, delicious mess. We traded
underwear. I hid hers in a special spot. We took a quick
shower together. Julie dressed up so she looked like a
Jehovah’s Witness lady again. She said, “Thank you
Peter. I really must run along now.”

I found out some time later that she kept going door to
door that day. This was a dedicated lady.

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