Making The Team

First thing you need to know is, I come from a small town. Not a farm town specifically but small enough to be straitjacketed in many ways. But we enjoyed life. High school was fun. In a mildly risque sort of way.

My body was in great shape. When I was young I started in gymnastics and really got into it. I loved the thrill of flying, bouncing and stretching. I found that I liked being an extrovert. The more attention I got the more I liked it. The tight uniforms, the postures. All got me more attention.

But eventually I hit puberty. My breasts grew and my hips widened throwing off my balance just enough to ruin my chances of competing. I missed the attention from coaches and the competitions. It was difficult for a while and I really wanted to find something to replace the thrill.

After junior high school I started to follow the sport teams and watching the cheerleaders. The attention, the sexy outfits and the rhythm of the routines excited me. It was like gymnastics for the real extrovert. Cheer leading became my go to thrill.

I was on the cheer leading squad in High school. Gymnastics played a big part in my cheers and choreography. So when I went to our nearby big city to go to college I assumed I would be a shoe-in for the team. Everything started pretty normal. I signed up. I got an audition and I went in to try out.

I wore my skin tight workout clothes and sports bra. Not that I needed it. My breasts had grown too large for gymnastics, but they were firm and round. The tight clothes accentuated my muscular frame and symmetry. They also gave me confidence and attention.

When I was in try outs everything seemed normal. All the eligible candidates were given a chance to show their stuff one at a time. Then we were given instructions in specific cheer routines that we had to follow and we had to work together as a group. As a team. I nailed it. Some of the others, not so much.

At the end of the first round the candidates were given the chance to show off their own style. In my High school I had choreographed my own routine that highlighted my gymnastic skills. It included an aerial cartwheel and spinning jump which landed in side-splits. Everyone was impressed.

After that it was obvious, I was on top and was asked back for the second round. I was given a uniform, a box of extras and instructions for the next trial. I was so excited I didn’t question it and ran back to my dorm room to prepare. I was on cloud nine.

It was getting late and the sky was a deep red as I arrived back at my dorm. The grounds and the buildings looked amazing because I was so excited to get back on a cheer leading squad. My confidence was spilling over and as soon as I got back to my room I stripped off my workout clothes to try on the uniform without looking at the instructions.

When I tried on the uniform I looked myself over in the mirror. I looked awesome if I did say so myself. Then I opened the box of extras. Inside were two sets of underwear, a thin shirt and another box. One pair of underwear were bikinis in one of the school colors.

The other pair was a thong and it was tan colored that matched my skin. Almost perfectly. The shirt was a match for the regular top but was thin and skin tight. I slipped off the regular shirt to try on the other one.

It really fit snug and you could see the outline of my sport bra. It was very sexy. Then I thought about the thong. It was my first pair and I was excited to try them on. I slid off my panties and wiggled into them. The strap slid up between my cheeks and I felt a tinging all over my body.

I looked in the mirror again. Turned around and bent over just a little. I wasn’t naive but I’d never worn a thong before and seeing my ass cheeks sticking out from under the short skirt with just the thin strip of material between them was exciting for sure.

My body danced in the mirror as I wiggled around pretending to do cheer moves checking myself out. That’s when I remembered the extra box. It was long and plain looking. I picked it up and as I lifted the lid it popped open. A dozen or so condoms unfolded and sprang out surprising me.

I dropped the box and a dildo fell to the floor bouncing and wiggling. My mouth fell open. Like I said, I wasn’t naive but I’d never had a dildo, or even played with one. My crotch was suddenly warm and my ears throbbed. I felt my little slit tighten. That’s when things took a strange turn.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Just leaving it there condoms and all, I cracked the door and looked to see who it was. It was Jill, the head cheerleader in her uniform. Her eyes were wide and bright. She had a wild smile on her face that must have matched my own.

She was wearing the tight shirt with no bra and I could see that her nipples were hard and protruding. Her eyes looked me over. She said, “I was hoping you liked the uniform. Can I come in?” My mind was racing and I wasn’t thinking about the dildo and the condoms spilled all over the floor.

“Sure.” I said and edged the door open cautiously. As I did a guy appeared from nowhere and pushed Jill inside. It was the lead male cheerleader. I recognized him from the tryouts. His hand shot out as he introduced himself, “Hi. I’m Brad.”

I shook his hand. It was hot and damp. He looked over my shoulder and saw the things on the floor, “I see you couldn’t wait to read the note.” I stuttered suddenly remembering the state the room was in, “Well… I… you see…” Jill walked in and picked everything up from the floor and placed it on the bed.

“Don’t worry. You aren’t in trouble.” she said with a giggle. Then she walked back over to Brad who gave her a quick peck on the cheek. His hand slid down behind her and she arched her back and groaned. Her eyes became big as saucers and she grinned excitedly.

Brad was handsome and muscular like a gymnast. He was wearing a uniform as well and I could easily make out his leg muscles and his strong chest. His sculpted chest flexed as his hand ground into Jill’s behind. The glint in his eyes drew me in and I just stood there and watched them.

Now my body was throbbing and my heart pounded in my chest. What are they doing? Right here in my room. With me watching. He looked at me with a knowing smile as Jill’s face lit up. Her body shook a little and she gasped. Then Brad whispered something in her ear.

Jill turned to look at me and smiled, “Do you like the uniform?” I just shook my head. It was hard to answer after what I just saw, but the uniform was great. Especially with the thong underpants and the skin tight shirt. “That shirt will look better without your bra.” Then she put her hands under her breasts and shook them.

Those nipples wiggled and stuck firmly through the thin material. My eyes fixed on them. She turned around and lifted her skirt to show me her ass with just the thin piece of material from the thong covering the crease down the middle.

That’s when I noticed the small bulge protruding from her crotch. Oh my god! She’s wearing the dildo. Right now. And Brad was playing with it. My knees went weak. What’s going on? Is this part of the trial? I turned and looked at the bed where the pile of condoms and dildo sat exposed and my mind went blank.

“Are you ready?” I heard Brad’s voice suddenly right behind me. I swallowed hard. His hand slid up my shirt and undid my bra. He deftly removed my shirt, slipped my bra from my breasts and tweaked my nipples before replacing my shirt, “Yes. Very nice.”

“There. Doesn’t that look better?” I looked down and saw my breasts and hard nipples covered only by the thin material then looked back at the bed. Oh my god! What’s happening? I just kept staring at the condoms and the dildo. Then Jill appeared, picked up the dildo and using her teeth opened one of the condoms.

She deftly slid it over the dildo, “Have you ever done this before?” My eyes must have betrayed my emotions because she just walked over to me with the dildo in her hand, “That’s OK. We’re here to help you get started.” My knees pulled together and my back arched. Oh my god! Oh my god!

I couldn’t talk. I couldn’t stop her as she pressed her nipples against mine and kissed my cheek. My heart was pounding. I felt a hand on my back push me forward. I bent over and closed my eyes. Brad’s voice was calm but commanding, “Here we go.” Oh my god! Oh my God! Oh my GOD!

I felt my thong panties being pull off my waist and his hot hand rubbing my now very wet pussy. Then something big pushed against my tight slit. My legs shook. Oh My God! Up till that moment I had been a virgin. The only thing that had been in there was my finger and the exam tools at the OBGYN.

My insides flip flopped as the big thing pushed against my tingling pussy. Suddenly a flash of light engulfed me as the bulbous head pushed through my tight folds and I yelped. It pulled back out then rubbed my clitoris. My whole body shook. It tingled and burned down there. Then I felt it push against my tight slit again.

My hips instinctively pushed back. What am I doing? This time when it pushed through, it kept going. My body was jumping with every inch as it crept deeper. It got deeper and deeper. Then I heard Brad’s voice, “That’s better isn’t it?” I must have groaned because they both made approving sounds.

Then I felt the thong being pulled back up and I was straightened and placed in front of the mirror again. “There. See? No one can tell you have it in.” But I could tell. I could feel my tight pussy throbbing around it. Twitching and sucking at it. I could see Jill behind me in the mirror, “Exciting isn’t it?”

I looked at the mirror and could just see the bulge in my panties sticking below the hemline. Oh my god… It was exciting. Now what? As I stared at myself in the mirror I heard the door open. Jill stepped next to me in the mirror. Both of our breasts were proud. Or nipples sticking straight out together, “Come with us. We have something special planned for you.” More?

With her arm around my shoulders she urged me out the door and we walked right out of the building. The dildo was stretching my poor little pussy with each step. It pulsed and throbbed. As we walked I could feel something building deep inside me. Something I’d never felt before.

When we passed people on the path my face flushed and I trembled. Jill kept me moving, “Smile. They think you look attractive and sexy.” I felt a wild smile form on my face as we moved on. After we passed a couple groups I got used to the building excitement as the dildo worked it’s magic. I even liked the attention I was getting in my new uniform.

I’d used my finger to massage myself before. But this. This was different. My body was throbbing stronger and stronger the further we walked and I couldn’t tell where we were. I stopped for a moment to shake as the sensations kept building. Everything became a blur until we arrived at the women’s locker room.

Brad was gone and Jill was guiding me through the locker room into the darkened gym. We seemed to be alone and there was one bright light on in the middle of the gym floor where a pair of pom poms lay. Jill walked me to that spot. My ears were ringing, my pussy throbbed and I tingled all over.

“I want you to do the cheer you closed your audition with. Can you do that for me?” Looking down at my feet I thought to myself, ‘can I do it?’ My body was so excited. My legs felt like rubber. I’d never done anything like this before. I had practiced my routine so many times, I could do it in my sleep. I shook my head yes and locked my focus.

But, when I bent down to pick up the pom poms the dildo pushed in a little. My legs shook as I stood up and collected myself. I could feel the dildo creep out just a little held in only by the thong. I want to be on the cheer leading team. Whatever it takes. ‘I can do it.’ I told myself.

I began the routine and tried to ignore the dildo wedged into my tight crease. But with each move I could feel it sliding around. Sometimes it would wiggle side to side. Other times it would slide in and out. My cheers were louder and sharper than ever. The further into the routine I got the more excited I became.

Before I knew it I was nearing the end where I performed the aerial cartwheel and jumping spin. When I landed in the side splits my groin was planted flat against the ground and the head of the dildo deep into my throbbing cunt. Just then I had an orgasm like I had never felt before. I closed my eyes and cried out in pleasure but held my form and composure. Back straight, pom poms held high and shaking.

As I shook there breathing heavy and riding out the blinding waves of orgasm I heard clapping. When I finally opened my eyes the lights were up and I was surrounded by the entire cheer team. They were all clapping and cheering for me. The attention added to my orgasm and I screamed, “Yes. Oh God, Yes!”

My heart was pounding and my head felt like it was going to explode when they all came in and lifted me up and paraded me around the gym. I just kept cumming. Their hands and bodies brushing up against my pulsating flesh and I slowly drifted off.

As I slowly regained my senses I felt myself being stripped and slid into bed. I could still feel the waves of tingling and flushing as my head dropped to my pillow and I faded out of consciousness. I dreamt of floating on huge waves in the ocean under a warm sunny sky.

In the morning I woke with a start and shot straight up in my bed. The room was quiet. It seemed like a dream that felt so real. My body still buzzed and tingled. I had to shake my head to clear the fog. It was all so surreal. I remembered the first tryouts and receiving my uniform. But the nights events. Where they real?

My body felt lite and full of life. Looking around my room I found my uniform folded neatly and next to it the nesting boxes that contained the underwear, skin tight shirt and the special box. It was real. My face flushed and I could feel my tight pussy begin to throb again. It wanted more.

I decided I needed a shower to shake off the feeling but as I prepared to climb in my body urged me to open the special box. I took out the dildo and opening a condom with my teeth I slipped it on. My thoughts were conflicted. I’d never done this before. But I could still hear Jill’s voice, ‘We’re here to help you get started.’

As I walked into the bathroom, I caught myself in the mirror with the dildo in my hand. Embarrassed, I put it behind me out of site. But my hands seemed to have a mind of their own and a second later the dildo was deep in my quivering pussy. I stepped into the shower.

As I soaped myself up my hand brushed against the protruding knob a couple times. It felt so good. I bent over and backed myself against the cold tile shoving the dildo deeper. I groaned and began slowly bouncing myself against the tiles.

The end was like a suction cup that stuck to the wall of the shower. The more I bounced the longer the strokes became and soon I was pounding it deep against my own will. My soapy hands began rubbing my hard nipples and cupping my breasts.

What was I doing? I wanted to stop. But my body wasn’t going to stop and soon I was rocketing to a huge orgasm. My body was jerking and shaking which caused me to fall forward yanking the dildo from my tight cunt. The sound of running water sounded like applause and I relived the last night. It was definitely real.

I stood there in the water with my eyes closed feeling the waves of pleasure, wondering what came over me. My hands were shaking as I worked at finishing my shower. Once I finally finished and rinsed off I turned and looked over my shoulder to see the dildo still sticking out from the wall like a perverted glory hole attendant.

Well, I had just experienced the most exciting things I had ever done. My body urged me towards it. No! Stop! I can’t! I grabbed the dildo, pried it from the wall and tossed it over the curtain and into the sink. Enough! I toweled off and wrapped myself in the warm towel when there was knock at the door.

Again, I ignored the dildo and dressed only in the towel I just went to the door and cracked it open. It was Jill again, “How are you doing today?” My pussy throbbed. My face felt flush thinking about everything that happened in the last 24 hours. She had a sly smile upon seeing my reaction, “May I come in?”

I looked around before opening the door to let Jill enter. Just to make sure she was alone. She strolled in and looked around. Must have noticed the open boxes and said, “So, did you enjoy your shower?” I didn’t need to answer. She knew by the look on my face.

Jill walked right up to me and hugged me tight, “You did a great job yesterday. We hoped we hadn’t scared you away. But it looks like you enjoyed it.” She pulled back to look me in the face, “The real thing feels even better.” She winked at me then walked over to the door and opened it.

There at the door was one of the male cheerleaders with a flower in his hands. He looked strong and handsome. “Hi. I’m Lucas. I’m hoping to be your partner. For cheer that is.” Oh my god! What is happening? Jill whispered something in his ear and let him in.

He walked in and Jill walked out closing the door behind her. Oh my god! Oh my God! My body felt drawn to him and I could feel my ears tingle and get hot. My little slit twitched. I quickly stepped back trying to get away and bumped into my desk.

Just then my towel slipped away and I stood there naked. I looked down at the towel and my naked body then back at the strong man and swallowed. Again my body was acting against my better judgment and I struck a pose and smiled, naked before him. My nipples standing proud. My pussy still wet. He held the flower out for me.

My body walked forward as I tried to stop myself without success. I took the flower and kissed him on the lips. What was I doing? My pussy ached. My nipples hardened and my ears began ringing. My tongue pushed into his waiting mouth. His hands cupped my ass and he pulled my groin against his.

I could feel his member begin growing, trapped in his pants, pressing against my bare pussy. My legs buckled and I dropped to my knees. Face to face with his groin. My hands began undoing his pants. Oh my GOD! What am I doing? I didn’t know but I couldn’t stop myself.

Seconds later I held his hardening cock in my hand. It was bigger than the dildo. I felt my slit tighten and pulse. I stared at it and was amazed at how smooth and tender it looked. Much different than the dildo. I rubbed it with my hand and leaned in and kissed it. Oh my god! He groaned and put his hand on the top of my head urging me to do it again, “Do you like that?”

When I kissed it again I licked it. What am I doing? I licked it again. I do like it. It tasted good. I nodded, yes. “Here let me help you.” As I kissed it again he put his other hand on it and pointed it towards my mouth and pushed against my puckered lips, “Open your mouth.” Oh my God! Oh my GOD!

I couldn’t help myself. My pussy was missing the dildo that pleasured it only minutes earlier and his cock was right there. My mouth opened and the head of his member pushed inside. It was warm and soft as I closed around it and my tongue began playing with it. He groaned, “You’re so fantastic. So bold. Your cheer got everyone excited. Especially me.”

His words encouraged me and bolstered my confidence. I clamped down on his shaft and sucked it in. He started pumping in and out but my body wanted more of it. What was I doing? Oh my god, it’s so deep in my mouth. But I kept pulling it deeper.

My pussy was hot and burning. I put my hand on my little slit and rubbed. My clit sticking out like a little penis. I’d never felt like this before. I’ve never thought I’d do something like this before. But I couldn’t stop myself. It felt so good. I started to lose my focus as the room faded in a fog.

I felt his hand hold my head still as he pushed his cock further in. The tip started to push into my throat and my body shook with the realization. My body wanted more and I leaned hard against him. His cock drove into the opening of my throat.

I pulled back to stop myself. But before I could pull it all the way out his hands grabbed my head and he pushed all the way in. My nose pressed against his pubic hairs and I swooned. I thought I was going to gag.

It felt so crazy. It pulsed with his heartbeat. I felt like I might die and that would be alright. My body buzzed and shook. I looked up into his eyes. His eyes had that knowing look like Brad’s yesterday. He was smiling with a look of great pleasure on his face.

I pulled back again until it was in my mouth and ran my tongue around it. Then started pumping it all the way back in and out by myself. My nose touched his pubic hairs again. While I watched him, his eyes rolled back in his head. He loved it. I loved it. My finger was going crazy rubbing my clit. I wanted it inside me. I pushed him away and quickly grabbed a condom.

Tearing it open with my teeth I slid it on him and turned around. As I bent over he slid it in my hot wet and tight pussy. I felt it clamp down on his shaft and quiver. I had just cum in the shower with the dildo and now I had a real live dick inside me. We both worked it around until the sensations took over. I closed my eyes and gave in to the desire.

In seconds we were pounding together in time. I was going to cum! Again! I felt him pull me back and we both folded down to our knees. My face and breasts were laying on the carpet with my ass in the air. It was so erotic as he pounded his dick hard and deep.

“Oh my God!” I cried as I shot to another orgasm that made the others feel like small tremors. He kept pounding as I rode out the huge waves of pleasure. When I started to slow he grunted, “You liked that didn’t you?” I couldn’t stop myself, “Fuck yeah!”

“I love this pussy of yours. So tight. So lively.” He pulled out and rolled me over. “I’m going to fuck it until you scream.” Then he parted my legs and pushed that long thing back into me again. “Oh, yes. Fuck me!” I couldn’t think. I couldn’t stop. I just knew my body wanted more.

I lost track of time as he kept pounding his big cock into my poor tight hole. It drove me wild with lust and desire. I let him twist me up, flip me over and pick my body up to bounce me on his hard shaft. He was close to cumming when he said, “Look at yourself when I cum.”

I opened my weak eyes and saw myself in the mirror. My face was red and filled with the look of pleasure. He held me on his cock. My legs folded up in front of me. His strong arms bounced me up and down. I watched his cock pound my little slit as he told me what to say next.

“Tell me you love my cock.” he commanded.

“I love your cock.” I replied in gasps.

“Tell me you want my cock.” he commanded.

“I want your cock.” I cried as I started cumming again.

“Tell me to fuck your tight pussy.” he commanded.

“Yes! Fuck my tight pussy… Ugh, Fuck! I’m cumming again!” I screamed.

“You’re a real cheerleader now!” he grunted.

I felt his big shaft swell and pulse as he came. That didn’t stop him. He kept bouncing me on it as we both kept cumming. His big load filled the condom and started spilling out on the floor. My body began flushing with the sight and I must have passed out.

When I came to, I was back in bed. I looked at the clock and found the flower Lucas had brought for me and a note taped to the face. ‘Don’t worry. You did everything right. P.S. You made the first squad. Congratulations’ My head dropped back to my pillow. I made it! I was proud, a little sore and my pussy still tingled and twitched. It was mid day and I wanted more.