Voyeur’s Wife’s story 2.

“That’s all right” I told him, and moved so that the poking continued a bit. The dance floor was dark enough so I could enjoy that contact, and he lead me close to our table at the end of the dance so he wouldn’t be seen walking off with that thing tenting at his slacks

The Swinging Sixties

The swinging sixties! What a fabulous decade for teenagers; Most things were again normal after the end of the cruel and bitter 2nd World War. Young people for the first time easily found jobs; which helped to put money in their pockets, at last we had found a sort of freedom. Many young people rebelled

Change Partners

My wife Beth and I lose interest in our marriage and decide to explore new passion with old lovers who have re-entered our lives. But I find it hard to separate myself completely from her even as we form two new couples. And we discover new erotic highs even at the end of our marriage.

Secret Party

My wife and I had been married for about 2 years when we ran into a difficult spot. We were finding that we didn’t have the “fire” we once had. We talked about spicing our sex life up a bit. I took it into my hands to find a way to help our sex life


I just happen to have one to tell. And it starts like this. My name is Allen Johnson. My wife Marlaina and I have been married for eighteen years next month. Marlaina was twenty one when we married and I was twenty four Neither of us new much about life, love, or sex. we’d each