I think Gloryhole’s are one of the great ideas from the 80s

At true story of the first time I discovered

Men have been sucking my cock since I was 18.
Completely consensual, I swear I was never ABUSED! What
teenager doesn’t want a blow job?

At 21 or so, I sucked my first cock. It was in an adult
book store video booth. I loved it, and I kept coming
back for more, both giving and receiving.

One day, I went into a new book store in a nearby town.
Not knowing the routine here, I just watched the other
patrons. There seemed to be a few booths that got all
of the traffic, while others stayed empty. I had no
idea why, but I knew I wanted to use the popular booth!

A door opened, a man walked out, and I walked in. I
locked the door and put a coin in the slot. Someone had
written on the screen with a felt marker. “FOR BL0W
JOB, STICK COCK THRU HOLE” Seemed like a great idea, so
I felt around for this hole! My fingers found the hole,
and slipped through it. I didn’t know then, but that
seemed to be the signal the other guy was waiting for!

I instantly felt something big and warm in my hand. I
don’t know how big this cock was, but there was 8
inches or more ON MY SIDE OF THE HOLE! I was on my
knees in no time, worshipping this beautiful dick!

I licked all around the head, up on side and down the
other. It didn’t get longer, as far as I could tell,
but it kept getting thicker. (My opinion is that most
huge cocks never get hard, they just get thick and
firm. I think the guy would pass out if he pumped any
more b***d to his cock!)

I took the cock head into my mouth, but not much else.
That alone was a mouthful! I was just getting used to
what was going on, I was sucking a cock, but I had NO
IDEA who it was attached to. I love sucking cock, but
doing it so completely anonymously was INCREDIBLE!

Another opinion on huge cocks, they rarely SHOOT cum.
This cock started to OOZE cum. It didn’t cum out fast,
it didn’t spray, but there was an awful lot of it! I
sucked, licked and swallowed until the cum was all
gone, and he softened and pulled back. Damn, that was

I stood up, and pulled my cock out of my pants. I held
it up to the hole. He pulled it into his side of the
booth and right into his hot mouth!

Again, the “unknown” added to the thrill! My cock was
nowhere near as long as his; I top out about 5 inches.
But my cock was at least as thick as his, so I knew it
was a mouthful. This stranger sure could suck. I lasted
a minute or two, and then blew a BIG load, or so it
felt to me. He gulped it down, then I heard his door
open, and he was gone!

I sat down to ponder what had just happened. Trading
blowjobs with both men in the same booth was
“anonymous” sex. This was completely UNKNOWN sex! This
was way better than I had expected when I walked in the

A few minutes later, someone enter the adjoining booth,
locked the door, and shoved his cock through the hole
without waiting for an invitation!

This one was long and slim; the type I would love to
fuck! I wasn’t sure that being fucked was an option, so
I sucked him for a while. Just in case, I was working
KY Jelly up my ass with one hand while holding his cock
with the other.

I stopped sucking, and waited until he pulled his cock
back to his booth. My cock followed it into his booth.
I was getting my second blow job in about 30 minutes!
DAMN this is GOOD! It wasn’t long before I fed him a
load, which he swallowed right away. I pulled back,
spun around and presented my asshole to the hole. Would
this work?

I felt his cock slide up and down my crack. I reached
around and guided it home! I moaned, but I think he
moaned louder as his cock easily slid up my ass! I
slowly backed up until my asshole filled the hole
between booths. I held my ass there and let him hammer

I’m really not a very good fuck, when it’s MY cock up
some guy’s ass. Three or four strokes and I cum like a
firehose. I didn’t count, but this guy gave me 15 or 20
long strokes before burying it deep and starting to
twitch. I love if when it’s deep and still when they
cum; I can feel EVERYTHING. I felt the spasms, and I
certainly felt the hot cum in my ass.

I slowly pulled of his cock, and waited as his cum ran
out of my ass and puddled on the floor. I got dressed
and left the bookstore. I have no idea who I sucked,
who sucked me, or who fucked my ass! I didn’t know the
phrase Glory Hole, of course, but I knew I loved ’em
and couldn’t WAIT to find more of ’em!

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