Oriental story on an airplane

As a salesman for a large corporation, I travel constantly. For me, flying is no more exciting than taking a bus-with the exception of one recent, unusual flight. I was late for the red-eye from Philly to San Francisco, and was dismayed to see a long line of people waiting to go through the metal

My Grandmother’s lovers

‘Yes. You must have been only six or seven last time I saw you.’ ‘Well, that was a while ago,’ I said. ‘In fact 15 years ago. At least.’ She nodded. ‘Yes. I suppose it must be. How time flies.’ From the way in which my grandmother had spoken about Mrs Hattersley, I was expecting

The telling of a voyeuristic weekend spent engaged in carnal lust with the mother in-law and my wife

When we were a new couple, pretty young, 20 and 19, we had an insatiable appetite for sex. Even having kids very young did not slow down the wife and me. In some ways, it made us more adventurous, trying to find time to sneak away and get a little was an ongoing game. We

Sexual fantasies of a 54 years old man looking for his dream girl

We meet at a restaurant and sit across from each other. I notice that you’re not wearing a bra underneath your top. The waitress brings two drinks and I watch you place your fingers on each side of the glass and stroke it with your fingers and make erotic patterns on the glass. I also