Getting Into The Scene

Tara and Tom were both juniors at the Clinton High
School. Tara had moved to town only a short while
before, and didn’t know many people yet. She was a
bouncy, friendly girl, about 5’6″ and weighed just over
110 pounds. She was thin, mostly, but had firm ripe
breasts that she thought stuck out too far. Lately her
pants had been getting tight in the hips too. Her
mother said she was turning into a woman, but she
didn’t feel like a woman.

Right now Tara was day dreaming about trying out for
the lead in the school musical that was coming up in a
few months. She had seen the musical on Broadway and
loved it, especially the part of Shannon, the female
lead. Shannon got to kiss a lot of men in the
production and there was a love scene in bed, under the
covers, that made Tara get wet, while she watched it.
She thought it might be a lot of fun to get that part,
and she could meet some new friends too. She had done
some acting at her last school and knew that that group
of students always became good friends.

Tom had been raised in Clinton, on a farm outside of
town. Because of the farm work he never had much time
to socialize. He was involved in 4-H and met some
friends there, but wasn’t involved in any sports. He
also never had time for a girl friend. He knew about
girls, and dreamed of what it must be like to feel
their soft skin, and taste them and kiss them. But it
was all fantasy thus far.

The first time he saw the new girl, Tara, he felt a
stirring in his penis that embarrassed him. She was
gorgeous, he thought, and he’d give anything to spend
some time with her. She even said “Hi” to him one day
in the hall. He was so tongue tied that he couldn’t
even return the word, much less actually have a
conversation with her.

He turned around to watch her as she passed him. He’d
never forget the sight of her round hips, swaying down
the hall, and her perky pony tail swaying in
counterpoint. That night Tom had pounded his meat
thinking about Tara and had a great orgasm. It was the
first of many as the school year wore on.

Right after school started back up in January, tryouts
were held for the musical. Tom was hanging around,
waiting for a friend to finish up with basketball
practice so they could carpool home. He heard music
coming from the auditorium and wandered up there to see
what was going on. When he walked in, Tara was trying

He was mesmerized.

She sang like a bird, clear and sweet. It made his
heart hurt to hear her sing. And she danced in ways he
had never seen before. He sat in the back and watched.
She finished up, her head down and hurried off stage.
“Good job Tara” said Ms Jenkins, the drama teacher, but
Tara didn’t seem to hear her as she hurried up the
aisle toward where Tom was sitting. She was crying! Tom
didn’t know what to do. He surprised himself by saying

She stopped in the semi darkness, trying to see who was
sitting there in the back.

“Tara, what’s wrong?” he said.

She peered into the darkness and realized it was a boy
named Tom. She’d seen him around, but he’d never talked
to her.

“I sucked. That’s what’s wrong.” she growled and then
felt the tears coming back.

“What?” asked Tom.

Tara peered at him again. “This guy must be one or two
bricks shy of a load” she thought to herself. “I said I
sucked. I blew the tryout.” He was staring at her, his
mouth open. He looked shocked.

“No way” he finally said. Then his voice firmed. “No.
No way. You’re crazy. That was the most beautiful thing
I ever heard in my whole life.” He couldn’t believe
he’d said it. He felt his face flame red and was glad
it was dark.

Tara suddenly started paying attention. She knew he was
wrong. She’d missed two notes and forgotten a line. In
her dance routine she was half a beat behind in two
places. But whoever this Tom guy was, he was sweet. She
sat down.

“Thanks, but you obviously don’t know what you’re
talking about” she said. “Hi, I’m Tara Robinson.”

“I know” tom said and his tongue got tied up again.
“STUPID STUPID STUPID” he thought to himself.

Tara figured it out almost immediately and was
flattered to find that this nice looking boy was
interested in her. AND he thought she was good! They
began talking and pretty soon they had warmed to each
other. Tara asked him if he was going to try out for a
part in the musical.

“No way” said Tom. “I’ve never done any acting. I
wouldn’t even know where to start.”

“Do you sing?” asked Tara.

“Well, sure. I sing in the choir at church. I sing
along with CDs while I’m on the tractor working the
fields… stuff like that. But I don’t sing like you
do. No way.”

Tara had a hunch. She got up and went back down to the
front of the auditorium. “Ms Jenkins? Are you still
looking for boys to try out for the part of Bobby?”

Ms Jenkins turned to her and answered “Yes Tara, I am.
In fact no one has tried out for that part yet. Why, do
you have somebody in mind?”

Tara talked to Ms Jenkins about Tom, sitting in the
back of the room. “I haven’t heard him sing, but if
he’s singing in the choir maybe he’s good” she
whispered. Ms Jenkins was trying to see in the dark
back where Tom was sitting. “You mean Tom Blake? I
never even thought of him.” She lowered her voice
conspiratorially “And he’s pretty much of a hunk too!”

Tara was startled at the idea of a teacher calling a
student “a hunk”, but when she thought about Tom she
realized he WAS pretty good looking.

Ms Jenkins went to that back of the room and began
talking to Tom. Soon she was leading him up to the
stage. “Now you just stand on the stage and I’ll find
the music.” said Ms Jenkins, and she hurried over to
the sound system. She rummaged around in a drawer, then
shouted “Got it!” and held up a CD, which she then put
in the machine. Tara heard the strains of a popular
rock and roll song playing and then realized it was
just the music track, with no voice on it.

Tom began singing and Tara felt her knees go weak. He
was good. He was VERY good. His baritone made her
stomach feel funny. When he looked at her during one
part of the song she realized she was getting… wet…
Finally she had to sit down. She noticed Ms Jenkins was
sitting too, and her head was back, her eyes closed as
she too was taken over by Tom’s voice.

The music ended and Tom just stood there blinking in
the spot light. Finally Ms Jenkins head jerked. She was
breathing quickly. “Oh!” she said, looking around
“Tom… you have the part.” She turned and looked at
Tara. “And I believe Tara here will play the part of

Both kids were stunned by what had happened. Ms Jenkins
finished the tryouts and then got the two of them
together. “Now, you two are the leads in the show, and
all eyes will be on you. Of course this is a love story
and you two are supposed to be in love. That’s one of
the hardest kinds of parts to play, and you two are
going to have to work on it a lot to make it
convincing. There is a love scene in this show, and
those are hard to do too, at least convincingly. So
here’s what I want you two to do. You need to spend
some time together… get to know each other… get
comfortable around each other. And practice lines
together as much as you can. I’m going to work with the
supporting cast for the first two weeks, and during
that time I want you guys to spend as much time
together as possible, OK?”

Both teens just nodded their heads. This was somewhat
overwhelming to them both.

In the next week Tara and Tom did spend as much time
together as they could squeeze in. Tara learned where
the farm was and drove out there several nights a week.
She met Tom’s parents and they practiced lines together
hard. On other nights Tom’s dad let him borrow the
truck to go into town to Tara’s house. Tara’s parents
were very impressed with the tall muscular boy and they
raved about how good both of the kids were at saying
their lines.

It didn’t take either teen long to figure out how
attractive the other was. Tom’s jeans got tight each
time he saw Tara and he often had to surreptitiously
move his hardening cock around to make it less visible.
Tara, for her part, found herself flexing her thighs a
lot as she listened to her “lover” speak his words of
love to her. She got what she thought were butterflies
in her stomach a lot too, and more than once, when she
was getting ready for bed, she found her panties damp.

The second week they decided it was time to work on the
physical part of the roles they were to play. They had
to kiss several times in the musical. Both kids were
nervous about this.

Tom voiced his concern first. “I guess we have to kiss
each other, huh?”

Tara, to her surprise, found herself trying to analyze
his statement. Did he mean he didn’t like the idea? She
felt a cold hard place in her stomach at the thought
that he might not want to kiss her. She probed “Yeah. I
know there are ways to make it LOOK like you are
kissing, but you aren’t actually kissing. Is that what
you think we should do?” She held her breath, waiting
for his answer.

“Gosh no!” he blurted out. Then he blushed. “I mean…
um… it has to look real… doesn’t it?”

Tara felt the warmth coming back into her and smiled.
“Yes, I definitely think it should look real. Remember
how Ms Jenkins said it was hard to make it look good?
We’ll have to practice.” Then she blushed too.

Tom was suddenly happy to hear that. Then he felt his
dick twitch and he frowned. The last thing he needed
was for his dick to mess things up for him. Here was a
beautiful girl who was willing to kiss him, even if it
was only play practice, and he could just imagine what
she’d do if she realized he had a boner on. “I have to
go to the bathroom” he said and jumped up. “I’ll be
right back.”

Tara noticed he was walking sort of bent over as he
left. Like he was in pain.

Then, as he turned to go in the bathroom door she saw
it. The front of his jeans was bulging out. He had a

Her head swam. Was it because of her? Was it because
she had said they needed to kiss? She felt her nipples
flood with heat and realized her pussy was getting
damp. What was he doing in the bathroom? She felt even
more heat in her loins as she fantasized that he was in
there jerking off.

Silently she rose and tip-toed to the door. What was
that sound? A moan?

The farm house was old. It had old style locks that
took skeleton keys. She stared at the key hole and,
almost against her will, stooped, putting her eye at
that level.

There, not three feet in front of her, Tom stood, his
pants down around his ankles, his profile to her. He
was facing the stool and he WAS jerking off. Her mouth
went dry as she looked at her first full grown penis.
It was BEAUTIFUL. It was MONSTROUS!! His hand cradled
it, almost gently as he stroked it in long smooth
movements. The head was dark, almost purple and it was
large and knobby. There was a string of milky fluid
hanging from the tip that swung in the air as he
jerked. Now his hand closed around his member harder
and he speeded up. He groaned again.

What happened next stayed in her mind for days. As he
groaned she heard her name and then great strings of
thick white semen streaked out of the end of his penis.

Tara didn’t see what happened next. She couldn’t
breathe and her eyes were closed. She realized her
hands were squeezing her breasts and pinching her
nipples. Her pussy felt positively wet! She heard a
sound and panicked. He was coming out!

She scrambled back to the other room and tried to quiet
her gasping. All she could think about was those long
strings of semen, ejected from his penis while he was
thinking about HER! She had never been so excited or
turned on.

Tom came into the room and saw Tara standing, looking
flushed, breathing deeply. Those deep breaths did
something wonderful to her breasts. He closed his eyes,
trying to think of something else. He knew he could get
hard and come at least three or four times in a row
before his dick actually died down.

When Tara spoke her voice was husky. “Um, we’d better
practice. It’s getting late.”

Before Tom could get his thoughts in order she had
approached him. Almost like she was attacking him, her
arms went around him and he felt those wonderful
breasts pressing into his chest. His head went down as
hers tilted up and their lips touched.

At first the kiss was tentative. Their lips barely
touched, but they held that pose. Then Tom moved his
head slightly and his lips grazed along hers. Tom had
no idea why he did this, but the tip of his tongue shot
out from between his lips and he softly licked her
upper lip. Part of him was horrified that he had done
this. But her response told that part to shut the hell

She went “Mmmmmmm” and crushed her lips to his.
Suddenly it was as if they were trying to absorb each
other’s lips through their own. Tara held Tom
frantically, mashing her breasts into his chest as they
slowly ran out of air.

Neither wanted to break that kiss, but finally they had
to. Both gasped in a lungful of air and their lips met
again. This time both used their tongues and began
frenching each other. Tom suddenly realized that Tara
was grinding her hips against his dick, which was
achingly hard again. Not only didn’t she seem to mind,
it was as if she was trying to feel him. His hands slid
down her waist to her buttocks and he pulled her hips
into him.

Somehow both knew it was time to take a break. They
reluctantly pulled apart. Tara put her hands on his
chest and pushed him away. He couldn’t say why, but Tom
knew that she wasn’t rejecting him. It was more like
someone who is pushing away a plate of food because
they can’t eat another bite. Both were panting for

“Wow!” gasped Tara. “I guess we got the kissing part
down OK.”

Now Tom was less sure of himself. “Um… yeah… I’m
um… sorry that I…”

She cut him off with another kiss. Even though it was
just a quick peck to shut him up, and nothing like the
last kiss, it meant almost more to Tom, who suddenly
knew she wasn’t mad and wasn’t sorry.

“You’re a good kisser” she said. And then her eyes
dropped to the front of his jeans, where his obviously
stiff pecker was prominently displayed. “And apparently
I’m a pretty good kisser as well.”

Tom went into a coughing fit and Tara started laughing,
ending up by pounding him on the back as he hacked and

When Tom finally quieted Tara went on. “We don’t dare
practice the love scene. I don’t know about you, but
I’m barely in control of myself right now, and if we
practice… making love… I… uh…well I just don’t
think it would be a good idea right now.” she finished

Tom answered “I know exactly what you mean” Then it was
his turn to grin. “But I can’t wait until the show.”
Tara colored again and punched his arm.

The rest of that week they went through the motions of
their parts and did not practice the love scene. When
it came to kissing scenes they gave each other quick
pecks on the lips. Conversely, each night, when they
left each other, they kissed good night and THESE
kisses were intense. Both tried not to rub against each
other’s bodies because both agreed it was just too…

When they began attending practice with the rest of the
cast they had their lines down and their songs
memorized. Ms Jenkins was ecstatic. Then came the first
time they were supposed to kiss on stage. They looked
at each other and, like they had been practicing it
forever, kissed. Not too long. Not too short. Just
right for that part of the musical. The other kids
tittered. Tom and Tara just broke the kiss and stared
into each other’s eyes.

“Bravo!” Yelled Ms Jenkins. “Just right. Lets go on.”

The next kiss they held just a little longer and the
one after that they held until the lights went down.
Both were breathing hard as they broke. Ms Jenkins
praised them. “See, I told you that if you got to know
each other you could be convincing.”

It came time for the love scene. Both kids were

Ms. Jenkins sensed it. “Now, now, it’s no big deal. Now
you’re both supposed to be naked in bed. Of course we
can’t do that” she laughed “but we can give the
ILLUSION that you are both naked. Tara, you’ll wear gym
shorts with a tube top. We’ll bring the blanket just to
the top of the tube top. That will show your upper
chest naked. Tom, all you have to do is wear a pair of
gym shorts with no shirt. We can pose you with your
back exposed and the blanket over your shorts. It will
look great. The lights go down at the end of that
scene, so it will be no problem for you two to just
jump out of bed and run off stage. You’ll have ample
time for costume change, since you don’t appear again
until two scenes later.”

So it was that Tara and Tom found themselves in bed
together, facing each other, arms wrapped around each
other. They were still wearing jeans, but now they were
in a position that almost required them to rub their
genitals together while kissing. Both were glad there
was a blanket draped over them. Both were breathing
heavily when the scene was over and he climbed from
between her thighs.

The dress rehearsal, like many, was a disaster, with
missed lines, broken props and a general feeling that
they needed another month or two of rehearsals. Tara
and Tom, however, did everything flawlessly, eagerly
anticipating what had become the high point of their
day. That was when he climbed between her legs and
pressed his hard cock against her itchy pussy.

This was the first time they were in their ‘lovemaking’
costumes, and she loved the feel of his naked back.
Their shorts were thinner than the jeans had been, and
there was a bit more sensation too. But the scene was
interrupted when a curtain came loose and fell to the
floor. Then the lights didn’t work. Their horny routine
was broken and both were left feeling frustrated and
unsatisfied. Then they had to rush to their dressing
rooms to get ready for their next appearance.

All too soon it was the night of the first performance.
It was a sellout crowd, and the auditorium had standing
room only.

While she had changed, Tara thought about the lump she
had felt poking at her these past few nights. She knew
exactly what had caused that lump – she had seen it
through the keyhole. All but one time when she rubbed
against it, it was covered with jeans, both hers and
his, and it was just a lump.

The dress rehearsal had been much better, but there
were too many distractions to pay attention to how he
had felt. Now, tonight, she would get to feel it again,
and this time she decided there would be as little
between it and her as possible. It was for that reason
she wore nothing beneath her gym shorts. She felt
deliciously naughty, knowing that the loose shorts were
against her bare pussy.

Tom had similar thoughts. He knew that she had
willingly rubbed up against him while they kissed, but
he too had been somewhat frustrated by the lack of
sensation. It was for this reason that he too decided
to leave his underwear off when he dressed for the

Tara’s nipples were poking through the tube top since
she had no bra that could be worn with that garment.
Tom’s chest was pressed against those stiff nipples and
Tara’s hands were on his naked back. He felt so
wonderful, she thought, pressed up against her. And
then there was the feel of that bulge of his, pressing
between her legs. Both sighed as they pressed their
hips together. It was still dark, the lights hadn’t
come up yet. Tom was rock hard. He was between this
beautiful girl’s thighs, with her almost naked breasts
pressing into his chest.

Life was good.

Tom gave a little experimental shove against her and
was rewarded with a matching shove on Tara’s part. Then
she made a strange sound, almost like his cat did when
he stroked it and whispered “I like this.” He shoved
again and leaned down to kiss her. This led to yet
another shove and suddenly he was dry-fucking her with
a vengeance. His dick was pointing straight up toward
his belly button and was now about eight inches long
from ball sack to tip. He sawed those eight inches back
and forth across her cloth covered pussy lips, which
were beginning to secrete juices at an alarming rate.
Soon the cloth of her shorts was stained dark with her

Then the curtain opened and the lights came up.

There was a slight hesitation on the part of both youth
as they were startled. But both were fully involved in
“the part” and both had the excuse that they were
supposed to look like they were making love.
Thankfully, there were no lines for either of them

This scene vacillated between two sets, actually. On
the left side of the stage they were in bed making
love. On the other side of the stage there was a room,
with several other characters in it, talking about the
two of them. The comic effect of the play was that in
the room there was an argument about whether the two of
them hated each other, or loved each other.

During this scene the “they hate each other” side was
winning the argument. So the lighting of the scene went
from the two of them making love to the argument saying
how much they hated each other. They didn’t actually
have any lines until the end of the scene. So, when the
lights came up, there they were, apparently making love
under the covers, moans of joy included.

Ms Jenkins sighed with pride. They looked SO realistic!

After what seemed like ten minutes, but was actually
only 30 seconds, the lights on Tom and Tara went back
down and came up on the other side of the stage. That
had absolutely no effect on Tom and Tara. They
continued exactly as they had been, rubbing up against
each other. Tara couldn’t stand it any longer. She
reached up to her tube top and pulled it down, baring
her soft teen breasts.

Tom now felt those soft hot mounds against his chest,
and the hard pebbles that tipped them. Tara moaned as
his chest scraped across her nipples. Tom felt a
release of precum that soaked the waistline of his
shorts. Tara realized the blanket on Tom’s back had
slipped to his waist and pulled it back up just as the
lights came back up on them.

Now they kissed hotly as they were spotlighted. Their
damp shorts began to provide more and more friction and
suddenly the waistband of Tom’s shorts caught on the
wet spot covering Tara’s pussy as he lunged upwards.
The waistband slid smoothly along the bottom of his
precum drenched cock and ended up below his balls. Now
his naked cock was separated from Tara’s sweet wet
pussy by just one layer of clothing. He started to stop
– to pull his shorts back up – but Tara said in a loud
clear voice, “Oh please… don’t stop!” The lights went
down on them as the audience laughed.

Tom whispered urgently in her ear “My shorts went
down”. Tara whispered back “I don’t care. Just don’t
stop… please?” Not only that, but her hand went down,
between them and he felt her cool skin as it slid along
his organ. “OHHhhhhhh!” she moaned as she felt his
hardness. He knew that if she got a real hold on it
he’d spout like a geyser and he couldn’t let himself do
that. The evidence would be plain to see when the scene
was over and she’d hate him forever. So, he pulled his
cock from contact with her hand, taking it clear to her
thigh level, where she couldn’t reach it.

The lights came back up on Tom and Tara. Tom didn’t
know what to do. He was more horny than he’d ever been
in his whole life. Tara wasn’t any help as she wiggled
and tried to rub her pussy against him. The lights were
up and he wasn’t moving. So he moved. He intended to
bring his aching cock back up against the cloth between
her legs. But the legs of her shorts were loose. The
left one was gaping open. That’s where his cock went.
It went into the leg opening, slid right up her wet
thigh and plowed neatly between her puffy gaping pussy

By the time Tom realized what had happened his rock
hard cock was two inches deep in Tara’s pussy. To top
it all off, when she felt the intrusion her hands shot
out to her sides, came over his back, slapped audibly
on his ass cheeks outside the blanket, and PULLED.
About the same time she yelled, “Ohhhhh Yeeeessss!!”
Again the lights went down and the audience howled.

Tom was at once horrified and happy beyond his wildest
dreams. He had enough presence of mind to realize that
things had gotten completely out of control. His little
brain was thinking “Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy” at the same
time, and wanted to go on. It was pretty plain what
Tara wanted as her hands continued to pull at his
buttocks and she arched her hips, trying to wiggle her
pussy even more onto his penetrating prick. “Tara?” he
whispered. Her response left him with no doubt. “Don’t
you even THINK of stopping now.” she growled under her

Which is how Tom found himself buried balls deep inside
the love of his life, in the dark, on stage, in front
of probably three hundred people, with no hope in the
world of leaving that sweet pussy uncoated with his
boiling hot sperm.

Tara surprised him by proving that her mind wasn’t ONLY
on what they were doing. She whispered, “We don’t have
very long. Go deep and go hard. I’m almost there.” What
an understatement, he thought to himself. He had been
poised to spew ever since they started. But he steeled
his mind, wanting this to be a good thing for both of
them and knowing he only had one shot, so to speak. He
began to pound his pole into her oily depths.

Now one should point out that the average vagina is
about six inches long, give or take half an inch. If
anyone would have measured, they’d have found Tara’s to
be exactly 6.8 inches long, terminating in the mouth of
her womb, her cervix. That mouth is designed to stretch
to accommodate a baby’s head, which was a good thing,
because Tom’s penis was actually 7.7 inches long,
longer than average by about three quarters of an inch.
Basically, what that meant was that when the head of
Tom’s penis got to the end of Tara’s pussy, it had
nowhere to go… except into her womb.

And that’s exactly what happened.

As he lunged forward the knobby head of his swollen
prick nudged into the opening of her cervix and then
popped through and into her womb. There is argument
about what a woman feels when this happens. Medical
types explain there are no nerves in the cervix, and
that the penis just can’t get through it. Women who
have their cervix stimulated in this way will swear
there are thousands of nerves there and that a penis
going in and out of that opening stimulates all those

Which is what happened as the lights came up on the two
lovers for the last time during the scene. The people
in the room had finally decided that “Bobby” and
“Shannon” hated each other and would never even date,
much less have a romance.

And, what the audience heard as the lights came up on
the wildly gyrating couple under the blanket was
“Shannon” screaming “Ohhhh YESSS! OH GIVE IT TO ME

This, of course, was a result of the massive orgasm she
had just entered into, caused by Tom’s dick head
popping in and out of her womb several times,
penetrating her to her very core… and NOT one of her

Ms Jenkins, however, was so pleased with the audience
reaction to the scene that she didn’t mind the ad lib.

Tom didn’t either. Those words were music to his ears.
He felt the tingling start in his balls and travel
through the center of his cock. Almost gently he
slipped the head of his prick through her cervix one
last time and grunted as his cock pulsed and streams of
his warm wet semen flowed into Tara’s womb.

Four, Five, Six pulses as ropes of his sticky sperm
shot into her belly and suddenly he was limp and
couldn’t hold himself up another second. He flopped
down on her, arms flying sideways, and to keep from
crushing her, rolled sideways, pulling her with him.
Her eyes sparkled under the lights and she was laughing
as she finally remembered her line. “I love you Bobby.”
And the lights snapped out.

The audience went wild. They clapped for five minutes,
and the play wasn’t even over! Ms. Jenkins was flushed,
partly because of the audience reaction, but quite a
bit from the scene she had just seen played. Why, she
was actually wet between her legs!

Wow – those kids could ACT!

Hastily Tara pulled her tube top back up to cover her
breasts. Tom pulled his shorts back up to cover his now
deflated cock. Both kids were suddenly a little shy,
not knowing exactly how to handle what had just
happened. Tara felt a stab of regret as she remembered
she was not on the pill, and that caused her to
concentrate on the feeling inside her. She could still
feel the hot wet sperm in her body, left there by this
boy/man she now realized she loved.

And suddenly she decided it was worth it. What she had
felt was amazing and, to be honest with herself, she
couldn’t wait to do it again, pills or no pills. She
looked at Tom, who was looking everywhere except at her
as they scurried into the wings toward the dressing

Stage hands and actors were all around them,
congratulating them on a great performance. They came
to her dressing room first, and as he started to go on
she grabbed his wrist and turned him to look at her.
Smiling at the uncertain look on his face she leaned up
to give him a quick kiss on the lips and then pulled
his head down to whisper in his ear.

“Tomorrow night let’s not wait so long before you
actually put it in me.” Then she disappeared into her
dressing room.

Tom rushed toward his own. He had to get there before
someone saw how hard his cock was getting.