Jane’s Lesbian Slavery

Jane Sullivan was forty-nine, and in what she would
describe as okay shape. Her long, brown hair brushed a
pair of slim, tanned shoulders, her breasts were not
that large and sagged just a little, but only a little
she reminded herself. She also had a slim waist, and
shapely legs. But then she had the time to stay in
shape, not quite a trust fund baby, but she had a nice
allowance from an inheritance paid into her account
once a month. Still, there was always room for a little
more cash. Trendy clothes don’t come cheap and there
was the sauna, massage and tanning salon to think
about. It was while she sat in the lounge with a glass
of red wine, looking over a hair salon bill that the
idea came to mind. She had two rooms, and used the
spare for junk that really belonged in the attic; if
she cleared it out she could take in a lodger, and
bingo, cash problems solved.

The same afternoon the ad came out Jane got a phone
call from a nice girl and they agreed to meet at two in
the afternoon. The girl was an energetic blonde called
Miranda, all long, tanned legs, flowing golden hair and
white perfect teeth. To Jane the young woman seemed
perfect. Miranda was twenty-three, and worked at a
local law firm, a just out of college lawyer.

After sharing a couple of glasses of wine Jane had made
her decision, she asked Miranda to sign the simple
lease agreement, then she put the answer-machine on and
went out. Jane felt very pleased with herself as she
drove to the gym, she had more money, her lodger was
clean and respectable, had a steady job; and seemed
really nice on top of that.

Things went well for the first couple of weeks; Miranda
was hardly around and had paid rent up front. Then one
morning Jane noticed that the kitchen had been left in
a real mess from the night before, she probably should
try to be more relaxed but Jane was fussy about that
sort of thing. The forty-nine year old knocked on
Miranda’s door.

‘Yes?’ came the reply.

‘I need to talk to you about something’ Jane said, not
feeling as sure of herself as she had a few moments
ago, it was something about the younger woman’s tone.

‘Okay, come in, it’s never locked’

Jane opened the door stepped tentatively into the
blonde’s room. It was a mess, clothes and empty beer
bottles lay everywhere, cosmetics lay strewn across the
vanity table, Jane even noticed pairs of worn panties
thrown down apparently wherever the young woman had
taken them off. Before she could think Jane blurted
out: ‘Shit Miranda, this place is a mess, just like the
kitchen, we need to sort this out.’

Miranda jumped off the bed, raising herself to her full
height, which was a few inches taller than Jane, she
stared at the older woman, and Jane watched the
blonde’s cheeks flush red with anger.

‘Oh, I think we have a fucking solution. I pay you
enough fucking rent bitch, and I get precious little
for it! YOU clean my room if you don’t like it, and you
can fix the kitchen after.’

Jane was speechless, she thought she should say
something, but all that came out was a quiet, ‘Yes

The blonde just smiled, much of her anger dissipated,
but it wasn’t a nice smile; not a lets make up and
forget it smile, but something else, sort of smug Jane

‘Well?’ The blonde said, staring at the smaller, older
woman. Jane said nothing, but began busing herself
around the room, clearing up.

Jane had been cleaning up after Miranda for a couple of
weeks, and the blonde made no effort to improve her
habits. Her room was always a mess, and she seemed to
get though so many pairs of panties that Jane began to
wonder what she was doing with them.

The kitchen also needed constant attention, and she
seemed to have agreed to clean the bathroom after
Miranda had used it too, though she couldn’t quite
remember how it had happened, it just sort of did. In
fact Miranda had begun to treat her landlady like a
maid, and just expected Jane to do these things. Jane
had even started to cook for the young woman. This
wasn’t right at all. Jane had just wanted some more
cash and freedom, not to become a domestic servant.

That evening Miranda sat her down and explained that
she was up for a promotion at work but needed a

‘I wrote it all out for you,’ smiled the young woman as
she slid a piece of paper across the table at Jane. The
older woman went to speak but Miranda jumped in, ‘I’ll
be able to pay you more rent of course.’ Silently, Jane
signed the piece of paper, too tired to even pretend to
read it. Miranda snatched it back and put it in her
bag. ‘Thanks,’ she said quickly, then disappeared up to
her room.

On Saturday Jane climbed out of a hot shower, and
pulled a towel off the rail. It was a small one, the
sort the usually wrapped around her hair. She looked in
the linen cupboard. Strangely it was empty. Jane
wrapped the towel round herself, so that it covered her
breasts, but it hung barely half an inch below her
crotch, so she walked slowly and carefully to her

Jane felt a sense of alarm building in her belly, like
nervous butterflies, something was wrong; there were no
clothes in her closet and no underwear in the drawers.
There was no sign of a break in. Perhaps Miranda took
them, part of some sick joke no doubt. Jane resolved to
tackle the Miranda problem as soon as she got her
clothes back, things had definitely gone far enough.
She padded carefully downstairs, bare feet on the soft
carpet, acutely conscious of the far-too-small towel
that barely concealed her nakedness. She saw Miranda in
the kitchen, drinking a cup of coffee.

‘Where is everything?’ Jane asked, subconsciously
keeping her distance from the younger blonde. Somehow
Miranda looked even more menacing today, or perhaps
Jane was just aware of her near nakedness.

‘Everything?’ Miranda said with a smirk.

‘You know what I mean,’ Jane said, her confidence
slipping away rapidly, ‘the towels? My clothes?”

‘Oh’ said the blonde casually, sipping at her coffee.
‘Well, maybe I didn’t think you needed them anymore.’

‘WHAT!’ Jane stared at the younger woman in amazement.
‘W…what do you mean you didn’t think I’d need them.
Give them back… please.’ The forty-nine year-old felt
a strange sensation, as if her last ounce of resistance
was draining away through her bare feet. She couldn’t
think of anything to say, though she knew she must. She
should be furious, but the blonde’s gaze never wavered
and Jane could not find the strength to meet it.

The two women spent several minutes in silence as
Miranda sipped calmly at her coffee and Jane stared
helplessly at the floor. After a while the older woman
couldn’t stand it anymore, ‘wh-what do you want me to
do?’ she stammered. Miranda laughed, the sudden sound
making Jane start like a frightened antelope as it
spots the lion that has been stalking it.

‘What I want’ said the younger woman, ‘is for you to
get back upstairs and clean my fucking room like you’re
supposed to. And you’ll do it naked. Understand?’

Jane nodded weakly, ‘Yes Miranda,’ she said, almost in
a whisper. Miranda held out her hand and glared at the
frightened woman before her.

‘I said naked bitch.’

Jane slowly unwrapped the little towel and handed it to
the blonde. ‘s…sorry,’ she mumbled.

‘Oh, I doubt it’ laughed the blonde, ‘but you will be
soon enough.’ With that she motioned for the older
woman to hurry up stairs and begin her chores.

Jane huddled in the corner of Miranda’s bedroom trying
to cover her nakedness, knees to her chest, heels
together. Miranda sat on her bed watching MTV and
drinking a beer, she drained the last drops from the
bottle, then threw it on the floor in front of the
naked woman.

‘Pick it up slut,’ the blonde said without looking away
from the TV.

Jane leaned forward and tried to reach the bottle with
the tips of her fingers, Miranda looked down at her
unwilling maid with utter contempt.

‘You really are a useless fucking slut aren’t you?’ The
younger woman almost spat the words. ‘You think I want
to look at your ugly fucking body? Is that what you
think slut? That I want to stare at those ugly tits of
yours?’ Miranda laughed and a cruel smile spread across
her pretty face. Jane wondered how she could have been
so wrong about her when they first met, and then
shivered under the blonde’s unwavering gaze. Miranda
climbed purposefully off the bed and advanced toward
the cringing, naked form in the corner.

Suddenly the blonde grabbed Jane’s hair and pulled her
forward, the older woman, taken completely by surprise,
fell face down and Miranda sat heavily on her back.
‘Hey slut,’ the blonde said, her voice slightly slurred
by the beer, ‘guess what? I bought you a present today.
Well, I got it with your money, but it’s the thought
that counts, right?’ Miranda laughed drunkenly, ‘But
then I have all your money now don’t I bitch, after you
signed the power of attorney for me. You are such a
fucking loser you know that? Who would sign something
from a lawyer without reading it first? I couldn’t
believe it when you did it, you are such a total
fucking loser slut, I knew it when we first met.’

Miranda started to topple backwards as she laughed
grabbing Jane’s hair to steady herself, the naked woman
gave a little yelp. ‘Shit. You’re a fucking wimp as
well,’ said the younger woman. Miranda pulled a bag
from under the bed, ‘Anyway, about the present I bought
you…’ Jane heard the bag being opened, ‘well, I know
how you hate being naked all the time so I got you
these cute cuffs and a nice little collar.’

Reality broke in on Jane like a thunderclap, washing
through her numbed mind like a splash of cold water.
She was in real danger, she suddenly knew it with
alarming clarity. What had she been doing all these
weeks? Why had she let this happen to her? Had she
really signed control of herself to this mad woman?

It was certainly possible, she didn’t read the document
and Miranda was a lawyer, if anyone could pull it off,
she could. In a panic Jane tried to get up, but she was
not a strong woman and Miranda’s weight on her back was
enough to hold her there, all she managed to do was
squirm pathetically under her assailant and make her
giggle. Jane felt a strong hand grab her wrist and pull
it up her back, she winced in pain, she wondered if her
arm would break but by then Miranda had grabbed her
other wrist. There was an ominous clicking sound, and
the blonde let go of Jane’s wrists. The older woman’s
hands fell against her back, but they were cuffed and

She was helpless. Despair settled on her, as she lay
there naked, wrists bound behind her back, her abductor
still sitting on her back. She had that one chance to
end this, and she had failed. In a way it was kind of
peaceful not having to worry anymore, she had lost.
Utterly, utterly lost. A defeated calm descended on the
naked woman and she felt Miranda attach cuffs to her
ankles, no need to worry now. Now it was out of her
control, Miranda was in command. This young, twenty-
three year old woman controlled her money, her
property, her mind and now… she controlled her body
as well. Jane went limp.

Miranda dragged the bound, naked woman onto her bed and
laid her face down.

‘What you should have done bitch…’ the blonde said,
her breath smelling strongly of beer, ‘was pick up this
fucking bottle…’ she waved it in front of the
helpless older woman’s face, ‘and put it in the waste
basket, but I guess that was too difficult for you to
understand huh? Anyway, I have a better use for it
now.’ Still laying face down, Jane felt the Miranda’s
weight on her back once more, two feet in white socks
appeared either side of the naked woman’s head and she
realized the blonde was facing her legs. The wrist
cuffs cut in painfully as Miranda’s weight pressed down
on them, and Jane began to whimper.

‘Shut it wimp!’ Miranda shouted, ‘you useless fucking
whore.’ Jane could feel the woman wriggling around on
her and then began to panic as she saw the blonde
slipping out of her panties. Miranda leaned back and
roughly stuffed the soiled panties into the bound
woman’s mouth, ‘Maybe now you’ll shut the fuck up,’
Miranda said in a cruel, drunken laugh.

Through the renewed panic Jane suddenly realized what
she actually had wedged in her mouth. She was beginning
to taste an odd flavor. Jane felt sick. It was
Miranda’s panties. Miranda’s worn panties – panties
that had been rubbing against that bitch’s dirty little
cunt all day. And now they were in her mouth – her
clean mouth! She never let anything dirty in her mouth.
Never. She had never even had oral sex. As Jane’s
saliva soaked into the panties, the moisture began to
release the dried flavors, new and stronger flavors
assailed her taste buds – Miranda’s juices. Jane could
not stop the thoughts from flooding her mind, just as
the sensations flooded her mouth, and something salty �
piss! Jane realized with a groan. Jane gagged and tried
to think of other things.

Suddenly Jane felt two strong hands grab her buttocks,
forcing them apart. She fought and squirmed, but she
was tied tight and Miranda was too heavy to move. Then
the helpless woman felt the tip of something cold and
hard sliding into her ass crack. The bottle, she
realized with horror. Miranda was going to ass-fuck her
with the bottle.

Jane screamed into her makeshift gag:
‘MMMMMMMMFFFFFFF!’ But Miranda just laughed, and pushed
harder on the bottle, forcing the tip into her victim’s
anus. In and out of Jane’s ass, the young woman worked
the bottle, delighting in the older woman’s pain and
humiliation… in and out, in and out, deeper and

Jane woke before the sun came up. She was laying on her
own bed, still naked and bound wrist and ankle. The
panties filled her mouth as they had all night, though
she imagined they were quite clean by now, she had long
since sucked them free of her tormentor’s bodily
fluids. She ached everywhere from being trussed up like
a pig for the slaughter all night, and the wrist and
ankle cuffs chaffed her. Her bruised ass hurt like
hell, but she could do nothing to soothe it.

Worst of all was how thoroughly humiliated and degraded
she felt. Miranda had used the bottle to play with her
like some cheap sex-toy. Fucking her mercilessly with
it, then, when the younger woman grew bored, she had
dragged Jane effortlessly back to her own room and
dumped on the bed � it felt very much like being put
away, and Miranda didn’t say one word to her, even to
torment her. Panic washed over her again. What if
Miranda forgot about her? She needed water. The panties
had drawn the saliva from her mouth. She was so

Some hours later Miranda came into Jane’s room. Jane
had earlier worried she would be forgotten, now she was
beginning to wish she had. Miranda stood in the
doorway, blonde hair tousled, eyes still sleepy. The
younger woman was dressed only in a short, pink t-shirt
and Jane could see her shaved pussy just beneath the
hemline. The bound woman thought of the panties in her
mouth, and where they had been before she got to suck
on them all night � she felt sick again.

Miranda wandered slowly over to her captive, yawning
and casually swinging a black carrier bag. She produced
a collar and leash from the bag and sat down on the
bed. Jane couldn’t move or resist, she just stared
imploringly at her captor. Jane knew her own
carelessness had got her into this mess and she could
think of no way out. There was little she could do but
accept it. Miranda made the rules now.

The blonde slid the collar around the naked woman’s
neck, and clicked the lock shut. The young woman yawned

‘It says, Miranda’s Slut in silver studs in case you
were wondering bitch, looks cute. Take my word for it.’
Then she clipped a leash to the collar, and tugged it a
couple of times to check it was secure, Jane’s head
jerked embarrassingly as her new owner treated her with
less respect than an unwanted dog.

Miranda reached into the bag again, and produced a
black belt. It was quite thick and had small metal
loops on the side and a large metal loop on the front.
The blonde slid the belt around Jane’s waist and locked
it shut at the front, then she roughly spun her new toy
over onto her front, Jane grunted but did not complain.

The older woman felt her wrists being unclipped, but
the cuffs remained on. She doubted she had the strength
to fight back, Miranda was rested and Jane’s arms felt
numb from being locked behind her back all night.
Anyway, she didn’t know if she wanted to get physical
with Miranda, the sporty, strong young woman would
obviously come off better, so she allowed herself to be
handled roughly, like a rag doll.

Miranda pulled the woman’s hands down to her sides, and
then locked the cuffs to the belt.

‘That’ll make it easier to keep you tied without
damaging your arms. Oh… don’t worry,’ the blonde
added sarcastically, ‘it’s not like I fucking care or
anything, but what fucking use would you be if you
couldn’t do your chores.’ Miranda laughed at her own
joke as she hauled the helpless woman to her feet. The
blonde then bent down and unclipped Jane’s ankle cuffs.
She pulled a thick, metal chain from the bag and
attached one end to each of the slave’s ankles. ‘Okay,
now I don’t have to fucking drag you everywhere. And
don’t try running either, you’ll break your stupid

Led by the leash, Jane was taken downstairs and into
the kitchen. Somehow, coming out of the bedroom made
her even more aware of her nakedness and vulnerability.
Miranda reached out with her pretty, lightly-tanned
foot and tapped on a plastic dog bowl with her toe. The
words Miranda’s Slut were written on the side in black
pen. It was filled with water. The blonde yanked down
on the chain until Jane was in a kneeling position,
then the young woman poked her fingers roughly into the
slave’s mouth and pulled out the damp panties. She held
them up to the light for inspection.

‘Cool,’ the young woman said, gloating over her
captive’s obvious humiliation, ‘Better than the washer.
Maybe I’ll get all my panties cleaned that way from now
on.’ Miranda grinned with cruel satisfaction at the
naked woman kneeling before her, ‘Drink up bitch, I
haven’t got all day.’ With that she left and Jane,
cheeks flushed with shame and humiliation, lowered her
head to drink from her new bowl.

Chapter Two: The Table R**e

Jane was scrubbing the kitchen sink. Her locked wrist
cuffs had been attached to a short chain, which passed
through the metal loop on the front of her belt; just
like the prisoners she had seen on police shows. And
she was still naked. At that moment Miranda came in
through the front door, grinning broadly.

‘Hey slut. Guess what?’ the blonde said, ‘that little
nine year-old bitch from next door has agreed to wash
my car, but no way was I gonna pay her. Anyway, I told
her about you and she said she’d do it if I let her see
you naked. Bargain huh?’

Jane felt the familiar churning in the pit of her
stomach. Surely Miranda couldn’t be serious. This girl
was just a little k*d, and a horrid brat too. Would
Miranda really parade her in front of this c***d like
some circus freak?

Jane stayed quiet and worked harder on the sink, but
she couldn’t forget what she had just heard. The worse
thing was, Jane already knew the girl quite well. Not
closely, but they’d had a few run-ins, the brat used to
call Jane names all the time. Jane, trying to be the
sensible adult had actually talked to the c***d at one
of her mother’s boring dinner parties. Jenna, that was
her name. She was a pretty girl, tall and skinny, sort
of athletic looking. She had always struck Jane as
something of a spoilt brat, and she was so rude to her
mother, and now Jane was to be shown to her like some
amusing exhibit. Jane felt sick at the thought.

About an hour later, as Jane was busy cleaning
Miranda’s room, the blonde stuck her head round the

‘Downstairs now slut – time to pay the help.’

Jane took a deep breath and shuffled out of the room,
making her way carefully down the stairs. Miranda was
waiting at the bottom, without speaking the blonde
unclipped Jane’s cuffs from the chain and re-attached
them to the rings at the side of her belt, limiting her
freedom of movement to virtually zero, Jane was then
led by her owner into the lounge. The nine year-old
girl sat on the couch, feet up on the coffee table,
grinning broadly.

‘Fucking cool Miranda,’ said little Jenna, ‘I wasn’t
sure if you really had her, or you were just faking me
to get your car cleaned.’

‘Oh I have her alright,’ laughed Miranda, ‘don’t I
slut?’ she tugged on the leash, and the slave nodded
without raising her gaze. ‘Get your head up slut; I
think Jenna would like to see your ugly fucking face.
It goes well with that gross body of yours.’ Jane did
as she was told, lifting her head, so now the teen brat
could look her in the face. If the little bitch grinned
any wider Jane felt sure her face would split. Jenna’s
gaze dropped to Jane’s crotch.

‘Yuck!’ said the girl, ‘her cunny’s all hairy. That’s
fucking gross.’

‘Yeah,’ said Miranda, ‘I guess it is. Shall we make her
shave it?’

‘Sure,’ Jenna eagerly agreed.

‘On second thoughts…’ Miranda said to the little girl
as she stared wickedly at the naked woman, ‘why don’t
you do it? She’d only fuck it up anyway, she’s such a
useless bitch.’

Jane saw the girl’s eyes light up and her heart sank.
She couldn’t imagine anything more humiliating, she was
tied and naked in front of her neighbor’s k*d, and now
the little bitch was going to shave her pussy.

Miranda dragged Jane to the kitchen and pushed her onto
her back on the wooden table. She unclipped the slave’s
wrist cuffs and attached them to the legs of the table
by Jane’s head, then she unclipped Jane’s ankle cuffs
and started to attached them to the other table legs,
so that the naked woman would be in a spread-eagled
position – then Miranda paused, she turned and looked
at Jenna, who was watching with an excited fascination.

‘This is gonna be tricky. You’re not going to be able
to get at everything, and if you’re gonna do something,
better do it right I guess.’ The nine year-old nodded
and a grinning Miranda unclipped Jane’s ankle cuffs,
grabbed the slave’s ankles tightly and pulled her legs
up to her head, bending the helpless woman double.
‘Help me out will you,’ Miranda said to the girl. ‘The
slut’s not that supple, I’ll have to work on that.’

The two of them pulled hard until Jane’s feet were
beside her bound hands, then they clipped the helpless
woman’s ankle cuffs to the same loops. Jane felt she
would die from the humiliation. She had never been so
exposed. Her entire genital region was wide open and on
display and try as she might she could do nothing about
it. The cuffs held her in place, pinned to the heavy,
wooden kitchen table – and her most private places were
on show for all to see. The little girl grinned at her

‘Never seen you quite like this before Miss Sullivan,
bet mom would laugh,’ the girl giggled, ‘suits you
really. You were always such a stuck up bitch before,
wish my friends were here to see this.’

Miranda smiled wickedly as she slapped one of Jane’s
exposed buttocks, ‘Oh, I’m sure we can arrange that if
you do a good job Jenna.’ Jane almost started crying
but was determined not to give them the satisfaction,
but she was scared, really scared. She knew that look
of Miranda’s, and once the sadistic young woman got an
idea into her head she never let it go.

Chapter Three: F****d Depilation

Jane could hear a tap running and shortly Miranda
returned to the table with a bowl of hot water, the
blonde placed it on the table between the slave’s legs.
Jane could feel the warm steam rising from the bowl.
Jenna had been standing between Jane’s legs, grinning
broadly at the spread woman the whole time,
occasionally prodding her vagina and giggling. Jane had
shut her eyes, trying to think of something, anything,
else other than her current situation, but the nine
year-old had other ideas.

‘What’s the matter Miss Sullivan? Feeling a little
shy?’ the brat laughed, ‘well, I never shaved a stupid
grown-up woman’s cunny before so you better watch me to
see I do it okay.’

‘Yeah, open your fucking eyes bitch, I didn’t say you
could get out of seeing your own cunt shaved. And you’d
better be sure an make eye contact with Jenna whenever
she looks at you or I might take over, and I tend to
get real careless with razors.’

Jane opened her eyes and had to force herself to face
the pre-teen brat’s callous stare. Jenna picked up a
pen from the white kitchen counter, and began to poke
crudely at Jane’s vagina with it.

‘Yuck!’ the little girl said, ‘all this hair is sooo
fucking gross Miss Sullivan, I can’t wait till it’s
bald so I can get a good look at the dangly bits. Me an
Miranda don’t have horrid dangly bits like that, our
cunnys are nice an tidy.’ Jane felt her cheeks flush
red with embarrassment; her neighbor’s brat of a k*d
was busy examining her most private of places like it
was a particularly distasteful microwave dinner her
mother had served up.

Miranda stood thoughtfully for a moment; while Jane
just prayed her tormentors would hurry up and get it
over with.

‘I dunno,’ said Miranda, ‘if we shave her then it’s
going to be all fucking stubbly by the morning, and
that’s almost as gross, and then we’ll have to keep
doing it. Don’t think I wanna keep touching her gross
cunt, what about you Jenna?’

‘No way!’ the c***d squealed. ‘It’s horrid, like her
saggy titties, your’s and mom’s don’t look like that.’
The brat c***d poked Jane’s vagina again with the pen,
causing the obscenely spread woman to moan in
humiliation. ‘What do you want to do then? Mom does
wax, that would be cool, and I bet it would hurt too.’
The nine year-old grinned evilly.

Jane heard a voice in her head saying do it, do it, the
helpless woman knew it would hurt, but it would be over
so quick it would be worth it. Suddenly Miranda’s face
lit up.

‘Hey. I have a much better idea. Yesssss,’ she clapped
her hands in delight, and Jane began to whimper quietly
as her mind raced. She turned to the little girl, ‘how
quick can you get your mates here?’ Miranda asked the

‘About twenty minutes. Why?’ The little girl looked

‘Because I have a fucking brilliant idea that’s why,
you get on the phone, I have to nip out and get
something.’ The blonde grabbed her car keys and left.

Jane took stock of her predicament. She was now alone
with her neighbors nine year-old brat daughter; she was
totally naked and tied to the kitchen table with her
pussy, ass and tits on full display; the woman who had
taken over her life had just left to get… who knows
what, AND the prepubescent little bitch was busy on the
phone calling up a bunch of her friends to come round
and share in the fun. Jane felt wretched, and there was
a knot of dread in the pit of her stomach.

About thirty minutes later, during which time Jenna
amused herself by inserting various kitchen implements
into Jane’s vagina (going, yuck and gross the whole
time), there was a ring at the door. Jenna skipped over
to open it and a noisy crowd of little girls burst
through. Jane could hear excited laughter and giggly
chatter in the next room. She braced herself mentally
for what was about to come. A few moments later the
crowd bustled into the kitchen, there was a lot of,
‘fuck’ and ‘wow’ and ‘that is sooo cool’ followed by
‘shit, what a loser.’ Jane kept her eyes closed, but
then she heard Jenna’s voice above the babble.

‘Hey, Miss Sullivan, what did Miranda tell you about
your eyes?’ Jane opened them, blinking at the sea of
young faces looking down at her. ‘Better,’ said Jenna
to the amusement of her friends, ‘you need to think
about things a bit Miss-stupid-cunny-in-the-air-
Sullivan, it’s not like you can stop us punishing you
if you don’t do wot your told, right?’ Jane nodded
weakly. The girls (there looked to be about six of
them) laughed hysterically at the tiny brat’s wit.

The girls stood around talking excitedly at this
unexpected new source of entertainment on a boring
Saturday afternoon. Some poked at Jane’s cunt with
silverware and pens as Jenna had done, while one dark
haired girl with freckles, who looked no more than
seven years-old, lazily tweaked the older woman’s
nipples, like it was perfectly normal to have a naked
forty-eight year-old woman to play with. Jane’s
humiliation and complete sense of degradation
threatened to overwhelm her – it was obvious to her
that she was now just an object of amusement for a
bunch of bored, sulky prepubescent bitches.

The front door slammed and a moment later Miranda
whirled into the room.

‘Hi girls, come to join the fun huh?’ There was a lot
of giggling from the pack. ‘Well…’ Miranda said to
Jenna, ‘I thought what’s the easiest way to remove hair
when you don’t want it grow back quickly, and then I
thought, you pluck it’ Cool huh?’ Miranda produced a
paper bag and emptied a pile of slim, silver tweezers
onto the table between the slave’s legs.

Jenna grinned and clapped her hands. ‘That’s sooo
fucking cool Miranda, just what she deserves’

Miranda turned to address the crowd. ‘Okay girls, this
has to be done VERY slowly and VERY carefully.
Understand?’ There was a general nodding and more
giggling, Miranda continued, ‘this is going to be a
very interesting experience for the useless bitch and I
want her to enjoy every fucking minute of it.’

Miranda leaned down and whispered in Jane’s ear, ‘mmm,
I am so going to enjoy this slut. You are about to have
your pubic hair very slowly removed by a bunch of bored
fucking schoolgirls. How do you feel about that huh?
How fucking sad is that bitch? And I’ll be taking
pictures of course,’ Miranda laughed, ‘digital,’ she
winked at the horrified, naked woman, ‘so I can put
them straight on the Internet, oh, and I expect the
girls will want copies don’t you?’

Miranda sealed her slave’s mouth shut with duct-tape,
after encouraging several of the little to girls to
take their socks off and shove them in the forty-eight
year-olds mouth. Cheeks bulging with white socks under
the duct-tape, a frightened Jane breathed hard through
her nose.

She watched as the girls picked up the tweezers and
stood ready. Miranda’s head was between the hapless
older woman’s legs as she prepared to give a
demonstration. To add to the dehumanizing of their
victim, Miranda had taped a reading lamp to Jane’s
stomach, so that it shone down onto her vagina. The
slave could feel the warmth of the lamp on her

Jane felt like a girls-school lab experiment; like some
bizarre specimen in a biology study; barely human at
all. The girls leaned in to watch Miranda. Jane’s
twenty-three year old owner carefully selected a long,
black pubic hair, and grasped it with the tweezers.

‘Now…’ she explained, ‘you have to get a good grip,
and then pull VERY slowly. Just ease it out,’ she
pulled the hair out with excruciating slowness, the
crowd listened to Jane sock-muffled whimpering, and the
pack of little girls laughed hysterically. Miranda let
the hair fall onto the floor; then picked up the
digital camera. ‘Okay girls,’ she said, ‘let’s get to

Beads of sweat broke out on Jane’s forehead as the
slow, cruel depilation of her pussy and ass proceeded.
The girls giggled and made cruel remarks about her the
whole time, delighting every time she flinched or
whimpered. At one point Jenna appeared near Jane’s head
and held the tweezers close to the writhing woman’s

‘Ooh, look at that one Miss Sullivan, must have hurt
real bad when I pulled that one out, cause, I like,
took ages over it. Aren’t I naughty?’ the little girl
giggled. ‘Funny really,’ she said, looking at the pubic
hair, ‘but I always wanted to do something like this to
you coz you were always such a boring loser. I hated
you really, I only pretended to like you so mum
wouldn’t get angry, and now Miranda’s letting me do
this. She’s sooo cool isn’t she? And I think she likes
me… so who knows? Maybe she’ll let me do loads more
stuff to you. I mean… she owns you now right? You’re
like her fucking slave or something. That is sooo cool.
I wish you were my slave, and then I would really make
you suffer.’ Jenna grinned at her sobbing neighbor,
then went back to join the pack of giggling little
girls working away between the woman’s legs.

After about two hours, Jane could feel dozens of
fingers pulling roughly at her labia and spreading the
cheeks of her ass.

‘Can’t find any more,’ a voice said, ‘I think your
slave is really bald down here now Miranda.’

‘Okay girls,’ Miranda said, ‘move out of the way, I
need some more close ups.’ Jane could hear the camera
clicking, and she saw the flash. ‘Hey, Jenna?’

‘Yeah,’ the nine year-old answered.

‘I’ll take the table-lamp off while you go hold the
bitch’s head up so her chin’s on her chest. I want to
get her face in all the shots.’

‘Cool!’ Miranda giggled as she moved behind Jane,
putting her tiny hands under the woman’s head. Then she
pushed her neighbor’s head up so the hapless woman was
staring at her own bald pussy. The camera flashed
dozens of times. At one point Miranda asked the girls
to open the bitch up a bit and was greeted with cries
of yuck and gross so she pulled a box of surgical
gloves from the cupboard and threw them to the girls.

‘Here,’ she said, ‘put these on, and remember… always
be prepared,’ she winked at the girls and they laughed,
sliding on the oversized gloves.

Jane felt dozens of rubbery little fingers slide into
her vagina, she winced, and then began to thrash about
when she realized that the horrid little brats had
their hands inside her. These sarcastic, cruel, wicked
little girls now had their fingers deep in her pussy,
groping and pulling at her most intimate place.

‘Whoa!’ said Jenna, ‘hold still Miss Sullivan, you know
there’s nothing you can do about it. You can’t get away
tied like that.

‘No way,’ said the tiny seven year-old, ‘you can’t stop
us doing anything to you silly grown-up,’ and as if to
emphasize her point the tiny little girl slid a small,
gloved finger into Jane’s anus.

‘Yuck Chloe, that’s gross,’ said another girl while the
rest howled with laughter. Then several other fingers
joined the first. Jane whimpered into her gag, she felt
completely degraded as the c******n groped curiously
around inside her ass, while several more amused
themselves with her vagina.

Then she felt the girls pull her pussy wide open, so
her gaping hole was exposed for the camera. Jenna
pushed the captive woman’s head till her chin was on
her chest, then the little girl ducked down out of the
camera view. Jane gazed past her own belly and bald,
spread cunt at Miranda, who stood grinning behind the
camera. Flash! Flash! Flash! Jane lost count of how
many pictures were taken.

After a while they began to get bored and they slowly
drifted away from their helpless plaything, dropping
the soiled surgical gloves into the waste bin.

‘Hey,’ said Jenna, dropping Jane’s head back onto the
table, ‘let’s see what’s on MTV.’

Jane moaned into the duct-tape; the brats had tortured
and degraded her for their amusement, and now they were
off to watch TV. Just like that. She had lost every
shred of dignity she had ever possessed, been
humiliated and exposed for their amusement; and now all
the little bitches wanted to do was watch music videos.
Miranda unclipped the slave’s legs, lowered them to the
table, and then re-attached the familiar chain.

‘Hey, that was fun,’ she chided, ‘bet you enjoyed it
huh? Well, I hope so cause fun and games are over for
now. You need to clean up all this disgusting pubic
hair… and then the girls will need feeding. There’s
some chicken-nuggets in the freezer, they’ll be happy
with that, you know what kids are like.’ She unclipped
Jane’s hands and sat her upright; the slave’s legs and
feet felt numb. ‘Don’t take too long!’ grinned Miranda,
‘I hear schoolgirls can get really grouchy if they
don’t eat… and I’m sure you wouldn’t want that would

Miranda laughed then added, ‘oh, and you’ll serve them
all individually and thank them for making your ugly
cunt look nicer � and spit the socks in your mouth into
the washer while your at it, we don’t want your
disgusting spit on their pretty little feet now do we?
Well… not yet anyway.’

Chapter Four: Punishing Jane

Jane worked on her domestic chores. It was long and
arduous, she could only shuffle awkwardly around in her
leg chains, and she had to lean forward with her whole
body to reach anything with the little freedom the
wrist chains allowed her. Miranda had purchased more
expensive restraints (with Jane’s own money of course)
that had a new feature.

Each wrist was now chained separately to loops at the
side of the waist belt, it gave the slave the same
degree of movement as the previous front loop, with one
difference: a quick pull on a tab at the rear of the
belt and her wrists would be instantly pulled tight to
her sides and locked there. It gave Miranda (or any of
the little brats) excellent control over her.

Jane shuffled slowly along with the vacuum cleaner,
noticing that the front door was slightly open. Not
that the woman could contemplate escape, she wouldn’t
get far shuffling naked, chained and gagged into the
street, and anyway, she could hear Miranda’s voice in
the driveway.

The blonde was talking to Jenna’s little sister; an
arrogant, foot stamping, sulking, tantrum throwing six-
year-old girl called Amy. Jane had a worse history with
little Amy than she had with her nine year-old sister,
the little girl had hated her on sight (and the feeling
had been mutual). Jane had met the girl only a month
ago at a barbeque her mother had thrown. The c***d had
been rude from the first, marching out onto the patio,
pouting. Jane had smiled at her pleasantly, trying to
be friendly.

‘What are you looking at?’ the girl had said to her.

The girl’s mother heard and gave Amy a telling off, and
of course, the c***d immediately blamed Jane. Later in
the evening she had edged closer to Jane, and said
quietly: ‘I’ll get you for that, you see if I don’t.
You are my worst enemy now and I’m gonna tell all my
friends about you.’

For some reason the threat scared Jane. The girl was
only six but Jane didn’t relish the idea of stones
through her windows or scratches on her car, kids
nowadays were so unruly, and they all knew they could
pretty much do what they wanted without fear of

And now here was Jane… only a few feet from the evil
little brat, naked and in chains. The slave backed
slowly away from the door, hoping Miranda wouldn’t
notice. But Miranda did notice. Jane’s owner noticed
everything, there were live-feed-webcams all around the
house, and Miranda’s friends could tap into them any
time they wanted to watch her. It was a horrible
feeling; she never knew what eyes were silently
watching her through those cameras. How many people
were watching her now? The slave heard the front door
open, and Miranda came in.

‘Not avoiding me are you slut?’ Miranda said, grinning
wickedly. Jane shook her head. ‘Good! Because there’s
someone I want you to meet.’ Jane felt her heart skip a
beat, it couldn’t be, surely even Miranda would have
nothing to do with a six year old.

Amy walked calmly through the font door, closing it
behind her. She came and stood silently beside Jane’s

Miranda spoke, ‘Remember that glass you broke
yesterday?’ Jane nodded, acutely aware that she could
not hide her nakedness from the glowering eyes of the
six year-old. ‘Well, it made me realize that I’m way
too busy to keep thinking up punishments for you,
especially as you are forever making mistakes,’ Jane
swallowed hard, ‘so I have asked little Amy here to
help me. She said she could think up loads of ways to
punish you. Didn’t you honey?’ The c***d grinned
wickedly and nodded her head. Jane just stared in
horror, this could not be happening.

Jane found herself in an unpleasantly familiar
position, the one she had been tied in on the kitchen
table; except this time she was on Miranda’s old single
bed, (Miranda had now evicted Jane and taken over her
larger room). The slave’s wrists were locked to the
headboard, her legs were painfully raised so that her
ankles were either side of her head, then these too
were locked to the headboard, and of course, she was
quite naked. The slave’s owner and the six year-old
brat Amy stood beside the bed.

‘That okay?’ Miranda said to the c***d.

‘Yeah, cool… she looks sooo silly,’ laughed little
Amy. When Miranda left the room the six year-old girl
jumped up on the bed. She was clutching a little pink
bag, with a picture of Barbie on the side. The c***d
looked Jane in the eyes, ‘see,’ she said, ‘I told you I
was gonna get you didn’t I? Miranda says I can do all
your punishments, an she says you are like, naughty all
the time, an she says I can make you pay for being bad
and stuff, an do whatever I like to you. How cool is
that?’ Amy grinned and reached into the bag. She pulled
out a tattered looking Barbie doll. ‘This one was bad
too, she fell off the shelf an smashed my glass snow
thing – so I’m gonna punish both of you.’

Jane glanced up at the webcam in the corner of the
room, it was pointing at the bed and a little red light
winked on and off. The slave could barely take in what
was happening to her, and she wondered how many people
were watching her being turned into an oversized doll
for a sadistic six year-old. Amy placed the Barbie
doll’s head at the opening to the slave’s plucked

‘Yuck, I bet she would hate to go in there,’ Amy
giggled. Jane shouted into her gag, and pulled against
her chains, suddenly realizing what the girl intended
to do. Amy pulled a baby-blue colored ruler from the
bag, and smacked Jane hard on the vagina with it. ‘Stop
it!’ she shouted, then hit the slave some more, whack!
whack! whack! Each stinging blow slapped the slave’s
exposed vagina until Jane fell limp onto the bed.
‘Don’t you EVER try to do that again!’ said the six
year-old in a stern voice, ‘you are MY toy now, and I
can play wiv my toys any way I want. I make up what
games we play not you. You are just there so I can do
stuff to you. Nobody cares what you want.’

Just to make sure the slave understood the girl hit the
helpless woman on the pussy twice more with the ruler.
whack! whack! ‘Now…’ Amy said, positioning the doll
at the slave’s (now very red) pussy lips, ‘in you go
Barbie.’ With that little Amy shoved the doll deep into
Jane’s vagina, the slave jerked in shock and discomfort
as the plastic toy penetrated her.

Amy tried twisting the doll and pushing as hard as she
could but she couldn’t get it to go in any further than
the arms. So the wicked six year-old stood up, lifting
her little shoe, and stamped on the dolls plastic feet
until the toy disappeared into Jane’s pussy. Then the
brat wriggled the toe of her shoe into the folds of
skin around Jane’s vagina, and shoved the doll in

‘There,’ Amy said, sitting down cross-legged in front
of her victim’s obscenely raised pussy, ‘now I can
smack both of you together.’ The c***d lifted the baby-
blue ruler and began thrashing away madly at Jane’s
exposed genitals. Jane screamed into her gag of little
girls socks and panties (newly soiled pairs were
generously donated each day by Miranda’s little tribe),
but who would come? The bratty six year-old could do
whatever she wanted to her forty-nine year-old victim �
for as long as she wanted.

Chapter Five: Jane Meets The Family

Jane’s Internet voyeur fan-club was growing in number,
even though the password to the site was strictly by
word of mouth. One kind watcher sent Miranda a very
expensive looking digital camcorder, with the
interesting suggestion that it would enable her to
travel with her slave. Of course it wouldn’t be live
feed, but it would add some variety.

Miranda had been able to quit her job now she had a
free house and Jane’s income to live on, and she’d
become very friendly with Jane’s neighbor. Lana (Amy
and Jenna’s mother) was an attractive thirty something
woman, and she seemed to like Miranda a lot � quite a
bit more than Jane in fact, and it soon became apparent
that the girl’s mother shared their views on the stuck-
up neighbor.

Eventually Miranda ventured the lie that Jane had gone
away to stay with relatives and had left her in charge
of the house, Lana seemed very pleased and after some
wine one evening said that she ‘hoped the boring bitch
never came back.’ Miranda grew bolder, in the end
telling Lana that Jane had decided to move permanently
and that she had given Miranda first offer on the

‘You should take it Miranda dear,’ Lana had said, ‘it
would be wonderful to have you as a neighbor and the
girls are so fond of you.’ Miranda had to smile at
this, she already had the title to Jane’s property (it
had been transferred into her name a while ago), Jane
owned nothing, and her ex-lodger had practically wiped
out any trace that the forty-nine year-old woman had
ever existed.

Miranda loaded up the expensive SUV purchased with
Jane’s money, it had all the extras, and tinted windows
of course, she was really looking forward to the trip
(though it pleased her think that Jane probably
wasn’t). Lana had been delighted when Miranda had
offered to take the girls on a road trip during the
school summer break, and the girls (of course) had been
really enthusiastic. Miranda put the luggage in the
back, placed a pile of her favorite CDs on the front
passenger seat along with her expensive laptop, and
then settled the girls in the back seats. The she
dragged the naked, manacled Jane out into the garage.

‘It’s perfect when you think about it?’ Miranda said to
her captive, knowing full well she couldn’t reply
behind her gag. ‘I mean, what’s the fucking worst thing
about road trips with kids? Easy! They get bored, and
then they just whine all the time… Are we there yet?
Are we there yet? Jeez, it’s enough to drive you mad, I
did it with my nieces once, and I promised myself never
again. But it’s not going to be like that this time is
it, because now the little brats have you to play with.
Should keep them quiet enough.’

The young woman laughed at the look in Jane’s eyes.
Miranda dragged Jane to the car, opened the back door
and shoved the naked woman onto the girl’s little laps.
She then taped the camcorder to a headrest, so it had a
clear view of everything going on in the back seat, and
switched it on.

Like most little kids, Jenna and Amy got bored quickly,
almost as soon as the SUV rolled out of the garage in
fact. Jenna rolled her jeans and panties down around
her ankles, grabbed Jane’s head by the hair and shoved
it between her legs, then the nine year-old lay back
into the comfortable leather seats with her hands
behind her head as the forty-nine year-old sex-slave
began licking her young mistress’s vagina. Jenna
reached lazily under the slave and gave one of her
nipples a hard twist.

‘That’s useless!’ the c***d complained, ‘get your
tongue right up there like you woz licking out the
inside of a yummy ice cream cone.’ Jane did as she was

Amy emptied out a bag of dolls and began to play with
the slave’s other end. Miranda adjusted the rear view
mirror and looked at the sprawling woman with her head
stuffed between a nine year-olds thighs, (which were
tightly clamped around the slave’s head) while little
Amy was busy stuffing Barbie dolls into the slave’s
vagina, her favorite game. Miranda smiled as she put
her arm though the gap in the seats and handed a wide-
eyed Amy a large, thick, metal studded rubber-dildo. It
was at least a foot long and so thick the little girl
couldn’t hold it all the way round even with both

‘Just wondered if you might like to play with that,’
Miranda said grinning.

‘COOL,’ exclaimed Amy, ‘I bet she would hate to have
that in her.’ The six year-old yanked out the Barbie
doll, buried up to its plastic knees in Jane, making
the woman give a muffled yelp into Jenna’s cunny.

‘ooh!’ said Jenna, ‘that woz nice sis, make her do it

‘Okay,’ said Amy obligingly. With that she began to
screw the huge dildo into Jane’s vagina, but it was
tricky, this was five times the size of a Barbie doll,
or even two Barbie dolls as she usually managed to get
up there. In the end the little girl braced her back
against the door, lifted her leg, placed her foot
against the end of the monstrous spiky thing, and used
her leg muscles to push it into the bound slave.

Jane screamed, while the force of little Amy’s foot
shoved the slave’s face deep into Jenna’s bald pussy.

‘Wow!’ said Jenna laughing, ‘that feels REALLY weird,
she’s like shouting up my cunny.’

‘Bad weird, or good weird,’ asked Miranda from the
front seat.

‘Just kinda funny weird, sort of cool though, an I like
it � don’t stop Amy!’

Amy giggled and gave a big push forcing the huge dildo
half way into the now thrashing, wailing sex-slave’s

‘Jeez Miranda,’ said Jenna, ‘she’s like, going totally

Miranda pulled the SUV over and clambered into the back
with the girls. The pathetic naked woman looked like
she was trying to stick her head inside the nine year-
olds vagina, and she was making very strange gurgling
noises, which sounded sort of slobbery as her lips and
mouth were buried in pre-teen cunt. Miranda laughed.

‘Hey, that looks like fun Jenna,’ she said.

‘uh! ooh! yeah, it tickles in a really… ooh! sort of
funky way, like in my belly! um! ah! I kinda like it a
lot, you should… um! mmm! try it Miranda,’ the girl
had a strange expression on her face, and Miranda had
to admit, it looked very inviting.

‘You bet,’ the young woman said, ‘as soon as we get to
my sister’s place.’

‘Aren’t we going to a motel like you told mummy randa?’
Said the six year-old said as she gave a final push
with both little feet, ramming the fat dildo its full
length into Jane’s vagina. Her sister gasped as the
slave let out a long, lingering moan into her cunny.

‘ooh!’ was all Jenna could manage to say.

‘No sweetie,’ said Miranda, ‘I told your mom we might
stay at a motel, but I did say we would probably visit
my sister, because she has little girls about your age
and I thought you would like to play with them.’

‘Can we all play wiv this?’ said Amy, slapping a naked
Jane on the buttocks with her tiny hand.

‘Of course you can honey, that’s what we bought her
along for, so you call all have fun playing with her.’

Miranda swung the SUV into the driveway of her sister’s
house, then she went to the back, got out a large,
black, nylon, sports bag, and threw it onto the foot
space in front of the rear seats.

‘We have to move her around in this,’ said Miranda,
‘don’t want anyone getting jealous and stealing our toy
do we?’

‘Nope,’ Jenna agreed, ‘she’s gettin more fun to play
wiv all the time.’

Miranda laughed, she couldn’t be sure but it looked
like the nine year-old may have had her first orgasm
while Jane was yelling into her little pussy. As the
girls climbed out of the car Miranda grabbed the naked
slave by the hair and pulled her face close.

‘Now come on bitch, don’t keep me in suspense… did
that little girl cum in your mouth earlier?’ Miranda
said. Jane stayed silent, a look of utter misery on her
face. ‘Don’t hold out on me loser, you must know. I
mean, no one was closer than you right?’

The slave started sobbing. ‘I don’t know Mistress,’ she

‘Well fuck Jane, you’ve been licking that little cunt
of hers for weeks now,’ Miranda grinned, ‘you must be
the worlds fucking greatest expert on what that girl
tastes like. Did it leak anything into your stupid,
bitch mouth?’

‘Y… Yes Mistress, a… a few… times.’

‘Cool, so the little brat DID cum in your mouth… and
you knew didn’t you bitch?’

‘Yes Mistress,’ tears rolled freely down Jane’s cheeks.

‘Wow! Bet that fucking freaked you out huh? Having some
nine year-old masturbating in your mouth. That is sooo
fucking humiliating,’ Miranda couldn’t help laughing at
her slave’s misery. ‘WELL??? What did it taste like?’

‘I… I don’t know Mistress. Not like yours.’

‘No, I guess not. She don’t have the hormones yet huh?’
Miranda grabbed the handful of dirty socks and panties
that were lying on the seat and shoved them back in the
naked woman’s mouth, muffling her sobs. ‘Well, I have
lots more fun and games planned for you, and now you’ll
have to amuse me, Jenna, Amy AND my sister and her
three girls. Sure you’ll love it though.’ Miranda
laughed and shoved the woman into the large sports bag.
‘I got this bag from the local girl’s school, they used
to keep hockey and soccer gear in it for away matches,
so it’s been filled with little girl’s sweaty socks and
shorts and stuff, wow, smells like it too. Anyway, I
thought it would be just perfect to keep you in.’

Miranda’s sister was a pretty brunette in her early
thirties, and she had three lovely girls: Holly aged
ten, Kaitlyn age seven and little Faith age five. They
all had their mother’s pretty looks, with long, light-
brown hair and sparkling green eyes. Miranda hugged her
sister Alex, then introduced Jenna and Amy.

‘Mom says you got a REAL slave, not a pretend one or
anyfing,’ Holly said all wide-eyed to Jenna.

‘Yep!’ Jenna said, all smiles, ‘an it’s a real grown-up
wiv titties an stuff you can play wiv.’

‘Cool,’ said Kaitlyn, ‘can we see.’

‘Sure you can sweetie,’ said Miranda, ‘come give your
auntie a hug first,’ the little girl ran into her
auntie’s arms. Miranda smiled, her nieces all hugged
her but they were looking excitedly over her shoulder
as they did it, staring at the large black bag in the
porch. Eventually Miranda dragged it inside, thankful
it had little wheels on one end – Jane was a very small
woman, but still a heavy dead weight to lug around.

Jane’s Mistress unzipped her carrying bag and
immediately tiny, grinning faces appeared, peering in
at her.

‘Go on!’ said Jenna, ‘you can touch if you like, you
can do anyfing you want wiv her… we do, don’t we
Amy?’ The younger girl nodded enthusiastically.

‘I put Barbie dolls in it’s cunny,’ said Amy, ‘an when
we woz coming here I put a big, big spiky fing up there
what randa gave me, and I had to kick it to make it go

‘Wow!’ said Kaitlyn, obviously impressed.

‘It’s still up there… look!’ said a giggling Amy as
she unzipped the bag all the way and pointed to the end
of the huge dildo, clearly visible protruding from the
bound slave’s vagina.

‘Cool’, said Holly, ‘I bet that woz like, totally fun.’

‘I dunno really,’ admitted Jenna with a wicked smile,
‘coz I woz makin her lick my cunny when Amy woz doin

Holly’s face was a picture. ‘It licks your cunny?’ the
girl said.

‘Yeah, all the time,’ Jenna giggled. ‘An Amy’s, and my
friends, and Miranda’s too.’

‘Awesome!’ said Kaitlyn.

‘It licks butt holes too,’ Amy informed them.

‘No way!’ said Holly, ‘she kiddin us right?’ the ten
year-old asked Jenna, obviously suspecting the younger
girl was exaggerating.

‘No, she’s telling the truth…’ Jenna laughed, ‘you
can make her lick right up inside your butt hole any
time you want, an you don’t have to wash it or nuthin.’
Jane let out a humiliated groan from her panty and sock
stuffed mouth.

‘I don’t think she likes doin it Jenna,’ laughed Holly.

‘Course not, lickin butt holes is gross! But we can
just make her do it coz she’s ours.’

‘Wow, you are so lucky,’ said Kaitlyn.

‘Well we can share okay!’ Jenna offered her new
friends, ‘when we go an stay at our dad’s you can keep
her here an do gross stuff to her as much as you want.’

‘Oh! Oh! Oh! Can we mommy? Can we?’ said Holly

‘That’s up to your aunty Miranda honey.’

‘PLEASE Miranda… can we huh? Please!’ Kaitlyn

‘Of course sweetie, she belongs more to Jenna and Amy
than me, I just sort of look after her because it’s a
secret toy right?’ Miranda said as Jenna and Amy
nodded. ‘So if they say you can borrow it, then you

‘COOL,’ squealed the little girls in unison.

‘Hey,’ said Jenna, ‘I know what… lets pull the big
spiky thing out an put it back in again, I bet she
would hate us to do that.’

‘Do you like doing things that it hates best?’ asked

‘Yep!’ said Jenna, ‘that’s most fun, doing stuff that
it hates, like makin it lick you, an doin stuff wot
hurts it… y’know, like t*****e an stuff.’

‘Wot’s it hate most,’ asked a curious Holly.

‘Oh, loads of stuff,’ said Jenna, ‘um… suckin feet,
an lickin cunnys, an lickin butt holes, an wen you fart
on its face, an havin our socks an panties in its mouth
all the time, an… an… wen Amy puts stuff up its
holes, an being whipped an smacked an stuff like that.’

Miranda dragged a naked, whimpering Jane from the bag
and laid her on the carpet, the c******n closed in on
the bound, naked slave like a pack of hungry dogs and
soon they had her legs spread and her ankles tied to
the coffee table. The laughing, happy little girls
played with the big dildo, pulling it out of Jane’s
abused vagina, and roughly shoving it back in again, it
was so huge it took all of them to do it.

Jane’s distress was obvious, she writhed and squirmed
in a vain attempt to escape her tiny tormentors,
yelling constantly into her makeshift gag, which just
made the game more fun for the girls. Jane felt as if
she were going to split in two, it felt like the trunk
of a whole tree were being f****d into her pussy, she
was sure she could feel the tip of the thing in her

‘You’re right Jenna,’ said Holly, ‘it’s sooo much more
fun when it hates wot we do to it.’

Even though her mind was distracted by the screaming
agony being inflicted on her vagina and the sheer
humiliation of being a naked plaything for these
c******n, Jane had noticed an ominous development. The
girls had started to refer to her as ‘it’, as though in
their minds she was slowly losing any connection with a
human being. They didn’t see her as a real person like
them or other grown-ups they knew � now Jane was simply
a ‘thing’ a ‘toy’… an ‘IT.’

A couple of hours later Alex made the girl’s some lunch
then they all ran giggling upstairs to look at each
others bedrooms and clothes. Miranda and her sister sat
around the coffee table with a glass of sparkling white
wine each, they look at the sobbing wretch in the

‘She looks very shiny and sweaty,’ grinned Alex, ‘guess
the girls gave her a good work out huh?’

‘Oh yeah,’ laughed Miranda, ‘she gets a good workout
most every day. Don’t you bitch?’ The naked slave
nodded her head.

‘So when do I get a go?’ Alex gave a lustful stare at
the prostrate forty-nine year-old.

‘Anytime you want hon, but I wouldn’t hang about if I
were you, they’re gonna be coming down for her soon.’

Miranda helped her sister get Jane upstairs to her
bedroom, they unshackled the slave’s ankles and made
her walk, shoving her in the back if she slowed down.
After the naked slave was tied safely to Alex’s bed,
Miranda went to soak in the tub.

Alex pulled the wet socks and panties from Jane’s mouth
as she straddled the bound woman’s chest.

‘Fuck!’ she laughed, holding up the saliva soaked
underwear, ‘Miranda wasn’t kidding was she, those
little kids really DO own you. When you’re not sucking
on their socks and panties, you’re sucking on their
feet and cunts, what a life! If you can call it that –
my sister’s such a wonderfully wicked bitch.’

Alex slid forward until her pussy was over Jane’s
mouth, and her clitoris touched the slave’s nose. Jane
breathed noisily, drawing air into her nostrils past
the clit hood of the woman sat on her face. Then Alex
began to rock gently to and fro as Jane slid her tongue
into the vagina that pressed down hard on her mouth.
Alex began to moan and groan and her pussy leaked
profusely, pouring sticky juices into the slave’s

Jane tried to concentrate on getting the job done, it
was what she always did when they made her do things
like this. It was so difficult swallowing while her
tongue was fully extended, but she’d drown if she
didn’t, the woman wasn’t normal, her vagina leaked
constantly filling the slave’s mouth again and again,
after every swallow.

Suddenly Alex’s thighs clamped about Jane’s ears and
the woman moaned even louder, then her whole body
juddered… and then the floodgates opened. Jane
thought the woman was pissing in her mouth, but it was
cum � it felt like pints and pints and pints of horrid,
sticky cum. Jane felt her belly filling with the stuff
as she struggled not to vomit. Alex lost control and
began to rub herself frantically on the slave’s face,
coating her in the slimy stuff, then she sat heavily on
the sex-toy’s face.

Jane’s mouth and nose were both squashed under the
woman’s pussy and Jane couldn’t breathe, she panicked,
struggling against her bonds and trying to work her
head out from under the woman. This just excited Alex,
who had an even bigger orgasm than the first time
round, she bucked and writhed on the trapped face under
her, filling the slave’s mouth and nostrils with cum.
Finally she slid back, freeing the wretched woman under
her. Jane screamed, coughing and spitting the woman’s
slimy, sticky juices from her nose and mouth, as she
gulped down air sobbing uncontrollably.

‘Fuck that was good!’ exclaimed Alex. ‘Little sis was
right… sex is sooo much better if someone else has to
suffer for your pleasure!’ she looked down at the
distraught slave. ‘Wouldn’t it be fucking awesome to
orgasm while you suffocated in my cunt?’ Alex laughed
evilly, ‘Oh I wish bitch, but Miranda would never let
me’ she’s planning on having years of fun with you…
and I guess it would be kinda wasteful.’

Alex shook her head letting her long, light-brown hair
hang loose. ‘It’s amazing,’ she said to the still
gasping Jane, ‘kids are so fucking clever about some
things, they knew instinctively how much fun it was to
t*****e someone while you’re getting off at their
expense… I guess it’ll be my daughter’s teaching me
about sex in this set up.’

Alex dragged Jane to the bathroom where here sister was
relaxing in a tub full of soapsuds. Jane was made to
kneel in front of the sink, then Alex locked the
slave’s ankles together, filled the bowl and began to
wash the naked woman’s face and hair. It just made Jane
feel more miserable, like she was a dildo this mom had
used to have an orgasm, now she was washing it before
putting it back in the dresser drawer. When the slave
was clean of her sister’s sticky cum Miranda spoke to

‘What did you do Alex? Fill a fucking bucket with cum
an stick her head in it. Jeez, what a mess. Guess it’s
been a while huh sis?’

‘Too fucking long! But that was just fucking wonderful.
Tell me your not going to take her away just yet sis?’
Alex grabbed hold of Jane’s tongue and tugged painfully
on it, bringing tears to the slave’s eyes. ‘I want more
of THIS � and I want it in my asshole next time, just
like the girls do.’

‘It’s okay sis, we’re gonna be here for most of the
summer, the girl’s mom trusts me. Anyway, like Jenna
said, you can borrow her okay.’

‘Okay,’ said Alex, letting go of Jane’s tongue. ‘I just
don’t think I can go back to not having a fuck-toy
after having a go. Fuck, you’re such a clever bitch
Miranda, how the hell did you pull this one off.’

‘Awe, it’s all about grabbing an opportunity when you
see it. The stuck-up bitch was ripe for it, she thought
she knew it all and I got her when she wasn’t looking.
Bet she has a shit load of regrets now.’

‘No kidding,’ said Alex as she listened to the girl’s
loud laughter coming from down the hall, ‘imagine being
a helpless slave to that lot!’

‘Yeah, scary aint it,’ Miranda laughed. ‘Hey sis, drag
the bitch over here will you.’ Miranda dangled a leg
over the side of the tub, ‘suck my fucking toes bitch,’
she ordered a kneeling Jane.

‘They look pretty clean already,’ Alex laughed.

‘Yeah, I know, but it feels nice. I love the way she
squirms her tongue in between my toes, it sort of
tickles. The girls taught her that… it’s why she’s so
good at it. Hours and hours of practice they put her
through, except not with clean feet of course.’ Miranda
winked at Jane who knelt by the tub, her mouth full of
her Mistress’s foot.

‘Nope, they’d come in from school or playing in the
yard, whip off their shoes and socks and then straight
in the bitch’s mouth. Can you imagine that? Sucking
some schoolgirl’s dirty feet! I should feel guilty
about what I’ve done to her I guess… but…
unfortunately for her I don’t. I love it, and I’m just
getting started. The two women laughed while Jane
slurped on the feet of the woman responsible for all
her misery.

Chapter Six: Trying Out The New Toy

Jane spent the night in Holly’s bed, the girls had
decided to let the older girl have a go first working
down to the youngest. Miranda had tied Jane’s ankles to
a broom handle, spreading her legs, and now she lay on
her back, naked and helpless in the ten year-olds bed.
Holly wasn’t sure what to do at first, the c***d was
wearing a little white crop-top which came to just
above her navel, pink panties and white ankle-socks,
after a while she straddled Jane’s stomach giggling
nervously, then she started to bounce all excited and
c***d like.

It was all a little too much for Holly, everything was
just too exciting, she had a fully grown-up naked woman
in her bed and all she could think about were the
things Jenna and Amy had told her, about how the slave
thing would put it’s tongue in her cunny, and even her

Holly got brave enough to take her panties off, and she
would be shy normally, except this wasn’t a real
person, Jenna had told her about that, she’d told Holly
about slaves and how they were just for making people
happy and they weren’t like real people, and how you
could do anything to them � even stuff you thought up
that no one else had done.

Holly bounced up and down on the slave’s belly, her
little naked butt cheeks slapping against the slave’s
skin, then she sort of bounced up a bit, until she was
sort of sitting just under its titties, so she played
with them for a while. Slapping them was fun as they
wobbled when she did it, sort of like jello, but
pinching its nipples was best, as it hated that and
even made little crying noises. Holly thought that was
really cool, just like Jenna had said… it was much
more fun when it was unhappy.

Jenna said slaves weren’t supposed to be happy and it
wasn’t good for them. They had to be kept really
miserable all the time, and if you had a slave you had
to be sure and be mean to it all the time. So holly
gave the slave’s nipple a really big pinch, squeezing
as hard as she could, and it sort of yelped, like a dog
when you trod on its tail by accident. Holly was
getting really excited now! She wanted to thank her
cool new friends by making the slave as miserable as

Then the ten year-old had an idea, she climbed off the
slave and rummaged in her dresser drawer until she
found the little sewing kit she found in a hotel room
last summer. She took out the longest needle and
climbed back on the toy-thing. Holly concentrated
really hard, she grabbed a tittie and squeezed it so
the nipple stuck out, then she pushed the needle right
in the top. The slave screamed and started crying,
which was really funny but too noisy, so holly pulled
her socks off, picked up her panties, and stuffed them
in its mouth, then she went back to her game.

When the needle was nearly all the way in the little
girl wiggled the end making the slave really cry lots.
Then she got the box and began to stick more needles in
and the slave had its head bent right back and it was
making really weird noises, but it was definitely
unhappy and that’s what mattered. Now the slave’s
titties looked like tiny porcupines, with all their
spines sticking out. It was so cool Holly jumped up and
ran to get Jenna who was sleeping in the spare room
with her sister.

Jenna looked at the moaning slave with all the needles
sticking out of its titties.

‘Wow Holly, that’s the coolest thing, you are so
clever!’ said Jenna.

‘I just thought of it, that’s all, I just wanted her to
be really, really unhappy so you would think I woz
cool,’ said Holly, who had completely forgotten that
she wasn’t wearing much more than the slave.

‘I do think your cool,’ said Jenna, ‘you’re my bestest
best friend in the world.’

‘Wow really?’

‘Yeah, totally, an your really pretty an everything.’

‘I’m not as pretty as you though Jenna, you are like a

‘Yeah, you are!’ said Jenna, ‘you are like the best
princess ever, like in stories.’

Holly giggled, ‘oops! You can see my thingy,’ and she
stood with her legs crossed smiling at her new best

‘S’okay though right? Coz it’s a pretty thingy, not
like THAT ugly thing,’ Jenna prodded Jane’s vagina with
her foot.

‘Well… yeah, I guess… bet yours is pretty too.’

‘It’s sort of like yours I guess.’

‘Show me!’

‘Okay’, Jenna wriggled out of her panties and stood
there in a t-shirt and socks.

‘Yep, it is kinda like mine, it’s cute.’

Jenna grinned, ‘lets punish it for having such an ugly
cunny thing.’

‘Okay,’ said Holly, ‘what shall we do?’

‘Um… lets… make her lick your butt hole… yeah, an
we’ll leave the pins in while she does it.’

Jenna pulled the panty-sock gag out of Jane’s mouth
while a giggling Holly climbed on the slave’s face, she
was looking down toward the spiky titties just like
Jenna told her, so he butt hole would be right over the
slave’s mouth. Jane began licking the girl’s anus while
Jenna wriggled the pins in her breasts making her sob
and moan with the pain. The girls laughed.

‘No way is she happy now,’ said Jenna ‘pins in her
titties And she has to lick your butt.’

‘Shame she can’t lick butts an cunnys at the same
time,’ gasped Holly, ‘that would be AWESOME!’

‘Yeah, totally,’ said Jenna, ‘but you can put your
finger there.’

‘Where?’ said Holly as she bounced her ass on the
slave’s mouth.

‘Well…’ said Jenna, ‘here…’ and she touched Holly’s

‘Oh, yeah, that is nice…’ Holly bounced harder and
the tip of her friend’s finger slid into her cunny.

‘Sorry!’ exclaimed Jenna, ‘you sort of…’

‘It’s okay,’ said holly, ‘it’s really nice, just like
if it could lick both holes.’

‘Cool,’ Jenna said, ‘I’ll do it for you an you can do
it for me, okay?’

‘Yeah, okay,’ grinned Holly.

Jane lay on her back with her breasts full of pins,
tonguing out a ten year-olds ass, and to add to the
humiliation the girl was being fingered off by her
friend. The two girls were having some kind of pre-teen
encounter and Jane was little more than a sex-toy in
their little game. After a while Holly moved back so
she was sitting on Jane’s forehead covering her eyes,
Jenna now straddled the slave’s throat, her buttocks
pressing painfully on the pins in the woman’s breasts.
A giggling Jenna would wriggle her finger into Holly’s
cunny for a while and then put it in Jane’s mouth.

The slave was then made to suck it and say, ‘delicious,
could I have more please Mistress?.’

Holly would laugh and say, ‘Yeah sure, there’s plenty,
right Jen?’ Then there would be more giggling and
wriggling and the finger would be thrust into her mouth
once more.

After a while the girls found a way to both use the
Jane-the-licking-machine at the same time. Holly sat on
the slave’s face looking toward the top of the bed, so
the naked woman’s body was behind her, then she would
slide backward until the slave’s nose slipped inside
her little anus. Jenna would sit the other way round,
facing the slave’s saggy titties, and she would place
her ass directly over the helpless woman’s mouth, both
girls sat back to back, giggling and licking arms.
Holly would finger herself to the feel of Jane’s nose
as it rubbed her asshole, while Jenna would be getting
the full attention of the slave’s tongue in her butt
hole � after a while they would switch round, and the
game would start again.

Jane remained in a state of panic for hours as she
struggled to breathe, her survival instinct kicked in,
overriding her desire to just die on the spot from
disgust and humiliation. She learned to take vital
breaths when she could. Whatever c***d was on her mouth
only lifted up occasionally, usually to reach forward
and viciously twist one of the slave’s nipples, so
Jane’s main air supply came from the girl on her nose,
(a position which left the horrified Jane staring
straight at a bald, thin slit of a vagina, a constant
reminder of how old her abusers were).

This c***d would wriggle constantly, bouncing up and
down so the slave’s nose was effectively fucking the
girl in the ass. Jane’s nose would pull free of the
c***d’s asshole for less than second on every six or so
bounce, the helpless sex-toy would then sniff down air
as quickly as she could before her nose was pushed into
the girl’s soft, little anus once more.

Alex woke early, she’d probably drunk more wine the
night before than she meant to, but it had been such a
wonderful day. She padded barefoot and still half
asleep towards the bathroom, then as she passed Holly’s
room she decided to check up on her eldest daughter.
Inside Holly and Jenna lay fast asleep in Holly’s bed,
snuggled in each other’s arms, the slave had been
kicked off the bed by the tired girls and lay naked on
the floor, curled in a fetal position. Alex walked in
quietly so as not to wake the girls, grabbed the slave
by her collar and dragged her shuffling on her knees
from the room.

‘Ah,’ said Alex, once they were in the hallway, ‘poor
little things, they look tired out, guess that’s your
fault bitch, if you were better at your job they would
have been properly pleasured sooner and got to bed at a
decent hour. You really are a useless fucking bitch
aren’t you?’

‘Yes Mistress,’ Jane whispered.

‘Well, I didn’t see much point in leaving you there, we
don’t have money to waste feeding you if you’re going
to lay around all day.’

Alex dragged the naked slave to the bathroom and threw
her on the floor, then she pulled off her panties and
straddled the slave’s chest, shuffling up the helpless
woman’s body until her pussy was pressing against the
pathetic bitch’s mouth.

‘Open up!’ Alex commanded. Jane opened her mouth and
almost immediately a hot jet of strong morning piss hit
the back of her throat. ‘Ah! That’s better,’ Alex
sighed, allowing her weight to force her pussy onto the
slave’s mouth, ‘don’t just lay there bitch, lick it
clean. Jeez, do you have to be told everything?’ Jane
began to lick the drops of urine from the woman’s
vagina lips. Alex yawned, ‘fuck I’m tired, but time for
one quick orgasm I guess. Okay bitch, do it… and
don’t make me tell you again.’

Jane remembered the last time she had been using her
tongue on this woman, and decided it would be better to
get it over with quickly. The naked, bound slave stuck
her tongue out as far as she could and began to lap at
the cunt wedged firmly into her mouth like a starving
dog at its food bowl. Alex began to gush cum almost
immediately, gyrating her hips and moaning as she
ground down onto her sex-toy’s face. Jane’s mouth
filled with the stuff as it poured out of the woman’s
vagina almost as fast as her piss, when Jane couldn’t
swallow fast enough the gooey cum overflowed her mouth,
trickling into her nose, then it ran down her cheeks
and into her ears, it ran past her nose and into her
eyes, she was drowning in vile, sticky cum.

Alex enjoyed the way this panicked the slave, she got
off on the helpless woman’s suffering, cumming even
more as she watched the bitch under her being covered
in her juices � then she orgasmed, quivering to a slimy
crescendo on the bitch whore’s face. Alex sat still for
a few minutes letting herself drain into the slut,
while Jane had to endure this further humiliation in
silence, her mouth open like some bucket under a leaky
waste pipe.

Finally Alex stood up, she dragged Jane over to the
shower and hosed her face, hair and neck down. Then she
threw the bound woman onto her back an blow-dried her
hair. ‘Don’t worry slut,’ Alex laughed, ‘it’s not so
you’ll look pretty, it would take a lot more than a
fucking blow-drier to achieve that. But I can’t have
you wasting time laying around while your hair dries
can I � there are plenty more pussies than mine to
attend to you lazy bitch.’

When she was dry, Jane was dragged back down the
hallway to Kaitlyn’s room. Alex quietly pushed open the
door and looked in at her sleeping seven year-old
daughter. The girl’s beautiful little face lay snuggled
into her baby-blue pillow and her long, light-brown
hair lay in a mass of light curls around her. Alex
pulled Jane into the room, then she gently lifted the
sleeping girl’s covers. Kaitlyn was wearing white
pajamas with little yellow flowers on them, her mother
pulled gently at the waistband of the bottoms and
carefully slid them down, past the girl’s slim legs and
over her pretty ankles and feet. Kaitlyn stirred a
little, but didn’t wake.

‘You don’t deserve anything this cute you disgusting
old bitch,’ Alex whispered, while still managing to put
enough menace into her voice to terrify Jane. ‘You
should be sucking off old biker dykes in some public
toilet… but then I guess that’s where you’ll end up
when Miranda’s finally bored with you. So I guess you
better make the most of this young sweet stuff huh?’
Alex pulled on Jane’s collar and dragged the naked
woman into Kaitlyn’s bed. Then she locked Jane’s ankle
cuffs to the base of the girl’s bed, leaving the
slave’s wrists clamped behind her back.

Alex then carefully maneuvered the girl and the human
sex-toy into position, she lifted the seven year-olds
legs apart and placed Jane’s head between them, pushing
the bound woman’s face between the little girl’s ass
cheeks, she laid Kaitlyn’s leg carefully down so the
c***d’s smooth thighs trapped the slave’s face in a
pre-teen ass prison, then she bent down to whisper to
the slave. Kaitlyn’s thighs were clamped about her head
and Jane could barely hear the c***d’s mother, but she
strained to listen, too terrified not to.

‘You just lick her ass unless she wakes up and tells
you different, understand? But I don’t want her to wake
up before morning, and I’m not going to be too happy
with you if she does bitch. Your job is to use that
useless tongue of yours to give her a few really nice
dreams, and girls of ALL ages have nice dreams if they
have some losers tongue wriggling its way up their
asshole � not that you’ll ever know bitch. Ah, look at
her… pretty little girls should always have nice
dreams, really cute dreams about all the fun things
they’re going to do, maybe she’ll tell me about them at
breakfast � no one cares what filthy ass licking whores
like you dream about, assuming we ever let you sleep
that is.’

With that Alex pulled the covers over Jane, tucked her
daughter in and quietly left the room. Kaitlyn’s thighs
squeezed Jane’s head as the totally helpless woman
began to probe the c***d’s anus with her tongue.

Chapter Seven: How To Improve A Human Sex-Toy

Alex’s breakfast table was of the circular smoked-glass
type, supported by a single central pillar. The seven
females sat round it eating breakfast, Miranda and Alex
with toast and coffee, while Jenna, Amy, Holly, Kaitlyn
and little Faith tucked into bowls of cereal and milk.
A naked Jane crouched under the table while the
giggling girls took it in turns to have their feet
sucked, dragging the bound, forty-nine year-old wretch
to their dangling tootsies by her leash, which they
passed between them. Jenna tugged on the leash and
Jane, whose ankles were strapped together, fell over.

The girls looked at the miserable naked slave though
the glass table, laughing hysterically as Jenna made
her fall over, they watched as the woman struggled to
her knees, then Holly flicked out a naked, pretty foot,
kicking the slave between the legs and making her fall
over again.

Faith laughed so much milk came out of her nose.
Eventually Jane got to her knees again and Jenna
dragged her over, jamming a pretty foot into the
slave’s mouth. Jane began to slurp furiously on the
c***d’s foot, she wept in humiliation as she tasted the
mouthful of wriggling little toes. Jenna lifted a
spoonful of milk and sucked at it, mimicking the
frantic slurping noises coming from their slave under
the table � the girls all fell about laughing again.

‘You girls have fun last night?’ Miranda asked Jenna
and Holly.

‘Yeah,’ said Jenna as she tried to stick her foot
further into the kneeling slave’s mouth, ‘it was
totally fun… but only coz Holly is so cool, this
thing…’ Jenna kicked one of Jane’s breasts with her
other foot, ‘is stupid an lazy, an it took us ages to
make it do stuff properly.’

‘Yeah,’ agreed Holly, ‘we’re gonna whip her later for
it.’ Jane started whimpering when she heard what the
c***d said.

‘Shut up bitch!’ said Jenna, kicking Jane’s swinging
breasts again. ‘You can like totally cry when we whip
you okay? Your job is feet sucking now, so get on wiv

‘I am so gonna make her beg later,’ said holly as she
put another spoonful of cereal in her mouth.

Miranda leaned under the table, ‘see what happens when
you don’t do your job properly slut? I hope they make
you scream the place down.’

‘Oh we will,’ said Holly, ‘we woz thinking up loads of
cool ways to punish it when we woz in bed. Right

‘Totally… she is REALLY gonna learn some lessons.’
Jenna grabbed one of Jane’s nipples with her little
toes and squeezed it hard.

‘What about you honey?’ Alex asked Kaitlyn. ‘Did you
have fun with it?’

‘Yep,’ said the seven year-old as she watched the slave
sucking Jenna’s feet, ‘but they are right to punish it
mom, coz it’s not THAT good at butt lickin, an that’s
my favorite thing in the whole world now.’

Miranda laughed and grabbed Jane by the hair, dragging
her off Jenna’s saliva soaked foot. ‘Hear that bitch,
you failed Asshole-Licking-101, you never could do
anything right could you.’

‘It’s not long enough,’ said Kaitlyn between mouthfuls.

‘What’s not honey?’ Alex asked.

‘Its tongue. It’s not long enough… it don’t go far
enough up my butt. I want it to go up further Miranda,
that would be like really cool.’

‘Well,’ said Miranda, letting go of Jane’s hair and
watching the miserable looking naked woman being
dragged back under the table by Amy, who now had hold
of the slave’s leash, ‘looks like you’re a failure in
the equipment department too. This is going to take
more than just training.’


The SUV pulled up round the back of the small, but
highly efficient looking clinic. Jane was zippered into
her carrying bag in the back – the girls had undone it
a little and were leaning over the back seat playing at
reaching in through the hole and seeing what they could
pinch. The one who got the loudest, muffled moan from
the bitch-in-a-bag won.

‘It’s okay,’ said Alex, ‘I’ve known Sabrina for ever,
you must remember her, she came round all the time when
we were in High School together.’

‘Vaguely,’ said Miranda thoughtfully, ‘but I think I
was paying more attention to that blonde cheerleader
you were hanging out with, she was fucking hot.’

‘Oh… Debbie?’ Alex laughed, ‘yeah, she was pretty
cute. But Sabrina was the one with all the brains.
She’s the leading Cosmetic Surgeon in the area now.’

‘She own this whole place?’

‘Yep. She works mostly as a consultant now, has three
other surgeons working for her.’

‘Wow,’ whistled Miranda, ‘nice setup. She know what we

‘Of course. I telephoned her last night and we had a
long chat. She seemed… well… VERY interested.’

Dr Sabrina Collis was tall and slim, average looking,
but with bright, intelligent dark eyes and long red
hair. She greeted them in a smart, dark suit, kissed
Alex on the cheek and ushered them in through a back
door into a plush, air-conditioned office.

‘Wow!’ laughed Miranda looking around, ‘I don’t know if
we can afford you Sabrina.’

‘No problem,’ smiled the doctor, ‘I’ll be happy with a
cut of the action… if that’s okay with you that is.’

‘Oh I don’t think that will be a problem,’ Miranda
said, ‘we don’t mind sharing do we girls?’

‘Nope,’ they all giggled in unison.

‘We just want to make it better,’ said Kaitlyn.

‘Is she sick?’ Asked Sabrina, smiling.

‘No silly,’ giggled Kaitlyn, ‘better! Y’know, like more
fun to play wiv.’

‘Oh I see,’ said the doctor, ‘well, you’ve come to the
right place. We improve people all the time here. It’s
what we do.’

Miranda hauled the black bag into the center of the
room, undid the zipper and dragged the naked woman out,
hauling her to her knees by the collar. Sabrina took
something from her desk drawer and walked over to the
terrified looking slave. The doctor pulled Jane’s lower
jaw down and grabbed her tongue in a set of stainless-
steel tongs, she pulled and the bound slave gave a
gargled moan.

‘That’s what, an inch past her teeth at most?’ Sabrina
said, placing her hand on Jane’s head and pushing it
back so the slave was looking up at her. She released
the frightened woman’s tongue from the tongs. ‘How do
expect to pleasure a girl’s ass like that?’ she said to
a silent Jane. ‘No, it wont do at all…’ Sabrina said
to the crowd that had gathered round the kneeling slave
to watch. ‘An inch means she’s just probing around the
anus, which is probably quite pleasurable, but for real
fun and games she needs to be able to lick the rectal
walls.’ Sabrina pointed to a diagram on the wall. ‘You
see girls… this is your butt hole, which we call the
anus… and here, further inside your bodies, is the
rectum. If she can get her tongue in there it will
create much more pleasure for you.’

‘Why’s that doctor miss?’ Asked Amy.

‘Because there are special places in there that will
make you go all tingly and nice if they’re licked.’

‘An it’s too stupid to do it,’ Jenna said to Amy, ‘it’s
a pretty useless slave if it can’t lick a girl’s butt
properly, right doctor.’

‘Very useless,’ Sabrina conceded, smiling, ‘I mean, you
or I couldn’t get our tongues out that far either…
but…’ she said turning to look at Jane, ‘it’s not OUR
job to please anyone with our tongues is it. That’s
what slaves are for.’ Sabrina turned back to the girls,
‘don’t worry, I can fix that for you. Now… while
we’re here, is there anything else that we can do to
improve her for your pleasure?’ Several little hands
shot up at once. Sabrina laughed, and pointed at Holly,
‘what would you like sweetie?’

‘I want rings through its cunny bits so I can pull on

‘Okay, good choice. And you?’

‘I want a ring through its nose like a cow,’ said Amy,
‘like wot I saw at the farm, an we can pull it along
wiv it like wot the farmer did, that woz cool.’

‘Yeah, an through her titties too,’ said Kaitlyn, ‘then
we can like, lift em up an whip under em.’

‘Okay,’ said Sabrina, making notes in a little black
book. ‘Anything else?’

‘Yeah,’ said Holly, ‘I can’t get my feet in its mouth
all the way coz its teeth dig into my foot.’

‘So you want me to take her teeth out?’

‘Yeah!’ said Jenna, ‘that would be so cool, then it
would be totally helpless an it couldn’t even bite us
or anyfing, an it don’t need teeth anyway, coz we just
feed it mushy dog food an stuff like that.’

‘That’s interesting,’ smiled Sabrina, winking at the
two adults behind her. ‘You girls certainly how a
really good slave should be.’

‘Oh! Oh!’ said Kaitlyn, jumping up and down, her arm
thrust into the air.

‘Yes my dear?’ Grinned Sabrina watching the excited
little girl.

‘An put rings in her eyelids, then we can make her keep
her eyes open when she’s doing really gross stuff’
Kaitlyn said.

‘Yeah, cool,’ the girls said.

‘Alright, let me have a chat with the grownups okay…
why don’t you tell your slave what she’s going to have
done. I bet she’ll be really pleased don’t you.’

‘Yeah,’ giggled Holly, ‘knowing she’s gonna be licking
RIGHT up in our butts.’

‘Can you do all that?’ asked Miranda.

‘No problem, it’s very simple really. And don’t worry,
I’ll do it myself, don’t want anyone else involved do
we… and I have nice Mexican nurse who would be quite
happy to help, she’s very discreet.’

‘When can you start?’ Alex asked.

‘You might as well leave her here now,’ Sabrina said,
looking at the little girls as they crowded around the
naked, kneeling form, taunting her, ‘I’ll try and get
her back to you in twenty-four hours, there’s no major
surgery involved.’

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