Sixty-nining ceremony

I stared at it. For a Halloween party? I had a funny feeling that it

“What are you looking at?” I almost jumped–I hadn’t heard Maria come into
the room.

I stammered. “I.. I was looking for…”

She grinned. “Found something you wish you hadn’t?” I felt relieved–at
least she wasn’t mad, finding me in her dresser drawer. But I was still
embarrassed. “Never know what you’ll find when you go snooping,” she
continued, still smiling.

“Was it a costume party?” I asked, tentatively. The picture was of Maria
dressed completely in leather, a short tight outfit. She wore a
choker/collar, bracelets, and anklets of leather, and held a *whip*! She
wasn’t smiling either and it gave me a creepy feeling.

She laughed out loud. “I guess I could claim it was, but it wasn’t,” she
answered, still grinning at me. “My ex and I did some… *interesting*

“You’re kidding!”


“Did you… ?”

“Whip him? Oh yes, and he *loved* it! Lots of men do.”

“Did *you* like it?” I guess I was curious. Would she do all that just
for Dennis’s benefit?

“Ah, now we get to the interesting question,” she said. Suddenly I felt
embarrassed at asking, and she didn’t help it at all. “Why do *you* want
to know; find it a little exciting yourself?”

“I’m just curious.”

She laughed again. I had a feeling she didn’t believe me. But I *was*
just curious. “Yes, I *did* like it,” she finally answered, still
grinning. “And you’d like it too–I can tell.”

“No!” I answered, maybe a little too vociferously. I paused and laughed a
little, at myself, I think. “I *told* you I’m just curious.”

“And *why* do you think you’re so curious?”

“Well, it *is* very unusual; and surprising to discover…” I stopped.
She was just grinning at me and I could tell she didn’t buy a word of it.
“You don’t have to believe me, but…”

“Wouldn’t you like to have Ben naked, on his knees, in front of you, ready
to do anything you tell him?” she interrupted. “Ready to be whipped? To
do anything? Just because he’s so attracted to you?”

I couldn’t help it. She painted the picture in my mind and I pictured it.
Ben. “He’d never go for it,” I answered. I shouldn’t have said that.

“Oh, he might well *like* it. Lots of men do–men you’d *least* suspect.”

I laughed. “Not Ben.”

“Have you ever asked him?”

“No!” I answered, a little to quickly again. I giggled again: “What am I
going to do, say ‘hon, would you like to let me whip you?'”

She smiled again. “That isn’t so far-fetched as you think, but if you are
embarrassed about it, there are ways that you can feel him out.” I didn’t
say anything in answer. I wasn’t sure why we were *having* this
discussion. Finally she went on: “What fantasies does he like the most?”

“How would *I* know?”

She laughed again: “Well, what letters? Stories?” I tried to think of
what she was talking about and finally she went on: “you know, in
*Penthouse Variations* or one of those other magazines.” Again I looked
blank. “Do you two *read* any of those?”

“Read magazines? About sex?”

“Well, yes. It would make it easy if you did. Well, you could, um, go
with him to see *Exit to Eden*, or better yet, read the book and leave it
around the house, or *The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty*.”

“Sleeping Beauty?”

“Yes, it’s Anne Rice’s erotic series. Or get a *Variations* and tell Ben
you want to read it with him.”

“This doesn’t sound like me…”

“Or you could show him my picture and see how he reacts.”

In the end, I actually did it. She loaned me a copy of *Variations*
magazine as well as her picture, and convinced me I should get up the nerve
to tell Ben she had suggested we read the magazine together. At Maria’s
suggestion, I suggested we sit in bed reading the letters, taking turns
going through the whole magazine, it being up to me to figure out which
ones turned him on.

Yes, there were some *Female Domination* letters, and I wouldn’t have
believed it, but Ben was definitely turned on by them. So I took a deep
breath and went to the next step. I showed him the picture of Maria.

“Wow! There are sides to Maria that I never suspected!”

“Well, what do you think?”

“She looks *hot*! Hmm, maybe she could loan *you* that outfit!” My heart
was beating unbelievably fast. I’d done it! Not only had I broached the
subject, but Ben was receptive!

But I still had to make it clear what she was talking about. “She said
Dennis used to *feel* that whip.” He didn’t say anything but just stared
at the picture. I went on: “Do you think you would enjoy being dominated
by a woman?” He still didn’t say a thing. He just stared at the picture.
Then he looked at me. And finally put the picture aside and kissed me. He
was on top of me in seconds and he was an animal!

“He wants it,” was Maria’s pronouncement when I told her about our
escapades. “You’ve got him where you want him.”

“Maria! I didn’t say I…”

“Oh, come off it–why do you think you’ve been doing all this? You’re just
*curious* to see if Ben would be willing? I’ll bet you’re wet all the time
just *thinking* about getting Ben…”

“Maria!” I said, shocked.

She laughed. “Sorry about my mouth.” I laughed too, maybe a little
nervously. “So now you have to set something up,” she went on.

“Set up?” Somehow it hadn’t sunk in that I was actually going to do
anything like this.

“I can see *you* won’t be able to get this off the ground. I’ll have to
help you.”

“Maria, I…”

“I’ll get you two started! Listen, don’t worry about it–I know how to do

“I don’t know, Maria,” I said uncertainly.

“Afraid you’ll be jealous? Look, he’s ready to eat out of your hand.
Literally. After this, you’ll never be jealous again, I guarantee it.”

“What’ll you do?”

“Just get him to be subervient to you–and get you used to the idea.
Look, once you get over this first hump, you wo’t believe you were worried
about this. Look, I’ll invite the two of you over for dinner and we’ll
have a few drinks and I’ll take it from there.”

I was still uncertain–I asked her what she was going to do, but she said
she had to play it by ear. She finally convinced me and we set a date.

I think Ben accepted the idea of eating at Maria’s just because he was
intrigued by that picture. Not that he had a clue as to what was going to
happen, nor did I if you come right down to it. She served us drinks and
we sat in the living room talking for a while–at least an hour. She was
always a good conversationalist and seemed to have no trouble keeping
things going so we were all three talking.

“So Ben, Grace tells me you were intrigued by my picture.”

“Oh, was that you?” asked Ben, grinning. We’d had a bunch of drinks and I
wasn’t as embarrassed by it all as I might be.

Maria just smiled back at him and said “Want to see more?” Then she was
gone. Her smile had looked, well, a little calculating, to me at least.
Then she was back with a picture album. She sat in the middle of the couch
and invited us to sit on each side of her. Then she opened the book.

There were several pictures of her. All with a whip. In some she was
dressed as in the other picture, in some she just wore an ordinary, rather
conservative suit. It reminded me that I was wearing very conservative
clothes because that’s what she’d told me to do. She was too–the same
suit as was in the picture.

She flipped the page. One picture: Dennis, kneeling, nude! A blindfold
was over his eyes and his hands were cuffed behind his back. He had a
leather collar around his neck. We stared in silence. The next picture
had Dennis in the same position, but Maria was in the picture too, in her
little leather outfit. She was holding the whip up to Dennis’s lips and he
had part of it in his mouth. She flipped again and it was Dennis, dressed
the same, but bent down so his rear was in the air and his head was on the
floor. And when she flipped it again, it was her whipping him!

“Do you like it?” asked Maria at last, to Ben. He didn’t answer, but just
stared. Then she shut the book and put it on the coffee table. Then she
stood up and sat on the table, facing us. “I’m going to say this just
once,” she said, still talking to Ben. She paused, then said: “Take off
your shirt.”

I sat there, my heart in my throat, watching the two of them. Ben was
looking right at Maria. He still didn’t say a word. “This is your
opportunity, Ben,” she said finally. In a few more seconds, his fingers
rose to the top of his shirt and he started unbuttoning. I knew Maria had
said she was going to do something, but I was still shocked that this was
actually happening. Maria didn’t smile even a little bit. Ben got his
shirt off and sat there in his tee shirt. She stood up and pulled the
coffee table out of the way, then returned. “OK, you stand up.” He stood.
“In front of us.” She sat next to me and he stood in front of us. “Back
up two feet… OK, now the tee shirt.” I stared as he took it off. “Undo
your pants and push them down to your shoes… Now your underpants… sit
on the floor and get your shoes and socks off… push your pants and
underpants off and stand up again.” He was a bit hard. I just stared. He
stood there in front of us, completely naked.

She leaned over and opened a drawer next to the couch and took out some
things. A blindfold and a collar and handcuffs. She stood up and stood in
front of him. She put the collar around his neck. Then she walked around
behind him and told him to put his hands behind him. I heard the clicking
as she put the handcuffs on him. Then she came around and stood in front
of him again.

“Say the word ‘mistress’… *say it*!”

“Mistress.” It was the first word he’d said since she brought up the

“‘From now on, to agree with me, you will say ‘yes mistress’. Say it.”

“Yes mistress.”

“You are Grace’s slave. Say ‘yes mistress’.”

“Yes mistress.”

“You will let her whip you.”

“Yes mistress.”

“You will do exactly what she tells you to do.”

“Yes mistress.”


“Yes mistress.”

She paused and put the blindfold on him.

“And anything *I* say, too.”

“Yes mistress.”

“And *all* women!”

“Yes mistress.”

“Women will tell you what to do and you will obey.”

“Yes mistress.”

“What will you do for them?”


“The answer is ‘anything’.”

“Anything… mistress.”

“And if a woman tells you to do something you don’t want to do? Will you
do it?”

“Yes mistress.”


“Yes mistress.”

“We’ll see.” She turned around and motioned me to stand, then led me into
the kitchen.

“What do you think?” she said quietly.

“I can’t *believe* it!”

“I’ve got to make sure he’s committed, OK? So just watch.”


“I mean it–don’t intervene no matter what!” She seemed almost mad at me,
which I found confusing.

“What are you going to do?” I asked, uncertainly.

“Oh, I’ll make him do some things just to let him know what’s what. You
won’t interfere?”

“I… I guess not.”

“Say ‘I promise not to interfere’.”

“Maria!” Her dirty look again. “OK, I promise not to interfere!”

“Good!” and there was that smile again. Then she led me back and motioned
me to sit down, and stood in front of Ben again who was still standing

“Ready to follow orders, man?”

“Yes mistress.”

“I want you to follow them *quickly*.”

“Yes mistress.”

“Down on your knees.” He got down. She laughed a harsh little laugh. I
was suddenly struck by the thought that I didn’t know Maria nearly as well
as I thought I did.

“OK, I’m going to get a whip,” she said and left. She was back in seconds,
a little whip in her hand. “I’m going to whip you a couple of times just
to let you get the feel of it,” she added. “Try to keep silent.”

I stared. She got in place and swung the whip around a little, then
smacked it right on his rear! He took in a sharp breath but didn’t make
any other noise. She smiled and then did it again, and again.

“Now,” she said from where she was standing, “we’re going to make sure you
know how to follow orders quickly. I’m going to give you an order and then
use the whip if I’d like to see you do it more quickly. Got that?”

“Yes mistress.”

“Put your head to the floor with your rear in the air.” He started leaning
over and she immediately whipped him! I didn’t think she’d had enough time
to see if he was doing it quickly.

“Get back to the way you were!” she ordered. Again she whipped him before
he was up.

“Stand up!” She whipped him again.

“You’re slow. You think too much,” she said. “Take a small step forward.”
Again the whip. He was now right in front of me. “Kneel!” It seemed no
matter how quickly he did it, she whipped him. “Head to the floor!” This
time she paused a second before whipping him. “Lift your head up six
inches off the floor.” Again she paused a second, then whipped him.

Then she came over to me and whispered to me: “Hold your foot two inches
from his lips.” I extended my foot. Then she was back behind him, ready
to whip again. “Lean down and kiss!” He kissed my shoe. And got whipped.
“Again, quicker!” He still got whipped. “Again, quicker!” She still
whipped him. “Again!” This time she didn’t whip him. He was very quick.

“Up on your knees!” He was up. She whipped him. Again she came over to
me and whispered to me to hold my fingers two inches in front of his lips.
She returned.

“Open your mouth.” She whipped him. She quietly motioned me to move my
fingers into his mouth. “Close your lips and suck!” she said. He did it.
It was so weird having him sucking my fingers like that. And it started to
turn me on. Then she had him stop, then proceeded to have him extend his
head forward and suck my fingers over and over, responding as fast as he
could. Again she used the whip, letting up only after he was doing it very

“OK, lie on the floor on your side.” He was down, not really quickly, but
she didn’t whip him this time. She knelt next to him and held her fingers
in front of his mouth. “Suck,” she said and he reached over and put his
lips around her fingers and sucked. She giggled. “I’ll tell you when to
stop,” she said. He kept sucking, mouthing her fingers like a baby.
Finally she told him to stop and stood up, looking down at him. She held
her finger in front of her mouth to indicate to me to be quiet, then walked
out of the room.

She came back in, with a man! He was naked, and handcuffed and blindfolded
the same as Ben was! Once again, she indicated to me to stay quiet. I
think I was about to say something, but she gave me a very dirty look. She
led him by a leash that was attached to his collar.

He was young, probably in his early twenties, and was well built too. He
had black hair and a good looking face though I couldn’t see his eyes of
course. She whispered in his ear and he lay on the floor. She guided his
movements so he was laying on his side, facing Ben, his head in the
opposite direction. Maria pushed on him a little until his cock was right
in front of Ben’s face! Then she took the guy’s cock and started stroking

I stared. It was obvious what the next step was. This was way beyond
anything I expected. What kind of game was this?

She had the guy hard. Then she held his cock straight in front of Ben’s

“Ben! Open your mouth!” She said. He did it.

“Suck!” she said. He extended forward and his mouth closed on the cock.
He sucked for about half a second, then opened his mouth and started saying

She whipped him. “I said *suck* ou slime!” She whipped him again.
Again. His lips closed around the guy’s cock again.

“Now you know what it means to *obey*,” she said and laughed. Then she
pushed the guy’s head toward Ben’s cock and the guy took it in his mouth.
They just lay there sucking in sixty-nine position.

The click of a camera. Maria had one and was snapping away at them. They
both just sucked and sucked. Then she sat next to me. “You wanted a slave
who’d do *anything you say*, righ?”

I just sat there, stunned. She giggled. I watched as they sucked and
sucked. The guy came. “Keep sucking,” came Maria’s hard voice. And they
did, just laying there. Ben came. I stared in shock. “He just cheated on
you,” she whispered in my ear and giggled.

“Stop!” she finally ordered. She used the leash to draw the guy up to
standing and led him out of the room. Then she was back in the room and
took off Ben’s handcuffs and collar, leaving him blindfolded. Then she
guided him into the bathroom and I heard her tell him to get dressed and
put the blindfold back on and wait.

“What do you think?” she said when I came out. She was so curious and
excited, looking like a schoolgirl who just came back from talking to the
class hunk. She’d sat down next to me and was talking quietly so Ben
wouldn’t hear.

“Maria, you didn’t tell me that…”

“He’s a *slave* all right. You have to push them to be certain.”

“Maria,…” but I didn’t finish. She was up and back to the bathroom. She
brought him out, holding onto his upper arm. He wore the blindfold as
ordered. She took him to the front door, opened it and led him out.

“I instructed him to go sit in the car and wait for you,” she said when she
was back in. She now held the blindfold. “Go get him!” she said,
practically pushing me out the door.

He was just sitting there, on the drivers’ side. He didn’t look at me. I
opened the passenger door and got in. He didn’t drive or anything or say
anything either. He just sat there, staring at the dashboard.

“Ben?” I finally ventured, weakly. Suddenly he turned and grabbed me and
kissed me. He was absolutely crazy! He had his hand in my blouse in
seconds and soon had his hand under my skirt! He seemed absolutely driven,
and it must have been catching–I unzipped his pants and pulled out his
cock and started doing him with *my* hands. Then I was coming and I
couldn’t pay attention. He still fingered me. I finally managed to pull
myself together and leaned down and took his cock in my mouth–something I
almost *never* do!

Soon we were both sitting there exhausted and I finally wondered if anyone
might have seen us. There was a mess but I didn’t care. Ben drove us
home. We made love again that night, and then again in the morning. We’d
never even eaten supper. I was so turned on it was crazy.

She called me in the morning: “How was it?”

“Unbelievable! We were so turned on!”

She giggled. “And what were you afraid of?”

I thought about it again. “Maria, that was weird. How did you know it
would get us so excited?”

“You think I don’t know you? Why do you think I sent you in the bedroom
that day? But this is just the beginning. I’m coming over tonight.”

“Uh, I don’t know…”

“You can’t back out now. You’ve got to see this through.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, *you* haven’t started dominating him. Or maybe you have?” I didn’t
answer. “I’ll be over at 7.”

“Maria, maybe we could at least wait a while…”

She laughed. “Tonight at 7,” she said and hung up.

I answered the door, right after supper. I said hi to her, but she just
looked at me with this little knowing smile and winked. Then she walked
into the living room where Ben was sitting. Then she just stood there,
looking at him. She had an expectant look about her but not a trace of a
smile. He looked up and said “Hi Maria.” She still just stood there,
looking at him. Finally he got up and stood in front of her. I noticed a
momentary hint of a smile on her lips.

“Hands on top of your head,” she finally said, quietly but firmly.

“Yes mistress,” he said, and as he carried out the order, I watched his
body stiffen until he was straight as a soldier at attention. She started
walking around him as if she were inspecting him and he stood there, not
moving his eyes. She looked at me briefly and smiled.

“Are you ready to obey?” she asked him as she faced me.

“Yes mistress.”

“We’re going to the movies,” she announced. “Come on, both of you.” It
seemed like there was no stopping her. We just followed her out.

She led us to her car. A guy was sitting in the passenger seat–a
different guy, but he was also young and very good looking. She directed
us into the back seat and drove us to a nearby cineplex. No one said a

The movie had been playing a while and the theatre was almost completely
deserted. It wasn’t really a picture Ben would have wanted to see though
I’d been thinking about it. Maria directed us over to the side seats to
the right, midway down to the front, though we could have sat anywhere we
wanted. She had me sit on the isle and she sat between me and the guys.

When the movie started, she said something to the guys. I glanced over
there. They slipped out of their seats onto the floor! Then they took
their clothes off! Then they got in sixty-nine position, laying on the
floor, and started sucking!

Maria told me to watch the movie. I must have been staring. They just
kept laying down there, sucking quietly. Finally I got into the movie. It
was sad and I cried. Maria did too. She talked some more to them. By the
time the movie was over, they were sitting in their seats. Afterwards, we
walked around the back of the building in the shadows and Maria had them
strip and sixty-nine some more on the asphalt. When we got home, she told
me not to have sex with him for a while. “He’s got to learn who’s boss,”
she explained.

The next night, she turned up at our door at 5:30, unannounced. “We’re
going out to eat,” she said. She drove us, yet another guy waiting in her
car his time. Maria told the men to go to the men’s room and strip and
start sixty-nining and she’d be checking on them. They left and I asked
her how she could check them. She just laughed and told me to come with
her. I didn’t budge. When she was back, she said they’d managed it, in a
stall so that it wasn’t too obvious. She giggled some more.

When we left the restaurant, she directed Ben and the other guy into the
back seat of the car. “The slaves will sit in the back seat and wear
blindfolds. Understood?”

“Yes mistress.”

She drove. She took us across town to a building that vaguely reminded me
of a church. The guys sat in the back seat; Maria had put a blindfold on
Ben and handcuffed his hands in front of him as soon as he was sitting.
The other guy too. She had me sit up front with her.

She opened the car door for Ben and told him to stand up. She just left
the other guy there in the car. She led us to a door and into the
building. We walked right through the parking lot with Ben blindfolded and
handcuffed! I glanced around.

Once in the building, it still reminded me a little of a church. We walked
down a hall and into a room. She told him to await orders and then drew me
out of the room. She drew me to a locker room and proceeded to get
undressed, telling me to do the same! No one else was there.

“Maria, this is too much.”

“Come on, Grace, we’re doing so well.” I just went along with it. She
gave me a black robe, like a judge’s robe or a choir robe to put on and put
on one herself, wearing nothing underneath. I just went along.

“Come here,” she said, drawing my hand. We went down another hall and into
a large room with a number of people. There were other women dressed as we
were, standing in a line. Each one held a candle and that was the only
light in the room. She took a candle from a candelabra next to the door
and gave one to me and took me to stand at the end of the line. I started
imagining what was going on here and felt like nothing I could imagine was
likely to match the reality.

A door opened and a woman walked in. She was dressed the way Maria had
been in that first picture I saw: leather. Following her was a line of
men, all naked. They were like Ben had been, collar, blindfold and
handcuffs, but they were chained together by their collars and they were
gagged. The woman led them into a long line facing us, a couple of other
women in leather escorting them. I didn’t see Ben.

One of the women in leather walked behind them, whipping some of them.
They all stood rigid, like soldiers at attention. Then more women brought
in another line of men, in similar condition. I saw Ben. They led them to
stand right in front of the other line of men, then had them kneel. They
did some adjusting, and one man was kneeling in front of each of the other
men. Then they went down the line taking off the kneeling men’s gags and
blindfolds. Then I heard one of the women order them to suck, then whips
were smacking their rears. They all started sucking, Ben included.

Another man, by himself was being led by a leash by one of the women in
leather. He knelt in front of the woman in the robe at the other end of
our line. His gag was taken off, then the woman lifted her robe and he was
pushed up to her naked body and she dropped the robe over him. She still
held her candle in one hand.

The women ordered the kneeling men to stop sucking, then went down the line
replacing their gags and blindfolds. Then they were ordered to turn around
and put their heads to the floor with their rears in the air. Then the men
behind them were made to kneel and approach the other men’s rears! Then
they were ordered to fuck the men! I stared at Ben, watching the man
behind him pushing his cock into him. Never in a million years would I
expect to see this.

The lone man was now under the next woman’s robe. The first one had come-
-I’d seen it. “This is the initiation ceremony,” whispered Maria in my
ear. I just stared, not believing it.

The man continued down the line, getting under each robe, one by one. The
men finished up and the women removed the chain from the men who had just
been done in the rear. They had them all lie on the floor, took their gags
off and arranged them in sixty-nine positions, like at the apartment. The
lone man was getting closer to our end of the line. He was just three
women away from Maria. I suddenly got nervous about it.

“Relax,” said Maria as if reading my thoughts. “Ben is over there having
fun without you: you deserve some fun too!” I looked down at the men. All
of them sucking away, looking something like babies. I recognized Dennis
among them.

Maria held my hand while the lone man was under her robe. Her hand
squeezed harder as her breathing picked up. She came. Then he was under
my robe. He licked. He was good–so good. Maria held my hand and
whispered in my ear: “Only the best get to do *this*.” It was so hard to
keep standing.

We left without Ben. “They’ll take care of him tonight,” Maria said.

“What *is* this place?”

“You’ll find out more about it,” said Maria. She didn’t offer any more.
She walked me back from her car. The other guy was gone. “They’ll get Ben
*really* in shape,” she said. “He’ll follow orders and you’ll have to keep
him nude and blindfolded in the house when you don’t have him doing

I slept alone that night. In the morning, still no Ben. I called her:
“Don’t worry, you’ll see him tonight,” she offered. She showed up after
work and drove me over to that place again. The men spent that entire
evening lying on the floor in sixty-nine position. They never stopped
sucking. You’d see one come every minute or so, but they wouldn’t stop the
sucking. We left Ben there again. “Don’t worry about him–he’s in good

That weekend, she drove us to a convention of sorts. After picking me up,
we stopped at the place and picked up Ben. The “convention” had a whole
floor of the hotel rented. One hotel room was absolutely filled with men
who were blindfolded, handcuffed, lying on the beds and all over the floor,
sixty-nining. One pair were lying on a table. Three women in leather
outfits and whips were keeping them all going. When we left Ben in the
room, another woman invited me to stay in her room with her. Maria told
her no and later told me to stay away from women who did that. She and I
stayed together in the same room, each lying on our own double bed,
watching movies on TV. Later a woman in leather brought a man in for a
while. It was Dennis! He licked so beautifully. Maria passed. Then the
woman took him out again. And that was how the whole weekend went, though
other men were brought in and Maria let them lick.

I haven’t had sex with Ben since that first night, weeks ago. Maria and I
go to the sanctuary every night and I get licked. And every weekend there
is something. Last weekend, we went camping. The men lay naked in the
dirt, sixty-nining whenever there wasn’t work to do or some sort of
ceremony. They weren’t bound or blindfolded, but they had their eyes
closed and just sucked and sucked, looking like babies. The women had me
dress in leather and gave me lessons using a whip. They brought over two
men to lie down, sixty-nining for me to practice on. I watched them come,
with their eyes shut. I could tell that the whip helped bring them to

Maria told me I’d be divorcing Ben soon since he didn’t deserve to be my
husband. Just like she had divorced Dennis. She said I could come live
with her.