Geeky cousin Glennis has a transformation that takes Kristie’s breath away, literally

Kristie Davenport saw her mother bearing down on her
from across the living room like a battleship
weathering a rough sea. Kristie took a deep breath to
steady her nerves. A lame mother was hard enough to
bear, a lame mother who has already had to buy her
daughter one full set of new bras is harder still to
bear… and if my chest doesn’t stop growing real soon,
mother’s going to have to get a third set in two
months. And if the lamers at school notice, they are
going to start making cow jokes and never stop.

“Kristie,” her mother demanded.

Oh lame, Mother. There is no one else in the house! Get
real! I mean, we both know who I am, or are you
starting to wish you could forget?

“Yes,” Kristie replied, all treacle and smiles. Leaving
off the fatal ‘Mother, dear’ she so very much wanted to
add to the end of the sentence.

“I was just talking with my brother, Carl, about
Thanksgiving weekend. He, Jackie and Glennis are going
to drive over next week from LA, getting in Wednesday
evening, they’ll go back Sunday afternoon.” Kristie’s
mother smiled. “You will treat Glennis better than you
did last year when we went to visit them, won’t you?”

Cousin Glennis, the four-eyed, chubby seventh grade
shrimpy mouse who couldn’t stop talking about how she
thinks Justin Timberlake is so sexy! You mean that lame
cousin? The one who couldn’t help mentioning over and
over about how wonderful it was to have a swimming
pool, the one I put down and shut up completely by
asking if we could use it, even though it was
Thanksgiving? That cousin Glennis?

“Cousin Glennis,” Kristie said carefully, “can’t take a
joke.” Kristie was prouder of that joke than anything
before her Halloween costume. So cool! How was I
supposed to know grape Jell-O would change cousin
Glennis’ hair to a very putrid blue? I thought it
looked really punk, anyway. Like it was my fault she
stole it from my overnight bag? Kristie couldn’t help
smiling at the two days she’d used to set up the joke,
telling Glennis how great and wonderful her new shampoo
was, all the good things it did.

“You will behave this time! You will be nice to your
cousin! You’d better be!” Kristie’s mother paused. “You
can either let Glennis sleep with you or you can sleep
on the couch in the den.”

That question brought Kristie blasting back to reality.
She opened her mouth to speak; decided real quick that
her mother wasn’t going to want to hear about how hard
it would be for Kristie to go for four nights without
masturbating. Kristie briefly considered asking why
Glennis couldn’t sleep on the couch; knew the answer
from years gone by: Guests didn’t sleep on the couch if
you could.

“I’ll share,” Kristie surrendered, knowing she sounded
sullen. But what are you supposed to be when you have
to sleep with a lame cousin?

Monday morning for Kristie, was school as usual. And as
usual, the day went right into the toilet as soon as
she saw Ann Marie Kruger and the other two members of
the Triple A group, Angela and Andrea.

Ann Marie looked Kristie up and down and turned and
said something to Andrea. Whatever it was, Andrea
laughed, and whispered to Angela, then all three were
staring at Kristie with stupid grins on their faces.

Kristie just ignored them, went to her locker, and got
out her books. I could complain, she thought, about the
lousy lame teachers, the stupid boring classes but then
what? Right now, I get straight A’s and the only person
who’s in real contention with me to have the best GPA
in school is Ann Marie. If I got in harder classes, I
might actually have to open a book more than once or
twice a week.

Ann Marie appeared, gave Kristie and appraising look.
“You shooting for a career as a bag lady?”

Kristie paid Ann Marie no attention at all. It’s bad
enough not to have tits, but then to overnight go from
just barely B to a solid C? That had bit! Maybe you
like guys with their tongues hanging out, drooling, as
they look at you. Me? It creeps me right out! Reminds
me of my little brother, he drools too.

“Your blouse looks like a gunny sack from some hick
farm,” Ann Marie went on.

Kristie simply closed her locker door, turned and
looked Ann Marie up and down without expression.
Kristie’s eyes locked on a pair of white bobby sox,
visible because Ann Marie’s jeans were not only sprayed
on, but too short.

Kristie met Ann Marie’s eyes. Kristie raised an
eyebrow, gave a barely audible snort and brushed past
Ann Marie.

Ann Marie stood frozen, her face flushed red.

Kristie shook her head as she sat down in Home Room. I
guess that’s about as good as it gets; at least I shut
the stupid bitch up. Can’t complain about that. Pissed
her off though, and she’s going to try to get back at
me. At least I have band and not PE;

I’d never be able to hide in PE.

Kristie checked her baggie blouse. Other girls with big
tits are all excited about having them. They get off
when guys turn to watch them walk past. I just get
creeped out. What a bunch of lamers! I mean what do big
tits tell you about someone? They got big tits! That’s
it! Zero, zip, nada! Nothing else! If no guy ever
looked at me even once, I’d be as happy as I could be!

Tuesday was actually worse than Monday; first off
Kristie’s mother decided to notice that Kristie’s
blouses were a little on the baggy side. “You shouldn’t
wear something that big. You look ridiculous!” her
mother had told her at breakfast. “Don’t you have any
pride in your personal appearance?”

That had been really hard to take. Then at school, Ann
Marie, with her two little sicko fans had appeared at
Kristie’s locker. “Gosh, another bag!” Ann Marie had
said. “You should have a lack-of-fashion sense show.”
Later, Kristie had spent over two hours trying to think
of some come back, but nothing came to mind.

Then her mother just had to have help grocery shopping
for the weekend, and Kristie was reduced to basket
pushing at the supermarket; that and listening to her
mother moan and groan about how much everything cost.
Like, who cares if salad dressing from Albertson’s is
8.3 cents an ounce, versus 10.3 cents in a Kraft jar?
And maybe it was a little weird that in a big round
Kraft bottle it was 9.2 cents and in the same size
bottle, but square, it was 12.1 cents? So, like it’s
news that salad dressing is lame?

Wednesday, Kristie was tempted to be sick, except she
was sure if she did she’d have a list of cleaning
chores to do longer than her arm. As it was, she’d have
to spend the afternoon after she got home cleaning and
polishing. When I have a house, Kristie thought, I’m
going to get old furniture. I’m going to cover
everything up with magazines and books, so you can’t
tell if it’s dusty or not, polished or not. I’m going
to eat off plastic plates that you can put in the
dishwasher, and not treat like museum treasures to be
individually washed and dried both before and after

Kristie had to run to her room when her relatives
arrived to change out of grubby jeans and a t-shirt
into something nicer; the good thing about that was she
missed helping carry suitcases. It’s so unfair! When I
go visit them, I carry my suitcase! Then when they come
here, I’m supposed to be a valet! Just unfair!

The biggest surprise was cousin Glennis. Kristie had to
look twice, because she thought they’d left Glennis
behind and brought along someone else. Instead of being
short, four-eyed and pudgy, Glennis was now an inch
taller than Kristie, thin and was wearing contacts.

Other things had changed too. Glennis was quiet,
sitting silently at one side of the dinner table,
eating and not talking at all.

Finally, everyone had enough talking, and Kristie could
decently excuse herself to go to bed. Glennis following
along silently behind her. “There’s towels in the
bathroom and stuff,” Kristie told Glennis once
Kristie’s door was closed behind them. “If you want a
shower now, that is. I like to get mine in the evening,
but today I already did.”

Glennis just nodded, then pointed to Kristie’s bed.
“Which side do you sleep on?”

Kristie shrugged; actually, she was pretty much all
over the bed, particularly if she was masturbating.
“Right side, I guess, by the door,” Kristie told her.

“I’m just going to go to sleep,” Glennis spoke, her
voice level and emotionless. “It won’t bother me if you
stay up and read or something. I know this is your room
and I’m a guest; please don’t let me impose on you.”

“It’s not a problem, Glennis,” Kristie told her cousin.
“I’m tired too.”

“A lot of cleaning and shopping, I bet,” Glennis said.
For the first time there was a bit of emotion in her

“Yeah,” Kristie agreed with feeling.

“I wanted to stay home,” her cousin sounded dispirited,
“but they wouldn’t let me.”

Kristie nodded, then said with feeling, “Couple years
from now, I’m off to college. God, I hope I never have
to come back!”

Kristie stripped out of her clothes, all the way bare,
put on a long t-shirt she wore in the winter time to
stay warm. Her cousin went down to panties, and a knee-
length flannel nightie.

Kristie got the light, and silence descended on the

“Thanks, Kristie, for letting me share,” Glennis
whispered, just seconds before Kristie would have been

“No problem, Glennis. Sleep tight.” Let me get some,
anyway; although I have to say you’re a whole lot nicer
now than you were last year!

“Night,” Glennis’ voice sounded sleepy too.

For a while Kristie contemplated trying to stay awake
long enough for Glennis to get solidly asleep, then
maybe play just a little, enough to take the edge off
the urges that left a hollow in Kristie’s stomach, and
little jolts of energy lower down. Finally, she decided
that she was always restless sleeping in a strange bed;
likely Glennis would be too. Better to wait until
tomorrow, no matter how much she wanted relief now.

Kristie wasn’t sure how much later it was when she woke
up. At first, she wasn’t sure why she’d woken up then;
she’d gotten the impression someone was shaking her.
After a second, she heard a soft sound coming from
Glennis, felt small movements of the bed.

She couldn’t help it; Kristie almost laughed aloud.
Sweet Glennis, the apple of her parent’s eye, was lying
in bed next to Kristie rubbing herself! The thought
someone had urges even stronger than hers was a real
hoot, Kristie thought. It had to be that; cause it
would take a great deal for me to masturbate with
someone a few inches away. Like maybe how horny I’ll be

Glennis let out a soft moan, and the bed stopped
moving, as Glennis came.

I’m flat out jealous of you girl, Kristie thought. I
was a little horny when I fell asleep, now I’m
seriously majorly horny!

Kristie was totally unprepared when she felt the bed
start to shake even more than before. Glennis’
movements were more rapid and frantic than ever.
Another smile appeared on Kristie’s face, even as her
own internal temperature rose. You really do have it
bad, don’t you cousin?

Glennis was a little noisier this time, too, when she

Kristie was tied up in little knots, herself. I think,
Kristie thought carefully, what I will do is roll over
on my tummy, put my hand between me and the mattress
and squeeze down. If I don’t do something, I’m liable
to explode here.

She rolled over after Glennis had been quiet for a

Glennis’ voice was soft, a slight tremble to her words.
“I woke you.”

Kristie debated pretending to be asleep; decided it
would be not only lame, but wouldn’t help. “Yeah, don’t
worry about it. I understand.”

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean too, it’s just I miss… I
mean…” her voice fell away.

“You don’t have to apologize. I hope you’re done
though, or in a second you’re gonna be listening to

Glennis apologized again. “I’m sorry about being here.

I didn’t want to come.”

Kristie giggled. “Sure sounded like you wanted to cum
to me!”

“I did.” Glennis said, “I…”

“Don’t apologize again, Glennis.” Kristie said, wanting
to stop her cousin’s lame excuses.

“I was going to ask if you do it.”

“Like I said,” Kristie replied, “yeah. Everyone does
it, near as I can tell.”

There was another moment of silence, Kristie thought
she was finally about to be able to get back to sleep.

“Anybody ever do it for you?” Kristie’s cousin sounded
all conspiratorial.

Kristie decided that mentioning Halloween wouldn’t be a
good idea. “No.”

“My friend Carol and I, when we sleep over…” Again
Glennis’ voice faded out.

Kristie rolled over, facing her cousin, nearly
invisible in the darkness of Kristie’s room. This
sounds kind of interesting, Kristie thought. “Tell me
about it?” Kristie asked, really curious. Not to
mention her insides were turning to jelly at the

“We make each other come. Would you like me to do it to
you, Kristie?”

Kristie’s first thought was that Glennis had it really,
really bad. Her second thought was that yeah, I’ve
kinda been curious about what that would be like for a
while now. The last thought Kristie had was wondering
just what else Glennis might want to do…

“Sure,” Kristie murmured, “sounds cool.”

In fact, Glennis’ finger had felt more than cool
rubbing Kristie’s clit and later inside her. And
rubbing Glennis in return had been a big turn on,
listening to her get all hot and bothered; knowing it
was Kristie who’d done it to her cousin… that was
hot, really hot. Then there was breast rubbing, which
was fun; tittie sucking was even more fun.

And it was dear sweet lovable cousin Glennie who showed
me how much nicer a tongue was on my clit than a
finger. Then she sat on my face and I showed her a
thing or two.

Kristie smiled to herself on Sunday as she stood,
waving goodbye to her cousin, her aunt and uncle.
Cousin Glennie and I got along really well; we’ve
learned to play together. Four nights of fun! Gosh, I’m
going to be so glad to get some sleep tonight, because
I’m nearly exhausted!

Next to Kristie, her mother turned to her. “At least
you weren’t a total embarrassment this year, Kristie.”

Kristie smiled secretly to herself. Nope, this year it
wasn’t Cousin Glennie’s face I’d turned red. And what I
turned blue this year left her squirming and begging
for more.