This sex story is based upon my experiences in South Korea

Introduction During the early 1980’s I lived and worked for a year in Korea, in a small provincial capital as a professor in a nursing school. I was taking a year off before finishing my medical residency, and I wanted to get some non-Western hands-on experience to go with my training. At the nursing school,

Romantic interludes in bed

They arrived home at 2:30 A.M. after a six-hour, non- stop motorcycle ride. Tired and dirty, they decided to shower together before turning in. They held each other close as the warm water washed over them, kissing and enjoying the face-to-face contact and conversation they were denied on the bike. Although tired, they laughed and

Bukkake Business

It was a big day for her, Tachu reflected, as she glided the electric razor over her scalp, removing traces of blue stubble to expose the pale pinkness beneath. After all her efforts in securing the deal with the Taming Force Corporation, today was finally the day in which the client would sign and all