French adventures

My friend Lizzie and I went to brittany in the north of France for a weekend in June when we were 15 years old. As soon as we got there at 10.30 at night we threw our bags into our room, and quickly changed into short skirts and more revealing tops. I had a boyfriend back home, but I thought this would be a nice drunken girly weekend with my best friend and so I wore my tightest denim mini, with my long light brown legs on show, and a baby pink polo shirt, with my 32D cleavage almost bursting out. We then left her parents in order to go and find a cheap bar to get wasted in. We were walking along the path by the marina when we saw a group of four boys drinking on a bench; excited to make new ‘friends’ I went over to them to discover I already knew them! Jack, Phil, Greg and tom were friends of my ex-boyfriend, and we hung out with them occasionally. After greeting them all, we all set off to the bar together. That night we had far too many drinks, and the sexual tension was almost unbearable, but when the bar was closing up in the early hours of the morning, we all decided we had to go back to out separate homes. Out in the warm night air, I had a brilliant drunken idea – lets get naked! Tom and Greg followed suit, and soon I was walking along in my black wonderbra and thong, and the two boys were in their boxers. Even in the darkness, I could make out both were very well endowed, and both of them had perfect bodies. I wanted them both next to me, but even through my drunken haze, I could still remember my boyfriend, and could still tell it was wrong. As we approached Lizzie’s house I pulled my clothing back on, and gave each of the boys a kiss to say goodbye. Lizzie and I then crept into her flat, as quietly as possible so that her parents in the next room didn’t wake up.

As we sat on the windowsill, having a ciggy and discussing what we remembered of the last few hours, I confessed about how much I wanted Greg, despite my boyfriend at home. Lizzie told me to stay away from him, and that I’d only hurt myself, but I didn’t care, I just wanted him inside me, for the first time I wanted to feel everything a boy could offer inside my tight pussy, and I wanted to scream with pleasure before collapsing on a bed, drenched in sweat, an orgasm still shuddering through me. Soon after stubbing our fags out, we went to bed. When I was sure she was asleep, I reached down under the covers and started gently stroking my pussy with one hand, whilst pinching my left nipple with the other. I then slid my finger down into my neatly shaved pussy and thrust upwards, my thumb working on my already hardened clit. My breathing came increasingly shallower and I had to concentrate with all my will power not to cry out in pleasure as my two fingers, dripping wet from my sweet juices, penetrated deep inside me. I could feel an orgasm welling up inside me, my stomach clenched, my back arched and I shuddered in my now soaking bed sheets. This was going to be quite a weekend.

When I woke up in the morning, the bright sunlight seemed to be saying ‘come on, get up, get drunk, have fun!’ I looked over at Lizzie, her fuller figure barely covered by a light blue top looked so tempting, and I briefly considered leaning over and caressing her soft, smooth chest, when I snapped back to reality, pulled on some short hot pants over my miniscule designer bikini. I looked in the mirror at my naturally thin frame– my long dirty blonde hair hung loose down my back, my legs were lightly bronzed and perfectly skinny, my ass was rounded, my chest had already developed. I knew I looked hot for a 15-year-old girl, and I wasn’t going to let my boyfriend stand in the way of some fun in the boiling French sun – besides, it’s a different area code, it doesn’t count, right?

Within an hour, Lizzie and I were heading down to the bar from the night before. The boys were already there when we got there, each looking laidback and uncaring. Lizzie’s well-tanned legs caught their eyes as she walked in, and I swear I could see Greg’s cock rising in anticipation when he saw my scantily clad figure stride into the bar. 3 double vodka and cokes later, Lizzie and I were well on our way to being completely bladdered, so we all decided to go to the beach for a bit and cool off and drink more. After stumbling down to the beach, I quickly pulled off my tight white t-shirt and hot pants to reveal a stunning pale pink Burberry bikini. Greg, Tom and I walked down to the shore, and I slowly pulled off my bikini top. Both of these virgin 15 year olds had never seen a girl topless in the sea before, and I could tell both of them were really enjoying the sight, so I thought I’d play up to them a bit, and started slowly untying the strings on my bikini bottoms, when Greg came up to me, and just pulled them down, he then picked me up and slid his large, throbbing member deep into me. I screamed slightly with the shock of it at first – it must have been 7 inches, and my tight, virgin pussy couldn’t quite handle it, but as we started rocking I started really enjoying myself. My breathing sped up, his rock hard dick slid in and out of dripping pussy, coating it with my juices. Let out a low moan and I whispered, “I’m coming… I’m coming… IM FUCKING COMING DON’T STOP” he was pumping harder and harder, and I was sliding on and off of his cock, each time forcing it deeper and deeper into me until I couldn’t handle it anymore and had the most powerful orgasm ever. I felt his warm cum shoot inside me, and the he started to go soft. He fully withdrew and I collapsed into his arms. Tom had watched the whole episode, and was softly stroking his boner. The three of us then started walking back up the beach, my legs still weak from the sex I’d just enjoyed.

Lizzie looked pretty rough when we returned to our towels, and soon ran off to be sick behind some rocks, jack following her to make sure she was ok. Greg slid his arm around me as we sat down, and started slowly caressing my lower back… it felt amazing… I looked up at him, and slowly parted my lips He kissed me with such passion, his tongue exploring deep into my mouth, my nipples hardening to his touch, my cunt tinselling in anticipation, when I felt another hand running up the inside of my thigh. I gasped slightly and looked down. Tom was there; he smiled at me and asked, “Mind if I join in, sexy?” I smiled back in answer to his request, and leant back. I felt his tongue slide slowly up my leg, my heartbeat doubled he nearly got to my pussy, before stopping, leaning up wards and sucking, licking and biting my erect nipples. Greg followed his lead and started doing the same to my other breast. It felt so good I could hardly control my self, I could feel tom lightly biting my left nipple, while Greg licked slowly around my right one. Their hands explored the rest of my body, touching, teasing, controlling me until I couldn’t take it any longer; I clenched my cunt muscles and arched back thrusting toms fingers further into me. I then pushed Greg’s head down, and moaned as he licked the top of my slit, moving his tongue all around it pushing in, and pulling it back again kissing all around my swollen pussy, leaning up slightly and nibbling on my engorged clit. I squealed in delight, and f****d my pussy up into his face, as he started to suck my clit. I realised that Greg was just watching, so I pulled down his shorts to reveal his once again hard dick. I guided it to my mouth, licking all the way down before sucking gently on his balls. I then pushed the whole of his throbbing, veiny cock into my mouth. I enjoyed the feeling of it as it slid back into my throat, almost c*****g me, I pulled it out again, and started to suck the head, harder and harder before Greg took the back of my head and f****d his huge cock back into my mouth. Tom pulled away from my greedy pussy and thrust his 8 incher all the way into me. I moaned again, still with Greg’s dick in my mouth. Tom started humping me good and hard, thrusting himself in and out of me, making my stomach clench and my legs twitch. We were getting quite an audience of older French men, but I was too drunk to really care, and neither of the boys seemed to mind, so I didn’t let it stop me enjoying myself. Tom shot is load into my pussy, and a few seconds later Greg came in my mouth. I licked the entire warm, salty cum off his dick, and swallowed it all.

I sighed at sat back onto Greg contentedly, as tom laid his head on my stomach and drew tiny circles on my leg with his fingers. Greg then reached over and grabbed the bottle of cheap champagne we had bought the day before, he took a swig, and poured the remainder of the still cool, bubbly liquid all down my chest, as it pooled in my belly button and dripped down towards my pussy. The two young boys wasted no time licking it off my flat stomach and pert tits, paying special attention to my once again erect nipples. When there was more spit than champers on me, Greg took my hand and said “come on, we’re going for a walk”.

He led me behind some beach sheds and started kissing me again. My back against the rough wall of the shed he slid himself into me yet again (they have so much stamina!) and I heaved with delight. He pumped harder and harder, until he was nearly about to come, then he withdrew. I couldn’t help feeling disappointed, until he spun me around and said “this might hurt a bit, but I’ll be gentle” he then pushed his dick against the tight opening of my virgin asshole, and using the juices from my soaking pussy, he pushed himself inside me. The pain was intense for a minute, until I got used to it, then it felt amazing. He slowly moved in and out of me, getting fasted and faster, pumping harder and harder. I pushed against the wall, feeling his chest against my naked back. Soon enough, he was ready to come again and he spewed his load into my ass. He withdrew and I wiped myself off. He kissed me once again, and we walked off

As we said our good byes later on, we vowed to meet up in brittany again sometime (preferably soon). It seemed like Lizzie had a pretty good time with Jack, and Phil had a good time watching both of us.