Eight Ball, Nicky’s Corner Pocket

Nicky was thrilled that Karl had asked her to go with
him tonight to the club and shoot some pool. Karl went
to the club almost every Friday night without Nicky so
this was a special occasion. Nicky arranged the
babysitter for the kids and spent the afternoon
deciding what she should wear.

Nicky knew at 36 and after three kids she did not have
the body she had when she and Karl met. But Nicky worked
hard to keep her 5 foot 6 inch frame in good shape,
running at least three days a week. Now Karl would be
home in about an hour and Nicky stood naked in front of
the bathroom after a vigorous shower. Her long, brown
hair still wet, Nicky pouted at her 36B breast as she
always felt they were too small.

“At least they don’t sag,” Nicky sighed and turned to
check out her still firm ass. The running paid off in
that department. Nicky took the scissors and proceeded to
clip her pubic hair as close as possible. She next took
some of Karl’s shaving cream and smeared it into the
pubic hair left and began to shave away all but a thin
strip about one-half inch wide and two inches long just
above her cunt lips. Nicky thought for a minute, shrugged
her shoulders and shaved her cunt lips completely bare.
She remembered doing this before and driving Karl
crazy and since tonight was special, Nicky decided to
treat Karl again.

After Nicky shaved and dried her hair, she slipped on the
black thongs she bought especially for this night. They
had a small batch of silky material shaped in a “V” in
front, two strings that attached at a one inch strip
that nestle between Nicky’s firm ass cheeks. Next was a
matching black bra, padded to push her small breasts
out just a little.

Finally Nicky pulled on the skirt and looked in the
mirror again. The skirt was shorter that Nicky usually
wore, about four inches above her knees and with
buttons up the front to show more leg if she wanted. It
was sized just right for Nicky and she turned to see if
the thongs had done their job and smiled at the absence
of panty lines.

Next Nicky pulled on the sheer, black top and after
buttoning it, made sure the opaque pockets covered her
breast. Even though Nicky wore a bra, her modesty would
not allow her to go completely see-through. Nicky was
thankful for her long shapely legs that were tanned and
required no stockings. She slipped her feet into the
black heels and fastened the ankle straps. Nicky then
walked into the hallway and looked in the full-length

“Not bad,” Nicky thought as she turned to the left and
right checking herself out. She even bent over faking a
billiard shot and looked back to make sure nothing was
revealed. Although her skirt pulled up and she could
feel the cool air on her ass, the bottom of the skirt
remained at least a couple inches before revealing
anything. Nicky was distracted by Karl’s arrival home
and hurried downstairs.

Karl whistled when he saw Nicky and kissed her
passionately. Nicky could feel the bulge rising in his
trousers as Karl’s hand went to her ass and squeezed.

“Let me shower quickly, so we can leave when the
babysitter arrives,” Karl stated and ran up the
stairs. “I can’t wait for tonight and to show you off
to the guys.”

Within thirty minutes the babysitter arrived and Nicky
and Karl were on their way to the club to shoot pool.
In the car, Karl’s hand rested on the inside of Nicky’s
thigh and he occasionally worked his fingers up to her
crotch and stroked her slit through the material. Nicky
enjoyed this attention and could feel the moisture
starting as Karl touched her. It had been many weeks
since she and Karl had gone out and Nicky was excited
just to be invited to his weekly pool matches.

As they arrived at the club, Karl ordered a beer for
himself and a glass of wine for Nicky. Nicky was surprised
at the size of the club. It was truly billiard pallor
with at least twenty tables stretching side by side
down a long room. There were few women, most obviously
with certain men except for the numerous female
waitresses serving drinks. Nicky noticed two restrooms
and excused herself to the women’s while Karl waited
for a table.

Inside the restroom, again Nicky was impressed with the
size, at least four stalls and no waiting. Nicky decided
that this club was a class place and began to feel more
comfortable. By the time she exited the restroom, Karl
was waving her to a table near the back of the room.
Karl explained to Nicky that he could end up playing
anyone. The pool game cost ten dollars to enter and a
player signaled his intent to play by placing at ten-
dollar bill on the table next in line. A player played
until beaten, or if match play for money, until he
wanted to quit. Karl was up next and selected a cue
while Nicky found an empty stool to sit and watch.

Nicky watched intently as Karl played again and again
and felt very proud that he was winning. After winning
one match, Karl came over and kissed Nicky and told her
that the two men wanted to play partners for more than
ten dollars. Karl said he would play and found someone
to be his partner.

Nicky sipped her fourth glass of wine as the game
started. Nicky looked at the two men that were playing
against Karl and they made her uncomfortable. One was
a tall, black man, over six feet and probably weighing
over two hundred pounds. Nicky thought he looked very
menacing. Nicky heard him called Charles. His partner,
called Todd was white, short and stocky with a receding

Nicky’s discomfort increased as the games continued when
she caught Charles and Todd whispering and pointing in
her direction. Nicky knew she was a little tipsy from the
wine and at one point caught Charles looking straight
up her skirt. Nicky slid off the stool and caught Karl’s
face and saw the worry. Nicky pointed to the restroom and

When Nicky returned, no one was playing pool. Karl’s
partner was gone, and Charles and Todd were obviously
arguing with Karl. As Nicky approached the three men she
could see that Karl’s face was paled.

“Your going to pay,” Todd yelled as he grabbed the
front of Karl’s shirt.”

When Nicky arrived she queried Karl as to the problem.
Karl pulled Nicky to the side and told her he had made a
big mistake. Karl explained to Nicky that these two men
were “hustlers,” “pool sharks.” Nicky did not understand
as she saw the two men pointing at her and whispering
again. Karl informed Nicky he owed the men about fifteen
thousand dollars and they wanted there money now.

Todd and Charles came up behind Karl and jerked him

“We want our money you bastard,” Todd shouted, “but we
got a way that you can pay us” and gave Nicky a leer that
told her this was not a good situation.

“What do you want?” Karl asked.

“You give us this pretty, little bitch here for twenty-
four hours and we’ll forget the fifteen thousand,” Todd

Karl held up his hand to Nicky’s protest and Nicky stood
in shock as Karl asked that they not hurt her. Nicky
yelled at Karl and said she would not consent. Karl
pulled her aside and explained that the two men would
hurt him bad, maybe even kill him if he didn’t do
something. Before Nicky could speak another word, Karl
turned and told the two men they had a deal.

Nicky tried to scream as Todd covered her mouth with one
hand and pushed her toward the men’s restroom with
Charles close behind. “You can pick her up her, at this
time, tomorrow night,” were Todd’s words to Karl as he
pushed Nicky into the men’s restroom.

Nicky stumbled as she was pushed toward the back wall of
the restroom. “You bastards can’t do this, leave me
alone,” she screamed.

Todd struck Nicky across the side of the face with his
open hand knocking her to the floor, “Shut up, bitch,
we have a deal and you’ll play or you’ll wished you’d
never met us.” With that Todd pushed Nicky into the last
stall and forced her to bend over placing her hands on
the toilet. Charles remained outside the stall and
watched the door.

“Don’t you make a sound, bitch,” Todd whispered into
Nicky’s ear. Tears began to flow from Nicky’s eyes as she
felt Todd’s hand reach up under her skirt. He grabbed
her thong and with one tug, Nicky felt the flimsy
material rip away. Todd dropped the torn thong into the
water of the toilet.

“Please don’t do this,” Nicky begged as Todd pushed her
skirt above her waist. Nicky stiffened as she felt Todd’s
thick finger probing her cunt. She cursed silently to
herself as Todd remarked to Charles about how wet Nicky
already was. Todd kicked her legs out wider while he
sawed first one finger, then a second finger in and out
of Nicky’s cunt.

Nicky hung her head down and tried not to respond to the
friction of her assailant’s fingers on her clit. Todd
could feel Nicky’s juices increasing and with two fingers
buried deep into her cunt, Todd began to rub Nicky’s clit
with his thumb. Nicky tried to resist and pull her legs
together but Todd just kicked them further apart. Todd
could feel Nicky’s clit harden as he continued to rub
with his thumb.

“Please,” Nicky begged again when she felt Todd’s free
hand pulling at the buttons of her shirt. Finally, he
freed enough buttons to reach into her shirt and push
Nicky’s bra up and out of the way. This gave the man free
access to Nicky’s breasts and his large hand almost
completely engulfed her right tit and squeezed. Nicky was
trapped between the wall and toilet where she rested
her hands and the weight of Todd abusing her body. To
add to her humiliation, she could hear men coming and
going in the restroom and no one even suspected that a
woman was being raped in the stall Charles protected.

Nicky was relieved momentarily when Todd released her
breast. He had squeezed her tit and pulled her nipple
so much that it was becoming sore. Nicky’s relief was
only momentary as she heard the distinct sound of a
zipper and braced herself for what she suspected was
next. She gasped as she felt the head of Todd’s dick at
the entrance to her cunt.

Nicky could not believe the size and tried to imagine
just how big this man’s dick could be. It was at least
three times the size of Karl’s and Nicky sobbed again as
Todd pushed forward past her cunt lips. Nicky fought back
at scream as she felt the enormous head of Todd’s cock
push into her cunt. Her cunt walls were being stretched
to the maximum and Nicky thought for sure Todd would
injure her.

“You’re hurting me, please stop,” Nicky cried. But Todd
assured Nicky no one had died from his cock yet and
forced another two inches deep inside her. Nicky shifted
her weight and tried not to be pushed into the wall.
She let out a small yelp as Todd forcefully buried his
twelve-inch tool to the balls into Nicky’s cunt. Nicky
froze afraid to move as Todd stood still allowing her
cunt to accommodate to his size. She felt Todd’s hands
as they snaked around her chest and pulled her blouse
open exposing her breast.

With little effort, Todd yanked Nicky’s bra down under
her breasts and then grabbed both of her tits in his
hands and massaged them roughly. Nicky continued to
remain still and sobbed softly, her cunt on fire from
the size of the intrusion. Nicky could hear the bathroom
door open and close and the sounds of men using the
urinal unaware of her predicament.

Todd slowly withdrew his cock until the tip was almost
out of Nicky’s cunt then slammed it back. He used Nicky’s
breasts as handles holding her tits tightly in his
hands as he rhythmically fucked her tight cunt. Nicky
could feel the head of Todd’s dick pounding against her
cervix with each inward stroke. She felt like he would
push into her uterus with each stroke. Nicky hung her
head between her extended arms as Todd quickened his
pace. She knew he was about to cum and prayed that he
would not cum inside her.

Nicky felt Todd tense then drive his cock deeper than
ever. Nicky squealed and Todd took one hand and covered
her mouth as his seed spurted inside her. Nicky struggled
to breath around Todd’s hand as she felt the warmth of
his sperm bathing her cervix. She mentally tried to
count the days since her last period, but was
distracted by the throbbing of Todd’s dick inside her.

Finally Todd released her mouth and her breast and
little by little removed his prick from her cunt. Tears
fell from Nicky’s eyes striking the water in the toilet
bowl below her head. Her arms ached from being
outstretched against the wall supporting her weight and
Todd’s while he fucked her. As Todd’s cock left her
cunt, Nicky could feel his cum dripping down the inside
of her thigh. She gasped as she heard the distinctive
“click” of a knife opening. Nicky froze when she felt the
cold steel tip at her right nipple.

“It’s my partner’s turn, bitch, if you make a sound, if
you move, I will cut you up like fish bait,” Todd
whispered in Nicky’s ear and then to make his point
pushed the tip of the knife into Nicky’s right nipple
causing a droplet of blood to form. Nicky was pale with
fear and nodded her head in understanding. She heard
the stall door slap shut and darned to glance behind
her. There was a mirror on the back of the door and Nicky
could see her tight ass with the skin stretched as she
bent over the toilet. Her black skirt bunched around
her waist. Nicky saw her cunt was still slightly opened
and could see the cum leaking out of it and down her

The door swung open and Nicky looked away as Charles
entered the stall.

“You’ve ruined this bitch for me,” Charles yelled to

“Just use the other hole, but hurry up,” Todd replied.

Nicky trembled at Todd’s words suspecting which hole Todd
meant. She and Karl had tried anal sex one time, but
it had been so uncomfortable, Nicky had refused to let
him do it again. Now Nicky was bent over and her ass
fully available to this animal and she knew he intended
to fuck her in the ass. Nicky’s mind raced to find a way
to avoid this violation.

“Please,” Nicky whispered, “please, don’t do it, I’ll do
anything, please.” But Charles ignored her as he took
three fingers and inserted them into Nicky’s well-
stretched cunt. Charles removed a large glob of Todd’s
cum and smeared it into Nicky’s ass working two fingers
into her tight asshole.

“No, not there,” Nicky cried, “please, take your fingers
out, please don’t do it there.” Nicky could feel the head
of Charles’s cock at her tight ring. His dick rested
between her ass cheeks tormenting the opening to Nicky’s
colon. Charles reached around and placed one hand over
Nicky’s mouth and wrapped the other around her waist to
hold her. Once in position, Charles did not hesitate,
he shoved his hard dick pass Nicky’s asshole and deep
into her colon in one powerful drive. Nicky jerked her
head around trying to free her mouth so her screams
could be heard. The pain in her ass was so intense Nicky
thought she would pass out. Once inside her, Charles
waited until Nicky stopped fighting. Nicky’s respirations
were very rapid as she tried to fight through the pain.

Charles waited until her breathing slowed and then
moved his cock outward and shoved it back in. Nicky blew
air hard against Charles hand, her eyes were bulging
and squinting as her ass felt as if it were on fire.
Nicky took her hand down to try and fight back in some
way and Charles quickly placed it back against the wall
and thrust in and out again. Nicky heard the bathroom
door open and the voices of at least three men and
tried to think of a way to be rescued. She finally
kicked back with her foot hitting the stall door.
Charles reached up and twisted her nipple causing Nicky
to struggle against him again.

“Be still, bitch,” Charles whisper, “or I’ll let Todd
have your ass.”

Nicky froze at the suggestion. She did not even consider
the size of Charles but knew he was significantly
smaller than Todd. When Nicky froze, Charles started
slowly fucking in and out of Nicky’s ass. Although each
stroke brought more waves of pain, Nicky endured it and
tried to focus on the conversations she could hear
between Todd and the three men.

After only two or three minutes, Charles stiffened and
Nicky felt her colon bathed in sperm dulling the pain a
bit as Charles continued to pump her ass. As he removed
his hand from Nicky’s mouth she just spit into the toilet
and quietly wept. Charles pumped two or three last
times, then abruptly pulled his dick from Nicky’s ass.
Nicky could now feel sperm leaking down the crack of her
ass to her cunt as Charles left her there bent over the
toilet and joined Todd outside the stall.

Nicky rose up and moved her tired and sore arms back and
forth. She was not sure what to do and had not any
pulled her skirt down when Todd entered the stall

“No one told you to get up you little whore,” Todd
yelled at Nicky and turned her back around and pushed her
over the toilet again her hands resting on the wall in
front of her. “We’ve got to make that money your
husband owes us.”

Nicky at first did not understand, then she heard Todd
tell someone a price, then the obvious sound of money
being counted out. Nicky had tried to deny the
inevitable, but when the stall door opened again and it
was a stranger, Nicky wept out loud knowing she was being
sold like a cheap whore. The stranger ignored Nicky’s
crying and immediately shoved his cock into her well-
lubricated cunt and began fucking her vigorously. Nicky
continued to cry as he quickly came inside her, pulled
out and wiped his dick across the back of her leg.

“No more, please no more,” Nicky begged as she felt a
second stranger’s dick pushing into her cunt.

“Beg me you whore,” the stranger ordered as he rammed
his rod in and out of her cock.

Nicky refused to say anything and the stranger stopped
fucking her, leaving his dick pushed into her cunt, and
complained to Todd. Todd pushed by the stranger and
whispered into Nicky’s ear about the fish bait and told
her to do what she was asked.

“Please do it to me,” Nicky said in a barely audible

The stranger resumed pounding his meat in and out of
her cunt, “Louder, and beg to be fucked,” he ordered.

“Fuck me, fuck me,” Nicky shouted in grunts as the second
stranger also climaxed quickly. He extricated himself
from Nicky’s cunt and complained to Todd that she had
made him cum to soon. Todd just ignored him and
collected the money from the third guy.

“So, I get her ass,” the third guy asked reassuringly
as he entered the stall behind Nicky, “she’s well-

Nicky made no sound, no comment as the third man worked
his cock into her ass. She noticed that there was no
pain this time and assumed the man must be smaller than
Charles or she was so full of cum the walls of her ass
were slick enough to prevent discomfort. The third
stranger pulled Nicky’s tits as he fucked her ass and he
too quickly came and exited the stall.

Nicky remained bent over, waiting. Finally Todd entered,
grabbed her by the arm and began pulling her toward the
bathroom door. Nicky was just able to pull her skirt down
as they exited the bathroom and Charles took the other
arm. As the two men half walked, half dragged Nicky out
of the club she frantically searched for Karl. Karl
was nowhere to be found and Nicky found herself outside
the club with Charles waiting for Todd to come around
with the car.

Charles pushed Nicky into the car with Todd and they
drove to a seedy hotel in the bad part of town. Charles
rented a room for the night, and the three of them went
into the room. Once inside, Todd and Charles ordered
Nicky to strip. Nicky was defeated and had no resistance
left and she removed her clothing. Charles lay on the
bed, naked with his cock erect again and motioned for
Nicky to straddle him Nicky was slow to move so Todd lifted
her by the arms and sat her down on Charles’s cock.

Nicky stared blankly, not knowing what was expected until
Charles pulled her down on top of him causing her ass
to stick high in the arm. Charles wrapped his arms
tightly around Nicky with his cock impaled inside her.
Nicky could barely move and then she felt the weight of
Todd on the bed and the tip of his massive cock at her

“Noooooooo, God, nooooo,” Nicky wailed as Todd forced his
cock passed her slightly stretched anal ring.

Nicky pulled and twisted trying to free herself from
Charles as Todd tried to work his cock inch by inch
into Nicky’s ass.

“God your killing me, your tearing my insides out,
please stop, please take it out of my ass,” Nicky begged
and shouted. Todd just laughed and worked another inch
of dick into her ass. He now had about six inches of
cock and paused to allow Nicky to relax.

Nicky continued to fight against the tight grip Charles
had around her. When she realized she could not escape
and with the pain increasing Nicky decided to bargain.

“Take it out, pleasssseee take it out of my ass, I’ll
suck your cocks, I’ll fuck both of you until you cum
again, don’t fuck my ass, please, stop, please stop,”
Nicky begged. Todd was finished being gentle and let his
weight fall forward driving the remainder of his cock
into Nicky’s ass. Nicky felt her ass tearing and fell
forward onto Charles wailing with pain.

“Let’s fuck this bitch good,” Charles commented and
with those words, the two men fucked Nicky in unison. Nicky
gave up fighting and begging and was like a ragdoll
being thrown about between the two men as they fucked
both of her holes together. Charles came first and
remained buried in Nicky’s cunt as Todd continued to fuck
her ass with long strokes. Nicky could feel the thin
material separating the two cocks being abused from
both sides. As Todd’s cock grew to climax, Nicky could
not bear the pain any longer and passed out. Todd
finished cumming and pulled his shit-stained dick from
Nicky’s ass trailing a line of cum behind him.

Todd and Charles returned Nicky to Karl the next night
as promised. Nicky’s clothes were in disarrayed and it
was obvious she had no bra. Neither Nicky nor Karl spoke
as they traveled home. Karl undressed Nicky and saw the
bite marks on her breasts, ass and inside thighs and
helped her into the shower. Nicky never spoke a word and
just looked dazed. After several minutes inside the
shower, Nicky slumped into the tub and sobbed. The next
day, Nicky was cold to Karl, but never said a word about
what had happened and Karl never asked.

About three weeks after that Friday night, a package
arrived addressed to Karl. Nicky was not at home and
Karl opened the package to find a videotape. He placed
it in his VCR and was shocked at what he saw. There was
Nicky when at least a dozen men crowded around her. She
was being fucked in the cunt, mouth, and ass at the
same time while her tits were being milked and sucked.

Karl could not take his eyes off the video as each man
took a turn fucking his wife; some were black, white,
and Hispanic. Karl never realized what Nicky had been
put through as he saw Todd and Charles collecting money
at the door as more men entered the tiny motel room.

All in all Karl counted over sixty men had fucked his
wife on the videotape. Karl took the tape out and
found a note saying that the tape had been sold to a
distributor for $15,000.00, it was entitled, “Eight
Ball, Nicky’s Corner Pocket.”

Nicky stood at the end of the pool table in her short red
skirt and halter-top. She glanced over at Todd playing
pool with the man at the table. Todd whispered
something to the man, and he handed Todd some money.

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