Dating In The Hills

‘Billy Bob!’ I yelled in a shaky voice from being
pounded from behind, ‘Hurry up and finish.’ Damn, I know
family comes first but he could hear Rufus, my date for
tonight, honking his truck horn in the driveway.

My older brother replied, still hammering, ‘If’n your
pussy wasn’t so loose from all the screwing you do, I’da
been done by now. Tighten it up!’

I squeezed and heard him groan as I felt the hot stuff
inside. He pulled out so I shoved a wad of Kleenex in my
hole and stood up. Didn’t want to add to all the cum
stains on the truck seat although most of them were
there when I met this big farm boy. No panties to put on
under my skirt. It was impolite and inconvenient to wear
them on dates anyhow.

As I slid over next to Rufus I apologized for keeping
him waiting. ‘Had to take care of some personal
business’, I said.

Rufus reached under my skirt and felt the Kleenex plug.
‘Which one of yer family was it this time?’

I replied, ‘Billy Bob.’

‘Damn that boy. Why don’t he find himself a girlfriend
instead of banging mine all the time? I’ve got a couple
of sisters that think he’s cute but he’s too damn shy
too ask em’ out. Course they might be disappointed if he
ain’t equipped like I am.’

I grabbed at his erection in his best Big Smith’s. ‘Well
he ain’t. Neither is my dad. Yore the biggest and best,
that’s fur sure.’ He liked to hear that. Good gal

I had the buttons undone so I started slobbering on my
favorite pecker. ‘Tastes like you did a little gittin
ready for our date yerself.’

‘Yeah, that’s why I cain’t ever get mad at yew. With
daddy in jail so much for cookin’ shine, someone has to
take care of Maw and the girls. Is that little brother
of yours ready for pussy yet?’

‘Hell yes, but my Ma has been training him for a while
and don’t want me to try him out yet. He has the biggest
pecker of the bunch. Maybe yore daddie slipped over to
our place and planted him.’ [I laughed]

Rufus had thrown the Kleenex on the truck floor and had
a big finger, the size of some men’s cocks, buried in
me. I squirmed as I sucked and talked.

He acted like a new idea had struck him, not a common
occurrence, ‘Maybe my Maw ought to ask yours if she
could do some of that training. That would keep her busy
days and I’d get more work done with only two sisters to
take care of. I have to sleep with Maw at night anyway.’

Rufus was getting pretty riled. So was I. He pulled into
a hayfield and grabbed the cum encrusted blanket from
the back. ‘Damn, I need to wash that well used thing,’ I

I quickly took off my two garments, not wanting to
damage them, and laid down just in time for Rufus’ big
tool to find its favorite hiding place. Damn good thing
man juice was still seeping out. It saved me from some
pussy burn. Didn’t take long before that cunt filler
soaked my innards for the third time today. Daddy had
stopped in my bed early this morning for a quickie on
his way to work at the feed mill.

I hadn’t had time to come so I diddled myself in the
truck. I sat on a shop towel because I was really
running with white stuff now.

We stopped by Big Red’s to get some fresh shine for the
evening. Rufus didn’t have enough money after buying gas
for the evening. I had to count it up for him. Beating
my boyfriend to the punch I offered my pussy to make up
the five dollar difference. What the hell, it was more
than I usually got and it wasn’t the first time I’d paid
for something that way. Nothin’ fancy, just bending over
and raising up my skirt like for Billy Bob.

Big Red lived up to his name and I actually got a jollie
from it. Well, that’s because watchin’ got Rufus riled
up again and he screwed me right after Big Red pulled
out. They was both applaudin’ each other and I didn’t
get no credit. Course I didn’t do much but just lay
there and take it.

Our date was dinner at Rufus’ house. I had fun visiting
with his sisters and I told them they should be talking
to my older brother at church. He was just shy but if
they were to ask him to do somethin’ with them he’d be
polite and do it. When he got to know them a little bit
they could probably get invited to go skinny dipping at
our place. That had always worked for me to get a
peckering. They asked about his tool. I said it wasn’t
quite as big as Rufus but he could use it real good and
it popped back up pretty fast. He could probably do both
of them.

Then I talked to Maw about training my younger brother.
She was real interested and said she’d see my Ma at
church tomorrow to check it out.

Me and Rufus went for a walk in the woods with a blanket
and looked at the stars. Or at least the one on the
bottom could. After he was all drained out he had to
take me home. I complained that I’d love to stay all
night like some of my other boyfriends let me do. He
said that Maw would miss him too much but when Paw was
home he’d like that. Pa would probably be too wore out
from fucking the family girls to want some of her
though, just in case I was wondering. I was.

When I got home it was late but Billy Bob was snoring in
my bed. I went to the outhouse to piss and wipe off my
dripping snatch then took off my few clothes and slipped
into bed without waking him. His pecker was hard as
usual. Sometime in the night I woke up with it sliding
in and out of me. I was tired from a busy day so just
squeezed my cunt until he squirted and fell asleep
without even pulling out.


The next morning my monthly had started so my pussy got
some rest for a few days. I had a date with Johnny
Peckertracks the first night after. He had three
brothers that all thought I was the best lookin’ filly
they’d ever seen. Well, they usually saw all of me and
looks ain’t all they got.

Dating in the hills shore gets interesting.

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