A PE teacher gets a little carried away with her students in the locker room

It was the last class of the day and Marla was tired. Being a phys-ed instructor at St. Mary’s high school was a demanding job and the girls had been especially troublesome. Spring probably had some- thing to do with the rambunctious nature of her charges, but all their energy was wearing her out. Also,

A cute story about an attractive young woman teasing college students with her assets

It was an impulse. One of those whims that strike suddenly, leaving them helpless. They had to stop. They had to have ice cream! Double dip cones, hand made ice cream. Giggling like a couple of kids, they slid into the only available booth, one in the back corner of the store. “You’re getting all

The girls get together for a little sexchat

“Where’s Joanna,” asked Peggy, “she’s always late?!?” Judith smirked a little and responded cattily, “Doesn’t Frank have Wednesdays off, if he does, I think we all know what she’s up to!” The three at the table all chuckled at that one, but it was Susan who came to Joanna’s defense when she opined, “Let’s not

Confessions of a Teen Nympho

I guess my sex life began one day during the summer of my thirteenth year as I was doing my chores. I was in my brother’s room putting away his clean clothes, and I found a stack of porno- graphic magazines in his underwear drawer. Out of curiosity as to what could be so great

A young woman, seeking shelter from the rain, meets a homeless woman who lives in a boxcar

As I stood next to the train tracks watching my boyfriend drive away, I thought to myself why do I always hookup with the assholes? We had been out dancing at the local bar when we got in an argument over the price of eggs in china (well he had been drinking a lot) which

Anna experiences her first orgasm, when her girlfriend desides to help her out

“I’ve never experienced an orgasm,” my roommate Anna confessed. I looked at her, surprised. She was a pretty, firm-breasted blonde with long, straight hair that she kept in a pair of heavy braids. Her serious blue eyes were highlighted by her white-gold eyebrows and flawless complexion. I shifted uneasily in my chair as I involuntarily