It was the first weekend of summer vacation and my
girlfriend Debbie was spending the night with me. My
family lived in the hills outside LA and my parents let
my girlfriends and I use our guest house for sleepovers
so we could stay up late and not bother anyone.

Debbie said she knew I was as horny as she was and had a
surprise for me later. But she said we’d have to wait
until everyone in the main house was asleep so no one
would catch us. No matter how much I begged, she
wouldn’t tell me what it was. So we spent the next few
hours listening to CDs, practicing our dirty dancing and
talking about sex.

Finally, when all the lights were out in the main house,
I told Debbie I was dying to know what the surprise was.
She went to her backpack and pulled out a videocassette
she said she found hidden in her brother’s closet.

“I heard him telling one of his friends about it,”
Debbie said. “It’s a porno movie.”

“Have you seen it yet?” I asked.

“No, but I can’t wait.”

There was a TV and VCR in the bedroom, so we locked the
door and turned out the lights. Debbie inserted the
cassette. Then she slipped off her shorts and T-shirt.
Wearing just panties, she came and lay on the bed beside

“I think you’ve got the right idea,” I said, wiggling
out of my jeans. I pulled my T-shirt over my head and
felt the cool sheets on my breasts as I lay down beside

Debbie pressed play on the remote. “I hope this is some
good shit,” she said when the movie started.

I expected the standard guy-girl screwing, but it turned
out to be called “No Mans Land”, a collection of all-
girl love scenes.

“I didn’t know your bother likes watching lesbians,” I

“What boy doesn’t, Ann. Every guy in the world
fantasizes about doing it with two girls while they do
each other.” She hit pause on the remote. “If it turns
you off, we don’t have to watch.”

“Well, I have to admit, I’m am curious. I want to if
you do.”

“I’m so horny right now, I could get off watching two
dogs fuck.”

“Then let’s do it,” I said, getting comfortable.

Debbie started the movie and for the next hour we
watched dozens of beautiful girls make love.

“God, Ann, that was hot,” Debbie said when the movie
ended. She draping her leg over my bottom and slowly
stroked my back. “I wish you were a boy. I’d let you
fuck me right now.”

“If I were a boy,” I said in my sexiest voice, “my dick
would already be in you, girl.” Then half-joking, I
said. “Maybe we should get one of those strap-on dildos
like in the movie.” We both giggled. I was aroused
from all the lesbian sex and I liked the feel of
Debbie’s warm skin on mine.

“I need to get off really bad.” Debbie moved closer so
her lips were touching my ear. “I’ve got a wild idea,”
she whispered. “Why don’t we do each other like the
girls in the video.”

I felt her hand move down to my ass. “Debbie, we’re not
lesbians,” I said, but her touch sent a tingle through

“I know that, but I saw you squirming around watching
those girls lick each other. I wasn’t the only one with
my hand between my legs. We don’t have to go all the
way, we can just use our fingers. Besides, everybody
knows when two straight girls do each other, it’s just

Her breath was so hot on my cheek, I could feel my
resistance melting. Debbie was right, watching the
lesbian sex had definitely turned me on. By the end of
the movie, my crotch was soaked and I was dying for some

“Please, Ann,” Debbie begged, “let’s just try it. If we
don’t like it, we can stop, I promise.” By now she had
slipped her hand under my panties. “Come on, Ann, we
both need it bad,” she said, her finger sliding down my
ass crack. “No one will ever know.”

She lightly kissed my ear then stuck the tip of her wet
tongue in it making my pulse quicken.

“Besides,” she whispered, “what if we like having sex
together. Think of all the possibilities. Our parents
would never consider letting a boy spend the night with
two fifteen-year-old girls, but we can sleep with each
other anytime we want. We could be fucking all the time
and no one would know.” Her tongue was so wet, her
breath so hot. “Please,” she whispered. “It’ll be so
much fun.”

Her fingertip played with my anus, driving me crazy. I
wanted her to put it in my ass like I did in the
mornings when I masturbated in the shower. I closed my
eyes and moaned when her hand went down between my legs.
I couldn’t hold out much longer. She gently probed the
lips of my vagina and I gasped as her finger slid
between them and went inside me.

“My, aren’t we the wet one,” Debbie said, delicately
exploring my secret place. “I knew those lezzies turned
you on.”

Having sex with another girl was something I’d
fantasized about. Like what girl hasn’t. I’d done my
share of making out with my girlfriends when they slept
over, but it never went much further than that. Was I
ready? The movie had definitely made me want to fuck.
I told myself that if I closed my eyes, I could pretend
it was a boy fingering me and it would be all right.
But I knew it was Debbie’s finger inside me now. It
felt so good. I could feel my vagina contracting to
hold her. Fuck it, I thought. I needed to have sex and
so did Debbie. It would be our secret. With a deep
breath, I gave in.

“All right, all right,” I said, my heart pounding. “But
you’ve got to swear you’ll never breath a word of this
to anybody. This is just for tonight and only because
we’re both so horny, okay?”

“Yes!” Debbie said, covering my cheek with kisses.
“You’re the best girlfriend in the world.” She got up
on her knees and waited for me to do the same.

“So how do you want to do this?” I asked when we were
facing each other.

“Look,” Debbie said, “we both masturbate all the time,
right? Well, lets just do whatever we normally do but
to each other instead.”

That made sense to me, so I got up on my knees, our
breasts almost touching.

I looked at hers, something I’d innocently done a dozen
times in the showers after our gymnastics class and
cheerleader practice. This was the first time I’d
actually thought about touching them. Now they were so
inviting-small petite mounds with hard little nipples
that pointed straight at me, like they had chosen me to
make love to them. I wondered what they tasted like.

“Now,” Debbie said, “you take my panties off and then
I’ll pull yours down, okay?”

“Well . . .” Somehow, I hadn’t actually thought we would
be completely naked so I hesitated for a moment. But
Debbie didn’t. She reached out and pulled mine down to
my knees. I leaned back and brought my legs up so she
could slip them over my feet. I was fully exposed to
her and Debbie licked her lips as she gazed down on what
lay between my legs. I blushed as her eyes stayed
locked on my sex, and I wondered what it would feel if
she put her mouth on me. Debbie must be thinking the
same thing I was: she had seen me naked so many times
before, but never like this.

“Okay, your turn,” she said, rising on her knees. “Get
me naked.”

I reached out and slowly pulled her panties down. Her
skin was so soft and I could feel heat radiating from
between her legs. First, I saw her golden fur
glistening with little drops of moisture. Then her
beautiful sex was revealed. I couldn’t take my eyes off
it. Knowing I was going to touch her and let her touch
me made my heart race. The idea was so hot, so naughty.
Her pussy, already flared open from fingering herself
during the movie looked like a beautiful flower-
delicate, soft and moist. There was no doubt how wet
she was, the crotch of her panties was soaked as she
leaned back and let me slip them over her feet. In the
most erotic thing I had ever done, I brought the damp
material to my nose and breathed in. My whole body
trembled as I smelled her scent. It was so primitive,
almost like an animal smelling another. But at the same
time, it made me feel sexy and very aroused.

At fifteen, I was still very much a virgin-I had let a
few boys put their hands on my breasts but only through
my clothes. No one had ever touched me until today.
Debbie had put her fingers inside me and I could still
feel their trace. Now, more than anything, I wanted
them there again. As I looked at her naked body, the
desire to break the taboo and experience lesbian love
swept over me. I wanted to do it so bad, I felt wetness
drip down the inside of my legs and my clitoris throbbed
to the point of pain.

We sat with our legs crossed and our knees touching.
Then Debbie reached out and cupped my pussy. She was so
gentle, not like the boys and their awkward fondling.
Her finger lightly glided up and down my vagina lips,
tracing the folds. With a feather’s touch, she eased in
between them and filled the void she had left moments
before. As her finger went inside, I felt moisture flow
out and I moaned.

“Touch me, Ann,” Debbie whispered.

I put my hand between her legs and found she was just as
wet as I was. I let my fingertip lightly move up and
down her opening, and as I slipped it in her, she
breathed deeply and she closed her eyes. Her body
reacted to my touch and it made me even more aroused
knowing she liked it.

Debbie’s breathing increased and her stomach sucked in
and out. “That feels so good,” she managed to say. “I
knew this would be fun.”

Debbie found my clitoris with her thumb and she rubbed
it until it was rock hard and erect. My eyes were
closed and I was slowly moving my hips to the rhythm of
her fingers. Then I felt her warm breath on my face.
When I opened my eyes, Debbie had leaned forward, her
mouth only inches from mine. A fire ignited inside me
and I knew I wanted to go beyond just touching. My
vagina gripped her fingers like it would never let go.
At the same time, her hot sticky juice covered my hand
as I explored the secret place between her legs.

The tip of her tongue lightly brushed my lips and I
desperately wanted to kiss her-not an adolescent
girlfriend kiss, but a woman’s kiss, a lover’s kiss. I
was overcome with the desire to do something so
forbidden. We were alone, naked and burning up with
lust. The fact that we were both girls made it even
more exciting. I opened my mouth, and for a moment we
shared the same breath. Then our lips met and her
tongue slid inside.

With my free hand, I held Debbie’s breast and took her
nipple between my fingers. I wanted to taste her skin,
to lick it and tease her nipple with my tongue. I
couldn’t wait any longer so I gently maneuvered Debbie
onto her back. I looked down at her and our eyes met.
She motioned me to come get on top of her as she brought
her knees up and spread her legs in invitation. Like a
dream, I floated between them as I eased down on her,
our nipples kissing and then our breasts pressing
together. She wrapper her legs around me, and with her
arms around my neck in a tight embrace, we devoured each
others mouths.

My pussy hungered for her, and as we moved our hips
together, my clitoris touched Debbie’s and our bodies
responded. A wave of raw sexual energy shot through me
and I cried out as we ground our clits on each other.
Debbie’s hot breath was on my ear whispering my name
repeatedly and begging me not to stop; her words were as
sweet as any love song.

I was consumed by her soft body under me; the heat of
her arousal, her delicious cries of passion, and the
intoxicating scent coming from between her legs. We
increased our rhythm and a moment later we came
together, soaking the sheets with a flood of girl-cum.
After the first massive quake of passion, our hips
jerked in sporadic little aftershocks as we continued to
rub our clits together. I had never climaxed so
intensely in my life. I knew the moment it started to
subside that I wanted to do it again.

After holding on to each other for what seemed like an
eternity, I slowly rolled off Debbie and lay on my back,
my eyes closed, my heart still racing.

Our bodies were covered with sweat, my crotch and the
inside of my thighs soaked. The air was heavy with the
scent of our lovemaking and it filled my nostrils and
made me light-headed. I was absolutely hooked. I knew
I would never be able to go a day or even an hour
without wanting to make love. I looked at my girlfriend
and wished the moment would last forever.

I closed my eyes and drifted on soft, wispy clouds
recalling every touch, taste, and smell of what had just
happened. The wetness between my legs made my pussy
tingle in the cool air. After a while, Debbie moved
over and I felt her breath on my stomach. When I opened
my eyes, she was lightly kissing her way from my navel
down through my mat of fur, licking me like a kitten.
She gently pushed my legs apart and kissed my folds,
already spread open and swollen with sex. Then she
licked my inner thighs and all around my pussy; she
seemed to relish tasting the mixture of our juices.
When she had finished cleaning me, the tip of her tongue
softly probed my vagina.

Then she raised up and swung her leg over me. Suddenly,
her beautiful sex was only inches from my mouth. It was
so erotic seeing another girl that close and it made me
more aroused than I had ever been in my life. The heat
from between her legs warmed my face. I smelled her
scent and it made me dizzy. Everything was wet.

I tenderly kissed her, realizing I adored, almost
worshiped her love shrine.

I pictured myself walking down the hall beside Debbie at
school and watching the boys look at her with yearning
eyes. I would smile knowing I’d already been where they
wanted to go. I’d already tasted, smelled, licked,
sucked, kissed, and fucked it. As she gently lowered
herself down on my face, I licked until her sweet juice
flowed out. From that moment, my thirst for the
luscious nectar that flowed from between a girl’s legs
would never be satisfied. I held on tight, eating her
until we were both rocked with the most incredible
orgasms yet.

Exhausted, we slept in each other’s arms and later awoke
and watched the movie again; this time looking for more
ways girls can do it. As new lovers, we couldn’t get
enough and we made love endlessly that night. Over the
summer break, we slept together a couple of times a
week. And what looked like just a close friendship to
everyone else was really the most passionate love affair
of my life.

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