I fucked my son’s best friend

My son, Dale, got drunk at a high school party and his best friend, Troy, brought him home. I was only wearing a thin robe, but Dale needed help up to his room, so Troy and I both dragged him up the stairs and plopped him on his bed. As I undressed Dale, I was surprised to see his cock hanging outside his boxer shorts and draped over one of his thighs….it was fucking huge. Troy laughed at my reaction to Dale’s big dick, then we both went downstairs to the kitchen so Dale could sleep it off. In the kitchen Troy pulled out his own cock to show me that his was actually bigger than Dale’s. Somewhat mesmerized, I ended up giving Troy a blowjob, followed by him bending me over the counter and pounding me from behind until we both had intense orgasms.

The next day was Saturday, so I slept in a bit. When I finally rolled out of bed, I threw my kimono robe on over my naked body, tied the sash, and headed to Dale’s room to see if he survived the night.

When I got to his room, I could see that he was still sleeping. He was sprawled on his back on top of the blankets, with his arms flung overhead, and his legs splayed across the foot of his bed. My eyes naturally gravitated to his crotch to see if his cock was still sticking out of his boxer shorts through the front pee-slit…….with a grin, I could see that it was. But my eyebrows raised a bit when I noticed that, rather than draped over his thigh like the previous night, he now had a very impressive 10” morning wood on display. It was rock hard and resting on his flat stomach….pointing straight at his chin.

I stepped a little closer to get a better look…..my God, it was a beautiful prick! It was bigger than his father’s dick by several inches…. and if it wasn’t as big as Troy’s, it was damn close. Since Dale was circumcised, his rigid pole was topped off by a handsome, mushroom shaped head that seemed to be calling to me.

Having Troy’s big dick slamming in and out of my pussy the previous night seemed to have primed my pump a bit, and I could feel my vagina getting moist and my nipples getting hard as I walked over and sat on the side of Dale’s bed.

In a bit of a daze, I reached my hand over to Dale’s hard-on and started running my fingers up and down its entire length, softly rubbing the head for a second or two before re-tracing his shaft down to its base. Dale slept on, and I found myself getting bolder….I gently lifted his erection and held it so it was standing straight up in the air. I held the base of his cock with my left hand, wrapped the fingers of my right hand around his thick staff, and began slowly stroking Dale’s engorged penis.

Dale moaned softly as I continued sliding my hand up and down his stiff rod, but appeared to remain sleeping. Given how drunk he had been the previous night, I wasn’t surprised….but I knew it wouldn’t last. After about ten more strokes, Dale began rocking his hips into each downward stroke of my hand and slowly opened his eyelids as he floated to consciousness. Through bleary eyes he looked at me jerking his morning wood, and said…”Mom???” Just then he closed his eyes again and let out a loud grunt as a huge load of cum blasted from the tip of his cock, reaching almost two feet in the air, then splashed down onto his stomach and poured over my pumping fist like lava from a volcano.

I smiled at him and said, “Yeah, it’s me.” I kept sliding my hand up and down his glistening shaft, which he clearly enjoyed, then added, “You were a bit drunk last night….do you remember Troy bringing you home?”

Dale propped himself up on his elbows behind him and said, “No, not really….but, this is a surprise…what’s going on?”

His prick was softening in my hand, but I continued to fondle it as I said, “Well, when I undressed you last night, your cock fell out of your boxers and….to be honest….I was pretty impressed. I had no idea you were this big! And when I checked on you this morning, it was still sticking out of your boxers. You had a beautiful morning wood going, and…umm….it kind of blew me away…..I just really wanted to get my hands on it.”

Dale laughed and said, “Well…you got your hands on it alright. That felt fantastic.” With a shit-eating grin he added, “You can get your hands on my cock any time you want, mom.”

I smiled back at him, sort of reveling in his appreciation, then got up, grabbed a wash cloth from his bathroom, and returned to my spot on his bed, cleaning the cum from his shaft, my hand, and his torso.

As I wiped away the remnants of his splattered climax, he reached inside my robe and grabbed one of my dangling tits, pulling softly on one erect nipple, then the other….”I guess we’ll need to keep this from dad, right?”

I pulled the sides of my robe open so he could have easier access to my boobs and said, “Of course …. don’t be silly. It would be a disaster if he found out.”

He smiled, unable to pull his eyes away from my swaying breasts, “Well, that won’t be a problem. He’s gone on business trips most of the time, anyway.”

I knew he was right, so I nodded slightly in agreement, then gently removed his hands from my tits and said, “If you’re feeling up to it, get cleaned up and c’mon downstairs…..I’ll fix us some breakfast.”

The rest of Saturday was pretty normal. Dale met Troy at the mall and they spent the day ‘hanging out’.

Around dinner time, Dale came home with Troy in tow, hollering through the house as they came through the door, “Hey, mom….I’m home….and Troy’s here, too. I told him he could stay for dinner.”

I called back, “Of course….hi, Troy…..pretty simple dinner tonight….just basic spaghetti and meatballs.”

As they walked into the kitchen from the front hallway, I looked up at both of them and quickly noticed the Cheshire cat grins spread across their faces. Shit…..I had a pretty good idea where this was going.

Dale stepped up behind me as I stood at the kitchen counter and reached under my arms, grabbing a boob in each hand.

I exclaimed, “Dale….What the fuck?”

He reached inside the top of my dress and began squeezing both of my tits, “You didn’t tell me you fucked Troy last night.”

As Dale continued fondling my breasts and pinching both nipples, I looked at Troy and said, “Seriously, Troy? You couldn’t keep that a secret for a single day?”

Troy stepped over near where Dale and I stood, reached out to grab a dangling boob in his hand and said, “It doesn’t really matter, right, Mrs. B? You jerked off Dale this morning, so we’re all kind of wrapped up in the same secret, right?”

As he said this, Troy unzipped his fly and pulled out his already semi-hard cock. He pulled my hand off the counter and placed it around his shaft, encouraging me to begin stroking it. I really didn’t need any encouragement….it had the same hypnotizing effect as it had on me the previous night. I started pulling on Troy’s dick, as the two of them played with my boobs and Dale rubbed his growing bulge against my ass cheeks. I was wearing a sun dress with thong panties and no bra, so they pretty much had full access to whatever they wanted.

As I jerked Troy’s prick to its full 11”, Dale stopped groping my tits just long enough to pull my sun dress off over my head and toss it aside. Then he unzipped his jeans and slid them off, tossing them over by the sun dress on the floor. Once he was naked, Dale jumped up on the island counter in the kitchen…. exactly where Troy had sat the previous night….and used one hand to hold his cock while using his other hand to pull my head forward until I sucked the tip of his dick into my mouth.

Meanwhile, Troy had kicked off his jeans and stepped behind me, as I bent over my son’s lap, bobbing my head up and down on his growing staff. Once behind me, Troy lined up the head of his cock with my already wet pussy and shoved his hips forward, slamming his dick as deep as it would go into my cunt.

For the next several minutes, I sucked Dale’s dick in and out of my mouth, as he pulled on the back of my head, encouraging me to take it as deep as I could….while Troy hammered his stiff rod in and out of my vagina, causing my big tits to swing wildly beneath me, crashing into each other with every thrust.

We found a rhythm pretty quickly, and – with Troy’s ball sack slapping against my clitoris, and his huge shaft hitting all the right spots inside my cunt – I could feel an intense orgasm building between my legs. After a few more thrusts, I felt a tremendous climax explode inside me…washing over my body like a wave in the ocean.

As I reveled in my orgasm, I could hear Dale’s breathing begin to catch and I knew he was about to blow his load. Right about then, Troy reached around and grabbed both of my swinging tits, then plowed his hard-on as far as he could into my cunt. Almost simultaneously, both boys shot huge loads of cum into my body…..Dale was blasting ropes of cum down my throat, and Troy was spraying streams of jizzm all over the inside of my pussy.

The two of them kept pumping away, which seemed oddly synchronized, as they emptied their nut sacks into my mouth and cunt.

When they finally stopped cumming, they both pulled their softening dicks out of me, and stood there in the kitchen with their long, glistening cocks dangling between their legs as we all caught our breath.

“Well…that was a bit of a surprise,” I said, as I gasped for air and used a kitchen towel to clean between my legs and wipe my mouth.

“Holy shit, Mrs. B…that was as good as last night….maybe even better!” Troy exclaimed between deep breaths.

“Yeah, mom…that was fantastic,” Dale added with a smile. “Can we eat now?”

I laughed, playfully slapped each of their dangling cocks, and said, “Sure. Get your clothes out of the kitchen and give me some time to boil the pasta. Dinner should be ready in about 20 minutes.”

Both boys grabbed their clothes from the kitchen floor, and went into the living room to watch TV until dinner was ready. I put my sun dress back on, but didn’t bother with my panties….instead I just tossed them into the hamper and got started on the pasta.

The conversation around the dinner table was surprisingly normal, with both boys talking about football, classes and girls they were dating.

After dinner, the boys both watched TV while I cleaned up the dinner dishes, then I joined them in the living room to watch a movie.

Before the movie was over, I was laying against one arm of the sofa with Dale between my legs, pounding his big cock in and out of my pussy with abandon, while Troy stood by the side of the couch sliding his rock-hard dick in and out of my mouth like a piston.

All three of us came, then collapsed in a tangle on the couch as we caught our breath.

When our breathing was finally back to normal, I sat up on the couch and said, “OK, boys….we need to get our heads around this. Dale’s dad comes home tomorrow evening, and we can’t be doing all of this when he’s around.”

Dale said, “OK….but how about if Troy spends the night tonight, mom?”

I totally knew what that meant for tomorrow morning, but after a brief pause, I said, “Sure. But Troy has to go home tomorrow before noon. We need to get things back to normal around here.”

They both agreed, then high-fived, while I rolled my eyes…. then we stayed where we were on the couch and watched the rest of the movie…fondling, stroking, and squeezing tits and dicks until it was time for bed.

After the movie was over, Dale and I both went upstairs to sleep in our own beds, while Troy slept on the couch.

The next morning I was sleeping on my side when, as expected, I was awakened by Troy’s fully erect penis poking at my lips, while Dale laid behind me rubbing his morning wood against my lower back as he reached around and tugged on my tits.

As I came awake, I slowly opened my eyes, looked at Troy’s cock in my face, then up at his grinning face and said, “Shit, Troy….really? This is how you wake me up?” Then I looked over my shoulder at Dale, who was trying to line up the head of his hard-on with my pussy opening, and added, “Who could’ve possibly predicted this would happen?”

I turned back to Troy’s throbbing dick and opened my mouth, allowing Troy to lean forward and push his shaft against the back of my throat. He had started rocking his hips back and forth, sliding his dick in and out between my lips, when I felt a big thrust from behind, as Dale impaled my pussy with his rigid pole. The two of them took turns fondling my breasts and pinching my nipples as I laid on my side with their dicks stroking in and out of my pussy and mouth simultaneously.

Holy shit….I was amazed at how great that felt! I was extremely aroused and, from the sloppy noises coming from Dale’s pounding cock between my legs, I could tell that my pussy was absolutely drenched. In no time, I felt a massive orgasm rip through my body, causing a warm, tingly sensation to wash over me. I sucked even harder on Troy’s dick, using my tongue to rub around the edge of the tip, causing him to grab the back of my head and groan with pleasure. Suddenly, Troy rocked his hips forward and exploded inside my mouth, sending rope after rope of cum against the back of my throat. As I swallowed Troy’s load, I felt Dale grab my hips and shove his cock as deep into me as he could get, then blast his own load of jizzm all over the inside of my cunt.

Still enjoying my own climax, I sucked and stroked every drop out of Troy’s prick, swallowing whatever he spewed into my mouth. At the same time, I rocked my ass backwards against Dale’s torso, encouraging him to stay inside me until his nutsack was empty.

We stayed like that for several minutes….Troy’s stiff cock still sliding in and out of my mouth, and Dale’s still hard erection slowly pumping in and out of my cunt.

Afterwards, I cleaned up briefly in the bathroom, then threw on my short kimono robe, and went down to the kitchen to make breakfast. The boys showered, then came downstairs to eat. After we ate, I sent Troy home…walking him to the door and closing it behind him…but not before he reached inside my robe and squeezed both of my tits one last time.

Dale did normal weekend type stuff, and I started cleaning the house, while waiting for my husband to get home from his business trip.

As it turned out, my husband never suspected anything. I managed to jerk, suck and fuck Dale several times a week over the next year, or so, until he went away to college. Troy seemed to spend a lot of time at our house, too. It seemed he ended up spending the night whenever my husband went on business trips.

Everything pretty much stopped when Troy and Dale went off to college, except for the few occasions when Dale was home between semesters. Sometimes I missed having two big schlongs to play with, but I used the memories of those dicks many times over the years to get me off. Whether rubbing my own clitoris or fucking my husband….the images in my mind of those two enormous cocks always got the job done.