Hubby allows other men to use his drunken wife

At 30 years old I married Beth, a cute little girl of
18yrs. My main worry was that she would get tired of me
and want ‘friends’ of her own age. Well that didn’t
happen, and after 2 years we are still very happy.
Though the worry of her wanting younger guys played so
much on my mind that it became a fantasy, which grew
and grew till I wanted it to happen. I kept imagining
her being fucked by other men and would get off on it
whilst we fucked. The images in my mind were like a
movie show of her letting strange men use her body.

We used to go out dancing once or twice a week to a
local hall. She loved to dance. Whenever she had had
too much to drink she would get all romantic on the
dance floor, resting her head on my shoulder whilst I
discretely felt her up. She really loved that.

We went on vacation and we were having a wonderful time
at the beach and sightseeing when she reminded me that
we hadn’t been dancing for weeks. I asked at the hotel
desk if they could recommend a dance hall. The
concierge, a young black guy, told me about a place
that was only a 15 to 20 minute walk away. But! He
warned, that it gets very, very crowded and the dance
floor gets packed like sardines and often people get
felt up by strangers whilst dancing. Well that sounded
like fun to me but I thought I better leave that bit of
information out whilst telling Beth.

She was really pleased when I told her we could go
dancing that evening. She dressed really sexy, short
black mini skirt and white top that was low cut in
front. She doesn’t wear a bra as her breasts are small
but very firm. And of course her favourite red high
heeled shoes.

The dance hall was pleasant enough, not crowded at all.
We had a lovely time dancing and drinking. As the
evening wore on, Beth got more and more ‘happy’ with
all the Martinis she was putting away. The place was
also filling up and by 10pm it was as packed as the guy
had said it would be.

We were quite packed in on the dance floor, so I took
the opportunity to feel Beth up as I was sure that no
one could see as we were surrounded by other couples.
The music now was all slow songs, so there was a lot of
smooching going on all around us. I had my hand down
between us and up inside Beth’s mini skirt. I was just
gently rubbing her pussy through her thong. Not enough
to get her over excited but just enough to have her
murmuring in quiet passion as she rested her head on my
shoulder with her eyes closed.

I too had my eyes closed for a minute or two and I was
startled when I looked up and saw a man standing right
behind Beth. He had wedged himself between us and the
couple behind, he was facing them and I could make out
in the dim lighting that there was some movement in his
arm, so I could only assume that he was touching up the
wife in front of him.

The girl’s husband must have had enough and suddenly
spun his wife out of the man’s reach. The man then
turned and was facing us. Well I say us, actually he
was right behind Beth and he was already rubbing
himself against Beth’s bottom. She was quite unaware
that whatever it was that was happening wasn’t being
done by me. I said or did nothing to stop the man. My
dick sprang into action as I saw that he was easing her
miniskirt up baring her bottom to him with only the
string of her thong in his way.

I still had my finger on the thong in front when I
could feel it being pulled to the side. He was removing
any obstruction to her pussy. I now had my finger on
her bare pussy as the thong had been moved right out of
the way. I then noticed that he seemed to stoop lower,
presumably to line up his cock with her pussy. He then
rose up a little and started to move up and down in a
rhythm that could only mean that he had found his way
in and his cock was now inside my lovely Beth. My dick
ached it was so hard.

I still had my finger on the front of Beth’s pussy. I
tentatively moved it forward across her juicy pussy
lips and sure enough, I touched his cock and could feel
it fucking in and out of my lovely wife. I then felt
something touch my chest; it was the back of his hand.
He had reached up under her top and was groping her

I wanted so much to get hold of my own dick, I was
aching to cum. This whole thing was more than any of my
fantasies could ever have hoped to be. Beth moaned a
little more loudly and grunted a couple of times in
time with his thrusts. Although quite drunk she was
experiencing some pleasure from the strangers cock
fucking her.

Just then I heard him trying to stifle a moan as he was
obviously cumming. Cumming inside my lovely Beth.
Shooting his cum inside her. I could feel it oozing out
of her cunt around his cock. That was just too much for
me and I came inside my pants without my cock being

As he pulled out of her cunt, I reached in my pocket
and got my handkerchief and tried to mop her pussy. As
I did I hugged her close, I felt so wonderful having
had this experience and Beth was quite unaware of it
other than she had been enjoying the sensations of it
in her drunken state.

I was about to take her off the dance floor when
suddenly another guy squeezed in behind us. I looked
around to see if anyone else was doing any ‘3somes’
when I noticed the guy who had just fucked Beth, he was
talking to 2 other guys and pointing in our direction.
I assumed he was spreading the word that there was an
‘easy fuck’ to be had. Being distracted watching him, I
hadn’t noticed that the new guy was already in position
and was already fucking Beth. My cock once again became
rock hard at the thought of another strange cock using
my sweet young wife.

I again put my hand between her legs and felt the
strangers cock. He startled me by speaking directly to

‘Hold my balls!’

‘Wh… what!’

‘Hold my balls while I fuck your slut!’

It was more of a command than a request and I did as he
asked and cupped his hairy balls in my hand.

‘That’s it! That’s it!’ He groaned as he came, shooting
his load of cum in my wife’s pussy.

Just then another guy had sidled up by us and was
groping Beth’s tits. This was getting too much… So as
the guy withdrew his cock out of Beth, I swung her
around and pushed and shoved through the crowd to get
her off the dance floor.

We got back to our booth, she was still unaware of what
had happened to her. I got some paper napkins and was
doing my best to clean her up when 4 guys came and
stood watching. Two who had fucked her and one who had
groped her tits and another guy. It turned out to be
the black concierge from our hotel.
He was saying to the other three guys.

‘I told you she was some sweet young fuck meat.’

The guy who was the first to fuck Beth spoke to me.
‘You’re one lucky dude having such a sweet young fuck
slut for a wife. Thanks for letting us use her but
these other two.’ He said pointing at the groper and
the black concierge.

‘They ain’t had a go at her yet. You’re not gonna be a
spoilsport and not let them have a go are you?’

‘I shouldn’t have let any of you have done it!’

‘Ahhh! But you did enjoy it, didn’t you? And two more
lots of cum in her cunt ain’t gonna make much

I had to admit that there was some logic in that and I
was really turned on, more than I ever had before in my
life. I told them how I had cum in my pants from being
so turned on.

‘Well you go to the toilets and clean up, we’ll keep
the little lady company till you get back.’

I knew that they wanted me out of the way so they could
fuck Beth. This somehow turned me on, the thought of
coming back and catching them fucking her was a real
big turn on. So off I went.

I came back about 30 minutes later. They were standing
in front of our booth. Then I realized that all four of
them were standing there, so they hadn’t taken my
absence as a chance to fuck her after all. As I got
closer I could hear Beth’s moans, I looked over their
shoulders and was surprised to see a black arse going
up and down on top of Beth. So she was being fucked
after all, but by whom? I got into the other side of
the booth so I could see. I was surprised to see it was
the black bar man who was fucking her. Just then he
groaned as he shot his cum inside her cunt.

As the barman got off Beth, the first guy who had
fucked her said ‘Thanks again for the use of your sweet
little wife. We’ve all had a nice fuck, all five of us.
If you want to do it again tomorrow night we would all
love to fuck her again, she has a lovely tight little

They all thanked me as they moved away. Then I set
about cleaning her up once more but not too clean, I
jammed some paper napkin in her cunt to stop it all
running out. I wanted her nice and juicy for my turn
when I got her back to the hotel.

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