Lana gives me sexual therapy

A big problem for those who are young, single, hot, rich and kinky is finding an outlet for their sexual appetites but not end up in the National Enquirer, messy relationships or in secret government databases for later coercion or fundraising. The word is that well connected elites have worked with Concierge Healthcare providers who

Exposing Elysa

“Woohoo! We’re off!” Elysa shouted out the passenger window to no one in particular as I pulled away from her apartment block and turned toward the highway. The bustle and traffic of the city quickly receded behind us, and the visions of mountains and desert wilderness filling my head soon turned to reality on the

Stacee Needs To Keep Her Job

Stacee’s first week in the job has been stressful. She only had a few of her colleges names memorized, and she was still trying to figure out a good balance between answering the phone and entering the data from the piles of paper work she had sitting on her desk. The man that had hired

Doctor mom fucked by hospital workers

Hi this is Raju and am 22 years old.My dad is a buisnessman and he is 49 old and my mom is doctor,gynaecologist and fertility special and she is a famous doctor in our place.My mom name is Velamma she is 38 years old.She is a tupical South Indian women.She is so fair like milk