My perfect wife at the gloryhole 3.

We didn’t have sex all week. Jan’s sex drive had kicked into overdrive and she had wanted it three to four times a week. However, I wanted her to be really horny by the time the weekend arrived. Bob called on Thursday and said we were to meet him at 5pm at the same restaurant

Bukkake Box of Infinite Glory

It was weird. I used to hate those women who were always checking themselves in the mirror; inspecting their hair; reviewing their make-up; examining their curves and cleavage. Get the fuck over yourself, I’d think. But on the day after we got back from vacation I found myself doing the exactly same thing. Well, not

A bi guy has practiced deep throat with a dildo and wants to try it out on a live subject

Tinman just had one of his very best days! Let me explain. Once I had a girl who loved to suck me, and she was especially good at deep throat. I guess I didn’t really know what she was doing then, but I knew that it felt absolutely fantastic when her mouth went all the