In The Bank Manager’s Cupboard

The pain was gradually dissipating, and the erection
which David had barely been allowed to lose during the
whipping with the cat, had returned more strongly than
ever. He was intensely aware of Karin’s warm wetness
rubbing into the hairs at the nape of his neck. His
buttocks were ablaze and literally glowing, and the
warmth seemed to spread around and into his genitals.
He had to unwillingly admit to himself that he had
actually experienced quite intense sexual pleasure
during the punishment. Karin’s sexual activity was of
course very erotic to witness, and the pain was intense
and not something he would care to repeat. However he
had throughout the punishment had several erections,
each one overcome by pain, then returning more strongly
soon after. In a way the pain had seemed to intensify
his arousal by focusing his attention on Karin.

During Karin’s climaxes, the eroticism had brought him
quite close to spurting his own ejaculate onto Karin’s
bed, something he already knew he must avoid. Unless of
course she were to grant permission.

Karin panted, “Well slave, that should have taught you
to respect and obey me, now for a lesson in humility.”

David could not, of course, make any comment. Nor would
he even were she to remove the gag. But calling him
slave, he thought, was going too far. Although, she was
clearly treating him like one and perhaps it was less
derogatory than ‘Wanker’.

He glanced to his left as Karin dismounted, to see her
stepping into a pair of ‘dildo pants’. The sight of her
in black boots, stockings, basque and now sporting a
six inch powerful erection was both worrying and
erotic. Still gagged he could not object as she
lubricated the external dildo with a jelly, for a
purpose that was now becoming obvious. Surely she
couldn’t intend to a***e him further, not in such a
demeaning fashion.

After her first two orgasms, Karin knew that it would
be easy to postpone and prolong her pleasure as she
worked herself up to her third and probably many more
climaxes. She loved the twin pleasures, humiliating the
male, matched with the simultaneous rubbing of the
internal stimulator. That and the pressure on her mound
of venus, a method that could be relied upon to have
her coming until she collapsed with exhaustion. On this
occasion she had the pleasure of very hot red and sore
buttocks to penetrate and rub against. Enabling her to
add to his discomfort and her own pleasure. Even the
anticipation was exciting as she prepared herself.

She stepped over to the bed and stood arms akimbo with
the dildo inches from his face. “So slave, was your
punishment just retribution?”

He nodded in frantic agreement, anything to avoid a
return to the cat o’nine tails.

“Good,” she smiled sweetly, “I’m glad we agree, I get
so irritated when men disagree with me. Now, I presume
you also admit that you need to be taught humility?”

David looked appealingly into her eyes, afraid to
dissent, yet reluctant to concede for he now knew what
she meant.