Diane And The Lawn Guy

Diane was lying in her tub with the water pick gently
spraying her open cunt. She was older but still good
looking and was thinking of her last young boy.

She knew that young boys had powerful hormones and, if
you didn’t scare them away, they were fucking machines.
She was lonely now that the pizza delivery boy had
moved. Her orgasm was getting closer as she remembered
his hard young cock pumping streams of cum in her mouth
and then fucking her to crashing orgasms.

Just then the door bell rang and she wondered who the
fuck wanted something on a hot humid afternoon. She put
on a short robe and went to the door, pissed off and
very horny.

She opened the door and saw a young boy standing there
looking embarrassed. He said he was looking for yard
work to make money to help his mother. He was on the
short slender side, wearing little white shorts, t-
shirt, tennis shoes and his bike was leaning against
the gate.

She knew her strong points were her long legs and ass.
Her robe was mid thigh and his eyes seemed to be glued
to her knees. He was a cute guy and she invited him in.
She could feel her cunt get moist.

They sat at her kitchen table and she offered him a
glass of ice tea since it was the a/c was broken and it
was hot even inside. He had hurried to sit down and was
trying to hide a boner that had sprung up in his

She got up and made it a point to reach up for the
glasses so that her robe pulled up enough to give him a
quick look at her over heated cunt. She peeked as she
turned and saw his hand in his lap trying to hide a
growing bulge.

So far so good, he was still there. Not scared off yet.
As they talked he said his mother worked long hours and
he could work any hours as long as he let her know.
Once he even stayed over at the people’s house since
they were always out of town like she was.

They agreed on his wages and that he could stay there
and he went to the kitchen counter to use the phone and
call his mother. She pretended not to notice the cock
bulge in his little shorts. She marveled at the back of
his slender hairless legs and beautiful butt. Fuck but
she was hot.

He came back and sat down and said it was fine with his
mother to stay there. Diane reached over to refill his
glass and “accidentally” knocked it over in his lap.
She rushed around the table and pulled his t-shirt off
and wiped his chest and down his belly and even patted
the bulge in his shorts.

She said she was sorry and told him to go into her
bathroom and pass out his clothes for her to wash. She
told him he could wear one of her robes. He came out of
the bathroom while she bent over the washing machine.
She made sure he could see her ass as her robe pulled

By now it was supper time and she fixed a little
something for him. She smiled to herself when she saw
that he couldn’t
control his hard-on. She thought it must be wonderful
to be a 18 year old boy with an endless supply of cum.

She showed him to his room and said to leave his window
and door open for the air to blow through. She said the
laundry hamper was in his closet and to put his robe in
it after she gave him his clothes back in the morning.

She went outside and peeked in his window later that
night. She couldn’t believe it, he was lying nude on
top of the sheet with a pair of her dirty panties over
his face and frantically jacking his cock in another
pair of her panties.

Pretty soon he cried out, “Oh fuck I’m cumming in your
panties,” and his body arched and he jacked her panties
full of cum. He got up and his spent cock swung and
dripped as he put her soiled panties back.

The next morning Diane made sure that her short robe
was loosely so that she could let him see cunt bush and
her hard nipples if she turned just so. He came out in
her robe looking sheepish and said he really liked her
and thanked her for the job.

She hugged him and let her robe fall open and felt his
wild cock press against her belly. She led him to the
couch and sat next to him. She said she liked him too
and was glad he was there. She said she could tell he
liked her as she pulled his robe apart and rubbed down
his hairless chest to his belly and finally to his
smooth erection.

She leaned back and spread her long legs and put his
hand on her very wet and open cunt. She said she was so
flattered that he found her exciting and wanted him to
fuck her. She said she saw him jack off in her panties
and thought that was so neat. Now he could fuck his
load into her cunt.

She bent over and kissed his hardness and then
positioned him between her legs and felt his beautiful
young cock enter her cunt and start to stroke in and
out. They both orgasmed at the same time and she
screamed that she loved him as he pumped streams of cum
deep in her belly.

That night he slept with her and she introduced him to
her deepest fantasies. He ate her cunt after he fucked
her and she had a mind blowing orgasm. She pulled his
cum covered smiling face from her fucked cunt and they
kissed long and deeply.