Foolish Games

A woman and her boyfriend get into deep trouble when he
has to leave her helpless and alone for just a short

I happened to hit your site accidentally when looking for
something totally unrelated. I’m not into bondage or any
other fetish but I do have a story that I could add to
your library. I was sworn to secrecy but as no real names
are mentioned it is not such a big deal. In fact it may
be a lesson to others not to be so careless.

My sister was a police officer in Florida and was dating
a fireman she had met at an accident. They were pretty
serious about their relationship and had taken it all the
way sexually.

It was quite common for them to meet during split shifts
in uniform and head out to a local beach that was not
well known by tourists or even many locals. There were
plenty of very private places where hanky panky could
take place uninterrupted.

One day they decided to skip lunch and take advantage of
the few hours they had off in common. They drove off in
his 4-wheel drive truck to a special place they knew and
started to fool around. First she put sand down his
trousers waist and ran until he caught her and stuffed
sand down her shirt neck. They chased each other around
and around until he trapped her against a tree and
started to frisk her, telling her he was now the cop and
she’d better start to put his fire out.

Just for the effect he managed to get her handcuffs out
of the holder without her knowing it and quickly snapped
them on her wrists around a tree during their play.

She yelled at him for being a fool, she told him angrily
that the keys to the handcuffs were with her gun and
other equipment in her desk drawer back at the office and
that was half an hour away. Not only that, he couldn’t
get them from her desk himself. He would have to find
someone there who could be trusted to keep their mouth

He apologized over and over and reluctantly left her
there to head back to town and retrieve the keys. As his
truck disappeared over the rise, her anger turned to
horror and fear as a gang of four Mexican men in their
early twenties appeared from the brushes.

They were laughing loudly and pointing and although she
knew almost no Spanish, she could tell what they were
contemplating. She felt that her only hope was that fact
that she was wearing her police uniform, and that it
would give her an appearance of authority. She was wrong.

The men surrounded her jeering at her, and then one of
them grabbed at her hair and let it run through his
fingers. As the last strand of hair left his fingers he
let his hand drop to her shoulder and then to her breast.

She was facing the tree and all she could do was try to
cling tightly to the tree so that he couldn’t grope her.
Another man felt her buttocks and then slowly lifted her
skirt and underskirt as high as they would go.

This started a minor frenzy as all the men now wanted to
get a feel of her exposed body. Hands were on (and then
in) her shirt and all over her crotch. One man even had
his hand down the back of her tights and inside her
panties. Then suddenly another hand shoved down the front
groping for her pubic hair.

All the time she was struggling and twisting and cursing
them but to no avail. They pulled her away from the tree
and undid all the buttons on her uniform shirt and then
unclasped her bra, lifting it clear of her breasts. All
the time she protested, then someone un-hooked and un-
zipped her skirt at the back pulled it down to the sand,
her underskirt followed swiftly after.

What a nightmare, there she was, standing in her tights
and panties, cuffed to a tree, bare assed, with only a
shirt shoved up covering her shoulders and four virile
young hoodlums surrounding her.

They paused for a moment as if to reflecting on the
consequences of their actions. Then they decided to go
for broke and slid her tights and panties down over her
buttocks and to the ground, pulling her feet out of them.
She tried to kick at them but they were young and easily
fended her blows.

It became a free for all after that. Groping hands were
everywhere, eight hands were on one body, her breasts,
and her vagina, even in her rear end.

The man who had been swiftest to get his hand to her
vagina pulled his fingers out and let each of the other
men have a smell, one even had a taste. Then they grabbed
her and pulled her away from the tree so and pushed her
to the ground so that she was on all fours, head butted
up against the tree. She had not been physically hurt and
was still full of fight and tried everything to play for
time until her boyfriend got back.

But four against one was too much to overcome. They
rolled her on her back twisting her arms over on another
painfully and opened her shirt to show her breasts.

Two of the men took an ankle each and parted her legs
wide. While one of the men jumped down and began to eat
her and licked her, another undid his belt and dropped
his pants and underwear.

She knew she was finished then and virtually gave up all
resistance. While one of them squeezed and sucked her
breasts, the other got between her legs and shoved into
her as quickly and deeply as he could.

It didn’t take long before the excitement of the hunt
made him to empty himself in her. He’d been thrusting
into her wildly, then his body tensed and he grunted as
he came in her. Then the men switched places and one by
one each took a turn at her until they – and her – were
quite spent.

After they all emptied themselves in her once she felt a
kind of relief that it was all over. But then two of them
found the energy to manage it one more time each, and
this time they took longer.

She became covered in their sweat, the smell of cum
permeated the air, she was exhausted and was practically
hysterical by the time the men realized that they didn’t
have all day to enjoy their captive. They left as quickly
as they had come, each having one last grope and one even
kissed her quite passionately on the lips. He also
removed her police badge from her shirt and stuffed her
panties in his pocket as a souvenir before disappearing
from sight.

When her boyfriend returned, he found her squatting
beside the tree, naked except for her open shirt and wet
patches in the sand all around the base of the tree where
she’d oozed out her assailants cum. There were few words
between them as he released her from that tree.

My sister quit the police department, and has never seen
that boyfriend again and in fact she has never gone out
with a man again. That was over twenty years ago.

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