Getting Caught

In the summer of 1977 my life was boring, school was out friends were gone on vacations or at summer school and for the most part no one was around to hang with. I was 16 then and had just discovered what jacking off felt like so I found my self doing this alot. One boring morning I was out in the back yard and heard the neighbor Jan junp into her pool, so I went over to the fence between her house and mine and peered through a not hole.

As Jan surfaced and swam around all I thought was that would be fun right now and then she go out of the pool and was totally naked. Every thought I had when jacking off completely ent away and now I had a new vision. Jan had live next door for a year or so and was never seen much, she had no husband and I did not know why.

She got out and sat on a chair that faced the fence, now a this time I had my dick in my hand and was furiously stroking and then I exploded, and let out a loud grunt that she heard. I regained my self and looked back through the hole and she was still sitting in the chair facing the fence, I could not tell if she was looking because of her sun glasses.

Jan sat out for 2 hours sitting and laying on her towel, and giving me enough veiwing pleasures that I had stroked a blister on my dick and besides I know that she had to of heard me jacking off. 3 days later I was out and about and came home to find Jan talking with my mom, you can only imagine the thoughts I had in my head thinking she was telling my mother I was jacking off and peeping on her.

Well my mother said that Jan was over to ask if I wanted a job keeping her pool clean, and in return I could swim as much as I wanted too. I could not accept fast enough, so the next morning at 10 I went next door and nocked on Jans door and she opened the door wereing her bikini. Now Jan was much bigger than my mother infact she was alot bigger and was most definately a big beautiful women, she was also older than mom, I later found out she was 58 years old.

So my first day on the job was off to a good start, Jan showed me her house and said to feel like I am at home so I had to take a leak and went in to the bathroom and jacked one out real quick. After that I was hard at work scooping leaves and brushing the pool while she layed out on her towel on her back. After and hour or so she rolled over and undid her top and asked me to rub some lotion on her back, as I did this my cock was so hard and I was so excited that I shot my wad right in my shorts. I had to jump into the pool to hide what had happened.

Jan soon got up giving me a nice view of her bare tits and said she was hungry and was going to McDonalds and took my order and left. So I took this opertunity to be snoop and went looking around her bedroom and discovered a big plastic dick on her dresser and picked it up and noticed how sticky it was. I thought to my self she could have my dick instead, then on the floor was her bikini bottoms and I picked them up and took in her scent.

With out even noticing I was laying on my back with her bottoms up to my nose and furiously jacking off with the other hand when she said luch was here or it could wait, she then walked over to me and took her fingers and wiped the cum off my stomach and licked her fingers. She then took off her sun dress and stood completely naked in front of me, she said lets eat and then you can have desert by eating me.

Jan brought me back to the bed and layed down and spread her legs open and told me to put my tongue into her pussy and lick. She was moaning so loud I thought I had hurt her but she said dont stop and soon was grabbing the back of my head and pulling me deeper into her pussy until she had cum. My face was wet It felt like I had eaten a glazed dognut. She then told me to climb on top and she guided me into her velvet love box were I furiously pumped and then shot a load.

As the summer wore on she had me fucking her every day and had me put on a show for a friend who came by. She told me the friend was a lonely prude who would do nothing more than fuck her dildo, and would come over once in a while to sun with her top off. Jan asked me to not come over but to hang out in my back yard and when they were laying out to stroke my cock and grunt loud enough to be heard.

She said she would tell her friend to come to the fence and if they were quick they would catch me stroking and spurting. And they did as I turned my cum cannon towards the fence and and eye watching me. I soon heard Jan saying the show was over and to get away from the fence, I had just scored my next mature lady to fuck.