Hotwife in the bar

It was a Friday evening. I had graduated from High
School three weeks previously. I started a summer job
the following Monday. It was now my 18th birthday. All
of my friends were away for the summer, and my parents
had given me a used car for my birthday, and left on
vacation. I was bored, so I decided to walk to a bar
down the street and treat myself to a beer, while I
figured out what I wanted to do for the weekend.

It was early, so the bar was almost empty. I took a seat
at the bar, and ordered a beer. The bartender knew me
and being a wise ass, carded me, knowing that it was my
18th birthday, then brought me the beer.

I was about half way through my beer, when a young lady
came in and sat next to me, which surprised me due to
all the empty seats at the bar. I did not say anything,
but took a good look at her. She appeared to be
somewhere my age, had nice tits (I could see about all
of them except the nipples), her skirt was very short,
and legs like Betty Grable. She also smelled of very
expensive perfume. I was impressed.

I took another swallow of my beer, and she asked my

I said, “I am Bruce, and you are?”

“Corrie,” she answered.

We made small talk for a while, and when she saw that my
beer was about empty, she ordered another one for me,
and a scotch and soda for her.

After the second beer, I decide to take a walk, and told
her so.

She asked, “Mind if I join you, it’s always nicer to
walk with someone.”

“If you want to,” I replied, “I am going to walk to the
park down the street.”

As we left the bar, she placed her arm in mine, and we
began walking toward the park. She kept up an almost
constant chatter all the way to the park, talking about
nothing in particular. There were not many people in the
park, and I found an unoccupied bench, and sat down.
Corrie sat as close to me as she could get. I noticed
that her ring finger was white where she had worn a
ring, so I thought that maybe she had just been
divorced, but did not say anything about that.

I turned and looked at her, and said, “What is a lady
like you doing in this neighborhood, with a young guy
like me?” Before she could say anything I continued,
“You look and act like you come from money, and should
be in a fashion magazine. I am only 18, and I guess that
you’re about 22.”

She answered, “Actually I am only 20, and these are the
first nice cloths I have ever had. I was lonely and
wanted some company. If you don’t like me, I’ll leave.”

“No, don’t leave, unless you want to. I am just not the
sort of guy that nice looking girls seem to want.”

She stood up and turned to face me, then she pulled me
up onto my feet, and kissed me. Not a peak on the cheek,
but full on the mouth. I started giving her some tongue,
and she took one of my hands and put it on top of one of
her tits, with my fingers being pushed down to her
nipple. It only took an instant before my cock was rock
hard, and pushing against her short skirt.

The palm of my hand was over her nipple, and I was
lightly squeezing her tit. She reached down and touched
my cock through my pants, and said, “I have an apartment
nearby, where we can take care of this,” as she squeezed
my cock.

Now that got my attention, but being a little leery, I
asked, “You’re not a hooker, are you?”

She smiled, “No, just a girl who needs company for a
while tonight.”

“We’ll have to stop at the d**g store, as I don’t have
any condoms.”

“You don’t need any,” she answered, “I am on the pill.”
She led the way toward her apartment.

As we walked toward her apartment, she explained that
she was new in town, and had just started a job. This
was the only apartment that she could afford on her
salary. She also told me that she usually worked till
10pm, but that her days off rotated, so each week she
would be off on different days.

Her apartment, was the second floor of a small two story
house, with an outside stairway, so she could come and
go without bothering the people in the downstairs
apartment. At the landing outside her door, she handed
me the key, and I unlocked the door. I let her enter
first, and she turned on a light.

The apartment had a small living room, a very tiny
kitchen and a bathroom just large enough for a stool and
a shower. The kitchen sink had to be used for both the
bathroom and the kitchen. The bedroom had enough room
for a bed and a night stand, with a small cloths closet.

After I closed the door behind me, I turned around,
Corrie pulled me to her and started kissing me again. I
unbuttoned her blouse, and notice that her bra hooked in
front, so I also unhooked it. When she felt the bra
unhook, she backed off, and took off the blouse and bra.
Then she pulled my polo shirt over my head, and threw it
on the couch, along with her bra and blouse. I slid her
skirt down, and she did not have any panties on. She
unfastened my belt and unzipped my fly. My pants fell to
my ankles and she pulled down my briefs. I stepped out
of them, and she lead me to the bed.

As we got to the bed, she said, “You are in charge, do
to me what you will, I like it hard and ruff, I will
take it in my mouth, ass, or pussy, or all three if you
want. Make my tits hurt, pull the nipples off if you can
eat me or do it all, just do it.”

I threw her down on the bed, and spread her legs wide
open, and rammed my cock into her pussy without any
preparation. The harder I rammed her, the better she
liked it. It took about 5 minutes, before I came, boy
did I cum. Her canal was just getting to where it was
beginning to lubricate itself, when I did. I kept inside
of her until it came out on it’s own. Mean while I was
stretching and pulling her nipples to the point where
her back was coming up off of the bed.

Once my cock came out of her, I sat on her upper chest,
and had her give me a blow job, while I reached behind
me and continued to pull her nipples and stretch her
tits as far as I could. Once she had me hard again, I
rolled her over and put her on her hands and knees. Then
I rammed into her again doggy style, while I milked her
tits like she was a cow. This time her canal was
lubricated, and I was able to get further inside of her.
I lasted about 10 minutes this time, and gave her
another big load of baby juice.

Again when I pulled out, I had her suck me again. When I
got hard this time, I rolled her over again and spread
her ass open. Since she said she liked it rough, I put
my cock head at her rectal opening and pushed about 4
times really hard, and my dick head popped into her ass.
I then put all my force behind a mighty shove, and was
balls deep inside her ass. I stroked her so hard that
her head was hitting the headboard on every stroke, it’s
a wonder that it did not give her a headache.

I cam in her ass, but the volume of cum was down from
the first two times. One I had cum in her ass, I just
laid on top of her, reached under and grabbed her
nipples again and started squeezing and pulling them
again, until her ass pushed my cock out. I then told her
that I needed her to clean my cock. She said “not after
where I just was.”

I said, “I didn’t mean a blow job, just use a wash
cloth,” which she did. Then I laid on the bed sucking
her nipples for quite a while.

Corrie said, “That was great, a lot better than I

“When is your next day off?” I saked. “I will expect to
see you then, and do more with and to you then.”

“Be here Thursday no earlier than 6pm, and I’ll be ready
for you.”

I got dressed, leaned over and kissed her, and said,
“I’ll be here at 6:30 on Thursday, be nude and ready for

I stopped at the bar on the way home, for another beer.
My friendly bartender, asked how I’d made out. “I scored
a TD. She was hotter than a $2 pistol.”

“She didn’t have the look of a hooker,” he said.

“Nope, new in town and she was trying to get to know
some people,” I answered.


Monday, break time at work, the guys were talking about
what they did over the weekend. The boss (Sam) said that
he went out of town golfing, and left his wife at home.
Some of the single guys were talking about the broads
that they had picked up, and they asked me what I had

I said, “I had a quick birthday party on Friday evening,
and spent the rest of the weekend just loafing around.”

“John said, “Davy, with all the broads running around
this town, and you were alone? What are you, Queer?”

I laughed, “John, read it anyway you want to… and no I
am not Queer, are you?” That got a big laugh from

Thursday evening at 6:30 I arrived at Corrie’s
apartment. I knocked on the door, and heard someone say
come in, which I ignored, and knocked again, with the
same result. The fourth time I knocked, Corrie came to
the door in a robe, and said, “Didn’t you hear me say
come in?”

I told her that I expected her to come to the door
dressed as I had instructed, last week.

“I am suppose to answer the door nude?”

“Yes, when you are expecting me,” I answered.

“Boy, you really do take charge, I like that. Now come
in and fuck my brains out.”

After a repeat of the previous Friday night, we laid on
the bed talking, and I asked her, “Just how kinky do you
like to get?”

She answered, “If you can think of it, I will do, or at
least try to do it.”

“I will try to come up with something different each
week, as long as we continue to see each other.”

“I have no intention of seeing anyone else, as long as
we get along together,” she said.

Our meeting the following week was on Monday. Being an
electronic enthusiast, I had modified small diameter TV
probe, on a 10 foot cord, similar to the ones on the
police shows, that they slide under a door to see into a
room. It was attached to a monitor, and recording
device, all powered by batteries in the monitor.

I showed it to Corrie, and she asked, “We’re going to
use it for?”

I said, “It’ll attach to the head of my cock, and the
light in the end, will allow us to see what my cock sees
inside of your pussy. Once I am fully inside you, if I
am not at your cervix, I can slide it forward, so that
we can see just what it looks like. What do you think of

She said, “Really kinky, let’s try it and see.”

I turned the monitor on, and told Corrie, “Just watch
the monitor, and you will see just what my cock would
see if it were an eye.”

On my knees, on the foot of the bed and between her
widely spread legs, I attached the probe to the
underside of my cock, using the foreskin to hold it in
place. While it would take some pressure to make it
release, I had designed the attachment so that it would
easily release as it was pushed forward. Going in, the
backward pressure would hold it in place.

On the monitor Corrie was watching as the probe picked
up part of the bed, and then as I was attaching it, she
saw her legs spread, and her vagina in front of the
camera. As I approached her pussy, the picture became
just of her slit. Then I took one hand and spread her
pussy lips, and she got her first look at what she
looked like.

As my cock entered her, the screen got black and once my
cock head was inside of her, the light allowed her to
see the membranes of her pussy. Just forward of the cock
head, could be seen, and as my cock and probe pushed
further into her, she could see the walls opening up to
take my cock.

When my cock was balls deep into her, she said that
there appeared to be room for some more inside of her,
so I took the probe, and slowly pushed it forward. I had
her turn the monitor so that I could see it. Now,
without my cock there, the walls opened just enough for
the probe to keep advancing. About two inches more into
her, I could see the small opening through her cervix,
and kept pushing it forward, until it was at that

I said, “We’re at your cervix, now, and I am going to
try to push it through, into your womb.”

It took a little twisting and turning and pushing, but
the probe finally started thought the cervix, into her
womb. Once inside her womb, I pushed a button, on the
monitor, and the light tripled in intensity. Seeing
nothing on the monitor, I kept pushing into her, until I
saw two smaller openings on opposite sides of the top of
her womb.

Corrie, had not said anything for a while, so I asked
her, “How does it feel with the probe inside your womb?”

“I feel a little discomfort, but I really do not feel
the probe since it went past my cervix,” she answered.
“I do feel the cable as it goes through the cervix, but
it does not hurt.”

I twisted and turned the probe to get a very good look
at her cervix, knowing I can see it all later, I give
the monitor back to her, “Tell me what you want me to do
with the probe now?”

“Pull it back to just in front of your cock, and then
fuck me, then we can see the cum as it squirts into me.”

I pulled the probe back to just outside of the cervix.
Then I started stroking slow and deeply into her, with
the length of the probe rubbing on the bottom of my
cock. At first it was chafing a little, but then her
pussy started releasing its juice, and the chafing was
released. Just as I was about to cum, I stuck a finger
into her ass hole. She squealed and we both came at the
same time.

Once I had slipped out of her, I pushed the probe back
inside of her womb to see what the effect of cumming in
her did to her womb. We saw a few goblets of cum moving
around (probably looking for the microscopic egg).

I told her next time, we would do the same thing, but
with her giving me a blow job, and maybe even get to see
the cum in her stomach.

We had went very slowly with the video probe, that we
did not have much time for anything else. I had her use
her tongue to clean up my cock, then told her that she
was to stand in the window with her legs wide apart
until I was out of sight. As I opened the door to leave,
Corrie said, “Next week it will have to be on Thursday.”


On Tuesday, my boss asked me to come to dinner at his
house, on Friday. It took me a minute to realize that
this would be a week before I was to meet Corrie again,
so I accepted, asking if there was anything I should
bring. He said, “No, my wife is a very good cook, and
enjoys cooking for people. That is why at least every
two weeks, I invite one of the workers and family, to
dinner. In your case, since you are single, it will be
just the three of us, unless you have someone special
you would like to bring.”

“No, no one special, I will be by myself.”

Friday, I arrived at Sam’s house at the appointed time.
Sam answered the door and invited me in. In the living
room, he asked what I wanted to drink, and I answered,
“Beer will be fine.”

He said, “I have to go pick up a few things that Corrie
forgot to get at the market, so you go into the kitchen
and introduce yourself, and the beer is in the fridge. I
will be back in half an hour.”

As he left, I said to myself, “It cannot be MY Corrie,
but it is not that common a name.” I thought for a
couple of minutes, and decided to get the beer. I went
to the kitchen, and there she was. No mistakes, it was
my Corrie, who doesn’t know anyone in town and works
strange hours. She did not notice me come in, so I said,
“Hello, Corrie, how is dinner coming?” as I moved to the
fridge to get myself a beer.

At the sound of my voice, Corrie stopped, and dropped
the knife she was chopping veggies with. She turned
toward the sound of my voice, and turned beet red.
“Bruce, what are you doing here?” she asked.

“Your husband invited me to dinner,” I answered, “at
least I must assume that Sam is your husband. He is my

“Please don’t give me away, pretend that we have just
met. I’ll explain everything at our next meeting.
Please, I beg you,” she said, as she started crying.

“Corrie,” I said, “I won’t give you away, but your
explanation next week had better be really good.”

“Oh, thank you, and you will not regret it, I promise.”

By the time that Sam got back, Corrie, was over crying,
and was looking fabulous. Sam came in and said, “I see
that the two of you seem to be getting along very well.
What do you think of my wife, Bruce?” he asked.

I replied nervously, “You have a very beautiful wife,
Sam. I appreciate being asked over, to meet her. You
must be very jealous of her. I need to find someone of
her stature to be with.”

“My lord, and Bruce, dinner is ready to be served,
please be seated,” Corrie came into the room. “Where do
you want me to sit?” I asked.

Sam said, “Sit next to Corrie, she seems to like you
better than any of the other employees that have been

I thought to myself, Sam you do not know what you are
asking of me, I have had a hard time not putting my
hands on her already.

Corrie proved to be an excellent cook, the meal was
delicious. Sam and I talked about things at the plant.
While I had not realized it, I found that Sam was also
the owner of the company.

After eating, while Corrie was cleaning up the dining
room, Sam and I retired to the living room, and Sam
asked me, “How come you haven’t found yourself a nice
girl to date?”

I replied, “I keep looking, but I have not found one who
is attracted to me. Same problem I had in High School. I
talk to them with no problem, but when it comes time to
ask them out, almost all say NO, and those that don’t,
aren’t anything I am interested in for more than a one
night stand.”

“What about Corrie?” Sam asked.

I replied, “If I could find someone like her, I would be
in heaven, but sadly she is taken, by my boss.”

“Putting aside that I am your boss, and she is my wife,
if she were to ask you to go to the bedroom with her
right now, what would you do?” he asked.

“That’s a no brain-er,” I replied, “of course I would.”

“And if she asked me to come with the two of you?”

“Sam, are you asking me if I would like a threesome with
you and Corrie?” I asked.

Corrie stuck her head into the room and said, “Will you
two just quit talking and come to the bedroom and fuck
the shit out of me?” She then started undressing as she
went up the stairs.

Sam smiled at me, “I think Corrie just answered your
question. Let’s not keep her waiting.”

By the time we got to the bedroom, Corrie was nude and
laying in the center of the bed, with her legs spread
wide open. As we undressed, she said, “Bruce, your
choice, if you want my pussy, with me on top, then Sam
get my ass hole. If you want me doggy style, then Sam
gets a blow job. After that it is up to the two of you
as to what you do to me.”

I looked at Sam, and he said, “It’s your choice.”

I looked at Corrie, and said, “Get up so I can lay down,
and shove your pussy over my cock and to the bottom in
one stroke.”

As we got into position, I grabbed her nipples and
started squeezing them. Once she had me totally inside
of her, I used her nipples to pull her down on top of
me, so that Sam could enter her rectum. Sam wasted no
time getting behind her and was inside her ass in about
3 strokes.

When Sam would pull out until just the head of his cock
was inside of her, which at the same time pulled her off
of my cock a short ways. When he slammed back into her,
it drove her back so the base of my cock was at her
pussy entrance.

I kept pulling her nipples toward my head, and it f****d
her head near mine. She then put a lip lock on me and
started using a lot of tongue. With her impaled on two
cocks, a tongue and me pulling on her nipples, it did
not take very long before she had an orgasm. She had
three more before Sam came in her ass, and a very hard
one as I came in her pussy. We all three just collapsed
on top of each other and laid there until Sam and I both
had come out of her. Once we did, the cum started
running out of her pussy and ass.

We laid there for a few minutes, and Sam said, “Bruce, I
want you to fuck her face, and make sure that your cock
is all the way to the base, inside of her, I will be
eating her pussy while you do that.”

I put her head over the edge of the bed so I could get a
better angle into her mouth. Sam was on the other side
of the bed with his head buried between her legs. I put
my cock to her lips, and she opened her mouth. I slowly
slid my cock in until it hit the back of her mouth, then
I lifted her head a little to line up her throat with my

Then I jammed it into her and down her throat. I kept it
there for few seconds, then pulled out just enough for
her to get some air again in her lungs, and then rammed
it back into her throat again. I would keep it in just
long enough that she would start c*****g for air and
then pull it back out and let her take another breath.

All the time, she would be using her tongue as best as
she could to lick my cock. The slow rhythm to my strokes
kept me from cumming to soon. With Sam doing a good job
of eating her pussy, in no time she was having another
great orgasm. That also caused her throat muscles to
contract and started getting me ready to cum.

I was able to hold my cumming until her orgasm was
almost over, and then I rammed back into her and let fly
with a big load of cum. I held my cock there until every
last drop of cum was out, and then pulled out of her
mouth. I had been inside blocking her breathing just
long enough that she passed out about the same time I
pulled out of her mouth.

Once we made sure that Carrie was ok, Sam said, “I would
like to see that video you took inside of Corrie while
you fucked her last time.”

“How do you know about that?” I asked.

He said, “I’ve had that apartment wired for a long time,
just don’t tell her. Let’s go down stairs and talk.
She’ll probably be out for a few minutes, and may even
sleep before she comes down.”

We left our clothing there, and went to the living room.
Sam then said, “This is what’s happening, and may
explain a lot for you.”

“A few months ago, Corrie caught me with another woman.
I got out of it by saying I was auditioning women so we
could have a threesome. She still did not like it, but
let it go. Several weeks ago, she told me that she was
going to “audition” some men for a threesome.

“After using my excuse, I couldn’t really say no, so I
did not say anything. Sense I knew about the apartment,
she owns the building, and rents out the bottom floor.
Then when she gets mad at me she will go there, so I
bugged the place, to see what she did.”

“The first couple of weeks, she did not find anyone that
she liked, so she would go back there, and stay until
very late, and come in with her clothing slightly mussed
up, to make it look like she had been with someone.

“Then a few weeks ago, she came home and was a real
mess, her makeup was smeared and it was obvious that she
had dressed in a hurry. That was the night she ran into

I said, “That night I noticed that her ring finger was
lighter, like a wedding ring had been removed, it should
have warned me.”

“She quit wearing the ring after she caught me, but
would put it back on if we had visitors, or we went out
together. I was impressed with the way that she handled
herself, and the way that you were being cautious. When
you asked her how kinky she liked it, she said something
to the effect that anything you could come up with would
be ok by her. Then this week hearing the tapes, I knew I
had to see that video you made.

“I like you, and you do a great job at the plant, I
think that we can have a great relationship in the
future.” He then whispered, “I hear her moving around,
so this conversation did not happen, she will be here

A couple of minutes later, Corrie came downstairs, still
nude, and asked, “What happened, and why are you two
down here?”

Sam looked at me and asked, “Do you want to tell her?”

I said, “Corrie, when I came in your throat, it blocked
you air just long enough for you to faint, just as I was
pulling out. We check to make sure that you were ok, and
then came down here to let you rest up for a while.”

“Oh,” she said, “I knew that it was strange that no one
was there when I opened my eyes. I did not realize I had
been out.”

I looked at the clock and said, “I should get dressed
and go home, as it is quite late.” I started for the
stairs, and Corrie took hold of my arm, and went up with
me. As I was getting dressed, she said, “Friday night is
still on, what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.” She then
gave me a real passionate kiss. Then took my arm as we
descended the stairs.

At the front door, Sam, turned to me and said, “Go ahead
and give Corrie, a goodbye kiss, and remember next
Friday’s meeting will be here, and do not forget to
bring the tape.”

At that statement, Corrie, broke our kiss and looked at
Sam with a puzzled look on her face, and said, “What
meeting and what tape?”

Sam laughed and said, “The meeting that you and Bruce
have planned for Friday, and the tape of your insides as
he was fucking you.”

Corrie got red in the face, knowing that he knew too
much to be guessing. She started to deny everything, but
Sam said, “Corrie, I have everything on tape that
happened in your apartment, and yes I have know about
the apartment for a long time. Everything is going to be
all right. Just give it a few days, and you will see.”

She looked at me as if to say, what did you tell him,
and I just shook my head no, and left.

Monday, just before lunch, I got a note to meet Sam in
his office as soon as possible. I tided up my desk, and
put all my personal effects in a box. This is ax time. I
will be unemployed in a few minutes. I slowly made my
way to his office. His secretary had left for lunch, so
I knocked on his door. “Bruce, come in,” said Sam.

Entering his office, I saw Sam sitting at his desk, with
a big smile on his face. He gestured toward a chair
right in front of the desk, and said, “Why the long
face? I know you think I called you here to fire you,
cheer up that’s not going to happen.” For some reason
that did not relieve my anguish. I sat as he requested.

“Bruce, he said, “You have worked with everyone in the
office, and as far as I can see, you did a good job. If
I were to replace any one of them with you, could you
keep that job going?”

“Probably not as well as they would, but yes, I could do
the job. One job I could not do, is the Shop Foreman’s.
Is one of them leaving?” I sakded.

“No, but I might be shortly, and don’t worry about the
Shop, that is a different kettle of fish, and he reports
directly to me.”

I gave him a strange look, and he said, “For quite a
while now, I have been bored with this job. I am
thinking about making someone a GM, and running the
place for me. I feel that that person should be you.”

“What are you going to do?” I asked.

“I am thinking of starting a new business. Not one that
will conflict with this one, but I have yet to select
what it will be.”

“Why isn’t one of the other who have been here longer,
getting the chance to move up, instead of me?” I asked.

“Each of them, are good at their own job, but could not
work in any of the other ones. The GM, need to know how
to run each of the areas, which none of them can do.”

“Please keep this under your hat, and you, I and Corrie,
will discuss it on Friday. Now go and enjoy your lunch.”


The rest of the week, I was on pins and needles. Surely
something would change before Friday, but nothing else
was said.

Friday evening, I was so nervous that I had to back to
the house to get the probe, and recording. I was almost
late getting to Sam’s house. Sam had been watching for
me, as he opened the door just as I stepped onto the

The first thing he asked was, “Did you bring the probe,
and the recording?”

“Yes,” I replied, and handed them to him.

“Corrie has supper almost ready, so let’s go directly to
the dining room.”

While Corrie was finishing putting things on the table,
Sam watched part of the video, and was muttering to
himself, “This is amazing.”

When Corrie had everything ready, she walked up to me
and gave me a big kiss, and sat beside me. Sam put the
video down and we started to eat.

Sam then said, “While I am talking, you two keep your
questions to yourselves, and after I finish, I’ll asked
them. First; Starting on Tuesday, Bruce, you will become
GM of the company. Second: On Wednesday, I will be
leaving to check on another small company I think I want
to take over. Three: since this house is owned by the
company, The first of the month, Bruce, you will move

“Once I’ve established myself in this other business, I
will First: File for divorce, with a nice settlement
given to Corrie. Second: The day the divorce is final, I
will sign the paper work making Bruce the sole owner of
this company. Third: shortly thereafter, I’ll give
Corrie’s hand to you in marriage. How does that sound to
the two of you?”

I said, “I don’t think that I heard you correctly.”

“You heard correctly,” said Sam.

“Why the divorce, and why are you giving me to Bruce?”
Corrie asked.

“I’m 10 years older than you, and our marriage was a
mistake. You need someone near your own age, and Bruce
and you are in love. I can tell, and I approve. You both
deserve the best and each of you are getting the best
there is.”

I said, “Sam, I appreciate all of this, but why me? I am
a nobody, who just happened to find a job with you, and
then accidentally fell in love with your wife.”

“You work hard and you learn fast, that alone is enough.
But when you fell in love with Corrie, that cemented my
decision to let the company go, as I knew that she would
be well taken care of.”

After we had eaten, we were watching something on TV,
and Corrie had her head in my lap, half asleep. Sam
said, “I think it is about time for you two to try the
other experiment with this contraption, and you need to
show me how it is used, as well.”

“Sam,” I said, “I will need to remove my pants and
undershorts, I hope it will not offend you.”

“Do what you need to do,” said Sam.

I removed them, and told Corrie to give me a hand job to
get me a little hard. Once I started to stiffen up, I
showed Sam how to clip the probe to the underside of my
cock. Then turned the monitor on. I told Corrie, to
slowly bring her lips up to the end of my cock, and Sam
watched on the monitor. “Wow, he said, that shows up her
mouth and teeth very well.”

She stuck my cock into her mouth, and started sucking
and tonguing me, and I got hard almost immediately. She
slowly stuck my cock deeper and deeper into her mouth.
Sam was glued to the monitor. As I reached the back of
her mouth, she got up on her knees, so that she was more
lined up with my cock.

“Get ready I am going into your throat.”

Corrie nodded that she was ready, and I shove my cock in
as far as I could. I could feel her gagging a little,
and I started feeding the probe slowly into her throat.
After it was in about 2 inches, I pulled out of her just
enough that she could breathe, and kept feeding the
probe down her pipe into her stomach. I told Sam to let
me know when it just reached the opening to her stomach,
and held the probe there. Then I told Carrie, to make me

It seemed like it was taking a very long time for me to
cum, so I took one of her hands and put it on my
scrotum. She started to fingering my balls and playing
with them. Now I could feel the cum starting to get
ready for its trip. Not where it was suppose to be, but
toward Corrie’s stomach.

Corrie could feel it surge trying to start, so she
pulled my cock back into her throat. Just as I started
to cum in her, she passed out from lack of oxygen. Then
my cum was draining down her tube toward her stomach.
The monitor showed the stringy white slime going into
her stomach, and I pulled out of her mouth so she could
breathe again. She was out for about 5 minutes, long
enough that I got the probe out of her before she awoke.

Sam was amazed at what he saw, and it was recorded. He
asked me if it could be made and sold at a reasonable
cost. I told him that I had about fifty dollars in it,
but that parts bought in bulk would lower the cost to
maybe forty-five dollars. Sam said, “I can think of a
lot of uses for this, not counting the porno ones like
you did.

“Corrie, if you do not object, we could use these two
video’s as advertisements, for these in porno shops.”

“Why would you need my approval?” Corrie asked.

“Because in each case, your face is very visible. We
could remake them and make sure that your face is not
seen, but that would be your choice.”

Corrie looked at me, “What do you think?”

I said, “I have no problem with it either way. You are a
beautiful woman and when you become my wife, then I
might have a word or two, but until then, it is between
you and Sam.”

“As far as I am concerned, from this moment on, the two
of you are man and wife,” Sam said. “It is just a
formality for me to get the divorce, and for you two to
get married, so your opinion is needed, not mine.”

I said, “Then, Corrie, I don’t care if the whole world
knows that it is you. With the right promotion we might
get to go to the porno convention in Las Vegas in a year
or two.”

Corrie looked at Sam and said, “Use them as they are,
and if we need more, maybe it could be adapted to see
what my ass looks like as well.”

Monday, Sam made the announcement to the office and
plant that I was the GM, pending becoming the sole owner
of the company.


The first of the month, mom and dad were helping me move
my things from their home to my new one. On the first
trip, I introduced Corrie, as my housekeeper.

On the way back for another load mom said; “And I
suppose that you’re NOT sleeping with her?”

I answered, “Mom, I would not insult your intelligence
by saying that. Of course I am sleeping with her, and
when her divorce is final, she’ll become your daughter
in law.”

That is how I was given a company, and a wife all at

Corrie and I now have 3 c******n, and have been to the
Las Vegas porno convention twice now. Sam sends us a
check now and then for royalties on the probe assembly.

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