Filipina girlfriend gets stuck in a snow storm

My girlfriend is a petite Filipino and was brought up conservative. She was a virgin till 26 and when I started seeing her had only slept with 5 or 6 guys. She would get undressed under the covers and didn’t want to have sex with the light on. Over several months she relaxed enough that those things went away and she free’d up some. I introduced her to Penthouse Letters and soon found she got soaking wet and had stronger orgasms when reading naughty wife stories, either MFM or wives coming home to her husband after having sex with another guy or two.

When fucking and kissing at the same time she would suck on my tongue like it was another cock so I’d whisper in her ear that I wished it was my dick she was sucking while someone else fucked her. This generally got an instant orgasm.

I live in another state some 200 miles from her. I drive over an the road semi and was on my way home last Friday morning. She was coming down to stay the weekend and had left trying to time getting to my place about when I said I’d be home. Being January in the mid-atlantic area weather is very unpredictable. It started snowing early in her trip and by the time she was halfway the roads were getting bad. She called me and said I’d have to come pick her up if she could not make it all the way. “Just call” I said “and as soon as I get to the house I’ll jump in my pickup and come get you.”

I got home and hadn’t heard from her so I figured all was well and hopped in the shower. Then laid down for a nap so I’d have enough energy to keep up with my horny little woman when she got there. The doorbell woke me and thinking I’d only been asleep for a short time (it had been 3 hours) I went to the front door to find my girlfriend standing there. She stepped in and the overwhelming smell of sex and her disheveled appearance alarmed me, I asked what happened and if she was ok. She stood on her toes and kissed me hard, shoving her tongue in my mouth. All I could taste was what my balls smelled like after a long day at work with a hint of man cum.

This of course turned me on, I had an instant raging boner. Pulling back I blurted “what happened, where is your car?” She grabbed my hand, leading me to the bedroom said she had a story to tell but could only bring herself to tell me while we were having sex. She stripped off her jacket and teeshirt before laying down and asked me to help with her yoga pants. Reaching under her ass to grab the waist band I saw a very big wet spot in the crotch. As I peeled them off the smell of cum wafted up and her pussy had it oozing out. I knelt down and buried my face in her swollen wet pussy as she started to speak.

Shortly after hanging up with me she stopped at a rest area to pee. When she tried to back out of her spot the car just spun its tires. A plow truck was in the rest area so she walked over and asked him if he could help her. He said ”honey, the way you are going is worse than the way you came from.” She said said she would be stuck here for more 2 hours waiting for her boyfriend to come get her. He offered to give her a lift in that direction so she didn’t have to wait so long. She figures he works for the state so he must be a nice enough guy and agreed to ride with him.

Grabbing her bag out of the car they started down the highway. He had it pretty toasty inside the truck so she took her jacket off. Being small breasted I had convinced her to go without her bra whenever possible and car trips were no exception. She tried to call me but being asleep I didn’t hear the phone ring. He was nice and chatty all the while looking over at her a fare amount. He must have been able to tell she was braless because he looked south of her eyes much of the time he was talking to her. Then he rolled his window down and the cab filled with ice cold air, this cause instant nipple hardons. (hardons, not stiff nipple because her nipples are very long) I’m betting he did that just to be sure that she was braless.

He broke into a huge grin and said “gotta love fresh winter air”. This made her horny, knowing he was looking at her hard nipples. She could see he was getting hard himself and for the first time outside of fantasy thought about what it would be like to suck on a stranger cock. So she

asked him if there was anything she could do to thank him for helping her. She leaned back a bit causing her shirt to pull tight over her boobies, helping to make clear what she meant. (She later told me he was just an average looking guy, but on the taller side.) He put his had in his lap and rubbed his now big bulge and asked if she had ever given road head. She’d never heard that term but put 2 and 2 together, saying a couple of times but never in a big truck.

He unzipped and pulled out a long thick cock. Stroking it a few times causing his precum to start oozing out the tip he said “when ever you are ready”. She leaded across the seat, taking hold of him in one hand and wrapping her lips around the fat head started to suck and stroke him. He only lasted a few minutes before warning her he was getting ready to cum. She worked harder, felt him swell up and spurt several strong streams of cum into the back of her mouth. She swallowed most of it but some had dripped out the corners of her mouth. Using her fingers she wiped the dripping cum up and licked her hand clean. (cum is something she only recently found she liked)

They road in silence for a few more minutes before the driver said he was near the turn around point in his plow route. I hadn’t called her back yet so she asked if there was someplace warm he could drop her while she waited for me. He pulled into a gas station and picked up his CB. He called a truck that had the next 25 mile segment of highway to see if he could help a little lady out. The answer came back “be there in 15 minutes”. She slid over next to him when he patted the seat saying we have 15 minutes. He slid his hand into her yoga pants and beneath her thong, right into a very wet pussy. Just a few seconds of fingering her and he was rock hard again. Shoving his and her pants down he lifted her onto his lap and roughly impaled her on his dick. She let out a loud groan because she likes that kind of start to getting fucked. She bounced up and down for about 10 minutes while cars and trucks came and went from the station, not caring who saw her acting like a total slut. She said she felt like one of those sluts we read about and loved it. He came right after she did with a loud moan and filled her with another load of cum.

As she fell off his lap there was a knock on the drivers door, the next ride was here and a bit early. Diver #1 pulled his pants up telling her to get dressed and slid out the door. While she put herself together she could here the two guys talking but not what they were saying. After hanging her thong on his rearview mirror she transferred to the other truck, pecking #1 on the cheek for a goodbye.

The 2nd driver was a bit older, maybe 50 and had a heavier build than the last. He looked at my girlfriend and said I hear you are a fun girl to travel with. She said she only blew him for a bit but he pulled over twice to fuck her. His dick was short but fat and he came in a huge load both times.

The last transfer was at the state line and NC runs 3 truck together. The 2nd drive told all of them about the horny little Filipina’s “driving” skills and since they only had 12 miles to go to get to my place they stopped. Each guy would climb into the cab where she lay across the seat and fucked her till they each left load inside her now very wet loose pussy. She said she was at the point she had rolling orgasms and never wanted it to stop. They all said if she ever need a ride or more roadside fun to call and each gave her their phone number.

I’d been eating her pussy for about 5 minutes before sliding up and into her her pussy. It felt like heaven and I only lasted 2 minutes before blowing a massive load into her. She was not done with her story at this point only telling me about the 2nd driver so far. My cock stayed rock hard as I did a slow grind and she finished her story just as I had another orgasm.

I lay on top of her for a few just kissing my newly slutty little Filipina. When I rolled off she went down to lick and suck my now flaccid dick. I grabbed her hips and pivoted her over my face to lick her swollen, dripping mess of a pussy for just as long as she could stand it.

It was going to be a good weekend!