Fun Drive

This might be the hottest day of the summer, Janet thought. And here she was going door to door to collect money for the intramural volleyball team. You’d think the school could pay for a couple of dump trucks of sand for the new outside courts. She’d picked a neighborhood with a lot of trees

One hot Friday

It had been a turbulent time for me. I had turned 18, left high school and was now studying at a local community college. Family life had broken up a little, my brother Jess had gone off to college in another state and my parents had moved out of town to follow my father’s company

Yummy mummy

My name is Pamela, known to my sexy friends as Auntie Pam. I’m 44, single and a size 14, and have been told I’m a yummy mummy. I’m bi, love giving and receiving oral, playing with toys and enjoy both anal and vaginal fun. Roll play is something I really enjoy, some may say my

Getting Caught

In the summer of 1977 my life was boring, school was out friends were gone on vacations or at summer school and for the most part no one was around to hang with. I was 16 then and had just discovered what jacking off felt like so I found my self doing this alot. One

My First Seduction

I was now hungry for more fresh young cock, Marcus was now very good at pleasing a woman and had brought me and Kate to many a good climax before cumming his hot load. I asked Marcus if he would help me, he said he had a friend that he thought would be game for