Nikki and the horse cock

Nikki Eagletown walked back to the stable, reins in hand. It had been a very tense day, and she couldn’t wait to see Ernst and unwind for a bit. She was used to the rigors of competition, of course, but this was the Olympics. She needed a break. She put the horse in his stable,

I love fucking you

“God, I love your body,” Audrey murmured. “I love fucking you.” Beside her, Mala smiled gently, her lovely face suffused with excitement. She moved her head closer to Audrey’s and kissed her deeply. Audrey closed her eyes, her body trembling with excitement. Mala’s delicate, slender fingers roamed Audrey’s naked body, cupping and fondling her swollen

My Boyfriend, On His Back

I awoke to a gentle insistence, a slow nudging flooding me with warmth. A minor friction dissipating with wetness. I entered the realm of consciousness with the realization that I didn’t have to get up and go to work, which meant it was the weekend. The general haze formed into distinct clouds I could identify.