Geisha Schoolgirls

I had spent several months in Japan teaching english to high school students when a friend suggested I visit a geisha house.

“It’s great. The women feed you, bathe you, play music for you- it’s nothing sexual though, it’s just a chance for a man to have women be subservient to him. There’s an inexpensive one I know about. The girls are younger and less experienced geishas, but I think you’ll like it. ”

One weekend I went to the place he reccomended. The lady behind the counter seemed to look on me with some disdain, probably because I was an American, and I figured I would get the least experienced girls.

She handed me a robe and pointed me toward a room. As I stripped down and put on the robe I looked around the room. It had paper screens with paintings on them for two walls, and the other two were wood. There was a hot tub and cushions and a low table on the floor.

I heard the paper screen slide aside and a young girl’s voice excitedly say, “Mr. Edwards ! ” I turned around and saw two of my students from the high school standing there wearing kimonos.

“Kimmi ! May ! I didn’t know you two girls worked here. ” I knew these two girls well. They were both very interested in America and learning english, and would walk along with me asking me questions, and sit with me in the park across from the high school where I would eat lunch

“We just started working here, ” Kimmi said. “In fact, you are our first customer ! ”

May laid out a tray of sushi, shrimp, vegatables and tea, and Kimmi directed me to sit on the cushions. They knealt at either side of me, one feeding me with chopsticks, the other handing me the tea when I asked for it. I thought geishas were supposed to be quiet and subservient, but these two chattered and giggled a mile a minute, like typical schoolgirls, laughing and telling me the things they had been up to. After the food was gone they directed me to stand up and led me to the hot tub.

Kimmi started to undo the belt to my robe and it hit me like a thunderbolt- should I be wearing something under my robe ? These girls were pretty young and I didn’t want to shock them, as I have a rather large penis. She slipped the robe off and to my relief they didn’t seem surprised, although both the girls took a quick peek at my groin and tried to stifle giggles. I didn’t have an errection, thank god, but it was still pumped up a bit. Having two young girls kneeling at my feet, feeding me, serving me in any way I asked was more stimulating to me than I thought it would be. I felt the tip of my penis start to rise, so I quickly stepped into the hot tub.

Kimmi and May went to the other side of the room and picked up musical instruments, a stringed instrument and a xylophone type thing, and began playing. The warm water of the hot tub had done it- now I had a full on errection. I shifted around so it wouldn’t poke through the surface of the water, and I didn’t think the girls could see it.

Eventually the girls stopped playing and and went to a corner and got a bucket and some washcloths. They put some liquid soap in the bucket and filled it from a faucet. To my shock I realised I would have to get out of the tub to have the girls soap me down and rinse me off. It was bad enough they were my high school students, but the fact that I had a pounding hard on, over eight inches long ……..

They were both behind me getting the soapy water ready and I slowly got out, facing away from them. I stood waiting. It seemed to take an eternity. Finally Kimmi squeezed out a wet washcloth and walked around to my front. When she saw my huge errection her eyes bugged out and her body jumped in surprise, dropping the washcloth.

“Oh ! Mr. Edwards ! “, She squeaked. May, wondering what was the matter, peeked around to my front, and, seeing my penis sticking straight out, gasped in surprise, covering her mouth. Both girls looked at my dick, my face, then at each other in shock and confusion, not knowing what to do. When they had pulled themselves together, Kimmi began to slowly wash my neck and shoulders and May began to wash my back. Yes, I knew it was wrong, but as soon as the warm soapy water began dripping over my errection I knew I had to have these two girls sucking and jerking off my dick.

Both the girls had gone completely silent, so I tried to ease the tension. I pointed to my dick, shrugged, smiled and said, “Sorry .” Both the girls covered their mouths and exploded in giggles. The scene was almost too much- These two young girls, my students, in modest kimonos and carefully made up faces, and me standing there naked with a gigantic throbbing boner. I felt like I would go crazy if I didn’t get someone stroking it.

I gently took May’s hand and wrapped it around the base of my dick, still covered in soapy water. Then I took Kimmi’s hand and wrapped it around the top part of my rigid errection. Their hands were so small and delicate they could barely wrap all the way around, and there was plenty of room on the long shaft for both of them to jerk me off at once. I showed them how to stroke my dick with their hands.

Kimmi looked like she was more comfortable stroking my dick than May, who looked like she was in shock, staring at this huge thing in her hand, so I ordered Kimmi to take a washcloth and rinse the soap from just the head of my dick, then put it in her mouth and suck on it. She had never heard of such a thing, but it didn’t occur to her to refuse. When she had complied, it took about ten seconds of seeing these two girls simultaniously jerking my dick, and one of them struggling to get the big knob at the end of my dick in her mouth, to shoot gob after gob of cum into Kimmi’s mouth. I held her head on my dick as I came, till a river of semen gushed out of her pretty little mouth, over her soft pink lips.

Kimmi hurried over to the faucet to wash out her mouth and May began to quickly but gently wash the slippery semen off my still errect penis with a washcloth.

“Please,” She implored ,”You will not tell anyone we did this ? ”

I gave May a reassuring pat on the head. “Don’t worry sweetie, I won’t tell .”