First dates can have some surprises

Before I start this I better explain a few things first. I’m not gay, bi-curious, or attracted to men. However, I’m not a gay basher or against gays in any way. I’ve known some gay boys, and while they’ve never been close friends I talk with them sometimes. The reason for this disclaimer will become

The Bride’s Hairdresser

Shawna and I were born about ten minutes apart. While we were twins, most people thought we wouldn’t be as close as identical twins often are, what with being different genders and all. They were wrong, though, because we were inseparable as we grew up. Even when most twins of opposite sex were separated –

Getting Into The Scene

Tara and Tom were both juniors at the Clinton High School. Tara had moved to town only a short while before, and didn’t know many people yet. She was a bouncy, friendly girl, about 5’6″ and weighed just over 110 pounds. She was thin, mostly, but had firm ripe breasts that she thought stuck out

18 Year Old Virgin

I had not really planned to end up in bed with Ron, but things like that happen in college. I had actually gone to the dorm mixer the first week of class, despite being a junior. I was mostly to watch the freshmen act amazed at their ‘first college party’ and to check out the

Check and Mate and Then Some

It was seldom that our chess team got any recognition, but this time was different. It was the state championship and with just my table to go, we were in the lead, but only by a half a point. My opponent was good, very clever but played a hurried game as if he were late

The Violation Of Princess Leia

The storm trooper was searching for a young woman and found her; crouching in back in a small, dark alcove, a small, shivering figure clad in flowing white hugged the back of the recess. Overconfident, he never saw the energy pistol she had held out of sight behind her came up and around as she