Taiwan Babe

I was taking a CS class and got to know this cute girl from Taiwan. She was quite petite, about 4’11” and 78 lbs with a sweet almost cartoony voice which when combined with her accented English I found irresistibly alluring. She attended a different lecture but we’d see each other in lab, and I

Filipina Internet Wife

My friends were quite envious when I brought back of my stunning Filipina bride, Jasmine. I guess the fact that she was twenty years younger than me and the sexiest woman I had ever met may have had something to do with it… Jasmine is very petite, standing 5’1″ tall and extremely well-proportioned with round

Lusting After My Landlady 2.

I couldn’t sleep that night after Mrs. Lee left my room. In my mind, the whole sexual experience played out again and again like it was a movie on replay. I couldn’t believe that I had actually achieved my dream of having sex with her, and it all happened within a single day! I couldn’t

Lusting After My Landlady

It all started when I began my tertiary studies in Singapore. Being an ‘international student’, I had to look for a room to rent as the school did not provide accommodation for its students. After searching for some time, I came to view a cosy little room, in a 3-bedroom apartment owned by Mr. and

Horror on Honeymoon

My brand new husband and I met on the Internet about six months ago. My name is Linda and I am a Chinese- Canadian, and until yesterday, lived in London, Ont. His name is Richard and is from the southern part of the USA. I am 32, 5″ 1,” and only weigh a hundred pounds.

Merchant Seaman

Paul dreamed he was back on leave in Tokyo. It was in one of the Oyasumi, (the bathhouses) now westernized and common as massage parlors in America. But this was a special place-of a bygone era now to be found only in fiction- where a gentleman, or at least a man of some means could