Dirty Moving

It had been simple, a d*****d drink and the next thing
she knew she was in a strange room, a decorated basement
in some remote canyon of northeastern Los Angeles. Upon
awakening she had found herself nude and held captive in
this big room.

Shortly after she awakened, two women walked in.

“Hello Kerry,” one of them spoke. “My name is Abra and
this is Amelia.”

“Who are you? What am I doing here?” Kerry demanded.

“We’re lesbians. Real dirty lesbians who like girls to
entertain us.”

“I’m afraid you’ve picked the wrong one this time,”
Kerry stated. “I haven’t the slightest interest in other

“Oh?” Amelia smiled, “that might change.”

“I doubt that,” Kerry flatly stated.

“Alright. If you prefer,” Abra pointed to a screen. “We
are going to leave now. See that screen? The controls
are right behind you. Watch that film, study it. We’ll
be back in about two hours.”

“It won’t change my mind,” Kerry insisted.

“It’s not intended to. It’s just some sequences of a
pretty young redhead we had up here last month. She
wasn’t interested in women either,” Amelia laughed as
she locked the door behind her.

Two hours later, when Abra and Amelia returned, Kerry
was lying across the bed, sobbing and gagging.

“What’s wrong, honey?” Abra sat down beside Kerry.

“That was the most despicable thing I ever saw,” Kerry

“Don’t you want to do that for us?” Amelia sat down on
the other side of Kerry.

“You’ve got to be kidding,” Kerry gasped.

Immediately Abra and Amelia grabbed her arms, twisted
them behind her back and bound her.

Kerry struggled. “Stop that. Leave me alone!”

Kerry’s struggle was in vain. Within minutes, Kerry was
bound tight, a pear gag in her mouth. For the next two
hours, Abra and Amelia tortured and tormented her. Every
inch of Kerry’s body was subjected to some form of S/M.
She was whipped across her bottom and legs with an
electrical cord until she was red.

Over half of her pubic hairs were plucked out, one by
one. Hot melted wax dripped onto the softest parts of
her body. Her toes were burnt with matches, her nipples
clamped. She had to endure such pain that she passed out
twice. Her entire body was bathed in sweat.

A plug type vibrator was inserted into her rectum and
110 voltage jolted Kerry. This caused excruciating pain.
Each time this happened, Kerry passed out. Finally they
stopped their t*****e and retrieved all the toys.

“Kerry, honey,” Abra began, “We’re leaving now, but
we’ll be back about seven this evening. We’ll loosen
your binds so you can get loose. There is food and drink
over there; help yourself. Ointment is in the cabinet
over there. Use what you want. But study that film again
for us, honey. Bye now.”

When Abra and Amelia returned about seven that same
evening, Kerry shut the machine off. With them they had
brought another young girl, entirely in the nude.

“Hi Kerry. This is my daughter, Carol,” Amelia smiled.
“She is normally both my and Abra’s dirt girl, but
whenever we have a new girl here, we allow her to
partake of this girl’s pleasure.”

“I see you’ve been watching the film,” Abra said.


“That’s nice. Now roll over on your tummy. Don’t worry,
we’re not going to hurt you if you cooperate. Just a
precaution.” Abra had in her hand the butt-vibrator
again and once again it was inserted into Kerry’s

“There,” Amelia patted her rump, “we both have switches
for that plug-vibrator. We don’t want to use it. It’s up
to you.”

“Oh please no!” Kerry pleaded.

Abra and Amelia removed their clothes. “Did you study
that film good?” Abra asked.

“I watched them all,” Kerry said.

“Did you understand most of the language?” Amelia asked.

“Most of it.”

“Are you willing now or do we have to jolt you again?”
Abra asked.

“Oh please no! Do I have to give you an answer right

“Are you scared? You’re white as a ghost.” Abra laughed.

“Very much so, but I’ll do it just to avoid that awful

“Are you ready?” Amelia asked.

“Now?” Kerry questioned.

“Why not?” Abra sat back on the bed.

“Well, er,” Kerry played for time. “Don’t you want to
get ready first?”

Abra laughed, “Honey, we’re ready now.”

“Both of you?” Kerry questioned, fear in her eyes.

“Yes, both of us as well as Carol. Later in the week
there will be five more ladies for you. Before this week
is over, you’ll be an expert.”

“Oh no! Not more!”

“Meantime honey, there’s us,” Abra smiled.

“Are you ready?” Amelia asked, “or do we have to jolt
you again?”

“Please. Please don’t do that again,” Kerry pleaded.
“I’m ready.”

“Good,” Abra smiled, “why don’t you get up here with us
and tell us.”

“Tell you what?”

“Come on. Get up on the bed with us,” Amelia urged.

Kerry hesitated, then obeyed.

“Now tell us,” Abra instructed. “Tell us what you’re
going to do for us.”

“Like that redhead did?” Kerry asked.

“Yes. She was perfect at the end of that week,” Abra

“Oh fuck!” Kerry cried. “I’m really going to have to do
it. Aren’t I?”

“Yes sweetheart,” Amelia agreed. “Hurry now. Tell us.”

“You’re going to make me a dirt girl,” Kerry’s face

“And what does a dirt girl do, sweetheart?” Abra asked.

“She eats …. oh I can’t say that!”

Abra and Amelia both snapped on the electrode in Kerry’s

“SHE EATS SHIT! SHE EATS SHIT!” Kerry screamed out.

“Now that wasn’t so hard, was it?” Abra commented. “You
be a good girl now or we’ll just have to switch on this
little switch again.”

“Oh no. Please don’t. I’ll tell you anything you want to

“You’re going to tell us everything we want to hear?”
Amelia asked.


“And you’re going to do everything we ask of you now?”

“Yes. I’ll do it.”

“I think she’s sincere now,” Amelia commented. “What do
you think Abra? Or maybe I should ask Carol. She knows
what makes a dirt girl’s mind click.”

“I think she’s playing for time,” Carol came over to the
bed. “Maybe you’d better let me have that electrode and
teach the little bitch some respect.”

“That won’t be necessary, will it Kerry? Tell us again
just what you’re going to do for all three of us.”

“I’m going to eat everyone of you …. eat your shit!
Please allow me to do this. Please don’t let Carol have
that electrode. Please!”

“Alright,” Abra swung her ass around, “I want you to
smell my asshole. Just sniff at it. Don’t you dare touch
it, just sniff at it.”

Kerry moved her face close, to within a couple of inches
and began to sniff. At once Abra blew out a fart, a long
smelly fart. Kerry drew back in disgust.

“Get your face back up there. You asked for this so,
unless you do as you’re told, we are just going to have
to use that electrode again. So show us just how docile
you are.”

Kerry pushed her face back into the crease of Abra’s

“I have maybe one more for you bitch, so sniff it well
this time,” and Abra again blew out a big long fart and
this time Kerry held her face right there, sniffing like
a dog in heat.

“That’s much better, much better. Now place your mouth
up over my asshole and start licking that spot that I go
to the bathroom out of.”

Kerry placed her mouth over Abra’s asshole and began to
lick. She licked it for ten minutes before Amelia gave
her the next direction. “Stick your tongue into her
asshole. Push it completely into that hole. Taste it and
tell us what you taste.”

Kerry slid her tongue in deep.

“Can you taste anything now?” Abra turned around to ask.

Kerry withdrew her mouth to say, “Yes Mistress, it
tastes nasty. I felt a lump with the tip of my tongue.”

“Put your mouth back on my asshole. Start sucking now.
I’m going to do it right in your pretty mouth.”

Kerry hesitated a second before placing her mouth back
on Abra’s asshole and started sucking. As she sucked,
Abra’s asshole dilated outward and Kerry touched the
very center of the hole she was sucking and felt the
broad tip of a turd about to drop into her mouth. She
shuddered slightly as the shit passed between her lips
and went on into her mouth, across the top of her

“Bite it off, then draw back because we want to watch
you eat shit!”

Kerry sunk her teeth into the foul object and it fell
into her mouth before she drew back.

“Open your mouth, cunt. Show us how much you have. Is
that all? It’s only about an inch long. Next time take
at least two inches of her shit into your mouth. Now
chew it up good, get all those little lumps out of it.
Show us what a good shit-eater you are. That’s it, but
chew more, quit just moving your mouth. Chew it bitch,
that’s it. That’s not a bite of food you have there,
that is a female’s piece of shit you are chewing up.
Don’t stop, I didn’t say you could stop. Does it taste

Kerry shook her head no, but she kept right on chewing.

“Let’s see now, have you got all the lumps out of it?”

Kerry opened her mouth, tilting her head back so the
slimy substance wouldn’t leak out and run all down her
face and neck to her titties. Amelia stuck her fingers
into Kerry’s mouth and felt around for hidden lumps
before pulling her fingers out.

“Lick my fingers clean, then get your dirty mouth back
up to her asshole for another mouthful. And this time
take about twice what you did last time. You will be
eating a lot of shit before this evening is over, so
you’d better get busy.”

Again Kerry placed her mouth back over Abra’s asshole
and began to suck and again a big piece came sliding out
directly into her mouth, sliding between her lips and
across her tongue into the back of her mouth before she
bit it off and began to chew it up. She chewed this lump
much longer because it was much bigger. When she
finished chewing, she opened her mouth to show Amelia,
who again searched around in her mouth for lumps.

But this time she was unable to stop the flow from her
mouth when Amelia placed her fingers inside and the
slimy liquid ran down her chin and started dripping onto
her titties, which Carol at once started smearing all
over her breasts. When she had again finished licking
Amelia’s fingers and Carol had completely smeared the
gooey liquid all over her titties, Carol started pulling
on her nipples, stretching them out until Kerry felt
they would pop off her breasts.

Again they had Kerry place her mouth back over Abra’s
asshole, only this time they told her to just lick it
clean, that the others had to shit as well and that they
were probably feeling somewhat uncomfortable.

“Can I be next? I have a new idea for this cunt,” Carol
said as she moved over to Kerry.

“Sure, let her go ahead of me,” Amelia answered. “She
said she’s got a new idea and I’m wondering what it is.”

Carol scrambled up on the bed and turned her ass to
Kerry. She pushed out a big piece of shit and then
clenched her asshole tight and turned to Kerry, “Now
bitch, I want you to stick your nose up my shit-hole,
right through that wonderful shit!”

“Oh I couldn’t, please don’t make me,” Kerry begged.

The two women laughed at that. “She was just eating
shit and now she doesn’t want to get her nose messy. Get
your nose up her ass, Missy, or I’ll lay a switch to

“Make her push the bottom of her nose up my ass so I
can really fill her nostrils. I want her to really get a
smell of my shit.”

“Go on slut, you heard Carol. She wants to fill your
nose good.” Abra started swinging a switch. Kerry saw
the switch and decided that she had played along long
enough and stuck her nose into Carol’s asshole, right
through the gooey shit.

“Wiggle your nose around some, don’t just hold it in
there. I want to feel you wiggling it all around.
Ladies, how does she look? You’ve heard the expression
‘brown nosing’, well I’ve really got this bitch brown
nosing me and it feels wonderful too. I don’t know why I
didn’t think of this a long time ago. Deeper! Deeper
cunt, I want to feel all of your nose up my asshole. Is
that as far as it will go?”

Kerry managed a meek yes and continued wiggling her
nose around in the young girl’s asshole. Little pieces
of shit were falling on the covers of the bed but Carol
had Kerry continue working her nose in deep. Finally
Carol let her quit and Kerry pulled her nose out of the
dirty hole and Kerry had shit all over her nose. All of
them thought this was amusing.

“Did she push your shit back up into your rectum,
sweetheart? If she did, make her eat some before Amelia
gets a chance. We all can take turns and this cunt will
have a big belly full of shit before this evening is

“Yes, she did push it back up into my rectum. I’m going
to have to push it back down for her. But first, bitch,
I want you to just lick my asshole clean and then pick
up all those little pieces on the bedcovers. Don’t lick
them up, pick them up with your lips. That’s it. Oh boy,
does she ever have a nice tongue. You really found a
good one this time. OOOOHH yes, that feels beautiful!”

Kerry continued to lick and then was instructed to pick
up the pieces off the bedcovers with her lips.

“Now get your mouth, your dirty mouth back on my shit-
hole. I’m really going to give you a mouthful. Not like
Abra did. I’m going to make your cheeks bulge.”

Kerry hesitated a moment and then slowly placed her
mouth back on Carol’s asshole. Carol began to grunt and
slowly her asshole opened wider and wider until her crap
was slowly entering Kerry’s mouth, but it didn’t stop

Carol continued to shit until her turd had filled the
back of Kerry’s mouth against her tongue and slowly
wedged out till indeed it started to bulge Kerry’s
cheeks. Carol pinched her asshole closed and Kerry drew
back with an enormous mouthful of shit. It was all over
her lips as well and Carol told her to start chewing.

Carol giggled, “Look at her face, you’d think we were
giving her poison. Keep chewing cunt, I want you to chew
it all up before you swallow it. Oh fuck, look at her
face! That look is absolutely divine.”

Kelly continued to chew the filthy mess, knowing that
if she threw it up or spit it out, there would be hell
to pay. The filthy taste of the shit made her want to
retch but she kept it back with a maximum of will power.
She chewed on the mouthful of shit a good ten minutes
before they let her swallow it.

The inside of her mouth felt like a horrible creature
had crawled in there and died. She choked back the
desire to puke and was told to lick Carol’s asshole
again, to get the remaining messy brown goo off the
girl’s asshole. Kerry licked and licked. Slowly she was
cleaning up this mess, but it was difficult because her
mouth was all brown to begin with.

“What do you think about the taste of shit now, little
girl?” Abra asked.

“It’s terrible!” Kerry responded and made a face.

“You’d better change your mind about that, because this
week you will eat a lot of shit, especially later in the
week when all those ladies get here. They always love to
use one of my new toilet girls.”

“Eating all that shit will get me sick,” Kerry

“Nonsense. Carol here has been eating shit for over two
years now and she hasn’t gotten sick once from eating
it. In fact, she has learned to love that filthy taste.”

“Well I won’t, I can guarantee you that,” Kerry spat

“You don’t have much choice, Amelia here is wanting to
give you some now. You get down on your knees on the bed
and Amelia will give you some.”

Kerry noticed Carol strapping on a big dildo. “What’s
she going to do with that dildo?”

“I’m going to shove it up your ass. While you are eating
Amelia’s shit, I’m going to be cornholing you good. Ever
been cornholed?”

“No. Never. That dildo looks so big,” Kerry again looked

“You’ve got lots of room in your asshole for this thing.
You’ve got more room in your ass than in your cunt!
Maybe twice as much so you just hang on. Start by
putting your mouth right on Amelia’s asshole. I’ll be
able to see it very well from this angle. She’s going to
take a big crap right in your dirty mouth.”

Kerry began to cry.

“Cry all you want bitch, but the game is set. Now reach
back and spread the cheeks of your ass. I’ll be able to
go in real smooth that way. If you don’t, I’ll probably
just slam this dildo into your ass and you will feel
lots of pain. What will it be?”

Kerry reached back with both hands and pulled her
buttocks wide apart.

“I’m going to get to cornhole a cherry shit-hole! Get a
mouthful of shit first, I want you to taste that stuff
you let out of your shit-hole. Start chewing it up real
good and then I’ll slip this dildo right up your cherry

Amelia began to dilate her asshole right in Kerry’s

“Get your mouth up there, bitch. Didn’t I tell you once?
That’s it, get a big mouthful. Now get ready. Oh Amelia
baby, you’re really giving her a mouthful, it’s pushing
her mouth back. Stop! Stop, don’t give her any more. I
wish I could watch her face but I’ve got other things to
do …. I’ve going to shove this big dildo up her shit
factory. Get ready slut, here it comes!”

Kerry let out a muffled cry because she had a mouthful
of shit.

“She’s tight all right. I guess she wasn’t kidding when
she said she was a back-door virgin.”

Amelia turned around to watch her and had to instruct
her to start chewing. “What does it taste like? Good I
hope. Carol says I have good tasting shit.”

Again Kerry was making a horrible face and Amelia
slapped her. “I think it’s about time you ate shit
without making a face. It’s not polite,” and Amelia
slapped her again.

Kerry straightened out her face as best she could as she
chewed up the terrible garbage. The mouthful she had was
very big in size, almost four inches long by one inch
thick. It bulged her cheeks with each chew and she did
her best to chew it without making a face. Added to
this, Carol was working that big dildo in deeply, at
least 9 inches.

With every hunch of the dildo, Kerry tried desperately
to not make a face of pain. With this horrible taste in
her mouth and that terrible pain in her ass, it was all
she could do to keep from spitting out the mouthful of
shit and screaming out. Finally however, Amelia allowed
her to swallow it and all that crude grainy substance
flowed down her throat into her stomach. It was all she
could do to keep from throwing up.

Meanwhile, Carol kept sawing the dildo in and out of her
ass, stroke after stroke, until the pain subsided
somewhat into a dull ache. Amelia stood up on the bed
and placed her cunt on Kerry’s mouth and began to
urinate. She dribbled piss for at least four full
minutes before she got down and then Abra took her place
and did the same thing. It was horrible for Kerry.
Eating all that shit, her mouth being pissed in and that
dildo still working in her ass.

At last, Carol pulled the dildo out of Kerry’s ass and
it was all covered with streaks of brown shit, which
Carol brought around to Kerry’s face. “Now cunt, lick
this dildo clean. If I had known you needed to shit I
would have had you do it and then eat it before I fucked
you in the ass. There is less lubrication will all that
shit in there. So get busy, lick it clean!”

Kerry leaned forward and touched the dildo with her
tongue. It didn’t taste much different than the other
shit did and she began licking up and down the big shaft
to erase all signs of brown streaks. She continued to
lick the dildo because she knew that the ladies had more
shit for her and would make her continue when she
stopped licking.

“That will be enough for now. We have found out that we
have to let inexperienced sluts like you take their time
when eating shit, on the first day at least. Tomorrow
will be another day and more shit for you to eat. You
might have to eat it all in one round first time
tomorrow or we may let you take your time. But today, we
will let you stretch it out, eat some every so often.
You have probably eaten no more than a tenth of what we
will be giving you yet today.”

“Thank you,” Kerry managed to say.

“But when the end of the week comes around and those
five other ladies get here, you had better have an empty
stomach. I have seen each and every one of them do it
all at once in a girl’s mouth and then another until all
five of them have shit in a girl’s mouth. So you better
be ready.”

“There are five others, besides you and Amelia and

“Oh no, Carol will be helping you, or at least she wants
to help you. But whenever I get a new girl they all want
to use her, so maybe Carol here won’t get any.”

Kerry shivered, “I know I will get sick eating all

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