First Time Being Shared

This is my husband’s story, and I always thought it was erotic, so I’m going to share it. Don Jacinto (my husband) has had hotwife fetishes for a long time now, it was one of the things that I loved about him when we met. Anyway, this takes place years before we had met each other, when he was dating a girl named Nicolett. Nicolett was very inexperienced sexually, only having been with 4 guys prior… and Don Jacinto loved the idea of raising those numbers. He had talked to her about how much it would turn him on for her to fuck other guys, but she was very reluctant and told him she didn’t have any interest in other guys.

He started taking about her letting others see her naked while he fucked her, and it was obvious by her bodies response that she liked it… but outside of the bedroom she would say it was just dirty talk, and she would never do that. Don Jacinto eventually started ramping up the “dirty talk” during sex, and would talk about her getting fucked by strangers or one of his friends… once again it became apparent she was slowly starting to like thinking about it, but she still wouldn’t entertain the idea outside of the bed. She told him that her body was special and she only shares it with those she loves. He worked hard to get her to see that it didn’t have to be a big deal… that she could be a little naughty, or have sex just for fun… but she was very resistant to see it that way.

As the months went on she would start making up scenarios during sex, and Don Jacinto knew she was starting to grow on the idea… but when he would suggest actually setting something up she would still remain hesitant and insist its only pillow talk. After about a year of dating, Don Jacinto started to lose hope that she would ever fulfill his fantasy, and she would only play along while they were fucking. She was a very attractive girl, big breasts, a little shape but not fat… probably around 5’6… very cute, but also a bit shy… unless she gets to know you, or she’s had some drinks in her. She got along with all of Don Jacinto’s friends, and would even role play sexual interactions with them while fucking Don Jacinto… which Don Jacinto loved. He loved the idea that his innocent little girlfriend would allow any or all of his friends to use her body… that she would cum while riding their cocks. Don Jacinto thought about it often, and was determined to make something happen.

Nicolett received an email saying an old friend from high school was getting married in New York, and despite not being that close to her still wanted to go, knowing that a lot of her old friends would be there. Flight tickets and hotels weren’t cheap, so she was going to try to arrive the day off and leave the next day… but Don Jacinto showed her that it was actually cheaper to leave two days before. Nicolett brought up that would mean more nights in a hotel, which would be more expensive… but Don Jacinto got an idea that made him feel like the stars had aligned. “I can ask Chuck if he wouldn’t mind you crashing at his house… you guys always got along well, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind” he told her and waited for her reaction. Nicolett thought about it for a second and responded “it would probably be awkward, just the two of us… I would feel like I’m imposing”. Don Jacinto scoffed and said “I’ll text him and see what he’s up to, and see how he’d feel about it”.

Nicolett had met Chuck early on in the relationship, but he moved away to New York for business. He was often brought up during their “pillow talk”, and she knew what Don Jacinto was hoping for. She told Don Jacinto “I know what you’re thinking, but I’m not going to fuck him”. Don Jacinto, trying to play it cool, said “I know, just trying to help you out… although if you wanted to have any sexy fun while there, I’ll be happy to allow it… with or without Chuck”. Nicolett smirked and said “Don’t hold your breath… besides, Chuck has a girlfriend already and probably wouldn’t be interested anyway, so it doesn’t matter”. That statement made Don Jacinto think that Nicolett was maybe thinking about it, and it made his dick hard immediately. Don Jacinto kissed her and said “I think that would be so sexy… letting him have you”, as he picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. They role-played him being Chuck a she allowed him to use her pussy, her calling out his name as she told him to “Fuck me, Chuck… do you like my titties… do you like stroking inside my wet cunt, Chuck?”.

Afterwards she would insist that she only said those things as a fantasy, and she would never actually do it… but Don Jacinto was starting to feel like there was a chance. He talked to Chuck who said he was happy to take her in and show her around the city while she was there. Don Jacinto asked Chuck if his girlfriend would mind, and Chuck responded “we’re on again, off again all the time… I’ll just make sure we’re off again while Nicolett’s here to avoid drama”. Don Jacinto decided he was going to tell him what he was hoping would happen… that he wanted Chuck to seduce his girlfriend while she was with him. Chuck kind of chuckled and said “I’m not going to lie, I was kind of thinking about doing that anyway… but I didn’t want to make things awkward between you and I if I did”. Don Jacinto laughed and asked “you were going to try to fuck my girlfriend?”, to which Chuck responded “the thought had run across my mind… she seems so innocent and sexy… I’ve been jealous that you got to fuck her and I didn’t” followed with more laughter.

Don Jacinto told him not to say anything to Nicolett or anyone else about it, but he was giving Chuck his full blessing to have her any way she was willing to give herself to him… he just wanted to be given all the details. Chuck agreed and told Don Jacinto “I’m not going to lie, now that I know you’re wanting me to fuck her, I’m going to do my best to do just that… so I hope you’re ready”. Don Jacinto responded “do your best, I want to hear all about it!”. Don Jacinto knew he was serious… Chuck had a reputation as a ladies man, and for being a great lover… he just hoped that Nicolett would stop being so resistant.

As the weeks went by, getting closer and closer to her leaving, the role play and dirty talk intensified between Don Jacinto and Nicolett… and it was always Chuck that they talked about now in the fantasy. Before her favorite guy to bring up was Kevin, although they would role-play all of Don Jacinto’s friends in the past… but now it was just Chuck. Chuck started to message Nicolett, suggesting things they could go do while she was in the city, and of course being overly charming and lightly flirting… just enough to where it wasn’t over the top or to obvious, but Don Jacinto knew he was just warming her up. She didn’t tell Don Jacinto everything that was said, but Chuck sent Don Jacinto the messages so he could see. It wasn’t anything to bad, but it was obvious she was flirting back a little too.

The night before, Don Jacinto was fucking Nicolett when he asked her “if Chuck made a move, you wouldn’t even consider it?”. Nicolett was silent for a second, but then responded “I couldn’t, I would feel to guilty”. That was at least a different answer from the usual “no”… Don Jacinto reminded her that there would be nothing to feel guilty about, he wanted her to do it for him… he added “you’ll be in a different state, no one else that you know will know about it… it would be a secret between the three of us”. She started breathing heavy and then said “that’s true… would that really make you happy?”. Don Jacinto was quick to answer “it would make me ecstatic… there’s nothing I want more”. Nicolett climbed on top of Don Jacinto and screamed “FUCK ME Chuck… USE MY TIGHT PUSSY!” as she rode him hard, and she came with hard jerks and loud moans. Nothing else was said, but Don Jacinto had the feeling that at least something might happen while she was with Chuck.

The next morning Don Jacinto dropped her off at airport, and then waited anxiously to hear anything from either Nicolett or Chuck. After hours of waiting he received a text saying from Nicolett saying “just landed. I’m looking forward to seeing the city!”. Don Jacinto messaged back “have fun, keep me updated!”… after about an hour he received a text from Chuck… it was a picture of Nicolett from behind, it was obvious she didn’t know it was taken, and Chuck messaged “I can’t wait to see that ass uncovered and close up”. Don Jacinto responded “I really hope you do!”. Chuck spent the rest of the day winning and dining Nicolett, taking her to various spots and bars, flirting and sweet talking… ramping up his charm to win her over, and according to him it was working.

That night Nicolett messaged Don Jacinto “Chuck is going to take me out dancing tonight in a big club!”. He teased back “that’s because he wants to see you shake that ass”. Nicolett replied “he did playfully smack my ass when we got to his apartment. I thought you might like knowing that ?”. Don Jacinto got another text from Chuck that said “you’re girl has been drinking and is very flirty right now. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be fucking her tonight. I hope you’re sure about this!”. Don Jacinto responded to him “I’m very sure. I can’t wait to hear the details!”. Nicolett messaged Don Jacinto again and said “he’s been really sweet, we’ve had a good time”. Don Jacinto responded “I’m glad to hear it. You know Chuck wants to fuck you, right?”. She wrote back “yeah, he’s definitely letting me know he’s attracted to me”. Don Jacinto responded back “you know he’s going to get handsy with you while dancing. I dare you to not stop him”. It was a bit before he received a message back that said “you dare me? ? I’ll take that dare, it’s not like he’ll go to far on the dance floor. Would you like that?”… Don Jacinto replied back “I would like that very much!”. After awhile she replied back “ok… I’ll do it for you. ? we’re leaving now”.

Of course Don Jacinto told Chuck about the dare, so he slowly pushed her limits as they danced and took shots. She messaged Don Jacinto and told him “h’s been rubbng on my bdy whil dancng and I have let hiim just like you dared mee to”. Don Jacinto realized she was drunk and replied back “? You love it don’t you? Has he been squeezing your ass?”. She answered back “yes and whn I din’t say anythng he stared doing it more”. Don Jacinto asked “has he grabbed your tits?”… Nicolett texted “no but he keps looking at tem. this dress doen’t alllow a bra and he keeep starin at my clevage”. Don Jacinto quickly texted “if he does, you’re going to let him right?”. After a minute she replied “thatss is the dare right? ?”. Don Jacinto immediately messaged Chuck and told him “come up behind her and grab her tits. She said she won’t stop you, so let’s see if she’s telling the truth”. Chuck texted back “she’s pretty toasted and obviously horny, I’ll let you know what happens”. Although Don Jacinto was anxious to know what was happening, he waited for one of them to message first before messaging them.

After a couple hours he finally received a text from Chuck that just said “We’re in a cab, on our way home now”. Don Jacinto, with no hesitation, replied “So what happened? Did you grope her? Did she allow it?”. After about 5 minutes he received a reply back that said “I came up behind her at the bar, and slowly made my way up to her breasts… no resistance, so I lightly squeezed them and teased her nipples through her dress”. Don Jacinto was surprised things had went that far already, but was loving it! He got a message from Nicolett that said “jst got to hiis ap a rtmnt. Ive Ben havng a grate time!”. Don Jacinto told her “you know you can be naughty if you want, it’s really OK”. She texted back “I no ?. He was kising on my. Neck in th cab. He say iwas sexxy”. Don Jacinto later found out that on the cab ride, Chuck continued to kiss on her neck from behind her while simultaneously playing with her tits. Apparently Chuck was having fun pulling her tits out so that both he and the driver could see them, and Nicolett either didn’t care or was to drunk to notice… but Chuck said the driver made it very apparent that he could see and was loving the view… even turning around to stare at her exposed nipples when ever there was a stop light or traffic.

After about 30 minutes Don Jacinto got a call from Nicolett. It was apparent from the sound of her voice that she was both giggly and drunk. She said “hey baby, I just took a shower and I’m in bed now… Chuck is now in the shower, so I figured I’d call you”. Don Jacinto said “it sounds like you had a lot of fun tonight! Did you have fun letting him grope your body”. Nicolett gave a heavy breath and said “yeah… I feel slutty… but really turned on… I wish you were here to fuck me right now”. Don Jacinto was quick to say “I’m sure Chuck would be happy to help you out… you’d like that wouldn’t you?”. There was a pause, and then she said “I think I would feel guilty”. Don Jacinto felt like this was a progressive step… it wasn’t a flat out no, and she basically admitted she would want to. Don Jacinto said “How about you let him take a pic of your titties for me?”, to which she replied “I’d be to embarrassed to ask him to do that”. Don Jacinto chuckled and said “I’ll send him a text asking him to… if he asks you to pose topless, will you let him take a pic?”. Nicolett paused for a few seconds and then asked “Is that a dare?”. Don Jacinto realized that the excuse of it “being a dare” helped her with feeling like it was OK… like she’s just playing along. Don Jacinto said “I dare you to let Chuck take a picture of your tits”.

Don Jacinto heard her moan, and he asked her “are you playing with your pussy?”. She told him “yes… I’m laying in Chuck’s bed and rubbing my little wet pussy… do you like that?”. Don Jacinto told her “I do, very much… does the idea of him fucking you in that bed make you horny? Ramming his cock inside of you…”. Nicolett moaned louder and then asked “are you sure you wouldn’t be mad if he did?”. Don Jacinto answered “there’s nothing I would be happier about right now”… after a pause she said “well… maybe… just one time… if it would make you happy”. Don Jacinto heard Chuck walk into the room and ask Nicolett “what would make him happy?”… Apparently Chuck walked in on her,wearing only a towel around his waist , while she was rubbing herself under her panties. She gasped as she told him “I was just talking to Don Jacinto… you startled me”. Don Jacinto told Nicolett “let me talk to him”. She said “he wants to talk to you” before he heard Chuck say “hi bro, your girl is looking really sexy over here on my bed”.

Don Jacinto told Chuck “she said she’d let you take a picture of her topless to send to me… so let me see just how sexy she looks”. He heard Chuck say “he wants a topless picture… go ahead and undress, and I’ll take a pic for him”. Apparently all she had on was a sleep shirt and panties… she told him “ok, but only because Don Jacinto wants me to” as she sat up and lifted her shirt over her head. Chuck took many photos while she was undressing, and showing her tits to someone other than her boyfriend in a long time. Chuck spoke up and said “wow… you have incredible tits Nicolett… Don Jacinto is a lucky guy!”. Nicolett replied “thank you… do you really like them?” as she massaged them for his viewing. He walked over and stood closer to her, and then started rubbing her tits. He took a picture so Don Jacinto could see later, but at the time he could only hear things going on… but Don Jacinto didn’t want to say anything that might stop things while they were already progressing.

Chuck put the phone down on the nightstand next to her, and left it on speaker… he then dropped his towel while standing next to her face, and said “wrap your hand around my cock so I can take a picture for Don Jacinto”. Nicolett gasped and said “It’s so hard and thick” followed by Chuckly moaning and saying “there you go… keep slowly stroking it like that”. He of course took pictures, but Don Jacinto knew what was happening even before seeing them. From what he was told later, Nicolett was just staring at Chuck’s cock in her hand as she stroked it, and he asked her “why don’t you kiss my cock for a picture?”… she seemed nervous, but Chuck grabbed the back of her head and slowly pushed it toward his cock until it pressed against her mouth. Don Jacinto heard Chuck call out his name “Don Jacinto… do you want to see a picture of your girl with my dick in her mouth?”. Don Jacinto hesitated a bit and he heard the unmistakable sounds of her sucking his cock before Don Jacinto even said anything… but he still said “please baby… put his cock in your mouth”.

Don Jacinto heard Chuck moan as he told her “wow, you’re really good at that… I bet you’ve fantasized about sucking my cock before, haven’t you?”. She moaned as Don Jacinto heard him taking pictures… after a few minutes Don Jacinto received a ton of pictures in his email from Chuck, and was now facing everything he was hearing over the phone. He was realizing that it was really about to happen… she was going to get fucked by someone else, and he’d be able to hear it… and get photos of all the activities as well. There was his sweet little innocent girlfriend, wearing nothing but panties, showing a guy her tits while she fucked his cock with her mouth. Chuck’s dick looked to be about 8.5 inches long, but really thick… and Nicolett was stretching her mouth around it. Don Jacinto heard him getting on the bed with her, and then start kissing her… and he knew what was coming next.

Chuck said “let me take these off you… you’re so fucking sexy”, as Nicolett moaned and replied “you’re so sexy too”. Don Jacinto knew he was pulling down her panties, which would mean they were both naked and making out… and so penetration was bound to happen any second. Don Jacinto heard Nicolett say I can feel your dick rub against my pussy… don’t let it slip in… not yet”. Chuck asked her “why, don’t you want me to fuck you?”… she hesitated before saying “yes… I’ve thought about it many times, and I’m so fucking horny right now… I’m just worried”. Don Jacinto decided to remind her that he was there and said “don’t worry baby… do it for me… please…”. Chuck then suggested “how about I take a picture of my cock just starting to go in your pussy, and then send it to Don Jacinto… we’ll take it slow, and you can back out anytime… how’s that sound?”. Nicolett asked Don Jacinto “is that ok with you”, and Don Jacinto was quick to answer “yes… please”.

Chuck got up and spread her legs, seeing her naked open pussy for the first time as he started rubbing his cock up and down her slit… Nicolett was giving little moans when Don Jacinto started hearing the camera… he heard Chuck say “a little more…” followed by more moaning from Nicolett, and more photo clicks. Chuck told her “you’re so wet, I slide so easily inside your tight pussy… see”. From what Don Jacinto was told later, Chuck had fully slid all the way inside of Nicolett… and he could hear her moaning much louder. Chuck took some more photos and said “you look so fucking sexy grinding on my dick like that… tell Don Jacinto you want me to fuck you now… tell him”. She continued to moan and then Don Jacinto heard it… she told him “Don Jacinto… I want Chuck to fuck me… please”. Don Jacinto received the pics of Chuck’s cock inside of his girlfriend just as he told her “good… I want to hear you getting fucked by him… ask Chuck nicely to fuck you”. Nicolett said “please fuck me Chuck… your cock feels so good inside me”.

Before she could even finish her sentence you could hear Chuck start pounding her, followed by her loud grunts and moans. Don Jacinto said his heart droped in his chest, and he couldn’t control himself… he blew his load all over himself as he heard her saying “oh my God, Chuck. Fuck me… I’ve wanted you to fuck me so bad”. Don Jacinto said he sat there and listened as they continued to fuck, occasionally stopping to change positions and then starting to fuck again. He remained quiet as they continued to fuck for about 20 minutes, and as soon as she started to cum he could hear Chuck telling her to “cum all over my cock”… she passed out after her orgasm, and Chuck picked up her phone to talk to Don Jacinto… he took it off of speaker phone and walked out into the living room.

Chuck asked him “are you OK?.. just wanted to make sure you weren’t upset now that it actually happened. Don Jacinto responded “I’m fucking great… thank you, man!”. Chuck chuckled and said “thank you! I have her for the next few days so I’ll be sure to continue to fuck her multiple times until she leaves to go back to you”… and that’s exactly what happened… Chuck slept in the same bed with her each night, and continued fucking her multiple times everyday. Nicolett was still unsure about things at first, but quickly realized that Don Jacinto was honestly happy about it happening, and began to love her new lifestyle. When she finally got back home she was eager to share everything with Don Jacinto, and talk about future possibilities with other guys… especially Kevin.