Fixing the Neighbors Plumbing

Early one morning last summer on my day off I had gone out in the morning to water the plants before the blazing sun had started to cook them. While in the front yard my neighbor Barbra was also out doing the same thing, she said hello and asked if I had time to come over and take a look at her garbage grinder, she said it would not turn. Now Barbra is a mature bbw widow, she is always so nice and plesant to talk with. She is also a sun lover and lays out nude in her back yard as much as possible, this I found out later.
I went over and knocked on the door Barbra let me in and led me to her kitchen, I noticed that she was wearing a thigh high low cut pull over. As I looked even closer at her I noticed that the pull over she wore was kind of see through, I could definately see her dark areolas and the outline of her hairy pussy. Back to the repair work, I had to get underneath her sink to see if the power plug was in all the way or the thermal fuse had tripped. So I climbed in under the sink on my back.
While I was looking under the sink I noticed that Barbra was standing at the sink watching what I was doing with out seeing my face. As I moved around I discovered that I had a great view up under her pull over and right at that hairy pussy, needless to say my cock was starting to grow. Laying on my back and think what to do and taking in the view, I asked Barbra if she had a flashlight. As she went to get it I pulled my loose fitting shorts to the side allowing my now growing dick to be expose if I moved around slightly.
By now you could look straight up my shorts and see the head of my growing dick poke out the bottom of my shorts, I also had a veiw of the entry back into the kitchen. As I said I had put my self in such a position that Barbra could not see my face but I had full view of her when she would walk back into the kitchen. I waited and then saw her walking back my way and she caught the veiw of the head of my dick poking out the end of my shorts. She stopped just short of coming into the kitchen and was smiling and staring, them she came in and gave me the flashlight.
Having seen her reaction I started to move around giving my dick more room to grow and expose it’s self. I moved around like I was fixing things and looked out and saw Barbra standing just outside the kitchen naked and rubbing her clit and she had her digital camera out and snapped a few pictures. By now I had a rock hard dick poking out and decided to get out from under the sink quickly and catch her naked which I did. She said that if I was done under the sink I could fix her, we went to her bed and I burried my face deeply into her wet pussy and she instantly had and orgasum. I could not wait any longer and plundged my hard dick deep into her pussy fucking like a freight train and cumming with such intensity I thought I was going to pass out. Barbra was now changing positons and said while my cock was still hard and lubed with cum to go ahead and slide it into her ass were I had another mind blowing cum. We both fell asleep and awoke about 30 minutes latter to do it all over. I would have never thought that the old fat lady had it in her, my wife always tells me to check up on her to be sure she is doing ok. Let me tell you I check a couple times a week and have made several other repairs that required me to use my dick to fix.