High school memories

One day, me and Chris were skipping chemistry together, like we often did. Chris had to use the bathroom.

We went into the change room, and he used the urinal. He finished up, and we just hung out in the

change room for a while, talking. We locked the door just in case someone catches us skipping.
“You look like you want to say something.”, I said.
“I do, but it would probably just freak you out. So, never mind”, Chris replied.
“Oh, come on, it won’t freak me out”
He looked at me, and smirked.
“I just… think you’re kind of.. cute.”, He told me.
“Really?” I said with a smile on my face.
“I just kind wish you were into guys, sometimes.”
“You’d be surprised.”, I said, trying to hide my smile.
“No offense, but if you’re trying to get across that you’re bisexual, I couldn’t see it anymore than you just

looking for attention. I’ve heard all the stories of you and that girl you used to date”
“Whats that supposed to mean?” I asked
“Look, I know the whole bisexual thing has become a trend. Everyones saying they’re bi to get attention, and

really, no offense, but I just see you as one of them.”, He explained.
“How much would you want to bet?”, I said smiling.

I leaned forward and kissed him. He looked at me, smirked, and he kissed me back. I moved my tongue into his mouth, and circled it around his. I began kissing his neck, while I took off his shirt. I threw it aside. I kissed him down his chest, and licked his belly button. He moved down to the ground. I kissed him again, while rubbing myself up against his naked chest. He took off my shirt, and he threw it aside. Oddly enough, the tile floor seemed warm, and comfortable.

I kissed his chest again, down to his stomach. I started undoing his belt. He spread his legs open wider, I could tell what he wanted. I took off his shoes, and socks. I zipped his fly down, and pulled off his pants, revealing a huge bulge emerging from his tight black boxers. I looked him in the eyes as i pulled his boxers down, and off his toes.

His dick was huge! It must have been 9 or 10 inches. It was so wet it was practically shooting semen. I licked the side of his balls, and kissed them gently. I held onto his cock, and sucked on his scrotum. I licked his balls from the bottom, up to the end of his hard cock, as more semen rushed out onto my tongue.

I jerked him off as I kissed his balls. I looked up at him and smiled, as I put his dick in my mouth. He made a humming noise as I started sucking his cock. His semen tasted good, and I joined him in the humming.
“Mmm.”, this went on for a few minutes. I sucked his dick, while feeling the rest of his body with my other hand.

“Stand up.” I said.
He leaned against the wall, and I continued to suck him off.
“You can cum in my mouth if you want.”, I said with a smirk on my face.
He replied with a smile.
“Cum on my face,” I shouted, quietly enough that no one walking by in the hall could hear.
“I want to taste your cum”

He put his hands gently on the back of my head. I flicked my tongue at the end of his dick while jerking him off. I aimed it into my mouth. He came all over my face, there was more than I had ever seen! Only about half of it was in my mouth, and it was quite the mouthful!
“Mmm.”, I opened my mouth and showed him.
He smiled, I swallowed.
Some of his cum dribbled off onto my chest, and made its way into my belly button.

I took off my pants, and we headed into the showers. The water turned on, as I turned my face to wash off the cum. Chris wrapped his arms around me from behind, and I held his hands in front of me. I turned around and hugged him, as our dicks rubbed together, and I got a hard-on. He started to kiss me again, and grabbed onto my dick, he stared to jerk me off.

He went down onto his knees, as water showered over his head, and he put my cock in his warm mouth. I could feel the warm water trickling down my balls. He pulled on my hips, and I slid down the wall onto the ground, and onto my back. He sucked my cock until I let out a deep breathe, and a soft moan. I came in his mouth. He moved himself up, sliding his chest up, across my dick, which was still slightly hard. I felt my cock fall into the crevice of his bellybutton, and past.

I kissed him, and my cum dribbled into my mouth, and we passed it to each other until finally he swallowed it. We cleaned each other off in the shower, dried ourselves off, got dressed, and left the change room.