Afternoon spitroast for my wife

It was a nice day out, my wife and I hanging out, preparing for company. My wife Rachel, sexy and extremely turned on that her friend was coming too see her.

I remember heading out to the store so I could pick Terry up, leaving Rachel at home alone for a brief amount of time. Her mind daydreaming as too what was going to happen to her once we arrived back at the house. Her pretty panties were already dripping wet when I left, so I could just imagine how much wetter she would be once we walked back in and there stood Terry.

On the drive home, Terry and I discussed ground rules, and discussed what a naughty fuck she is. he couldn’t wait to stretch her pussy. He was even more excited too know she wanted to give him one of her amazing blowjobs, but this time she wanted him to cum in her mouth and throat. So fucking hot. Terry and I arrived shortly after, walking in too find Rachel sitting on the couch.

We walked up, said surprise. Rachel was indeed surprised, that it was actually about to happen. Terry leaned in, kissed her softly, then went straight to it, feeling how wet her pussy was with his fingers, commenting how slick and wet she was. Her moans getting louder as his fingers slipped deep inside of her. Rachel reached for his cock, which he pulled out for her to stroke. But Terry wanted her pussy. He pulled her panties off, then leaned in and kissed her pussy, licking it, sucking her clit, fingering her some.

Rachel loved it and she shook, putting her hands on his head as he ate her pussy. I took the opportunity to smell her soaking wet panties and stroke my cock. She looked so fucking hot getting her pussy eaten by him right in front of me..

We decided it best to take it to the bedroom, where Rachel wasted no time, crawling on to the bed, headed straight for Terrys cock. He had his shorts off and his cock out for her. He was rock hard, long and thick. She loved his cock and you could tell as her lips wrapped around the head, then down his shaft, taking all of him into her throat over and over, gagging herself, wanting more and more. Terry reached over, spanked her some and fucked her mouth.

I just watched for a few minutes as Terry fucked her mouth, then turned her around, placing his cock at her pussy, slipping it in slowly. Stretching her super wet, and so so tight pussy. Rachel gasped, her reaction was sexy as he fucked her, picking up his pace. Terry complimented he wouldn’t last long with her being that tight. Right at that point, I slipped my cock into her mouth. Rachel sucked me hard and deep. Her moans vibrating through my shaft from her lips.

Terry spanked her and fucked her hard, his cock pounding her tight pussy, so hard she couldn’t concentrate on sucking, so I just fucked her mouth. It was incredible seeing her getting fucked so hard and dirty, a cock at each end, spit roasting my slut wife.

We switched positions, putting Terry on the bed laying down, Rachel moved to his cock with her mouth, sucking her juices from his dick. I moved in behind her, slipping my cock into her sloppy wet hole. Loved it though, because no matter how hard she gets fucked, her pussy gets tighter. It was amazing feeling, so wet and so hot from his cock pounding the fuck out of her just before me.

She moaned on his cock as I fucked her. Terry held her head and fucked her throat. my hand helping as I leaned forward, pushing her head down on his cock. We both told her what a slut she was, me pushing her head down in his cock, his hand on her throat and his dick in her throat, fucking little slut was getting a good rough fucking.

Her pussy gushed juices, squirting on my cock. Her moans now so deep on his cock as he fucked her mouth good. Terry said he was about to cum and Rachel sucked him deeper and harder, until he exploded in her mouth. load after load of his hot cum filling her mouth. He loved it, seeing her empty his cock with her mouth. So fucking hot.

We ordered her to show us. Being a good girl, she did, showed us her mouth full of his cum, then swallowed it. Then on her knees she went to finish off my cock. she sucked deep and hard as Terry ate her pussy from behind. his fingers filling her pussy deep as I unloaded my cum into her mouth. Fuck I came so hard. Her beautiful eyes looking up at me with so much lust as I unloaded in her mouth. Her pussy being devoured from behind by Terry.

Rachel showed us the load of cum in her mouth, then swallowed it. Just getting started we said. Not taking a break, Rachel was placed on the bed with Terry and he spread her legs, slipping the head of his cock at her pussy. Rachel gasped and shook as he filled her up. I moved around, slipping my cock into her mouth, telling Terry to fucking pound her good. Which he did, fucking drilled her hole so fucking hard she had a rocking orgasm all over his cock. Terry felt it and fucked her so hard. He stopped, moved down and sucked her pussy for a min, then moved her into doggie position. He gave no mercy, he pushed forward, fucking her hard and deep, pounding the fucking slut good. I cheered him on, telling him to fucking give it to her.

He ordered her to get his cum right before cumming, he pulled his cock out and she spun around, sucking every drop again from his cock. He had now fed her another load of hot cum. She gladly sucked it down, every drop like a good slut.

I took my turn on her pussy again, fucking her hard and deep, as she kept working on Terry’s cock, getting every drop her hungry mouth could get. I could feel her squirting on me again. I looked at her and Terry had now straddled her face, deep fucking her mouth, her lips and tongue meeting his balls. she was sucking him so deep it was amazing.

I told her I was going to cum. She moved so I could cum in her mouth, taking yet another load in her mouth for us to see. So fucking sexy as she swallowed more cum.

We all took a break after, hung out and then I took Terry back to his car. Such a sexy day for an amazing, sexy slut of a wife.