My wife and our guest

Recently, I learned just how useful the information superhighway can be. My wife, Katie, told me that she had been fantasizing about making love to another woman while I watched. We were both excited by the prospect, but neither one of us knew of a way to make the dream a reality– that is, until

Carrie’s Seduction

“Do you have your sunblock, Carrie?” asked her mom. She worried about Carrie’s fair skin, and Carrie’s new, first time two- piece swimsuit was an invitation to solar disaster. But she sure looks cute, she said to herself, as ten-year-old Carrie promptly displayed the bottle of sunblock. “Lisa, make sure Carrie uses it. And don’t

Passion’s playpen

Kate was taken to breakfast. She was washed first, again in milk, this time by the old woman, who did her hair and her face for her, washing her like she was a small c***d, with Kate resisting, but not completely, for she knew she must let the woman do her work lest she be

Lisa started cumming hard

I was washing the dishes one day. I’m Christina by the way. When my girlfriend Courtney walked in the room completely naked. She pressed herself against my back as I continued to do dishes she kissed my neck and raised the back on my shirt so she could press her bare 32b breasts against my

Latex Bloom

“Over here, Cynthia. These are definitely my most interesting specimens,” Auntie Anne called, as she stopped in front of several potted vines. I was under-whelmed. My Aunt had just come back from a solo botanical expedition to the upper Amazon, and she was showing off her exotic finds. Sure, she looks all Laura Croft, but

Life Changing Decision

My morning started out as usual, I made my husband and son breakfast and got them off to work and school respectively; then I made decision that would come to change my life. My son is eight; I have been married nine years, am thirty years old, stand five foot seven inches tall, brunette with