Her Name was Heidi

This happened a few years ago. Her name was Heidi. When I met her she was
working as an Au Pair, a live-in sitter/house keeper. Heidi was from Germany,
twenty years old, blond 5′ 10″ 145#s, a real beautiful women. When I was with
her I would always enjoy the way other men looked at her, as I’m in my early
forties. I loved the jealous looks!

Heidi and I met while both exploring New York City. She wore a unique jacket
and I commented on it while we stood on line to go to the top of the World
Trade Center. The wait was long and we got to know quite a bit about each
other by the time we reach the elevator. We ended up riding up together. On
the elevator she stood in front of me, as we faced the door. The elevator was
very crowded and it pressed us all very close.

During the cab ride to her hotel we finally kissed. Her tongue immediately
entered my mouth and slid towards my throat. I sucked on it and then gave her
mine. She swirled her lips around my tongue and sucked up and down on it as if
it were a cock. I was rock hard again and she didn’t hesitate in sliding her
hand down to it and giving it a hard squeeze. Never have I been so turned on,
I thought I would cum right there in the cab! I looked in the rear view mirror
and the cab driver was taking it all in. My hands by this point were inside
Heidi’s jacket fondling her firm breasts. I discovered she didn’t have a bra
on and her nipples were hard and stuck out about a half inch. I couldn’t wait
to taste them and lowered my head into her jacket and sucked through her blouse
leaving a wet spot on each nipple, the blouse stuck to each of them showing
their creamy pinkness on that white material.

We arrived at her hotel and I paid the cab with a twenty not worrying about any
change. All I wanted by then was to be up in her room in her arms. We dashed
through the lobby and into the elevator. Heidi said that she was so wet her
jeans were soaked. I looked down her body and, sure enough, she had a large
wet spot between her legs. We kissed passionately as we rode to the 15th
floor. She was having trouble getting the key into the lock and finally asked
me to try. I realized that the key was for the next room down the hall. We
laughed about it and entered her room.

When the door was closed she pushed me onto the king-size bed and climbed on
top of me. I pulled her to me feeling her hard nipples press like steel spikes
into my chest. Heidi raised up sitting on my groin and grinding her pelvis
against me. She slowly stated removing her blouse and revealed the most
beautiful tits I’ve ever seen. I sat up and began sucking on them for all I was
worth. She moaned in the most sexy way and began removing my shirt. It didn’t
take he long to pull my shirt from me and then began on my belt buckle. As she
removed my jeans she slid down my body kissing my chest and stomach. Heidi was
now between my legs and removed my boots, socks and jeans. She stood up as I
leaned my head up to watch her as she took her time removing the rest of her
clothes. I tried to take in everything with my eyes all at once. Her
beautiful blond hair draped around her shoulders. Her breasts were round and
firm with nipples pointing to the ceiling. As my eyes scanned lower to her
flat stomach and her blond pubic hair I grabbed my erection and began to stroke
myself. Her legs were long and shapely, with strong thighs and calves. I told
her she was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life. She smiled
and knelt on the bed beside me and kissed me again.

As I reached to hold her in my arms she pulled away. At first I didn’t
understand, then it became clear as she trailed her tongue down my neck and
sucked on my nipples! I thought I would go crazy, never in my life had a woman
sucked on MY nipples. Heidi then grabbed my 8″ cock and began working her
tongue down to her hand. As she reached my pubic hair she raised her head to
get a better look at my cock. Heidi said that it was the biggest she had ever
seen and that it looked delicious. Her tongue reached out and licked the end.
She swirled her tongue and lips around the head as she had done when we first
kissed. My hips involuntarily rose from the bed seeking more of her warm wet
mouth. She readily opened her mouth and slid my cock deep into her. As she
began to suck I felt myself losing control. I pulled her head up to give her a
kiss. I wanted to taste her and give my cock a chance to regain control. I
rolled her onto the bed and began sliding my head to her blond pussy. The
smell was a mix of lust and honey, my mouth watered at sight of her moist lips
pouting out from between the curly blond hairs. As my tongue parted those
lovely lips of her cunt she grabbed my hips and pulled me on top of her. I
rolled us over so that her cunt was above my mouth and felt her go back down on
me. Her mouth slid to the base of my cock as I slid my tongue deep between her
wet folds. The taste of her pussy was like nothing I’ve ever tasted before, it
was so sweet! She came almost immediately moaning around the my cock in her
mouth. Her pelvis pressed against my head pushing me into the mattress. I
kept licking around her clit which was red and swollen at this point. As she
came again a large gush of her wetness covered my mouth, I couldn’t drink it
fast enough and it covered my face. I felt drips of her cum on my ears and
down the back of my neck. Heidi then began to suck my cock with a renewed
vigor that was unbelievable! Her mouth slid down my shaft and she buried her
face against me. My cock was deep in her throat. She kept it that way and
began swallowing. I could feel the muscles in her throat clenching around the
head of my cock. Heidi lifted her head and said that she had to drink my cum.
I said that it was fine with me, or some thing like that, I was too delirious
to make any coherent response at that point.

I felt her lips part and slid the head of my cock back into her hot wet
mouth. I was moaning and raised my hips back up off the bed trying to get more
of that wonderful feeling. She deep throated me again and again. I started
feeling that wonderful rise to the summit of orgasm and she felt my muscles
tighten. Heidi locked her lips around the head of my penis and began sucking
as hard as she could. One hand was fondling my balls and the other was
stroking my shaft. I was losing it! As my cum began shooting she stroked even
harder wanting every drop. Her tongue swirled around the head over and over as
I kept spurting my creamy load. She swallowed every drop I had. When I was
spent she then slid up to give me a lovely kiss, my tongue reached deep into
her mouth and we shared what little of my cum was left in her mouth. Her hand
never left my cock as it slowly lost it’s hardness.

We stayed that way in each other arms kissing for the longest time feeling the
waves of passion ebb and flow. I couldn’t believe what a lucky man I was to
have found this sexy young woman. As I thought about how beautiful she was, I
began to get hard again.

Heidi felt my rise in passion and, as I reached fullness, she climbed on top of
me and inserted my cock into her waiting pussy. I looked up at her face seeing
her passion in those lovely blue eyes. She began slowly rotating her hips
around in a circle and then rising up and down as if she were on a carousel. I
tried to match her movements and thrust as she lower herself back down my
shaft. I could feel her cervix pressing against the head of my cock with each
thrust. Her vagina grabbed my cock like a velvet glove. I hoped I could make
this last forever, even though I knew it couldn’t. She yelled out that she was
cumming (in German!) and as she reached her peak, so did I. We shook together
and the rest of the world disappeared.