Husband finds out that his ex-wife was dating a black man

It was a gorgeous Saturday morning. Paul just got out of
the shower and saw Amanda out on the deck laying in her
bikini. His dick started to get hard again as he began
thinking back to last night. He cupped his hand over the
crotch of his pants feeling his hard dick swell even
more as he watched Amanda applying the suntan lotion
over her gorgeous white thighs.

Paul and Amanda met in college. She was a cheerleader
for the football team. She grew up in a strict Catholic
family and was so inexperienced when it came to having
sex when they first met. Paul remembered how it took
several months to finally get into Amanda’s pants. That
didn’t happen until after his proposal about two weeks
later Paul remembered.

She was only nineteen at the time and even though she
accepted his proposal she wanted to wait until she
finished college before the actual wedding date was set
that June of her senior year. They got married that year
and right after the honeymoon Paul got himself a job as
a young executive at a manufacturing company just
outside of Ann Arbor Michigan.

Amanda managed to latch onto a good paying job at a bank
as a financial adviser where she still works to this
day. They bought a small house a year later and Paul was
doing great until his company. They were celebrating
their fourth year anniversary when Paul got the news
that his company was brought out by another firm. A few
months later they began merging jobs to other locations.
Paul was a causality and soon out of work. Amanda became
the bread winner in the household while Paul searched
for a permanent job.

It pretty much put a big strain on their marriage. Paul
felt so measurable working these low paying part time
jobs while he searched for something more permanent. The
financial strain lead to frequent arguments. They just
weren’t getting along very well under the circumstances.

Paul finally found a job at a small local company ran by
the widow of its founder. Her name was Cathy. She was in
her late fifties and hired Paul as her new CEO. She was
still very attractive and desirable for her age. The
real fact she hired Paul was because she liked younger
men and thought Paul was very handsome. Paul sucked it
all in for the benefit of his job and getting huge
raises and bonus checks in just the few short months of
his employment.

Cathy called Paul into her office one Monday and told
him she had planned to attend a company conference in
New York for a few days and wanted Paul to come with
her. Paul had no choice but to accept her offer and told
Amanda that night he’d be going out of town for a few
days with his boss.

There were company meetings to attend during the day
which kept him busy. He got a dinner invite from his
boss the next afternoon. A nice dinner with wine and a
little dancing afterward. That’s when Cathy made her
move on Paul corning him on the dance floor in a dark
corner. He tried to resist but ended up spending the
night in her hotel room that night.

Cathy seduced him that night and he felt so obligated to
have sex with her since she had been given Paul absolute
control over her small company. When Paul returned home
that weekend he felt so guilty about what he’d done that
he confessed to Amanda the first night telling her
everything that happen. Confessing to Amanda wasn’t
exactly the smart thing to do. She packed her things the
next morning an filed for a divorce the following Monday

It was her strict upbringing that brought her to that
decision plus talking to her mother didn’t help much
either. So, the house was sold and the divorce was final
within a few short months. Paul saw his life and dreams
turn into a nightmare in just one week. Paul soon quite
his job working for Kathy and moved to Ohio where he
began working for a small bank.

He kept in touch with Amanda. Paul was still very much
in love with Amanda and thought she felt the same way
about him As the weeks and months past by she finally
confessed that her quick judgment was a mistake and told
Paul she was very sorry she listened to her Mothers
advice about filing for a divorce in the first place.
She was very angry at the time of the incident. They’re
talks became more frequent and one day Amanda invited
Paul to come visit her at her new condo she just bought.
Paul only lived about an hour and a half away so it was
no problem making the trip one Saturday to visit his ex-
wife and see her new condo.

Paul arrived early that Saturday which they spent a few
hours talking and getting reacquainted. Paul was amazed
at the new condo Amanda had bought. The place was really
nice with three bedrooms, two baths, and a gorgeous view
of the woods right behind the development. Paul was
proud of the way she continued her being so successful.
and independent. They had a fabulous dinner together at
one of the local restaurants in Ann Arbor.

Paul was ready to leave for the drive back home that
evening when Amanda asked him to stay the night. That
night turned into a new beginning for them both. Paul
had no idea how or why Amanda changed but sex was so
very different with her now. She seemed so experienced
at having sex. Paul remembered how she seemed to work on
his cock so expertly like she had been reading a book on
how to perform a good blow job on a man. Amanda had
taken the time teasing him and touching places she never
had before. He almost went into shock when she worked
herself under his body somehow and began licking his
ball sack and poking the tip of her tongue between his
ass cheeks.

She was acting like a total slut. Paul didn’t understand
it. Perhaps it was because she hadn’t seen him in so
long and wanted to perform at her best. Paul knew he
wasn’t built that large. He only measured slightly over
five inches in length and not that thick. Paul
remembered how Amanda settled herself onto his cock that
night. Teasing him with her newly shaved pussy.
Something she’d never done when they were married.

It was a great new look at he absolutely loved. Her
pussy looked so fresh and young looking. When she
finally got herself fully impaled that night Paul almost
went into shock at the way she was moving her body
around above him. She was like an exotic dancer in a
seated position seductively moving every party of her
hot body above him.

That wasn’t the only think he noticed that night. Her
pussy felt like it now had a mind of its own the way her
muscles tightened around his cock. It was all too
strange. At first her pussy felt much looser then he
remembered but she used her pussy muscles to great
advantage to work his load from his balls that night.

Amanda was just so amazing that night the way she
performed sex that Paul was just happy and so pleased.
They had a very emotional conversation that Sunday with
Amanda even asking Paul to move back to Michigan with
her. Paul gave it some thought over the following week
and called Amanda that Thursday telling her he’d work
something out as soon as he could.

The bank Paul was working for was just putting a branch
in the Ann Arbor area so Paul was the first to volunteer
for a job transfer which he got a few weeks later. Paul
had been making weekly trips in the mean time to see
Amanda. Their sex life was so amazing now and Paul
couldn’t be happier. Paul even proposed marriage to
Amanda and she accepted his proposal for the second

It was mutual between them both that when Paul moved
back in with Amanda that he would stay in another
bedroom at her condo. Amanda thought it would be a more
romantic setting having Paul sleep in another room. He
didn’t mind. He was just so happy being back home with
her again and getting a new start together.

During the first two weeks back, Paul got adjusted to
working at the new bank location working long hours that
kept him and Amanda from seeing one another during much
of the evening. Things began settling down giving him
and Amanda more free time to spend getting re-acquainted
after their long separation.

Amanda seemed so different than before their divorce.
She was much more independent now which Paul seemed to
like about her now. Her wardrobe had changed since they
were married. Amanda had an array of sexy dresses now
that enhanced her gorgeous figure like low cut cleavage
and short tight fitting around her gorgeous curves. She
also added a huge collection of new 6″ spike heeled
shoes. She looked like a slut when she dressed for work
these days.

It was a Saturday morning. Paul had taken Amanda out for
an early breakfast in downtown Ann Arbor. It was an
outdoor caf�. Their food arrived and about halfway into
their meal Amanda got a phone call.

“Oh, Hi Rob. I didn’t expect to hear from you.” Paul
heard her say.

Amanda looked a bit uncomfortable sitting across from
Paul speaking to this other person on the phone.

There were a lot of quick one word replies from Amanda
to whomever she was speaking to.

“Yeah, sure… That would be nice…” Pause from Amanda
squirming in her seat.

“I… Well… Maybe we can get together…Let me call
you back… Eating breakfast with a friend right now.”

Friend? Paul thought to himself. She’s hiding something.

“Yeah…That would be great… Bye.”

Amanda quickly put the cell phone back inside her purse
and quickly began eating again as if nothing had just
taken place.

“Who was that Amanda?” Paul asked.

“Um…It was a friend… Someone I know…”

Paul kept chewing as he starred over at Amanda. “You
seemed a little upset. Is everything alright?”

“Everything is fine. I’ll tell you about it later.”

Paul continued to eat his breakfast leaving it alone for
now. He was certainly curious about the phone
conversation and hoped Amanda would explain what it was
all about.

They’re Saturday continued with a walk in the park and
driving by a lake later that afternoon. They sat down on
a bench near the water when Amanda finally opened up
about the phone call.

“Paul. A few months after our divorce I started seeing
this guy named Rob.”

Paul was a bit shocked but under the circumstances it
appeared normal for Amanda to date. Paul sat quietly as
Amanda explained.

“I felt very lonely at the time and I guess I just
needed a person to lean on and help me thru those
difficult times.”

Paul held her hand while she continued to speak.

“I met Rob at one of the little cafe’s downtown. He made
some sort of comment about my hair and the next thing I
knew we were having lunch together. I gave him my phone
number and we went out the next night.”

Amanda was transfixed in telling the details of how she
met this man. Starring at the water while she spoke.

“We started seeing each other more regularly. I guess
you could say we were dating.”

Amanda sighed. “Paul… It was so different. I can’t
really explain it. Rob made me feel like a woman again.
He taught me things I never really dreamed about. It was
so incredible!”

Amanda squeezed Paul’s hand looking over at him. “Honey.
I’m so sorry. I just felt I needed to tell you this.”

Paul held her hand tight. “It’s alright. Tell me more.”

Amanda sighed again continuing her story. “Well. We
began seeing each other every day. Rob began spending
the night with me and things started getting more

Amanda paused again looking at Paul straight into his
eyes. “Paul. That man taught me so much in so little

Paul asked. “Do you mean about sex?”

“Yes.” She replied.

It was all coming together for Paul now. The way she
moved and acted during sex. She had learned everything
she knew from this guy Rob.

“You see. Rob works in sales for this medical
manufacturing company. His job calls for him to travel
sometimes. We met one night and Rob told me he had to
take a transfer out of town with his company out in
Southern California. It was a bit pay increase and I
told him to take it.”

Amanda began to cry a little as Paul held her hand. She
took a tissue out from her purse and wiped her eyes and
continued with her story.

“We continued to see each other right until the last day
before Rob had to catch a plane out west. Rob’s been
calling me every other day checking up on me to see how
I’m doing. His calls got a little infrequent these past
few weeks. I just figured he had finally moved on
perhaps with someone else and…”

Paul comforted her. “It’s OK. I understand.”

Amanda sniffled as she replied looking at Paul. “Rob’s
phone call this morning. He wanted to surprise me. He
said he was moving back to Michigan. He…said he
couldn’t wait to see me again… Didn’t want to tell me
a few weeks ago when he found out the good news. Wanted
it to be a surprise!”

Paul just starred at the water in deep thought.

“Honey! What I’m I going to do? Rob would be so
devastated if he knew I was engaged to my ex-husband.”

Paul paused for a moment than looked at Amanda. “What do
you want to do?”

Amanda blurted out. “Paul. I love you very much! I just
don’t want to hurt Rob and…”

“It’s OK. We’ll work something out.”

Amanda wrapped her arms around Paul and began to cry.
Paul rubbed her back for a while letting her vent until
they finally stood up and walked back to the car hand in

They got home after a quiet ride back in the car. Paul
fixed a small dinner for them both as they sat down
quietly to eat. Paul had done a lot of thinking. He
certainly felt a little shocked by everything Amanda had
told him but on the other hand she confessed that she
loved him very much.

“So. Is our engagement still on or what?” Paul asked
Amanda after dinner.

She smiled back at him giving him a big hug as she
replied that it was still on. Amanda changed into some
black lingerie later that evening at came out and sat
down next to Paul on the sofa. They held hands as they
watched a movie.

Paul began thinking about the way Amanda had opened up
sexually. Meeting this guy Rob wasn’t all that bad of a
thing. He certainly changed her for the good Paul
thought to himself/ He enjoyed sex so much more now and
knew that Amanda really had an appreciation for pleasing
her sexual partner now.

Paul wasn’t stupid. Nor was he going to be corned into
doing something he felt was wrong. After much thought he
got the guts to ask Amanda a question.

“Do you want to see this guy Rob again?”

Amanda looked over at Paul with a surprised look on her
face as she held his hand.

“Well. I guess I was going to see him once he got back
into town and explain the circumstances to him.”

“I figured you’d want to do something of that natural
but what I really wanted to know was if you wanted to
continue seeing him once he moved back?”

Amanda looked a bit confused as she replied. “What do
you mean?”

Paul took a deep breath before replying. “Amanda. You’re
a different person now. I don’t know how to explain it.
I love the way you’ve come out sexually. You’re

Amanda laughed. “Yeah. I guess I can thank Rob for that

“He must have taught you lots of things didn’t he?”

“Yes. Loved having sex with Rob. Honey. I can’t explain
it. Rob has a very dominating personality. He explained
to me how he likes to train his woman to please him.
Likes them to be submissive.”

Paul laughed. “You mean he’s into the bondage thing? You
know. Handcuffs and tying you up and stuff?”

Amanda laughed. “No silly. Rob isn’t that way at all. He
just has this way about him where he can take over your
thoughts and control your mind. ”

“So you were submissive to him?”

“Yes. Rob liked it that way. He never f****d me to do
anything. You have to want it. It’s hard to explain how
Rob uses these techniques. I mean. He started out slowly
and explained in detail how and what he’d like me to do.
I guess you could say he brought things out of me that
were deep inside my mind. Things I never really
understood. Rob took the time to allow me to appreciate
what I was doing.”

Paul began kissing Amanda. He was messaging one of her
tits poking his hand under the thin material of her
negligee. Without asking. Amanda got down on her knees
and started to tug on Paul’s pants unbuckling the belt
and pulled down the zipper. He lifted himself up enough
to slip his pants down to the floor as Amanda scooted
between his legs and began working on his cock.

She handling his cock so skillfully making Paul moan as
he closed his eyes enjoying the please he was receiving
from her daintily lipstick covered lips. He just leaned
back and enjoyed the blow job as she worked the tip of
her tongue on his increasingly throbbing cock.

Amanda worked her lips and tongue making Paul moan even
louder as he arched his hips up allowing better access
to his cock for Amanda to suck. It didn’t take long
before he came. Amanda took his cum inside her mouth
holding it on the tip of her tongue opening her mouth to
show Paul his offering. She quickly closed her mouth
swallowing his cum looking up into his eyes as she
continued licking the head of his cock clean.

She arched up kissing his lips. He could taste his own
cum on her lips as their tongues mingled sharing what
was left of his hot seed.

Paul slept in his own room again that night starring up
at the dark ceiling. The question of Amanda wanting to
see this guy named Rob again was really never answered.
Amanda came out cheerful and smiling for breakfast the
next morning. Once they ate Paul got around to asking
that question again only he put it a different way.

“So. When are you going to see this guy Rob again?”

“We spoke on the phone last night before I went to
sleep. He said he’s be back in town on Friday. He’ll be
living at the same apartment complex and having his
furniture delivered that day.”

“So you’re going to see him that Friday?”

“That’s what I was thinking. Is it alright with you?”
She asked looking like a little girl wanting candy.

“Yeah. Sure. Don’t mind at all.”

Amanda gave Paul a big hug and kissed him on the cheek.

“Um…Have you told Rob about me… Hugh… staying here
I mean?”

“Hugh…Yes… I told him… I Ugh… Didn’t tell him

Paul looked at Amanda waiting for an explanation. “Well.
I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. I thought I’d wait
to explain things to him in person.”

“Have you talked about me before?” Paul asked.

“Yeah. We have. Sort of. Rob never really cared and
thought it was a good idea not to bring up the past.”

Amanda was standing near the sink in the kitchen. She
looked like she wanted to say something so Paul just
stood nearby waiting to see what she was going to say

“Paul… I was thinking. I mean I thought of an idea.”
She said as she came forward encircling her arms around
Paul’s waist. She looked up at him with those little
girl eyes giving him a passionate kiss as she held her
hands tight around his waist.

“Paul. What if we pretended something. I mean, not
telling Rob you’re my ex-husband.”

“What do you mean?”

Amanda sighed. “I kind of came up with this scenario
last night. Let me explain.”

Amanda pulled Paul into the living room and sat down on
the sofa right next to him still holding his hands.

“What if we pretend to be brother and sister? It might
be a lot of fun if I were too…”

Paul cut her off saying. “You mean you want to fuck this
guy? Don’t you?”

Amanda sighed. “Listen Paul… Remember during our first
year of marriage how you used to fantasize about having
me fuck another man? I’d play along with your fantasy
teasing you and pretending that I was going to go out
with someone else and how we had such wild sex.

“Yeah. I remember.” Paul replied.

Amanda kept holding Paul’s hands with hers as she
continued. “Remember the nights I’d go into the other
bedroom and pretend I was having sex with another man?
I’d make all kinds of silly sounds and come back into
our room and you would just about r**e me afterward.

Paul smiled. “Yeah. I remember.”

Amanda kind of sat there waiting for some sort of reply
other than that short one he just gave. “Well.” She

Paul replied. “You mean you really want to do this. I
mean fuck Rob and come home and tell me about it? Is
that it?”

Amanda smiled in a devilish way replying. “I could do it
here in my room. You could listen.”

Paul’s heard was beating hard now. He was thinking. The
idea aroused him for sure.

“OK. Let’s say we do this. Than what? What happens next
I mean. We still getting married?”

Amanda leaned over and grabbed Paul around the neck
looking him straight in the eyes as she placed her soft
sweet lips onto his. “Of course darling. You can be my
little cuckold husband.”

Paul’s eyes widened when he heard Amanda say what she
just said.

“Cuckold husband?” Paul said.

Amanda giggled like a little schoolgirl. “Rob told me
this story about a married woman he dated. Her husband
encouraged her to date other men. Rob told me these
stories on how the husband would even eat Rob’s cum from
her freshly fucked pussy.”

Paul looked at her in a strange way. “You mean you want
me to eat your pussy after you’ve been fucked by another

Amanda giggled but changed the subject very quickly.
“Why don’t we ride into town and look around the shops
today? We can talk some more while we walk.”

Paul smiled. Looked like Amanda had everything planned
out ahead. It was an interesting idea she came up with
but didn’t understand why she just didn’t come out and
tell this guy Rob that he was her ex- husband.

We spent the afternoon looking in little shops around
town that day and I finally got my questions answered as
to why Amanda didn’t want to tell Rob that I was her ex-

“Honey. Don’t you think it would be much more erotic and
exciting letting Rob think you my brother? Let me give
you an example. Rob told me that when he dated that
married woman he felt as if he couldn’t be himself
around him and held a lot of things back.”

Paul replied. “You mean you think he won’t be as good a
lover if he knew your ex-husband was hanging around?”

Amanda sighed as she held Paul’s hand while they walked
around town. “I don’t want Rob to change the way we have
sex and I’m afraid if I tell him the truth it won’t be
the same.”

Paul learned that afternoon how much Amanda enjoyed
having sex with Rob. He also learned that Rob was a
black guy. She’d become spoiled with his big black cock
and the way their relationship was going. Amanda made it
very clear that she loved Paul very much but wasn’t in a
position right now to give up the fabulous sex she had
with Rob.

Rob had taught her about a lot of subjects since he
dated a married woman. She learned about being a HotWife
even though her and Paul were still legally divorced she
didn’t see any reason why she couldn’t act like a

Amanda put her HotWife skills to work that night when
she got all dressed up in sexy lingerie. Black garter
with black stockings and heels. She laid down in bed
next to Paul playing with his dick teasing him as she
got him extremely aroused.

She was using humiliation on him as she laid on her side
with her leg up over his shoulder while stroking his
dick. Making Paul lick her pussy very delicately as she
rubbed her well oiled hand on his dick.

“That’s it baby. Lick Mamma’s pussy for her. Make it all
nice and wet and hot for me. That’s it baby. Lick it

She was bucking her hips up to meet the rhythm of his
tongue slipping between her pink puffy pussy lips. Paul
was performing what he always liked to do on Amanda
except he wanted to fuck her right now but Amanda kept
pushing him back onto the bed each time he tried to get

“Keep licking me baby. Show Mommy how you can make me
wet and horny.”

Paul went along with it and kept working the tip of his
tongue on her clit and pussy lips as she moaned tilting
her head back with passion.

Amanda kept working on his cock squeezing it harder as
she stroked it with her hand. Paul knew that the way it
was going that he’s soon spew his load right there in
her hand rather than inside her pussy. He got the
feeling that’s what she wanted him to do.

“That’s it baby. Mommy’s pussy needs a nice big black
cock inside it, don’t you think?”

“Yes.” Paul reluctantly replied as he continued to lick.

“Oh… You’re so good at that honey… So good at
licking my pussy. You going to make Mommy cum just
thinking about Rob’s big cock inside me.”

Amanda was doing enough on his cock with her hands and
the baby oil she rubbed on it a few minutes ago but was
hoping for much more tonight like one of the blow jobs
she’d been recently giving him or riding his cock like
so many other nights since his return back to Michigan.

Paul looked up at Amanda’s tits which were exposed in
this outfit she wore. Her nipples were hard as little
rocks and her tits jiggled with the movement of her
hands on his cock. He kept thinking how gorgeous and
sexy she looked. Paul tried to imagine how she looked
with a big black cock stuffed inside her pink pussy.

He was trying to imagine how it might stretch her pussy
lips apart. Would it be so tight that the lips clung to
Rob’s cock? His mind drifted in every direction now as
Amanda quickened her strokes on his cock. He could tell
that she was eager for him to cum soon and he also knew
he wouldn’t be able to hold back much longer. He
continued licking ever so gently as she stroked his cock
a few last times until Paul let out a loud groan as his
cock began spurting its hot white load.

Amanda kept squeezing it pointing it down toward the bed
sheets not wanting to get any cum on herself except what
leaked onto her hands. His body jerked a few more times
as she squeezed the last of his cum from his veins. She
reached toward the end of the bed grabbing a towel and
quickly wiped her hands dry before applying it onto
Paul’s shrinking cock wiping up as much of the cum as
she could with the towel.

Amanda scooted forward away from Paul’s tongue. He never
did give her an orgasm tonight and quickly apologized
for not doing so.

“It’s alright darling. I’m a little tired to night

What Paul really suspected was that Amanda was trying
hard not to have an orgasm tonight so she would be that
much more aroused once Rob returned at the end of the

Present day: Amanda was still out on the patio sitting
in the sun. Paul could see her talking on her cell phone
likely making plans with Rob for later that day. Amanda
certainly spent the past week getting Paul conditioned
this past week. In a polite but firm manor she made it
clear that her pussy was off limits to Paul now that Rob
was returning into the picture.

Paul was disappointed that Amanda wouldn’t even suck his
cock this week and even questioned it with her last
evening getting a polite response back from her. “Honey.
We don’t want you to get spoiled now do we? I think it’s
best that Mommy makes those decisions for you on how you
get to use your little cock from now on.”

Amanda had told him that while cupping his balls through
his pants last night making him want her even more.
After kissing him gently on the lips she smiled at Paul
rubbing the palm of her hand along his crotch saying.

“I want you to stay nice and horny for me when Rob gets
here tomorrow.”

Amanda was definitely getting into this cuckold thing.
The problem was that Paul enjoyed what she was doing to
him and couldn’t help it.

Paul saw Amanda walking back toward the condo. She
slipped the sliding door open as her little round ass
shook with each movement she took in that tiny little
bikini. She looked at Paul with a smile and said.

“Honey. I want you to come into the bedroom with me and
help me pick out something to wear tonight.”

Paul flowered her swaying little round ass back to the
bedroom. Paul’s cock was rock solid hard as he thought
to himself. “She’s going to get plenty of black cock
inside that sweet little pussy tonight. Or as Rob
probably referred to it as Sweet White Pussy…”

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