Helping out a girlfriend

I was sitting at my desk at work when a friend of mine called, whom I had not seen for months. We had been close for a few years and lately our paths had not crossed. She had fallen in love with a guy and I was still just dating a few guys. During the call I found out that she and her boyfriend had broken up and she wanted to go out and see if we could re-connect. It’s funny how many of these types of nights I have had in my young life (oh, I am in my mid twenties). Girlfriends are tight, but as soon as someone falls in love the tightness becomes secondary. I am sure I have done the same thing to some of my friends- so you accept it as part of life and deal with it.

I met up with Cathy after work and I heard about the relationship and the break-up. The break-up was typical but the relationship was something else. She was telling me how kinky the guy was and the stories she was telling me were turning me on to no end. I excused myself and went to the bathroom and when I was in the stall I couldn’t believe how wet my little panties had become. I almost started to frig myself – but figured I could wait till I got home.

I rejoined Cathy at the bar. We talked for a little longer and she then said “do you want to come over to my place I want to show you something?” it wasn’t too late and her place was on my way home so I told her I would. I was wondering if the thing she wanted to show me was on her body or in her apartment. I was so horny I was almost hoping it was on her body. I have a few small tattoos and I have one nipple and my labia pierced. I was hoping that Cathy had done something that I could not only see but feel. I had never fooled around with Cathy, but she knew I had played around with a mutual friend as we both had bi tendencies.

When we got to her place she poured some wine and we got back to talking about her sex life and her lover. She started to tell me that her x-boyfriend was really into toys. She told me that not only did he like to use them on her, but he had bought strap-ons so that she could fuck him. I was getting wet again and figured that Cathy might have really enjoyed putting on the strap and wanted to do a girl, which was fine with me at this point. She said to me- I have to show you the collection, as he left me everything. She then took the piece of fabric that was covering her coffee table off to expose a trunk. This was not so unusual in city apartments- there was never enough storage.

She opened the trunk and there must have been 20 dildos and vibrators in there. I looked up at her and saw her looking at my boobs. I am one of those girls who was blessed (yea right) with nipples that left nothing to the imagination. When I was horny my nipples would grow to about an inch long. She saw me looking back at her and realized she had been caught looking, and gave a nervous laugh. I pulled out a bunch of toys just to examine them. I had a few myself, but this was some collection. I noticed that there was quite a few double ended dildos and I commented about it.

She responded “oh one of the things he loved to do was connect us together anally.” I was impressed, I never thought Cathy was into anal, but you never know about people.
I was waiting for her to make the first move. I didn’t want to screw up our friendship and although I thought the writing was on the wall and we were going to have a real hot night, I wanted her to set the pace.

She looked at me and said- “so you want to see what I brought you over her for.” I said “sure” and figured she was going to drop her skirt and show me a clit piercing or something. She says come here- we walked into her bedroom. I was getting hornier by the moment. She then goes over to her closet, opens the door and pulls out this contraption. It is all metal except for a beautiful green dildo on one of the pieces. I just stared at the thing and she says “it is a fucking machine, have you ever seen one?” I told her “no, I never even heard of such a thing.” She told me she had to show it to someone, it was one of those secrets you want to keep to yourself but have to share it with at least one person.

She told me that it had come in the day before, 3 days after she had broken up with her boyfriend. “It took me 3 hours to put it together last night and well, I didn’t want to try it without someone else here incase something happened.” I looked at her and said “like what?’ She then takes out these 5 pages of instructions and “says read this” I look at the sheet and it says “warning. It is strongly recommended that you don’t do this alone.” That didn’t make any sense to me as I would figure this thing is the ultimate masturbation toy. I then looked at where the warning was and I looked at airhead Cathy and said “this is referring to taking the machine out of the box, was it heavy?” She said yes and that she had cut the sides off the box as she couldn’t lift it. The base had wheels on it and the superintendent had carried the box upstairs.

We looked at each other and both broke up laughing. I didn’t know if this was all a set up or if she was really that dumb (like I said she is an air head). I asked her if she had figured out how to use it and she said “I know where this goes (she said pointing to the green dildo) and I got it to pump by pushing this button on the remote. After that I had to get some sleep as it was late.” I read through the directions a bit and as I was reading I saw that Cathy was taking her clothes off, through the corner of my eye.

I finished reading and said “I think I kind of get it.” She responded, “great because I can’t wait anymore” I looked at her naked and had figured out that she couldn’t wait any longer. I also noticed what a great body she had. Seeing as her boyfriend was kinky it didn’t surprise me to see she had a bald pussy (not unlike my own). Her boobs were much bigger than mine and I was surprised at how firm they were for the size. She also had huge areolas that were brown, unlike mine which are smaller and red.

She sat down on the edge of her bed. I took the directions again and moved the machine. I then adjusted the arm and lined it up with the bed. I told her to move out of the way so we could see what the adjustments did. I pushed the remote and thing started pumping. I mean pumping fast, I couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to fucked that fast. I found the adjustment and the thing slowed down to a “man pace.” Cathy thought that was fine and start to move- I told her to “wait a minute” as there was another knob. I played with that and another gear moved and the arm extended further. I looked at her and said “ok this one is the speed and this one is the depth I guess.” She said “who care – just get it to fuck me, it’s been like 4 days already” Holy shit, I thought. I love sex, but I have been fine not being fucked for a week or two.

Cathy positioned herself in front of the arm and I slid the thing back (there was a lever on the remote that was for this as well). She was lined up and I pushed the pumping button. It started to pump and the head slid past her labia as it pumped. I pushed the slide again and the thing extended the arm. I would say the dildo was about 8 inches and I had it about 3/4th the way in. The only thing was that it kept coming all the way out. Cathy didn’t seem to mind, but I played with the adjustments and the penetration shortened and
Now the thing was pumping totally inside her. I asked her if she wanted it deeper and she answered “fuck yea” I pushed the slide and then the thing was burred in her on the down stroke. She was already panting and heading toward an orgasm. I asked her how it was and she looked at me like I was nuts. I was watching her getting fucked by this machine and thought I had to get one of these things, but I could tell that this thing was probably very expensive.

I looked down at the green dildo pumping in and out of my friend and I couldn’t help rubbing myself through my pants. Cathy’s eyes were closed and she was moaning and almost screaming in a way. I looked at her pussy and noticed that her clit was huge. It was full of b***d and about the biggest one I had ever seen. I figured I had been a bystander long enough. I moved over to her, lowered my head to her clit and started to lick it. I was looking up at her face and her eyes opened. She looked down at me licking her clit and then took her hand and put it on the top of my head and pushed my head down. That was all I needed, I took her clit into my mouth and started sucking on it. Cathy let out a scream and didn’t stop- although most of her screams were not words, she did let out a “suck it bitch” and “do me slut” a few times. After her climax peaked and was in a steady orgasm I stopped sucking her and moved up her body with kisses.

I sucked on her nipples and brought her back up into a climax. I wasn’t sure if she would let me kiss her so I just moved my lips close to hers- she raised her head and met my lips. I guess she didn’t mind. I opened my mouth and the two of us romantically played with our tongues. I was letting my hand explore her body while kissing and she came again during the kiss. I finally broke the kiss and said “if we don’t change places I am going to go nuts.” She told me to stop the machine and she got off the bed- she almost fell as her legs were so weak. She went into the closet and came out with a box. She opened it and in it were 5 or 6 other dildos, each a different size and shape.

She asked “which one do you want?” I looked at her and said “surprise me.” I then almost ripped my clothes off. I got on the bed and closed my eyes. I heard Cathy switching things on the machine and then she asked if I was ready. I opened my eyes but kept them looking at the ceiling. I truly wanted to be surprise. She extended the arm and I could feel the head just touching my labia. She came up to me and gave me a kiss and said “I hope you enjoy this.” She went back down to make sure it was lined up and moved the slide. I felt the dildo part my lips and enter me. I was trying to figure which one it was from the box. It felt wider than the standard size Cathy had. She turned on the machine and thing started pumping but didn’t go any deeper than it had been. I told her to stop teasing me. She said ok and increased the depth. The next thrust went in a little more and on the next thrust I felt something different- Cathy was still playing with the slide and making it deeper as the thing was pumping.

The next thrust made it more obvious to which one she had picked. The next thrust made it for sure. There was one dildo with two ends. And the second head, which was shorter and skinner, was now sliding in my butt. I yelled out “you bitch” and then she slid the slide all the way down. The dildo filled both of my holes and started pumping away. I am no anal virgin and my comment to her was really more of joke than anything else. It didn’t take me long and I was loving it. I told Cathy to turn up the speed a little and I was now being pounded faster than any human could fuck me. I was building to a climax that had been 2 hours in the making.

Cathy came over and started to pull on my nipple ring with her teeth. That is all it took and I started to howl in climax. Even though the machine was pumping me fast I felt myself bucking against to get even more. Cathy saw that and turned up the speed again. I felt like an animal was doing me, like when you see dogs pumping their little asses off. I was coming like crazy and loving it. After a little while I begged Cathy to stop the machine- as much as I wanted my pussy filled I couldn’t take the anal any longer.

Cathy stopped the machine but told me to stay still. She took the double end off and started to replace it with a thick 12” dong. I saw what she was doing and was not going to stop her. But I figured I would have some fun while she was doing it. I got off the bed and got on my knees and started to lick her out. She dropped the dildo a couple time as I had her out of control. The second time she bent over to pick it up I moved from her pussy and dropped my tongue into her butt. She didn’t pick up the dildo too quickly as she was enjoying what I was doing. She finally got the thing on and told me to get back on the bed. I didn’t have to be told twice. She then set me up and I took the huge dong inside me. I had her slow it down but I still was getting the fucking of a life time. I told her to mount me and we started 69ing. She obviously liked her ass eaten as she gave me her butt and not her pussy. I went after her butt and used my hand to finger her. She went to work on my clit as the big dong was filling my pussy. To say I had a climax would be an understatement. I came and came and came.

The night went on for another couple of hours with each of us trying multiple attachments and speeds. Cathy seems to stay in a lot since breaking up with her boyfriend. I kept telling her it is unhealthy to have an affair with a machine. So I come over about once a week to give her companionship, oh yea, and to play with her and her mechanical lover.