My Slave Mom and Me

Jenny always thought her mother was a lesbian being divorce for many years and always going next-door to see Laura and her mother, Nan. Her neighbors were a black couple with a daughter close to her age. Mother was always taking about how great her daughter was and how she did this and that. Her

Nikki the Christmas Slut

This story is meant as an erotic fiction, not real life. Nikki loved Christmas. She loved everything about it. She loved the music, the presents, the food and of course, she loved Santa. It was Friday, 2 weeks before Christmas and Nikki was home alone at night. He parents, Leslie and Trish, were at Leslie’s

Nicolette had a dream where she was fucked senseless by the stallion

Thunder whinnied and stamped as he was led to the mare in heat. Still, he had done this many times before, and so allowed himself to be led up to the breeding stand by Nicolette Bower, whose father helped him settle into place. The mare snorted as the large dick penetrated her vagina, and the

Straight man finds ecstacy on the other side

‘I’d like a room for two, please.’ ‘King or two doubles?’ she asked. I took a quick glance out the glass doors to make sure she couldn’t see my passenger in the car. I deliberately parked just out of view. ‘King, please.’ What would she think if she knew that I, a 45 year old

Three redheaded nymphomaniacs, three horses with a craving for human cunt

Warning ! This extreme sex story was written as an very dirty adult fantasy. The sick author does not condone the described behavior in real life! I always dreaded having to stay with my Aunt Margaret. She was always so strict, and she really looked the part of a stern aunt. She always wore proper

After my first mating with Dromano, I knew that I must have more of that pony cock

After my first mating with Dromano, I knew that I must have more of that pony cock, so I contacted Jim and the date and time was set. I had a hard time concentrating on work on the days before my next encounter. Saturday finally arrived and Jim had requested that I not bath, remove

Lightning can strike twice – even in an orgy

“Master.” Hal didn’t want to hear the voice. He didn’t want anything to intrude on whatever level of life he was now floating on. Eyes closed, a bed of unbelievable softness underneath him, the distant but comforting sounds of Josephine’s claws scratching on the dirt floor — and, best of all, the utterly satisfying feeling