Interracial MMF

I have been seeing a woman named Kim for about a year & pretty much it’s just sexual. We both found out that we are both very kinky. Shortly after we started seeing each other we starting discussing our sexual past & the kinky stuff we liked to do. She told me about being bisexual & how much she enjoyed being with women too. I reluctantly told her that I was also bisexual & that it had been along time since I had been with a man. When she found this out she got really turned on. She told me that she had a fantasy to see two men getting it on together.

After thinking about what she had told me I decided to tell her more about what I had done with men & discuss my fantasies about men with her. I told her that one of my biggest fantasies was to be with a black man with a huge uncut cock. This really turned her on & she told me that she loved black men & sometimes got together with one or two that she knew. This sent our heads spinning just thinking of the possibilities. She told me that one of the guys named Steve was very well hung & uncut. She also told me that she thought that he might be up for something kinky because he just loved getting off.

About a week later I talked to Kim & she told me that she had talked to her friend named Steve & had ask him if he might like getting blown & possibly more with herself & another guy. Steve told her that it didn’t matter to him as long as he got to cum but that he wasn’t gonna suck cock or get fucked because he didn’t like cock he just loved pussy & getting off. As she was telling me this I got rock hard & I could feel my head starting to spin. We both agreed to try to work out the scheduling so we could try to enjoy getting some huge black cock.

Kim called me later that week to tell me that she had two days off next week & so did Steve. As we talked we decided to get together on their first day off & if things went well that we could stay together & enjoy that big black cock for the second day too. After getting off the phone with her I jerked off three times just thinking about that big black cock rubbing back & forth across my lips as I opened my mouth to let it slip between my lips.

As soon as I could compose myself I had to call work & rearrange my schedule so I would be off those two days also. It took some brown nosing with the boss but I was able to pull it off. I called Kim back later that same day at work to let her know that I had worked my schedule out too. She told me that after she got off work that day she would come by & talk with me about what our plans would be for that first meeting with Steve. Around 6 PM Kim pulled into my driveway & she ran to the door & nearly knocked me down when I opened it. She wrapped her arms around me kissing me hard & rubbing her huge tits all over me. I must say that I was nearly as excited as she was. We hurried to the bedroom shedding our clothes along the way. After making it to the bed she asks me what all I wanted to do with Steve.

My head was spinning as I tried to think of all the things that I wanted to do. I told her that one of my biggest fantasies was to have a woman watch me suck a big black cock. She told me that she was really looking forward to seeing that. I told her that I’d love to have a picture or two of that & she said she would love to use my digital camera to get a few pics for the both of us. As we talked about our plans I slowly eased my rock hard cock into her dripping pussy. She told me that another thing she wanted to do was have me lick both of them while he fucked her pussy & then lick her pussy clean after he filled her full of his cum. She knows how much I love to lick my own cum out of her pussy & the thought of me licking another man’s cum out of her had both of us ready to cum instantly. After she told me that I knew I would be cumming real soon so I started plowing her pussy as hard as I could. Just as I felt my cum starting to boil in my balls she screamed that she was cumming & that set me off filling her full of hot cum.

As I rested for a minute she asks if I was going to lick her clean or not. I immediately crawled down her body kissing her big beautiful tits on my way down. As I got down to her pussy I could see my white cum oozing out of her pussy. I for some unknown reason just melt when I see cum oozing out of a pussy so I dove face first between her legs. I started trying to lick up every drop I could see & then I tried to lick out every bit that was still buried inside her pussy. She told me to think of that cum being Steve’s cum that I was licking out of her freshly fucked pussy. When I thought of that I started trying to suck every drop that was in her out. She started rubbing her clit as I sucked & in just a couple of minutes she was cumming again.

The next four days went by extremely slow. All I could think about was all the things I was going to do when we all got together. Finally that day arrived & Kim called me around lunchtime & asked me if I was ready to go over to Steve’s place to see just how good his cock was. I told her I had been dying the last four days waiting on this time to come. She told me to hurry up & get over to her place & pick her up. I almost got pulled over & got a speeding ticket on my way to her apartment.

When I got there she told me to come in first. I was a little confused at first but she explained as we went inside. It seems that Steve had told her if he was going to be fucking a tight ass that it would be wearing panties & she said she would make sure that I would have on a pair of sexy lacy panties just for him. I thought about it for about a half of a second before stripping off my clothes as fast as I could & quickly putting on the lacy pink panties that Kim had bought for me. Then we quickly got in my truck & drove the 15 miles to Steve’s place.

I nervously followed Kim to the door. When she knocked on the door a rough looking guy answered & she immediately threw her arms around his neck kissing him very passionately. I thought to myself that he must be very good as far as sex to have a woman that turned on. He looked at me & whispered something in her ear. She nodded her head yes & turned to me & said for me to show him my panties. I could feel my face turning red as I slowly unsnapped my jeans to show him my panties. He got a really big grin across his face & asks what we were waiting on.

As soon as we closed the door he asks us if we were ready for some Alabama black snake. Kim grinned & said yes but all I could do was just nod my head yes. I felt like I was in a trance & was powerless to do anything but what I was told. Steve plopped down on the couch & asks what we were waiting on. Kim sat down next to him & started kissing him & rubbing his cock through his jeans. I walked over in front of him & slowly dropped to my knees not knowing exactly where to start. Once I was on my knees I crawled up between his legs looking directly at the huge bulge in his jeans. Kim looked at me & squeezed his cock hard one time & asks if that was what I was looking for. I just nodded my head & I reached out & rubbed his cock through his jeans & then I started unbuckling his jeans while he & Kim kissed. After I got his jeans unbuckled I unzipped his jeans & a huge bulge in his briefs popped out. I was surprised at how large it was & I leaned forward & nibbled on it through his briefs. It was amazing just how hard it was. I looked up at Steve & he just grinned so I reached up & pulled the top of his briefs down till his cock popped out hitting me in the face. I couldn’t believe how big his cock was. It was at least 10 inches long & extremely thick & the foreskin was almost complete pulled back exposing a deep chocolate colored head that looked absolutely yummy.

I took a deep breath & licked up the underside of his cock tasting his sweet precum that caused both him & Kim to moan. After getting my first taste I moaned too. I wrapped my hand around his thick shaft & slowly stroked his huge cock watching the foreskin slip on & off his beautiful cock head. It was mesmerizing. I felt as if my mouth was drawn to his thick black cock. I slowly stroked his cock watching the foreskin. It was so very different from my circumcised cock. I slowly dipped my head down to his cock licking the head & taking it into my mouth.

Kim reached down & placed her hand on the back of my head pushing it down telling me to suck it deeper into my mouth. I started going down farther onto his cock & as I did Steve moaned & reached out & placed his hands on my head forcing his cock deeper into my mouth. I felt unsure if I could take all of it in my mouth because it was so huge. Kim saw that I wasn’t sure if I could & she said for me to try taking it like she took mine sometimes.

Sometimes when Kim & I were having sex I would get her to lie back on the bed with her head hanging over the edge so her throat was straight. I would stick my cock all the way down her throat letting her take a couple of breaths before I started fucking her throat. When she got her breath I would really fuck her throat hard & fast pulling out every 15 or 20 seconds to let her take a couple of breaths & then I would resume my assault on her throat. The thought of Steve doing this to me was exciting but at the same time kind of scary.

I got up & sat backwards on the couch with my legs over the back of the couch lying back so my head was hanging over the edge of the front. At this time Steve got the idea what was going on & he got on his knees in front of my face & got ready to feed me his huge black cock. I could see that Kim was sitting to the side slowly rubbing her pussy while she watched. I took a couple of deep breaths & slowly took Steve’s cock into my mouth. He pushed it in till he felt some resistance & asks if I was ready to swallow his huge Alabama black snake. As I moaned yes he grabbed my head & I took a couple of breaths & he started pushing it farther down my throat. I started to gag but I managed to control it as he started to really fuck my throat. My eyes started to water but I could think of nothing I wanted more at that moment than to have him pound my throat with his cock. After about 15 seconds he pulled back to let me take a breath & this time he really started fucking my throat driving more of it down my throat. He looked down & said he could see his cock moving in my throat. He stopped & started rubbing my throat saying he could feel his rubbing on the head of his cock.

Kim was now rubbing her pussy really fast & said that I only liked a couple more inches having it all in my mouth. I moaned at the thought of being able to get all that huge cock in my mouth. Steve pulled out for a couple of seconds & I took a couple of breaths & then he started fucking my throat again. This time he pushed farther & soon I had his balls bouncing off my eyes. I couldn’t believe it he had it all the way in.
After taking about 10 hard strokes he stopped with it all the way in & rubbed my throat with his hand. I could hear his moans as he rubbed his cock through my throat. Then he pulled out & let me get my breath & then he stuck it all the way in stopping & rubbing my throat real fast & hard saying that if he kept that up he would cum soon. He pulled back asking me if I was ready for him to fill my belly full of his chocolate milk. I moaned yes & he rammed his cock back down my throat & then he stroked my throat with his fingers really fast & I could feel his cock swelling as he moaned & then I felt something really hot coating my throat as his cock jerked in my throat. He pulled his cock out as I felt his cum running down my throat.
He told me that was the best blowjob he’d ever had & all I could do was grin.

Kim finished cumming & said that was the most incredible thing she had ever seen. I was so horny after that & all I wanted was to feel that big black monster in my ass. Steve said that if I sucked him hard again that he was ready to pound my tight white ass.

I quickly got off the bed & knelt down between Steve’s legs & reached up & grasp his cock, which looked amazing. I could see Kim walking out of the room as I lowered my mouth to Steve’s huge uncut cock. It looked incredibly edible. I took his cock into my mouth & slowly started to savor the taste & size of this huge monster. As I was sucking his cock Kim called out my name & I turned to look at her just as she took a picture of me with my mouth full of beautiful black cock. It caught me off guard & I felt scared & excited all at the same time. The thought of someone having pictures of me sucking cock worried me because I would never want anyone to know that was bisexual. It also excited me knowing that someone might see pictures of me doing something as wild & taboo as sucking a cock & it excited me even more knowing that it was a black cock.

I could feel Steve’s cock getting hard & filled my mouth. Steve asks if I was ready to try some in my nice tight white ass. I said yes & he told me to take my panties off. I quickly pulled off my panties & watched as he lay back on the floor. He told Kim to sit on his face while I rode his cock. She sat on his face facing his cock as I slowly got into position over his cock. I lowered myself over his cock till I could feel it at my asshole. I reached down & grasped his cock & lined it up with my asshole. I tried to lower myself onto his cock but I just wasn’t lubricated enough. I told Kim that I was to dry & she told me to turn around & bend over. I got up, turned around & bent over & she grasped my hips & drove her tongue into my asshole & I almost came from the pure pleasure of the feeling. She licked my asshole & drove her tongue in it for a couple of minutes till I was really wet & then she told me to try it now. I turned around & lined his cock up with my ass again & this time I could feel my asshole opening up as I pushed myself down on it. It felt really huge as it started to enter my ass. I got a couple of inches in my ass & slowly started grinding my ass around to get it deeper. His cock started slowly going deeper into my ass. After a couple of minutes I had gotten about half of it in my ass.

Kim asked me how it felt. I told her it felt great but it also hurt at the same time. I loved the feeling of his huge cock in my ass but I wanted all of it in me so I started trying to sit down on it harder and it slowly started going deeper in my ass. Steve said that I had a really tight ass and that he was gonna have to pound the shit out of it with his huge black snake. After a couple of minutes I finally was sitting in his lap with all his cock buried in my ass. I felt like his cock was splitting me in half. I then started riding it slowly increasing my speed as it started to feel really great being filled with his huge ALABAMA black snake.
Kim was getting very excited seeing me ride his huge cock while he was eating her pussy. Just when I was getting a good rhythm going Steve said it was time for him to pound my ass. Kim got off his face and lay down so I could lick her pussy while Steve fucked me. I got on my hands and knees and started licking her pussy as Steve got behind me and started to guide his cock into my asshole very quickly. Once he was buried all the way in my ass he grabbed my hips and started to pound my ass as hard as he could. I thought for a minute that I was going to pass out. I could tell that he was about to fill my ass full of cum in just a minute or two and Kim was getting very close too. Steve told me to tell him that I loved his huge black cock and that I wanted him to fill my ass full of his black cum. I told that I loved his huge cock and I needed to feel his black cum fill my tight white asshole. As he started to cum all I could hear was his body slapping against my ass. As he grunted that he was cumming Kim started to cum too. After they both had cum I was still impaled on his huge cock and I had to crawl off of it.

After lying there for a minute Steve told me to go get a washcloth to clean his cock because he still wanted some pussy too. I got up and found my way to his bathroom & could feel his cum running down my leg as I walked. I got a washcloth and cleaned my ass & then carried one to clean Steve’s cock. After I cleaned his cock he told me to kiss it so I lowered my lips down to it and gently kissed the foreskin. Steve then told me to pull the foreskin back and kiss his cock to show him how much I really loved it. I looked at Kim and she had the camera ready to take some more pictures of me kissing his cock and that really started getting me excited again. I thought if she was gonna take some pictures of me I might as well make them as good as possible. I pulled his foreskin back and lowered my lips to the head of his cock as I kissed it I slowly parted my lips letting the head slip into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the head in my mouth all the while hearing him moan and the sound of the camera as Kim kept snapping pictures. I could feel his cock starting to harden in my hand and mouth. Steve placed his hand on the back of my head and slowly urged me to take more of his cock in my mouth. I gladly opened my mouth wider and let him push his huge black cock deeper into my mouth. Pretty soon he had all of his cock pushing deeper into my throat.

Steve then told me that he was ready to fuck some white pussy while I licked both of them. Kim quickly put down the camera and pushed me onto the floor and got into a 69 position with me. I quickly licked her pussy only to find that she was soaking wet. I looked up to see Steve moving up behind Kim with his rock hard cock pointing straight at Kim’s pussy. I placed my tongue right against Kim’s pussy and helped guide Steve’s cock into Kim’s pussy. Steve’s huge cock quickly disappeared all the way into Kim’s pussy and as he pulled out his cock was covered in Kim’s sweet pussy juice. I quickly licked his cock tasting Kim’s pussy all over it. Steve started pumping his cock in and out of Kim’s pussy and I licked both of them as quickly as I could. I tried to focus on licking Kim’s clit then changed to focusing on Steve’s cock. After a couple of minutes Steve pulled his cock out and put it in my mouth and pumped it in and out just like he had been pumping Kim’s pussy. Steve pulled out of my mouth and slipped his cock back into Kim’s pussy driving it all the way in. I could feel Steve’s balls bouncing off my forehead as his paced quickened. I could tell that Steve was getting close to cumming. I watched his cock drilling Kim’s pussy and all I could see was a black blur going in and out of her white pussy. Kim started cumming as I licked her clit and Steve grunted that he was about to cum. I could see Steve’s cock pulsing as he pumped his cum into Kim’s pussy. He pumped about a dozen times as he filled her pussy full. Steve pulled his cock out and stroked it milking out every drop of cum into my mouth. I held my mouth open making sure I didn’t let a drop of his cum miss my mouth. He slipped his cock in my mouth and I licked and sucked it clean. I loved the taste of their juices mixed on his softening cock and I savored the flavor as I worshipped his cock.

After I finished cleaning Steve’s beautiful big black uncut cock Kim lowered her pussy onto my face and started pushing Steve’s cum out. It started dripping onto my face and I quickly opened my mouth to catch it and I started licking her pussy clean trying to make sure that I didn’t miss one single drop of that sweet nectar. I could feel Kim spasm as I ran my tongue over her clit. Kim said for me to bury my tongue in her pussy. I quickly jammed my tongue into her and she started riding my tongue almost smothering me as she bounced off my face as she went up and down. It only took a couple minutes and Kim was cumming again as I licked her clean.

We all rested for a while and I felt like I had just won the lottery. I looked over at Steve and saw that even soft his cock looked huge. I looked at Kim’s pussy and it looked red and very well fucked. Even though I was drained from having just had one of the most exciting times of my life I was still wanting to do as much more as I could. Steve looked at me and asks me if I enjoyed myself and I said that it was the most incredible thing I’d ever done. He just laughed and asks me if I loved his big Alabama black snake. I told him that it was so good that I’d do almost anything to enjoy it some more.