Exhibitionist in me

My hi my name is Sara. Iam 19 years old and IAM an exhibitionist, i like it when people see me, and when they see me, it gives me an unexplainable feeling, i have two younger brothers and one elder sister, mom and dad works very late in office, and my sister take it as a chance and stay out late with her boyfriend James. My two brothers, either play their video games, or go to their after school baseball practice.

My sister room is down stairs and my room is opposite to my brothers room on first floor. Our parents room is adjacent to kitchen, and granny’s room is opposite to our parents room. But she passed away last year. Sometimes when i miss her, i go and sleep in her room.

When no one’s home i get naked and wander around house. Sometimes i play with myself. Or just move around in every one’s rooms use their beds and masturbate. And think about ,they walking on me while i have an orgasm, and joins me or fuck me instead. But, all the excitements ends with the orgasm. So, i just leave their rooms, cleaning my presence. Sometimes i just lay in the living room, watching TV. I wanted them catch me naked, all of them. But i always get afraid about what they’ll think of me if they really found out.

When i was younger, me and my sister used to share the room. She’s much older than me, so she used to masturbate a lot. I used to hear the sloppy sound of her hand moving in her pussy, i used to get very curious that why she always take so long to get out of the bathroom.

This One time i woke up in the middle of the night and i did not found my sister in her bed. I saw the light comming from the bathroom door, The door was not locked so, i opend the door to use the loo. But found my sister naked, bouncing on a dildo sticked to the bathroom wall. That Dildo was almost as big as my leg. And she was moaning loud and her breast were jumping up and down. She was having an orgasm when i opend the door, she saw me and started yelling at me. “How dare you walking on me like that, get out of my bathroom now. You stupid pervert bitch”. I didn’t even knew the meaning of bitch and the time.

So, the next morning. She told every thing to mom. And mom also shouted at me. But, i was standing there didn’t even know what i did wrong. Then granny came in and stop my mom. She yelled at her” she’s just a k*d she didn’t even know what she was doing” granny said and turned towards Alice ( my older sister) and yelled at her ” And you, you little cunt, if you want to fuck yourself next time close the fucking door. get back to your fucking room. You whore”. My sister and mom was standing there in shock looking at me and granny.

Then granny took my hand and said ” come my little angel. Come with me you’ll sleep with from now on and I’ll give you ,your own room next year on your birthday ok, come”. I then asked my granny what happened, and what i did wrong , she said ” you did not do anything wrong my angel its your sister’s fault.” But, i was confused what she was doing in the bathroom with the dady’s pee pee i asked her, She started laughing and said ” that was not your dady pee pee its made out of rubber” then she explained everything to me about periods, women, men, masturbation, and sex. She told me may be from the next year I’ll have my first period too.

After i got my first period granny told me what to do and what not. I then helped many of my friends on their first periods too. Well enough of my old storeies .

let me tell you how i became an Exhibitionist.

One day i was in the school toilet and heard someone moaning. And the voice was comming from one of the toilets so, i waited for that person to come out. And it was Emily my best friend. She was watching porn on her phone and was masturbating.Before this day i had never mastubated. When Emily saw me she got scared and looked at me in shock. I asked her what was that noise she was making. She was my best friend so, she spilled everything. And showed me porn for the first time.

It was something that i never saw in life. It felt like i was sinning but watching it gave me some tingling sensation in my pussy. My hand automatically ran through my skirt and i started rubbing my pussy. My nipples got hard and was poking from my T-SHIRT, and were very visible. I started biting my lower lip and slowly started to rub around clit. It was like a jolt of electricity running thorough my pussy to my nippels and into my whole body. Emily paused the video and looked at me for a second.

I felt lips locking my lips and i opend my eyes, it was Emily. The moment her soft lips touched mine, i felt a jolt running from spine to my pussy. For a moment i wanted to push her away but, it was so good that i started to kiss her back. We kiss for like 3 minutes and then she moved away. I was in a state of a mini orgasm and my pussy was dripping wet. I opend my eyes and asked her what was that about she touched my pussy through my skirt, her touch gave me a little shock and i moaned a little, then she rubbed her finger. And a string of transparent fluid was on her finger. ” Well. Whatever it was, feels like you enjoyed it” she said with her wicked smile.

She then said “lets bunk the last class and leave the school. I know a place where we can be alone”. I said yes to her purposel . We sneaked out of school to her home. I asked ” its your home, i thought you were taking me somewhere secret “. She said ” it is my secret place look, My family will not come untill tomorrow and my babysitter is not comming today so, you can stay as long as you want.” Then she open her house and ran into her room. She put her bag on the chair and started to get undress.

Watching her getting undressed was getting me wet. She got totally naked, her pussy was pink and was shaved she had c-cup.I was sitting on her bed, she moved towards me and sat on my lap facing me, and started to kiss.I have kissed a boy once and i knew how to kiss. So, i started to use my tongue and we kissed for sometime, then she slowly ran her hand from my face to my boobs and started to feel them. I was gonna have my orgasm just by getting touch on my nipples. Then she slowly grabbed the ends of t-shirt and removed it there i was topless. I was more than C cup so, they were bigger than Emily.

After that she removed my skirt and pulled it all the way through my legs and throws it in the ground. She asked me if had ever masturbated i moved my head in Denial. “Then let me teach you that first” she said. She sat beside me on the edge and she showed me how to rub pussy. Then i tried i ran my finger like the girl in porn and like Emily was doing it. The sensation started after a minute and i was in state of pleasure. The pleasure that i had never ever felt in my life.

With every passing second the sensation started to increase. Emily beside me watching me rubbing my pussy and i was watching her rubbing herself. It was the beast of life. After a few minutes passed, the sensation started to get out of my control. My breath started to increased and my whole body was like shaking. I wanted to stop but the feeling was so good. That i just wanted it go on and on. I laid on the bed and my toes got curled up in the bed sheet. I started to moan loud “AAAAAAHHHHHHHhhhh……” And i had my first ever orgasm my whole body was shaking and i was bouncing on the bed. After a few minutes the sensation got lowered and i was numb i can’t move any part of my body and. Emily beside had her orgasm too.

She looked at me and asked. ” How was it? How was your first ever orgasm” i was laying on her bed, totally naked and breathing heavy. I said ” i can’t feel my legs, it was the thing that had happened to since I’m alive” Emily smiled and started to walk towards the door. ” Where are you going ?” I asked her ” to the kitchen ” she said ” i thirsty from all that i want some water” and open the door ” your going like that. You did not have anything on” i said . She smiled at me ” there’s no one at home and beside i stay naked all the time when im alone, don’t you do that” i was shocked and said ” no, i Don’t ”

“Well you should try it feels good, common come with me and enjoy the feeling of freedom” she said and walked to the kitchen. I followed her and stepped out of her like someone is going to caught me. While following her to the kitchen i was in a constant fear of someone will caught us but there was no one there. We entered the kitchen and she took out a bottel of orange juice from the fridge. While she was pouring it in the glasses i jumped and on the kitchen counter. It was cold and i had never felt something touch my skin like that my ass was touching the counter and i could felt the coldness on my pussy. I smiled at Emily and said ” you were right this is the best feeling. And im gonna be naked every chance i get in my house too.”

We stayed naked the whole day then i called my parents to inform that im gonna stay at Emily’s they said yes. That night we masturbated the whole night. Next morning when i woke up i saw Emily in the bathroom taking a shower i open the door and joined her. We kissed. Then we soapped each other and gave eachother an orgasm. When we steppes out Emily moved the curtains and got into the wardrobe. To change. I was wet so i was soaking my self with a towel looking my self in the mirror. Then i saw in the reflection that some old guy was watching me, and i got scared. And started to think is he really looking at me. And i observed that he was looking at me. This was weird because something in me wanted him to keep look at me. I did not tried to hide my self i just kept soaking my wet hairs. This gave a feeling like some butterflies in my stomach and in my pussy. I saw his reflection in the mirror so i turned towards the window and moved towards it.

I don’t know why i was doing it, but it was a great feeling that someone is watching me. My pussy started get wet. When i looked out side the window, the man hide behind the wall. I saw that so stand there for him to peek. When he did peek, pretended to just watching out side. I was naked standing in the window looking out side. I stand there for few minutes and the moved back a little i took my panties and started to wear it really slow and put on a show for him. Wore all my cloths. Then stand again in the window and winked at the man. He was Emily’s neighbor. I waved at him and then he waved back. Out of no where i asked him ” did you enjoyed the show” he moved his head in approval. Then Emily came out and asked ” who are you talking to? ” I said “your naughty neighbor ” and smiled ” oh.. my god .. did you pose for him?” Emily asked ” yes i did he was looking at me so i showed my self a littel” i said ” GOD…. Sara so’ you are an exhibitionist ?” She asked ” im a what? ” I asked her back ,she said “exhibitionist who like to show off there body to people”

im a what”

Well, may iam an exhibitionist. This is how i got to know that I’m an Exhibitionist.