Husband brings home a friend for dinner

It was Friday and I was just finishing up at the office.
As I was about ready to leave the office my husband Jon
called me and asked if it was OK to bring a friend home
for dinner. It was kind of odd as he had never really
done that before. We’d had friends over but usually we
would discuss it ahead of time and make plans together.
This was different.

I asked who the friend was and Jon just said it was
someone from work. I thought I knew all his work
friends. Not quite sure what was going on I said OK and
asked what time they’d be here. We set dinner for 7:00.
Just as we said our goodbyes Jon jumped in and said,
“Wear something pretty. I love you,” and hung up.

I looked around the kitchen. I had planned on making a
light pasta and grain hot dish with a cold salad. I
thought about cooking meat, but it was hot out and this
was almost ready. I went about finishing dinner. As I
did I thought about the call. Why today was he bringing
home a stranger.

My mind slipped to last night. My husband and I making
love and the fantasy we played out during sex. In one of
our fantasies we’d been discussing another man. Jon had
often told me he wanted to see me with another man. I’ve
always said no, however the more he talked about it, the
more curious I became.

One day, while Jon was at work, I looked up that type of
fantasy on the internet. I was amazed to see how many
men shared his fantasy. There were whole sections of
erotic literature devoted to the topic. I spent hours
reading story after story. By the time Jon got home I
jumped him in the living room and fucked his brains out.
He had no clue what was going on but enjoyed the ride.

After he asked what had gotten into me. I told him about
the stories. He again asked if I wanted to try it, of
course but I refused. I admit the idea gotten me wet,
but I wasn’t ready for that step.

This fantasy became a regular part of our love making.
Jon would be fucking me and saying things like; “I bet
you’d love another cock in your mouth.” Or I’d be on my
knees giving him a BJ and he’d say, “Mmmmmmm, you’d look
great with a strange cock pounding you from behind.”

I loved those mental images. They made me hot and always
made me cum hard. Sometimes I would think about them
during the day. Lots of times I would read stories and
make myself cum, even in my office sometimes. Sometimes
I would read stories out loud to Jon as he ate my pussy.
I would cum all over his face. He liked that a lot.

Last night though… last night was different. It
started out the same as usual. Jon saying how hot I’d
look being fucked by another man, while he watched, but
I just couldn’t get the image out of my mind. I really
wanted to feel another cock fucking me. I wanted to look
into Jon’s eyes as I was being pounded from behind by
another man.

Jon was straddling my face, his cock in my mouth. He
reached down and pulled my legs up. “Imagine me holding
your legs open like this while he fucks you.” I came
hard at those words. The more he fucked me the more I
let go. In the throes of some of the strongest orgasms
I’d ever had I told him I’d fuck anybody he wanted.

Now Jon was bringing a stranger home for dinner. My
pussy tingled, as I wondered if this could be the time
that we would live the fantasy. I really doubted it had
anything to do with our sex play fantasy but I now had a
little fantasy going on in my head that kept me on edge
as I made dinner.

I wondered what his friend looked like. I wondered what
his arms would feel like wrapped around me as he fucked
me. I wondered if he was a good kisser. At one point I
leaned against the counter, slid my hand into my panties
and fingered myself until I came. Oh my god, I thought,
I’m becoming such a slut.

Dinner was ready so I ran upstairs to shower and change.
As I got undressed I looked at myself in the mirror. Jon
and I were in our late 20s and still looked good. I was
5′ tall and about 115lbs. I had to admit I looked good.
I liked the way men looked at me when I wore a bikini or
short skirt.

I jumped in the shower. I and spent extra time on my
breasts and pussy. I wondered if Jon’s friend would like
the way I looked. Every once in a while I’d catch
myself, it’s just dinner, I’d think. I got out of the
shower and thought about what to wear. Jon said
something pretty. That could mean anything. I went to my
lingerie draw and pulled out a matching thong and bra.
They were Jon’s favorites. I figured if I had a chance
I’d give him a sneak peek during the evening. The thong
was pink and white and tied at the sides in little bows.
The bra matched and just barely covered my nipples.

My mind slipped back to my fantasy and wondered if our
dinner guest would think it was sexy if he could see it.
The thought made me wet again and I quickly pushed it
from my mind. I grabbed a little white sleeveless top.
It had 5 buttons at the top, and I pulled it on. It
stopped just above my naval. I left the buttons undone
and looked at myself. I wondered what Jon would think if
I met him and his friend at the front door wearing just
this and heels. I was surprised by how much I liked the

I knew there was no way I’d do it. I looked for a skirt.
The denim one that Jon liked so much caught my eye. It
barely covered my ass. If I walked you could see some
ass cheek. The top of it rested on my hips leaving 4
inches of belly between my shirt and my skirt. I put on
a pair of white heels and checked myself out. I looked
hot. Not slutty, but hot. I again wondered what Jon’s
friend would think.

I went downstairs and set the table. I was aware of how
much my skirt slid up every time I bent over. I was
enjoying it and wondering what Jon would say.

I heard the door open and Jon yell for me. He spotted me
before his friend did. Jon’s eyes widened in surprise.
He quickly recovered and gave me a huge grin. Then his
friend walked in to the room. Truthfully, his friend was
nothing special. He looked to be in his late 40s. I
found out later he was 10 years older. He was a nice
looking man, but not the kind you want to chase home.

Jon introduced him as Dave. Dave shook my hand and said,
“I’d always known Jon had a beautiful wife, but I did
not realize just how beautiful.”

His comment made me blush, but I liked it. On first
impressions, I liked Dave. I asked him in and seated him
in the living room. Dave had brought 3 bottles of wine
so I opened one to start before dinner.

The conversation flowed smoothly. Dave was a complete
gentleman. Witty, smart, and flirty. He knew just when
to complement me. I found myself showing off a bit.
Bending over where both guys could see me. Sitting with
my legs not quite together. David’s compliments got a
bit bolder. He didn’t always address me. He would say to
Jon, “Wow, your wife’s legs are fantastic. You’re a
lucky man.”

Jon would agree and sometimes egg him on. “She’s got an
amazing ass too.”

“Oh, I agree,” Dave replied. “I keep hoping to see more
of it.”

I was loving the attention. “I bet you would,” I teased

Dave said, “Yes, absolutely.”

Maybe it was the wine or the fantasy in my head, but I
stood up, flipped my skirt up for a second and said,
“There!” and walked into the kitchen. Both men stared
wide-eyed. I was loving it.

We sat down for dinner. Dave sat next to me and Jon
across from me. As we chatted and laughed Dave and I
would reach out and touch each other. Just flirty.
Nothing wild.

All of a sudden I felt Dave’s hand in my thigh. It was
electric. I stopped talking. Jon asked me if I was OK. I
looked at him and could see he knew where Dave’s hand
was. I looked at Dave and he said to Jon, “Your wife has
such soft skin.”

Jon looked at me and said, “Yes, she does. Isn’t it

I couldn’t believe this, a strange man’s hand on my
thigh and he and my husband discussing how soft my skin
was. The amazing thing was, I was loving it, and I was
actually contemplating acting out our fantasy with Dave.
I thanked him. I looked at Dave and said, “Thanks, glad
you like it.”

That was it. I knew tonight was going to be the night. I
didn’t know where it would lead, but I knew I wouldn’t
be the one to stop whatever was happening.

Dave’s hand kept sliding up and down my inner thigh.

Sometimes we talked about normal stuff. Sometimes Dave
would compliment Jon on how sexy I was. I was enjoying
myself and letting go. I liked that Jon could stop Dave
at anytime if he wanted to. To me, that meant whatever
happened was up to him.

Dave shoved my short skirt up to my waist. I knew he
could see my panties. He told Jon that I had very sexy
panties on. Jon asked which ones and Dave described
them. Jon said they were his favorite pair.

We finished dinner and I started to clean up. Jon and
Dave got up and helped me carry dishes into the kitchen.
We made short work of them and poured some more wine.
Jon was sitting at the kitchen table. I was standing
behind the counter facing him. Dave was behind the
counter with me drying the last few dishes.

When he finished he came up behind me, put his hands on
my waist, and pulled me to him. He kissed my cheek and
thanked me. He said “dinner and a sexy hostess. What
more could I want?”

He then looked at Jon and said, “This woman is so hot.
I’ve been dying to feel that ass all night.”

Jon said, “I understand. I feel the same way.”

Next thing I know Dave’s arm went around my waist
pulling me to him and his hand slid up my skirt onto my

Wow. What a feeling. I’m standing behind a counter,
looking at my husband, while hidden from his view his
friend is stroking my ass. It was hot, scary, and making
me squirm.

Then making sure there was no doubt what he was doing,
Dave said to Jon. Oh yeah Jon this ass feels amazing.
Jon just raised his glass as if to toast us and took a

Now I was really getting wet. We’d talked about this,
but this was real. This stranger had his hand on my ass.
Something said I should turn and slap him but something
naughty in me couldn’t wait to see what happens next.

Dave whispered in my ear. Well kind of a whisper. It was
loud enough for Jon to hear. “Do you want me to stop?”
In my head I was saying yes, stop. I was thinking I
shouldn’t be doing this. I’m a married woman.

What came out, very quietly, was “No.”

That wasn’t enough for Dave. “What did you say?” He

I said no again. This time a little louder.

“No what?” Was the reply.

Oh my god. Was he really going to make me say it?

“No what?” He said again.

I looked at my husband. I knew we were crossing the line
now. I felt so naughty, but I liked the feeling. Looking
into my husband’s eyes I said, “No, I don’t want you to
stop feeling my ass.” Just saying that made me wet.

Dave went on, “What kind of girl likes to have her ass
played with in front of her husband?”

Only one word came to mind, but I didn’t answer. Dave
whispered in my ear, “It’s OK. Let her out. It’s what
Jon wants. It’s what I want. You know it’s what you want

He was right. I wanted to let go. I wanted to be the
girl I shouldn’t be.

Dave had one arm around my waist, his other hand was
exploring my ass, getting closer and closer to my pussy.
He was whispering in my ear how sexy I was. How
beautiful. He repeated, “What kind of girl?”

It was too much. I knew what I wanted to be. “A slut,” I
said. “A naughty little slut.” As I said it I spread my
legs to give Dave better access to my pussy. The moment
his fingers touched my clit I had my first orgasm. Right
then and there. Standing behind the counter. My husband
could only see me from the waist up. I was looking
straight at him. I came on Dave’s fingers.

“That’s a good girl,” he said.

That actually made me happy.

Next I felt a tug at the strings of my panties. They
tied on the side and came loose. Dave took them and put
them on the counter. I kept my eyes locked with my
husband. He saw the panties. He knew that behind the
counter my pussy was completely exposed. The thought of
him knowing but not able to see combined with Dave
expertly playing with my pussy made me cum again.

“Do you like my fingers in your pussy?” Dave asked as he
flicked his fingers across my clit, over and over again.

“Yes,” I moaned with pleasure.

“Yes what?” Dave asked softly.

“Yes,” I said, “I love the way your fingers feel in my
pussy. I love how you make me cum.”

Behind the counter Dave unzipped my skirt and let it
fall to the floor. I stepped out of it and he picked it
up and put it on the counter. Looking over at my husband
Dave said, “Your right, this is an amazing ass. She
looks so fuckable.”

Jon just watched. He could only see me from the waist

Dave asked me; “Are you ready?”

I knew what he meant. I was going to do what my husband
wanted. Worse yet, what I wanted. I leaned over the
counter and spread my legs.

Dave said, “What do you want?”

“I want you to fuck me,” I moaned.

Dave teased me. “In front of your husband? What kind of
girl fucks another man in front of her own husband?”

I knew how to answer this time and truthfully, it turned
me on saying it. “Yes, fuck me in front of my husband.
Show him I’m your slut. Take my Pussy! Let him see you
fucking my pussy!”

I heard his zipper. I felt his cock press against my
pussy slit. I couldn’t see it but the crown felt as big
as a ping pong ball. Maybe bigger. I was sure it was
biggest cock I’d ever had. Well at least out of the
three guys I’d had. I felt so full as he sank all the
way into me. I felt dirty, I felt slutty, I felt free!
As soon as he started thrusting into me I came again.

Dave said to Jon, “Man she’s got a tight pussy and she’s
dripping all over me.”

Then to me, “Tell him how it feels baby. Tell him what
you are.”

“Oh Jon!” I said. “I’ve never felt so full in my life. I
love his cock. I want to cum on it again and again. I
want to be his slutty whore.” The idea that Jon could
only see me from the waist up was a turn on for me. I
started fucking Dave back as hard as he was fucking me.

Then Dave told me he was about to cum. I started
screaming, “Fuck me! FUCK ME HARDER! Fill me with your
cum in front of my husband. Show him what a slut I am!
Fill my cunt with you cum!”

Oh my god! Did I say cunt? I’ve never used that word
before, but it just sounded so right.

Dave started to cum in me. I could feel him squirting
inside me. There was so much of it I could feel it being
f****d back out around his thrusting cock and dripping
down my legs. The feeling was so intense. I came again!

Then David’s cock popped out of me. He looked at Jon and
said, “This hot little slut sure can fuck.”

Strangely, I felt proud of myself. I’d lived my fantasy
and I’d mad my husband’s buddy cum in no time at all.

Breathing hard, Dave sat down next to Jon. His cock was
still sticking up and was coated with his come and my
cunt juice. There I went, using the C word again.

I was still behind the counter, half naked, cum dripping
down my thighs, when Dave said, “Come over here. Show
your husband how slutty you look.”

I came around the counter. Pussy exposed, cum smeared on
my pussy and dripping down my thighs. David made me
kneel in front of him, then said, “Clean me up babe.”

I didn’t even hesitate, I licked and sucked his cock
clean. The Dave looked at Jon and said, “Sloppy

Jon didn’t hesitate either, he got down behind forcing
me down on all fours me and thrust his cock in my pussy,
while Dave watched.

I came immediately.

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