Dad Cums Clean to his Wife

I put from my mind and retrieved my shorts and Marge’s panties from the garden. As Madge walked gingerly back into the house, I watched as my cum ran down the inside of her leg leaving a trail all the way to the bathroom were we showered together, kissing passionately and divesting ourselves of the sex-soaked clothing.

It was only two weeks since Petey had returned to college and my cock still involuntarily jumped at the thought of his young, firm body pounding his huge rampant tool up my, until then, virginal hole. My ass still gently ached due to the severe stretching it had been given by his larger than average girth and I secretly longed for his next visit home. Until then I would have to satisfy myself with the normal humdrum life Marge and I had made for ourselves in this sleepy backwater.

Still, one by-product of my sexual awakening with my son had been the resurgence of a very healthy sex life with Marge!

I had become somewhat of a sex pest and whilst initially she was suspicious of my motives, she quickly embraced the new ‘me’ and threw herself headlong into whatever I suggested. Anal sex was something I’d never even asked of her before, but in the furtherance of new experiences, she was the one who was all for it!

It was never the same depth or intensity as it was with Petey, but we loved each other just the same and had come to appreciate our bodies in later years.

Not that we were ancient – far from it. I was a trim and fit 45 years and Marge still had the body of the voluptuous Librarian that she’d always had. At 42, she still attracted glances and wolf whistles from the young bucks in town. With her long dark hair, hazel eyes and full lips, she could still hold her own and when she strode out on her long, slim legs sashaying her wide hips and 38C breasts down Main Street…everyone noticed!

We had just allowed ourselves to be lulled into middle aged mediocrity and sex hadn’t been as important as it used to be. My recent sessions with Petey had reignited the spark, and if Marge had questioned this new found sexual revival, she wasn’t saying…she was just glad to get her young stud back again.

‘Morning, Tiger’ she whispered in my ear as she slid her hand between my legs seeking out my flaccid cock.

‘Up and at ’em!’ she declared as she dived below the sheets to tongue my sleeping prick back to life. It wasn’t long before she had me stirring and longing for more. She sucked on my balls gently and ran her tongue along the length of my ever-growing cock.

‘Fuck! You know how to start the day, sweetheart. Don’t stop for fuck sake!’

She had awoken in a wild, horny mood and was now deep throating my throbbing penis like a pro. I knew to give her free reign when she was like this…it didn’t happen that often and I was going to take full advantage of her lustful state.

I was in awe of this beautiful, sexy woman who was slowly and deliberately sucking down as much of my erect cock (almost to the point of gagging) as she could. When she was satisfied that I was nice and hard, she disengaged herself and straddled my expectant body and slowly lowered her hot, dripping quim down to envelope the full length of my member.

She sat there savouring the feeling of being filled for some minutes before gently rotating her hips making my cock search out all the nooks and crannies of her insides. Arching back, she pawed at her large brown nipples, slowly rolling them in her well-manicured fingers sending ripples of pleasure through her sweat-sheened body.

It wouldn’t be long before she’d start humping my cock like a rodeo rider but until then I was enjoying this slow sensual fuck.

I was usually the one who instigated anything new sexually, but this morning Marge decided to dismount my rock-hard cock and lower her pussy down on my mouth.

Now I routinely go down on my wife as a matter of duty, but this was different. I wasn’t given a choice – it was being f****d on me – and I’d better get with the program!

‘I want you to give me the best tongue lashing you’ve ever given…and don’t dare stop ’til I tell you. I want to cum and cum and cum…!’

She had sat her ass on my chest and her soaking wet labia were nicely presented for attention. I breathed in the heady aroma of her sex and gingerly poked her silky hole with my tongue. She squirmed and her pussy lips parted to reveal her wet hole. Her clitoris was very swollen and sat proud of its protective hood. I ran my rough tongue over her nub and she whimpered ‘ YESSSS!’.

I carried on for some time lapping at her hot, sweet juices. Running my tongue up and into her vagina, all the while savouring her taste. She was becoming more insistent now and I knew she needed to cum. Gently sucking in her clit, I held it gently between my teeth whilst rotating my tongue around and over it.

‘Oh fuck, yes! More, more, harder, harder, baby!!’

I did as I was told as she ground herself against my face. I increased the pace and the force of my tongue in time with her thrusts until, at last, she exploded. She came harder than I’ve ever known her to, gripping my head hard with her thighs as wave after wave of ecstasy ripped through her. I held on to her clit and kept the onslaught going…she was cumming hard!

She would surely break off any time now and collapse spent like a wet rag…but no! She was enjoying this too much. The pleasure on her face was memorable and I wondered why we hadn’t tried this at any time through our marriage.

‘Don’t you dare stop, baby. Momma’s loving this!’ and another shuddering orgasm hit her.

I lost count of the body-rippling explosions that she experienced before she finally rolled off exhausted saying, ‘let’s take a break, honey. Momma’s got to catch her breath!’

She lay back bathed in sweat and I’d never seen her sexier. My cock was throbbing like crazy and I wasn’t about to deny him his action.

Spent as Marge was, I still couldn’t hold back. I positioned myself between her legs and her gaping pussy and got my arms under her knees. I roughly pushed her knees up to her swollen breasts so that both her holes were in view.

Her eyes sprung open at the sudden attack and she knew I couldn’t stop myself if I’d wanted.

‘Give it to me, baby. Give me it all!’ she breathed.

Pushing my big purple cockhead along her soaking quim, I got it good and lubed and poked at her asshole. I expected her to protest but the look in her eyes showed me she wanted this. The juice-covered head plopped into her hole and I slowly worked the rest of my length up her. We lay there locked together and I leaned down and kissed her passionately, my tongue deep in her mouth. She responded by hungrily sucking on my tongue which drove me wild.

‘Oh baby, you really have to experience having your asshole filled. Maybe I’ll buy a nice, big strapon so that I can fuck your brains out like you do to me…or maybe we should just get you some well-hung stud to take your virginity!’ her eyes were sparkling at this thought and I think she was surprised that I wasn’t fazed by her suggestions.

Of course, she wasn’t aware that my horny athletic well-hung son had already afforded me that pleasure and I fucking loved my ass being violated.

‘Sure, honey…we’ll have to see what we can do on that front.’…and I left it there.

‘Really? Are you sure you’re up for it? I’d love to see some big cock sliding up your ass whilst I suck on your hard-on!’

This obviously excited her as I felt her ass compress my cock at the thought.

I started sliding my cock almost all the way out before pistoning it in all the way back in. I began to work up a steady rhythm and knew I would soon blow my load. I felt Marge force her hand between us and thought for a split second she was trying to push me off. On the contrary, the lusty bitch was rubbing on her clit again in time to my thrusts.

‘You horny bitch!’ I smiled, ‘Don’t you ever get enough?’

‘Never enough of you, baby’ she hissed through gritted teeth as she neared another explosive orgasm. My jizz splashed into her at a rate of knots and I cried out in pleasure. At that moment, Marge brought herself off spurting her juices all over our chests.

It was the first time my wife had ejaculated so forcefully. She looked at me bewildered at the juices dripping from our bodies.

‘Wow! That was a fuck and a half! I’ve no idea what just happened there, babe but Momma liked it!’

‘Yeah, not bad for starters, babe, but we’ve got a long way to go yet!’ I motioned towards my semi-hard cock that was now filling up nicely and was soon rock hard again. Wrapping her fist around my shaft she began firmly stroking my penis milking any remaining cum from it and deftly flicking her tongue around my slit to lap up any juices that eked from it.

We emerged from the bedroom at about two in the afternoon, several fucks later, spent but entirely satisfied.

Sitting on the porch with our coffee, Marge threw me a curveball that had me struggling for an answer. ‘I don’t know what went on between you and Petey when he was here, but you’re like a new man…it’s good to bond with your son!’

If she only knew!!…or did she?

‘He’s going through a tough time emotionally, Marge. He was really strung out when you were away. He confided to me that he thought he might be gay but didn’t know how I would react.’

‘Well, whatever you said to him, babe, must have worked – he seems to be back on track based on any conversations I’ve had with him since then. What did you say to him?’

‘It’s not so much what I said, babe, it’s what I let him do!’

‘NO! …you didn’t!’ Marged gasped in disbelief. Her eyes were wide and her jaw hung slack. I expected an enraged backlash from a disgusted wife, instead she continued, ‘you’d better tell me everything…my heads’s in a spin!’

‘Well babe, he was in a mess. He confessed to me that he was increasingly finding himself drawn to guys rather than all the hot babes he’s had in the past. He said he needed to have sex with a guy so that he could be satisfied one way or the other. He was hanging about the showers after sports to watch all the naked jocks. I told him that could get him in a lot of trouble. He also confessed he was thinking of contact guys through online gay sites…again very dodgy.’

‘What the hell was that boy thinking? Does he not know the dangers associated with that kind of move?’

‘He does now, babe, but what happened then took me totally unaware. When he heard from me that he was experiencing something every young guy goes through at his time of life, even I went through it. He suggested that if he could touch me, it might help him to understand his frustrations.’

‘What was I to do? Let him get beat up…or worse – or catch some horrible disease by cavorting with some skanky gay whore… or let him touch up his loving Dad who wanted only the best for his son.’

‘Oh babe, I had no idea,’ Madge empathised, ‘you really are the best.’ She said wrapping her arms lovingly around me. ‘I hope it wasn’t too distressing.’

‘On the contrary, Marge, it turned out to be a real awakening to both of us. There was no awkwardness, no recriminations and no hold-ups. It was just two guys, comfortable in each other’s company doing what comes naturally.’

‘Well I can understand your reasoning, but I didn’t expect to hear I’d married a bi guy. And by the sounds (and looks) of it – you both enjoyed yourselves!’

Marge’s eyes had fallen on my groin where my cock had started to swell at the recollection of my sex sessions with Petey. She gently closed her hand around the growing bulge in my shorts and I noticed her nipples had become rigid and were pertly poking from her tight tee shirt.

‘I’ve got to confess, darlin’, I’m extremely turned on at the thought of my two boys getting in on…especially the thought of Petey sliding his cock up your ass!’ Her hand had now snaked up the inside of my shorts and were firmly gripping my shaft, ‘I can see you must have enjoyed it, too!’

‘It was mind-blowing, Marge. I was petrified at first – our boy’s not exactly under-endowed – but as we progressed, we both really enjoyed ourselves. So when you suggested earlier that you’d like to ass-fuck me, it was only fair that I told you what had happened when you were at your sisters.’

‘I’m so jealous, babe…and so fucking horny for you right now!’

Marge reached under her short skirt and ripped off her soaked panties and threw them into the garden. Tearing at my shorts she quickly dispatched them where her panties had landed. I sat back on the porch steps with a raging boner pointing straight to the heavens. Marge hovered over me then quickly and savagely impaled herself on my throbbing cock. She was utterly relentless, smacking down hard on my cock, grinding my balls on the wooden surface. Sweat was streaming down her face and she was breathing hard.

‘Oh fuck!’ she screamed ‘I’m so turned on, baby, Momma wants your junk…give it to me, Petey…fuck your Momma good!!’

I couldn’t believe my ears, but it was such a turn-on! I began meeting Marge’s downward plunges with my own upward thrusts. We were hammering away at each other and I knew we’d be sore later but for now this was something we had get out of our systems and by God, it was fucking intense!

And when we came, I swear they could hear us in the next state!

Marge began spraying her juices a split second before she orgasmed. Her juice sprayed everywhere! My thighs were soaked, the steps were soaked, our tee shirts were soaked and it made my orgasm so hard, it made me dizzy!

‘Jesus, Momma – here I cum!’ I screamed as her clenching pussy milked my cock of every hot, sticky spurt of spunk I could muster from my poor, tortured balls. I never thought I was going to stop hosing my jizz up my wife’s hole.

When we finally collapsed in a sweaty heap, I was aware of being watched. I raised my head to see my neighbour Tom sitting on his porch looking in our direction. Tom’s house was about 200 yards away, so I was sure he couldn’t see anything without the aid of binoculars!

However, I couldn’t be sure, but I thought I could make out his hand moving on his lap and I wondered if he was beating off while watching our impromptu sex show!

I put from my mind and retrieved my shorts and Marge’s panties from the garden. As Madge walked gingerly back into the house, I watched as my cum ran down the inside of her leg leaving a trail all the way to the bathroom were we showered together, kissing passionately and divesting ourselves of the sex-soaked clothing.

‘Fuck babe, I can’t wait till Petey comes home next, ‘cos Momma wants to be part of that party -whether he wants to or not!!’

I was extremely excited at the prospect and although I’d have fucked my wife again, my sore cock was having none of it!

As for Petey’s next visit…that’s for another time.

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