Helping out a stripper girl

Chase was on a six-month project in Austin, and he was missing home. Or more to the point, he was missing his wife’s mouth and pussy back in Houston. His company had him staying in an apartment near the project site, and he was stuck there until the work was completed….in about three more months.

As he was driving back from a typical fast food dinner one evening, he saw a small sign that he hadn’t noticed before. It indicated there was an all-nude strip joint about 2 miles down a side road, in a seedier part of town just off the main drag. Chase was definitely in the mood to see boobs and snatches, so he took the turn and pulled into the back of the club’s parking lot. He parked near the side door used by the dancers to enter their changing room area, and stepped out of his car.

As he rounded the back of his car, some motion caught his eye in a car two spaces over, so he stopped and craned his neck to see what was going on. Chase had a clear view into the front seat of the car and was a little surprised to see a guy sitting in the driver’s seat, with the seat-back reclined almost vertical, with his eyes closed and his hands clasped behind his head. Sitting in the passenger seat was a girl with brunette hair, pulled back into a ponytail, who was obviously sucking his cock. Her head was bobbing up and down in earnest, while she used one of her hands to stroke the guy’s shaft at the same time.

Chase was intrigued….he looked around the parking lot, but saw no one else nearby, so he just stood there and watched as this girl gave this guy a blowjob in a car outside of a strip club. It didn’t take long before the guy tensed up, then groaned as he obviously blasted a load of cum down the girl’s throat. The girl’s head kept bobbing and her hand kept stroking as the guy emptied his nutsack into her mouth. Then she cleaned off his prick with her lips and tongue, gave the tip of his penis a little kiss, then shoved it back into his pants and zipped him up.

As the girl sat up in the passenger seat, Chase got a good look at her. She was fairly attractive, with a nice body. He could tell she had big natural tits because her shirt was pushed all the way up to her chin, exposing her swaying breasts and big areolas as she wiped cum from her mouth with the back of her hand. She didn’t pull her shirt down right away….in fact, she left her boobs jiggling around as she grabbed her purse from the back seat and opened the car door.

Just before she stepped out of the car, the driver reached over and squeezed both of her tits and said, “Thanks, Lindy…another fantastic blowjob, as usual.” He grinned at her, and she smiled back, then the guy added, “Oh, yeah….I can’t pick you up after your shift tonight. I’ve got a date with Doreen in about an hour, and I’m going to stay at her place.”

Chase could hear everything they were saying, and the girl…whose name was apparently ‘Lindy’….frowned and said, “Really? Shit, Glenn….that sucks.”

She stepped out of the car and closed the door. Chase noticed that she still hadn’t pulled her shirt down over her big tits, so they continued to sway back and forth as she leaned back into the open window and said, “Fuck it…..alright, I’ll figure something out. Thanks for the ride, Glenn….see you at home.”

Chase watched as Lindy stepped away from the car, pulled her top down over her wobbling boobs, then headed for the side door to the club, while Glenn raised his car seat back into position and drove away.

Lindy had definitely caught Chase’s eye and, as he went around to the front entrance and paid his admission fee, he was completely focused on looking for her once he got inside.

Meanwhile, Lindy could hear the music blaring in the front of the club as she walked down the back hallway to the dancers’ dressing room. Just before she got to the dressing room door, she ran into Jake, the bouncer who kept all the crazy’s from getting aggressive with the girls. He smiled at Lindy as she approached, then reached out a hand and squeezed one of her tits through her thin shirt.

“Hey, Lindy….looking good this evening,” he said as he gently massaged her breast. “Are you my bonus tonight?”

Lindy didn’t react to Jake’s hand on her boob….this was one of the perks he got for doing security at the club and making sure the drunken assholes didn’t hurt the dancers. He grabbed any tit he wanted, whenever he wanted, and the girls all took turns giving him a blowjob as a ‘bonus’ after his shift each night.

Lindy said, “No, tonight it’s Chrissy’s turn.” She stood there as he played with her boobs a little longer, then said, “I need to get inside, Jake….I’m on stage in a few.”

Jake took a final squeeze of each tit, finding both of her nipples through the fabric of her shirt and giving them each a pinch, then released her breasts so Lindy could step past him into the dressing room.

When Lindy got inside the dressing room, she saw Donna – one of the other dancers – bouncing up and down on the club owner’s cock off to her right. The owner was an older guy…in his fifties and not terribly attractive…but it was pretty common for him to fuck one or more of the dancers whenever he was at the club.

He was sitting in one of the make-up chairs with his hands on Donna’s hips….Donna had her back to him with her legs straddling his waist, riding his prick reverse cowgirl style. She was naked, with her hands on her knees, and her tits were flopping around in front of her as she rode his dick up and down, over and over.

When Donna saw Lindy, she kept bouncing on the owner’s stiff pole and called out, “Hi, Lindy….I think you’re up next. I’m after you. Hey, can I borrow that green outfit you wore last week? It makes my tits look bigger.”

Lindy smiled at her and said, “Sure, Donna…you can wear it any time you want.”

Just as Donna answered, “Great. Thanks!” the club owner let out a loud groan and pulled Donna’s hips down hard onto his cock as he thrust his hips upward, filling her pussy with a load of warm jizzm. He kept pumping his hips into Donna’s cunt, as she continued bouncing up and down, until he was finally done cumming.

Donna looked back over her shoulder at him and said, “Are you finished, Sam? I need to clean up before I go on stage.”

From behind her the club owner was gasping a bit as he caught his breath and murmured, “Sure, honey, go ahead. I just need a minute to recover.”

Donna climbed off Sam’s softening pole and headed for the shower, while Lindy got undressed and pulled on a skimpy top….basically a few strips of cloth hanging over her wobbling tits….and a pair of tiny, T-back panties.

Sam, the club owner, still sat in the make-up chair catching his breath and watching her, his spent prick hanging outside his unzipped fly and draped over one of his thighs.

Watching Lindy dressing, he muttered, “Goddamn, Lindy….you’re looking better every day. I don’t know how you do it.”

With a grunt, he got up from his chair, stuffed his dick inside his pants and pulled up his zipper. He walked over to where Lindy sat fixing her make-up, gently hefted both of her tits, feeling the weight of them with his hands, and said, “These are still the greatest boobs I’ve ever seen.” Then he let them fall and watched them sway back and forth for a few seconds before leaving the dressing room and heading back to his office.

Lindy finished getting ready, then heard the DJ announce that she was due on stage and the opening notes of the music she had chosen. Quickly she strapped on her 6” fuck-me shoes and stepped out from behind the curtain.

Chase had taken a seat near the center stage and had been anxiously waiting, occasionally rubbing his crotch, as he watched the other strippers on all three stages around the room. Two of them had pretty nice tits, and all of them were totally nude, so he got to see bouncing boobs and shaved pussies…which had him semi-hard already…but what he wanted even more was to see the girl from outside who he’d seen giving that guy a blowjob.

When Lindy stepped onstage, Chase leaned forward with his elbows on the table. This was the one he wanted to see. She danced to one song with her strips of cloth draped over her swaying boobs and panties on, then she danced two songs totally naked, where Chase got a good look at her beautiful, heavy breasts, topped off with large areolas and firm nipples. They dangled from her chest as she bent over to remove her panties. Then she used the pole to keep her balance as she spread her legs, gyrated her hips and pulled her tits up to her mouth, sucking on one nipple, and then the other.

It was already pretty late in the evening, but there weren’t a lot of customers….maybe because it was a Tuesday, which were probably slow days in a typical week. So, when Chase went up to the edge of the stage, he was the only one for Lindy to pay attention to. She walked over to where he stood, squatted in front of him, spreading her knees wide, giving him a tremendous view of her shaved pussy, with her big tits swaying back and forth right above it. She used one hand to spread her pussy lips a little, giving Chase an even better view of the delicate pink edges of her labia, and even the tip of her clitoris.

Chase kept darting his eyes back and forth between Lindy’s jiggling boobs, with the firm nipples, and the beautiful pink lips and love button poking out from her bald pussy. He adjusted his growing hard-on in his pants, pushing it down one leg of his shorts, then pulled out a twenty and held it up for her to see. With her legs still spread, she dropped to her knees and crawled over to the edge of the stage….her heavy breasts swinging sensually beneath her chest.

As he handed her the cash, he smiled, pointed to his table and said, “I’m sitting right over there. I’d love it if you could join me after your turn on stage.”

She winked and said, “Of course, hon, I’d be happy to.” Then moved back to the center of the stage to finish dancing to her song.

Chase was pleased to see that Lindy didn’t bother putting her skimpy outfit back on after finishing her turn onstage. Instead, she stuffed the money from the stage into a small clutch, then carried her panties and top over to Chase’s table…her breasts jiggling and bouncing as she approached him in her stiletto shoes.

When she got to Chase’s table, she tossed her stuff onto an empty chair, then leaned over and kissed Chase on the lips to thank him for the nice tip, rubbing her stiff nipples along his arm as she did.

“What’s your name, handsome?”

“I’m Chase….what’s yours?”

“Nice to meet you, Chase….I’m Lindy….and thanks for the generous tip.”

As Lindy told him her name, she reached under the table and found Chase’s stiffening prick, running her fingers along the outline of the shaft through his shorts. When she got to the tip of his dick, she used two fingers and a thumb to rub it gently for a few seconds. Then…still rubbing the head of his penis….she leaned over and dangled her boobs in front of his face as she whispered into his ear, “Would you like a lap dance, or should we just grab one of the VIP rooms in back?”

Chase was totally focused on her swaying breasts and stiff nipples only inches from his face, and stammered, “I..I..think a VIP room sounds good.”

Lindy nudged a nipple up against his lips and said, “Good choice, hon….let’s go.”

She gave his growing prick a final squeeze, then grabbed her stuff off the chair and led him to an empty room at the back of the club. Once inside the room, Lindy closed the door while Chase sat in the middle of the couch, anxiously waiting what was about to happen.

As she turned and approached him, Chase smiled and said, “I saw you outside the club giving your boyfriend a blowjob in his car.”

Lindy laughed and said, “You saw that?” Then she knelt on the couch, straddling Chase’s legs and sitting on his lap with her knees wide and her pussy completely exposed. She reached down between her legs and used her hands to rub his dick through his shorts, then pulled his zipper down and fished out his almost fully erect cock.

“That wasn’t my boyfriend…that was my roommate. My boyfriend is on an oil rig out in the gulf for the next six months.”

Chase eyebrows raised a bit and he said, “But I saw you giving him a blowjob.”

Lindy chuckled as she started stroking Chase’s shaft, and told him, “Yeah, my license got suspended two months ago, and Glenn’s been driving me to and from work and wherever else I need to go. I agreed to give him a blowjob every time he gave me a ride, so….”

Chase reached up and began squeezing Lindy’s boobs, sucking on one nipple, and then the other, as she continued stroking his rigid pole, while rubbing the tip of his cock against her clitoris. Lindy was getting wet from all the tit stimulation and clit rubbing, and after another minute, or so, she raised her hips and positioned herself directly above Chase’s fully erect staff. Once she had his cock where she wanted it, she lowered her hips onto his engorged dick, sliding his shaft further and further inside her until her clitoris was rubbing against the base of his prick.

This is the part she liked about her job, because as long as the customer had a decent sized cock, she always managed to cum….and Chase’s prick was plenty big enough. After bouncing up and down on his stiff rod for a few minutes, she began grinding her clit against the base of his shaft until she felt a warm, tingly orgasm wash across her entire body. As she closed her eyes and enjoyed her climax, she kept bouncing up and down on Chase’s hard-on until she heard him grunt and felt him erupt inside her, splashing several ropes of jizzm all over the walls of her pussy.

Once Chase finished cumming, Lindy continued riding up and down on his still hard penis, but more slowly, as they both enjoyed the throes of their orgasms. Chase couldn’t seem to keep his hands off her boobs, and he continued fondling and sucking on her tits while Lindy finished milking his glistening shaft with her cunt.

When she finally stopped, she rested on his lap with her knees still straddling his hips and his dick still shoved deep inside her pussy. As she sat there catching her breath, Chase kept playing with her tits and sucking on her nipples, while Lindy picked up the conversation from a few minutes earlier right where they left off.

“Unfortunately, Glenn can’t drive me home after my shift tonight, so I’m kinda stuck.”

Chase pulled a nipple out of his mouth with a “plop”, and said, “Yeah, I heard him say that after you blew him in the car.” He sucked the nipple back into his mouth, nibbled on it for a few seconds, then pulled it out again and said, “Hey, I might be able to give you a ride home. How far away do you live?”

Lindy smiled and said, “Really? That’d be great. I only live about six miles away….just off Red Oak Ave.”

“Sure. I’ll take you there. What time do you get off?”

“In about 2 hours. This helps me out a lot. Thanks, Chase.”

Lindy bent down and gave him a deep, tongue-filled kiss, then let him play with her tits for a few more minutes before climbing off his softening prick, cleaning up, and heading back to the main room to finish her shift.

Chase followed her out to the main room and returned to his table. He sat there for the next two hours, watching the dancers on all three stages. He even tipped some of the other dancers while Lindy was busy….he could never get enough of bouncing tits, stiff nipples, spread legs and pink pussy lips. When Lindy wasn’t dancing onstage or trying to convince a customer to get a lap dance or a trip to the VIP room, she’d sit at his table for a few minutes, before working the room again.

Over the next two hours, Chase watched Lindy do her thing. Tipping her when she was onstage, and watching with a wry smile as she was groped and fondled during several lap dances. When she managed to talk other customers into paying for a visit to the VIP rooms, he just focused on the other tits and pussies in the club. There were plenty to see, and he found himself getting hard again as he watched their bald cunts and bouncing boobs dancing around onstage.

When her shift was finally over, Chase told Lindy he was parked just outside the side door, so he’d meet her out there. Lindy headed to the dressing room to grab her stuff, stopping for a minute or so for Jake to fondle her breasts as he made his way to the dressing room to get his ‘bonus’ from Chrissy.

Once outside, Lindy found Chase’s car, jumped into the passenger seat, and they pulled out of the parking lot, heading for Red Oak Ave.

About two minutes into the drive, Chase smiled over at Lindy and said, “Hey, how about if I get the same deal you gave your roommate?”

Lindy laughed and said, “Sure….why not?” She reached over, rubbed his dick through his shorts for about a minute, as she used one hand to pull her shirt up to her chin….allowing her boobs to spring free and wobble loosely in front of her. Then she pulled down his zipper, fished out his semi-hard cock, and began sliding her hand up and down his growing hard-on. They chatted for a few minutes as she stroked his erection to its full size, then she leaned over and sucked the tip into her mouth. With supreme effort, Chase continued driving while he fondled her tits and pulled on her nipples. Lindy sucked his dick, bobbing her head up and down on his rigid pole, while using one hand to pump his shaft and the other to fondle his balls.

Chase was already primed from all the tits and pussy he’d been watching all night, so it didn’t take long for him to nut, blowing a huge load of cum against the back of Lindy’s throat. She swallowed his entire load, and kept bobbing her head and pumping his shaft, as he emptied his nutsack into her mouth.

After he finished cumming, Lindy cleaned off his glistening shaft with her tongue, sucked the last drop of semen from his dick, then planted a kiss on the tip of his cock before shoving it back into his shorts and pulling up the zipper.

Right about then Lindy pointed to an apartment complex off to the right and said, “Pull in here, Chase….this is me.”

When Chase had stopped the car, Lindy left her tits dangling in front of her as she leaned over and gave Chase a ‘thank you’ kiss on the lips. She opened the car door, stepped out and leaned back in the open window….her boobs swaying back and forth as she rested her elbows on the door frame.

“Thanks again, Chase….this was really sweet of you. If you’re going to be in town for a while, you should stop by and see me again at the club. I’ll keep an eye out for you.” Then she pulled her shirt down over her tits, turned and walked off toward her apartment. Chase smiled a satisfied smile as he drove back to his own apartment.

Over the next three months, Chase stopped into the strip club about twice a week. He always looked for Lindy, and….if she was there….they’d always step into one of the VIP rooms where she’d suck his dick or ride him cowgirl style…or both…while he fondled her bouncing tits and sucked on her firm nipples.

After the project was over, Chase returned home….happy to have his wife’s mouth and pussy wrapped around his cock again. But sometimes when his wife was sucking on his dick, he’d close his eyes and remember, with a smile, the night in Austin when he helped out a stripper who needed a ride home.